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  1. This is what I Miss ,havent done that since the 80s..though I have been many times since...
  2. Isnt it the Time of year...for another One of your hikes....
  3. Again cant disagree... But he will Need the odd break, if this was like our title season,or even the One after,I cant see any problem with Continuous gametime
  4. I just said, what I would like to do....!! So long as he is in Contract & City are paying the pennies... Ne is still part of our Set up & he hasn t been cast out from club/squad training..
  5. I agree,no argument here....But when the seasons develope & players have a heavy game Time turn around, you Dont want any,not just the stars,to hit a WallI Ob injuries,burnout, long period of lack of form.... We are in an Unique situation,where players are/will have a mixture of emotional,mental toll that has nothing to do with the game..So besides the Family Football career routine,where there are the ups & downs, there will be players,managers,staff & their families trying to Balance out their lives, with aprehension the situation with covid..travelling,
  6. Its an Alien plot...Trump, Johnson,Grove/Hancock..etc. do let their human/reptilien fasade drop occasionally.. I mean..ffs look how they walk, and their Eyes have become with their Facial expressions a massive giveaway.... No Human govt, would have even dared this lockdown/ Holidays/Lockdown/xmas,Lockdown....stragedy.. Businesses Agreeing with all & sundry,without a murmur..!! We have been slowly infultrated, curfews & lockdowns, so we dont see the saucers landing... & To Beat it all...my Medi's being tampered with....!! Plus they have slown
  7. I reckon hes well & truely learnt the craft,this past year...Now like all young potential Not so well known players,just needs to carry honing & developing his skills.. Ditto for Thomas....Its Great to know..Ricardo & Castagne must Not be rushed back,and can be cautiously Eased back. Even all 4 covering WB... Find a couple of other young uns, for CB Cover of Soyu & Fofana ( wo'd have thought he would settel & Nestle down so comfortably) then our Bline will be nion perfect ...
  8. It could be needs must...All the Reports over the last month,indicates to me he must be Carrying a couple of niggling injuries,which because of Bline injury shortages/problems the club is trying to manage it... Even Morgan seems to have a knock,that needs managing...
  9. Some had The same thoughts on Tielemans...he like you mention & I insuated, needs gametime..First Off the bench..
  10. I understand all the arguments...but I would still like to Keep him, & Play him from the bench.... In reality we still only have Under/Albrighton as out n out WBs. I still reckon, the club Made a mistakes by, presuming Gray & Slimani,were on their way out..!! Should of Added both to those 2 Free EL slots,in the last minute...!!
  11. We could try Leshebela...hes been here long enough, hes had Good cameos, Now Deep into the season,Time to see if the guy can cut it...with some decent Bench & game time. 15-20-30 minutes Off the bench,gives Tielemans breathing space...
  12. Counting backwards... Thursday...I wouldnt even send Vardy or Tielemans...Give also Schmeichel a day off.... Monday....Lets see First ,which players just might return from injury, if any..!! of present 1St choice, I have concerns if Evans is Really Match fit & Carrying a niggle..
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