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  1. Ward Justin Amartey Morgan Thomas Chouds Silva James Maddison Nacho Slimani.. Subs: Jaku, Gray, Fuchs, Albrighton,Perez,Diabate,KDH
  2. Yep That was all muddled, spending a few Days( a week) in treatment, just got off the trolley, After back injections...given from the weekend-cover..!! My Poese and verse,with witty twists, just got lost in the fog... I have Now promised myself, not to post while under the influence.....
  3. I said if we cant off-load him..Plus some Fans still like him....opinions are opinions,but One has to be prudent & clever and use "All" Resources available Especially when your bucketting wages....und have 3-4 competitions to get through with players down on the frontline...
  4. I dont see Why the negative emphasis, even in our title year,we rarely looked amazing..!! Plus ist the Everton fans that have to be happy... & If we had their 2 results,we would also be feeling upbeat & want those naughty ,naughty pundits/ plaudits be positiveon our performances... Chasing down negatives on our PL competitors, proves dick all...Other than a Leaning towards being a right miserable b" ggar.. Everton like Leicester are looking to slowly Close that gap,I reckon they are doing alright,searching and driving Really into the Underground & rubbish bins, like some desperate Sports Journalist or Sky pundit...was a few years ago,really below this forums niveau... Its a shame, the quiet,humble,witty Englishmans nonchalant take on life is Leaving us, even being drained from us.... If seems the cynical ,Rocks n Rolls in todays world. Me ..!!! Besides Arsenal,Manutd,Man.city,.....come on you all....We welcome you to the foxes lair... .. Without you,we have nothing to compare our own greatness..!! Even the 3 mentioned have get of jail,wild cards..... Its the game,the competition for itself....not the best bleating neggos & whiners that win the day.... Why... Rumble, you are normally a witty jovial soul,Please get your X mark the spot, back on track...Xxx
  5. A Good Management team...could get Slimani and the LCFC squad on the same page. Get the experienced players & Slim around the table,for the good of the Club and importantly the simple professionalism....Let the players talk it out and come to some reasonable respect & acceptance... Ffs it aint Rocket science..!!! Playing Devils advocat, any LCFC Legends disgruntled with Slimani, & tother Way round,have wasted the clubs money,the fans patience... Slimani if not pfaffing around & playing elsewhere on loan ,would be more than a usefull squad member. Please note!!! All Parties including fans,we are playing his high wages....He might of been that Player who could of kept is in the Top 4, with our Frontline needing Desperate cover.... Mahrez could be a miserable bugger,but we shown patience with him...I I cant believe for One moment,that Profi-players & a Professional ran club,with some wise words from Top & before his passing,his father,couldnt have put their Business hat on,und had words with the relevant begrudging Parties.. The Real Big clubs would of sorted it...!!! If we are paying his wages, we get Frontline injuries again, All Management levels should of been by Now getting their Act together,and sometimes interfere..!! Its pathetic,that a Club crying out to achieve & Aspire to higher consistent top League levels,can afford to have players like Slimani & Silva,sitting on their Loan arses,taking the clubs wages... There are no mitigating circumstances...!!! Und no I Dont believe this crap that Vardy or Schmeichel would do a strop & disadvantage the team if told,he will be selected...That idea comes from fans agitators & shit stirring fisherwives....Real Men get on with their lives & their game..!! Vardy,Schmeichel,Morgan will have the Dressing room,with Soyu & Evans has bodyguards cover..Slimani will want to fit in... A Bit of King Solomons wisdom,would not go amiss....in If we cant find an out n out striker, or Transfer Slimani, then he should get a squad number,and be Made to buckle down, and with support integrate into our Frontline rescources...of :- Vardy,Barnes,Nacho,Under,Ayrez, you throw Slim in the mix,with either Barnes,Under,Albrighton supplying the crosses, you can Build a decent 4 competition, competitive group of players,with Plan A-B-C Cover, permatations and rotation Its time we Grew up and realise actually what we have got, if we fail in the Transfer market; both directions... If Need be, bring Silva into the mix,leave no squad Nr empty.... After being bounced around both Slimani & Silva ,I believe would Welcome the chance... Then also Think of Covid-implications & weakened selection choice... We do have the Player rescources,Time to get them training,excercising and Yes bonding together & Stop playing silly-buggers..!!! Rodgers cant say he hasnt the decent players ( if Not actually the Dream players) available..!!
