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  1. fuchsntf

    Russia 2018 - The World Cup thread

    Germany broke the S.American mould and hold,of being the 1st european Team to win outside Europe....A few S.American countries,could upset the European Continental Balance. Though my adopted Country,could Bring me my 1st Traitorous ,turncoat Triumph...
  2. fuchsntf

    Politics Thread (encompassing Brexit) - 21 June 2017 onwards

    You/we've never had our Country in the 1st place...Politicians and some Business cronies,stole it Centuries ago...
  3. fuchsntf

    What grinds my gears...

    And what about the Cat!!
  4. fuchsntf

    Halfords Autocentre (Tigers Way)

    They are all a mixed Bunch of Arthur Daleys ,and Boycies,with a Sprinkling of del Boy. ITS sad ,but since leaving, the UK I have come accusstomed when Returning,every small/big Business seems to want a piece of you. Management incentive schemes,thought Up by Pirates.... Car Specialists,some unqualified builders and Estate agents,seem to of gone to the Same University. Cowboys and 3_card Trick Specialists though are Everywhere,including in Politics. Straight Up Honesty seems to be a Fading trait... That Said,in 25yrs in Germany/France I Personally have had good Garages/Handler/mechanics,who when a Problem AS cropped Up,Been phoned before Further Work was done,and then shown,then discussed,even in cases of Drive ins ,when underway.Some even making Updates,minor adjustments/repairs for a Nominal charge,even Free.
  5. fuchsntf

    Absolute cvnts of our time Pt.MXXVI

    Shows you ,Scum is also among the high middle Classics of Devon.
  6. fuchsntf


    Would...Klopp or Gaurdioalo,have success,with a Club with less finances,and mediocre Cut of a squad, and definitely not the Same amount of high quality player to continuously call upon. Klopp did however,with Mainz bring their Major Dreams and ambitions alive...So Like Pearson He created something from medicrosy to Put their Teams in the top League of their relevant countries... Compare Wenger,Mourhino,Guardiola....against..Howe.Dyche,Pearson,Hughton...seems easy, but is It!!
  7. fuchsntf


    Somewhere between you @captain and @Babyon lies the frustrating truth. I want Puel now..!! and His rebuilding Plans To be given whole Hearted Support, Yes He,and the Clubs Future approach has to be Held Accountable...but a new Season will sooner be in us than expected. In my naivity following the prophecies of @blue-tinted-specs, lets Cut Out the negatives,give the whole Puel-platform now Patience,Space to rebuild and developed,that new Ethos and Platform, we all Know ist needed.....The Puel Squad of the near Future,needs some bedding in time. By end of October ITS got to be Seen there is something to hold onto,by Receiver, Consistency and Performances have to be there.....If by even October IT goes T*TS Up.....Shooting Ränge can be Opened.
  8. fuchsntf

    Puel - Not Ready for Europe?

    Yehhh bloody right...and I died both Times,!!!!!!
  9. fuchsntf


    He will Return...e' Viola, Puel will make him Into a great Young Player,and City Idol.. .........Vardy. Nacho Gray. kapustka. Diabete Ndidi. Silva/Choudry Chilwell. Moore. Maguire Butland Youth is a Blooming...,especially when we Nail down Butland...
  10. fuchsntf


    Hes got one....Hes an expert Binger,and Troubleshooter..
  11. fuchsntf


    Plus, Captain..captain....
  12. fuchsntf

    Puel - Not Ready for Europe?

    X so many Rep Points you want....Not a Truer Word posted
  13. fuchsntf

    Puel - Not Ready for Europe?

    Prefer this Type of thinking...
  14. fuchsntf

    Puel - Not Ready for Europe?

    Only an opinion...
  15. fuchsntf

    Dilly ding Dilly Gone

    Just typical Anglo-saxon petulance gits,Mixed with a Twist of fox decadence