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  1. Yeh!! But you were born a miserable s=d!!!!..
  2. fuchsntf

    Spain v England Nations Cup

    Maybe just maybe...Rashford and Sterling grew up tonight.. Barkley,Winks ,looked better than anything we have seen ,in this last year, they held up well...when not driving forward. I like Gomez and Maguire pairing...they were tested tonight. Mr Southgate...you hold onto this star...The fans will warm to your England side!!!
  3. fuchsntf

    Spain v England Nations Cup

    Yup...there's always one...!!!
  4. fuchsntf

    Spain v England Nations Cup

    If he read this forum over these last 2 seasons.....I wouldn't blame him.... Thank God he has me has a fan.... this is what happens when you support youth.....forgive them their mistakes when growing into their careers...
  5. fuchsntf

    Spain v England Nations Cup

    Best Int. Game for England for a long while. We kept Spain out in the 2nd half...Rashford/Sterling...worked their guts out...I've criticised you both, 2 solid halfs for different reasons Chilwell,Maguire..Gomez, trippier top defensive performances.... Tonight happy to eat humble pie....with cream!!!! Fantastic night!!!
  6. fuchsntf

    Spain v England Nations Cup

    Take my hand,I'll take you there... There's a time for us Someday a time for us Time together with time to spare Time to learn, time to care Someday! There's a place for us....
  7. fuchsntf

    Spain v England Nations Cup

    Been thinking the same... more to the point..fk possesion....this is Leicester in their title year..
  8. fuchsntf

    Spain v England Nations Cup

    Fair dues,we are playing damn well. The youngish team,with some young experience....Where's Sterling/Rashford been..they have found "cocky" with discipline. mind you...we fans can still put a downer on it.... defence are holding strong...so.so far well done...The shape looks good...
  9. fuchsntf

    Maddison named in England squad

    I hope we are wrong,but I do see a good-hiding coming on.... Or England players find something special...
  10. More like flicking through..foxestalk forum..
  11. fuchsntf

    Maddison named in England squad

    I believe Barkley deserves another chance...without OX...we need a bit more bite... he could still fail..but a chance to rekindle....why not
  12. fuchsntf

    Absolute cvnts of our time Pt.MXXVI

    I reckon we should change the topic thread name...... I through my 64yrs always found cvnts pretty usefull,through my life,and sort of a grasping feeling of security......ending in redoubtable extasy.. These pages..just keep reminding me there are too many pr+cks who just joss off on their own insecurities.., and limp themselves around life,using others has scapegoats....
  13. And you blame players /Puel for bad decision making
  14. fuchsntf

    Just because they are Leicester.....

    Many used to be the backbone of the old First Division...even first years of the PL.... One could chose 2 teams from home nations players from the top flight... Those days seem long gone...
  15. fuchsntf

    Any other refugees from Bentley's Roof on here?

    No change then...