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  1. fuchsntf

    Palace at Home - Pre Match

    Humdinger!!! 4-3..
  2. fuchsntf


    And this is also where it counts,when some in the crowd start booing..... The boos can't be translated,so any would be newcomer, could interpret crowd responses to the team and club on a very negative note when having to make any effort on any final descision..
  3. fuchsntf

    Unpopular Opinions You Hold

    I throw away the bread!!!
  4. Though I still believe we could of rode,with Iborra,the fact that Silva just didn't live up to any type of expectations,ruined City's season and Puel s plans immensely. That and Nacho also not hitting the straps( not even coming near) has been the reason I couldn't jump on any manager-out crusade. To show posters own inconsistencies,and also their own capable reasoning powers.....Puel rekindled Mendys & Amarteys city careers,and at the beginning,many posters were applauding their selection,then Mendy has a poor run of form,like Vardy and a few before him, but no!! everybody decide after weeks of supporting him,they decide he's not fit for purpose....and they call that supporting your team... Since our title win,this forum as found it too easy to get onto inventing issues,just to prove individual opinions and point scoring.... By hook or by crook we have this season, settled our CB problem,one become an England International seen our Lb,consolidate his Club and international career, Invest in a needed midfielder in Maddison,and seen him slowly grow,found for this season in Ghezzal a n adequate cover,when Maddison is struggling to complete 90minutes. Even when forum-experts wanted to ditch him,Pierara has now become a crowd & forum favourite,even though he too has made some terrible mistakes these last few games.... Tielemans is tha t next piece in the jigsaw.At the moment It might be only temporary,but It shows what we were missing,with Silva not making that cut.. It seems some love playing Packman,with every team/individual mistakes,then abuse it to beat the manager with every damn week!!! I can't hide the fact,we were in a mess,after taking the decision to sack Ranieri then Shakespeare within 7-8 month of each other,with only youngsters and aging players on our books,to take us into an unreliable future.......so unless we imploded in the following 2-3 seasons,there was only support for any manager. Especially realising anything from 3-5 transfer windows,plus an hard slog were going to be and endurance affecting our immediate future...I the 1st T.windows,especially the winter ones,were never going to suddenly change it...To me Tielemans is that taster,but unless we can persuade him he has a future here,still not the major end piece to our midfield woes!
  5. fuchsntf

    On This Day Thread - On Going

    Often gets forgotten,when mentioning Leicester greats....but Parker was a great ,shrewd and clever investment!!! he was that piece of wisdom to that jigsaw under MO Ns tenure. That type of quality/experience UK player was then a rarity to find,now near on impossible!!
  6. It's like " welshing". On a bet. The signatures were in and completed,the wheel was spun.... I don't see where Nantes have any obligation,other than maybe,I small gentleman's gestre.... Has sad as it is Cardiff have to pay their obligations!! Cardiff more than Nantes have more to lose on contractual-trust for the future... However why shouldn't Cardiff try to find a compromise....but like in life...debts have to be paid even if/when death intervines!!
  7. fuchsntf

    Europa League Qualification. Worth it or not?

    There is no discussion really....whether we are playing for £10mil. or 2/6pence. Your/any teams dutyand aims surely is to finish the highest possible!!! That said there seems a lot of entitled fans on this forum who believe it's our right...!!! We are no nearer at the moment,in making a consistent Challenge and to compete for a European spot,than we have been in our last 136yrs+ history.. The club through the team have to first earn it. !!! Just because we fancy our chances,doesn't mean we have the right to demand we have the right and should be a part of our vocabulary ...to be automatically in cup-finals/top 6.. Then go off in tantrums,like some spoilt little brat,when the seasons achievement falls short..!! I expect a certain level of performances,and a team trying to build itself up to achieve that degree of high level of performance... this season we are not showing any consistency,but we are a club and a team in transition....
  8. fuchsntf

    FA Cup 2018/19

    Reported over BBC at Newport vs Man.city.... Terrific announcement over the PA at Fylde. Someone has parked their BMW in front of her drive and she's given them 15 minutes to move it before she torches it......
  9. On the one-hand,they as a club are chasing their dreams.... Club wage structure...if they play clever,they will still attract quality,add their regular turnover of decent young players from within. Top London clubs,will always attract home and foreign potential quality...
  10. Probably 1st time these last 2 seasons I disagree with you...but because they are in the London catchment-area and they still are financially a step up from ourselves,they can ride 2-3 big name losses.. Even if all 3 you mentioned did go,their Bbone of players are quality,so the next few seasons they can keep a strong challenge going for top 3-5.. if they manage to keep the 3,and keep Pocch,or find top replacement,their challenge for top1-3, with a strengthening of the squad,would be still a good bet.
  11. fuchsntf

    Cricket 2018

    What a brilliant brilliant innings from Perera ,but also Fernando..... S.Lanka..today stand proud. An excellent judged innings from Perera!!! One of the most magnificent games I have seen for a long long time....
  12. fuchsntf

    Puel- Neck out!!

    No you have right to your opinion...but others also have the rigjt to reply, it's called sharing opinions,nothing bigoted... Though you might have to explain...'.None of them are anything to do with Leicester.'
  13. fuchsntf

    How Was Your Day?

    It was like that for me for many a long periods,across 3 proffesions...but I also started to discover...even "normal jobs" can offer all that,through Friends,or my own experiences and being in supply and demand areas....Plus having always something to offer that isn't ready avaiable,or the old adhege right place ,right time!!!! I do however believe,today the younger generation has it more difficult (or it just seems so),even when going it alone,many Manager / cusomer/ decisions play the percentages...and will save on quality!!
  14. fuchsntf

    How Was Your Day?

    See!!!! quoted the last 3 posts...that's been my day..
  15. fuchsntf

    How Was Your Day?

    Yup!! Said that to my wife...she got up ,walked out the door ,havent seem her since, waiting bloody 3 years now,to bring back the Daily-paper with the city-title pull out!! I bet my eggs are over cooked!!