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  1. So the Sun vor to you too..!! He was ill,Not dying!! I belong to the old fogies-brigade,But the Suns Story is a non-story.He wasnt well enough to Play a game at International-level,Maybe even Club level. That Shouldnt Stop him going out...IMO only the "Sun" Type Minded People will find fault with it. If cant be compared with a normal Workers life...8hrs a day 5-6 days a week. Where you would try to curtail the Silent as quick as possible.. None of you are Doctors,you dont know what illness Problem he had,or what ailed him... But you lot carry on enjoying the crap all the poor Reporters dishes out under the presence of "Newsworthy" from the greatest newspaper since the Dino-herald..!! Ffs. Some of you should Really get a life,und if you find one,intigrate all Sun reporters/Readers and Soap-lovers to your new found group.
  2. If we Dont liven up our midfield,und Inside in playing both Rice and Henderson,Southgates England aint going nowhere..!! if we Pick Sancho,then use him..our distribution & Service to him were downright poor. The czechs were good, but still sloppy England even on a Bad Night like tonight,where nothing came from midfield... a re-think on Keane. Maguire got his transfer,but hadnt started this season well... Gomez is still my Man. if you select Mount,then his teammate have to create Space for him.he like Sancho carries no blame,but neither did they demand the ball... I for one dont want to see Rice Play against Bulgaria...Rose had a sloppy game,but so did the rest!! Strange thing is, if Sterling,Sancho,Kane had took their good chances,we would of won... The Bit question, like the Pundits have said...can we learn as individuals ,as a team, and also the manager...!!!
  3. We keep Ending up going down the Left Too much!! Sancho One run,only through the middle ,es are Not using him to Run down the right flank...don t understand it at all..
  4. Tonight Big Tests for Mount and Rice..we have shouted out for Youth...lets see if they can Play their part. I am no admirer of Rice ,hes too Lightweight in bis Play at the moment,Not intensive enough IMO, but willing to see him get a run,and a fair crack!!
  5. I like Rose & he should always be in the squad,but I believe there are Now better RBs,in the last 18 months for England. I Dont necessary mean our own Benny C.
  6. You missed Rose Not doing his simple near post job..!!
  7. Rose on the near post..if has to be said..pathetic..!!!
  8. Agree..but so is football..!! And Klopp ( my favourite oppo manager) Still went over the top with his comments,especially after a couple of tackles his own players put in before the Hamza incident..!!! A good journalist/interviewer would of picked him up on it..!!
  9. He is ours,he SOMETIMES delivery poor crosses,no worse than some others,he does defend well,He is the positive Source of many of our attacks down the Left flank no matter what und how many People in this forum think he has been poor and Not Keeping up to their expectations... i want him to stay,he is a Quality LB, als WB und taking far too much criticism. I can Remember alot of Good crosses he has put in,I can also remember,2-3 intended receivers fking it up between them....but we have noticed some occasional problems,so we have to make Mountains from molehills..And then miss out on his Good play,because we are determined to Note ,all non-successfull actions whether its his fault or not... Our Rb Pereira is more liked,so when he puts in 5 failed crosses After each other,( happened a few weeks ago, + he also doesn t get it right always) but we turn a blind eye...Periera has missed a hell of Spot of tackle when defending,where Evans has cleared up..!! I dont chase every misendeamour from our players,its just not worth it... Soyu made a couple of slips in his first games,but some Posters carried on mentioning it 6 months afterwards,Not even Coaches go that deep when analysing players mistakes. This Forum loves nothing more than to grind things to pulp,to try und prove invalid points..
  10. Sep.Smith,Wasi,G.Cross,Huth...(hard as granite/no nonsense ) Mahrez,Morgan,Kante,Soyu.. (Started with question marks) Speedie,Vardy,Roberts,Webb, ( Not liked from the opposition) Glover,Fern,Soyu,Worthington...( Longhair brats) Banks,Wallington,Shilton,Schmeichel (Best gks) our modern History in a nutshell Weller,Vardy,Worthington,Shinji. ( Loved from the terraces) Mahrez,A.Clarke,Dougan,Samuels ( complicated) Vardy,Worthington,Lineker,Rowley...( Mostt Influential strikers for diff reasons covering a long spread)
  11. I have been to 85% of the 4 Divs. grounds..before 1982...Though I was mostly self committed to high-performance sport on most Saturday & Sundays..plus the training days. Craven cottage,Norwich,White Hart lane,Southampton,Watford ( later) and a few lower league teams like Tranmere I never have been to. Carlisle, one of the furthest,I watched Leicester play,because the day after I had a competition up there....!! If a game or tournament was cancelled,it was then a question of seeing where city were playing & if in the near,or at home...could I & some friends get there in time..??
  12. Employment Figures people needing a bike to get to work,because of poor on no-exsistent bus services.. Or they just want to Keep fit.. Car drivers who have lost their license,needing a bike to get to work.. Curtailing.freedom of a natural pastime!! Children will never be able to learn,how to cycle,because they will need a license... Oh!! Too many car crazy idiots,who believe they drive perfectly everyday!! You will be asking silly uncaring pedestrians,next to get a license for walking the pavement... Joggers, marathon-runners,& the everyday joy of running for a bus..!!
  13. the craziest Thing in this world..people with Kiddy buggies,Crossing busy roads,while First pushing the poor Kid in Front of you, We are all guilty...!!! So many mams or dads,pushing their kids in Front off the Traffic , hoping to Stop the cars... Poor invention..!!! Cars Parked on the pavement, forcing families or kids to walk on the road...I always push the mirror inwards,or put the wipers up... And best is to scrape the Empty kids buggy,along the Side of the car....
  14. They would only sit in the middle aisle....
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