  6. If he starts to Score a few goals,we can Call him the undertaker...cos he buries them....!!
  7. Well Late night,in hospital bed,with medis, I aint at my worst,best yet... It can really go Off the scale....
  8. I felt the same in my teenage years,but after travelling seeing we are ruining our own & animals Habitat live in a very naive hope, that having Zoos,allows the various species to Live in hope, that One day we will return to our senses...if We ever had them..!! I have been fortunate to see many animals & reptiles in their Natural habitat, some even wisely clever relocated,by local peoples who do care and actually Act & react.....
  9. I reckon we should Close this thread....Because Politics is Dead & buried...
  10. Dont worry Alf...These young ,Dynamic Uupstarts after denying/ignoring social-distancing at Holiday/local Discos & gigs , crowded pubs,big home parties, follow the know-all who trips, will soon be running blindly home to hotel Mama ,or A&E ,with no-entry signs for the under age..!! Then finally Knock Desperately on Senior-home windows,so they can gain entry to a Covid-free zone....
  11. The issue with ex-players being pundits,. more so After Jimmy Hill, ( probably the first) Greavsie & St John,and then our Gary,the football Shows became within the last 20 years as Football became has more of TV Outlet more than ever,und TV Sports Channels have become big/massive outlets,then it was obvious,the fans would rightly want and demand ex-players & managers sitting in as their Panel experts....Footballers are still "just One of the lads", all with varying standards of education. It wasnt and isnt in the media interest to Polish these People into media experts. They in fact,we prefer them to present the nitty-gritty of football at seen from their level.... Why on a football forum,do we decide to "mob" them..!! Of course they are Bias to their ex-clubs & the Ethos they grew up with.. They are also fans..!! Plus they have a learnt an intensive belief how for 'their' lives they have to be mentality disciplined and loyal to their peers when in that Sporting bubble... It also solved a problem, what to do with all those ex-players, well those now richer footballing organisations, quite rightly offered them Work at various levels and within their wide job-network. Pundits,Football panels being One of the options... .Ex-clubs take some on as advisors or scouts.. You want to be successfull at that PL--Championship Level , then those hard yards do take you that extra bit further...You might Not like all your teammates,but you all Pull on the same string if you want to Play & Stay at the top,with One of those highlighted Top teams, plus you take on their ethos and character....that then follows the chain up & down the leagues levels. This attitude towards your given sport,helps you to reach either that highest level, or your own accepted level. What it doesnt do is make you a Media darling,or a fans star favourite panellist......AND SO IT SHOULDNT....we dont want Robots. Majority of pundits have had successful top careers, and they dont express the same opinions...!!!, or react the same... like the fans they all have their own opinions and the pundits react /discuss according to what is fed them to present. I Enjoy listening to all their thoughts/opinions ,whether it matches mine is totally immaterial,if I find it hogwash, over bias, over zealous , its all Part and Partial of any TV / Journal presentation or debate. If it becomes too annoying, I make a tea, fetch a beer, or turn over. The last thing that interests me is to phsyco-analyse or hang on every word or sentence that a Bloody Football pundit might utter. No matter how I might have respected him on the field. I Love the small talk on Team selection ,form and the 2 sides clubs players. Over indulgent statistics leave me cold, I just Love those 90+ minutes just for what they are.. I dont need stats when I Watch any lads or lasses playing on the fields....errors, mistakes is part of the game.So why bother Following the negatives in life or sport,is not my past-time..I prefer to concentrate & enjoy those good moments. Poor selection doesn't exsist...those guys who get into the team to Play behind the badge, thats my days entertainment.. If they f*+ck it up..!!! Heyho there is always tomorrow. Every player,every manager or coach has a long lead by me,before I start rubbishing them... Now refs,thats an Encyclopedia for itself...! Football is really so simple....and yet it can rip your heart out..!! You can easy say Cheers to your wife if she leaves, but you just cant say cheers,thats it..!! to your Football club... Religion,politics,Jobs,habits,hobbies are all fine, but nothing really compares,to those emotions towards your Football club Then those pundits/panelists just Stay that occasional annoying /entertaining fly in the room.....!!
  12. Yep our fish n chip shops are Technical marvels. Our Industrial Revolution was built on the Backbone of fish n chips & pie shops.... Plus Our Art Theaters & museums buildings look like pie crusts...
  13. I like transalvania....I got lost there once, using google....
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