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  1. Politics Thread (encompassing Brexit) - 21 June 2017 onwards

    Another expert.... Whether for remain or brexit, its these experts that Will soon be forgotten, and Old excuses With New twists will be dished out, while the electorate will be left with pub discussions, all complaining and profaining Over Experts promises and statements...
  2. 2017 Deathlist

    Died 8th of July. In the early 60s next to the french beauty Bridgette Bardot, a true Italian beauty and a fav of mine Elsa Martinelli Elsa played Alot of good sultry parts next to film all time great Machos. K.Douglas, H.Kruger, J.Wayne.Mel Ferrer...etc
  3. 2017 Deathlist

    The most funniest moment for me was the old lady with a deaf cat..appearing on the generation game..and he shouts out... Here kitty kitty..... Top top man, thanks For the great TV moments.
  4. Send it to Sky to see if they are interested..!!
  5. Superbru Head to Head

    I think I just joined...!! ??. I have no clue if I have to be pro-active or just sit back and make my normal superbru predictions.
  6. If this is the case....and not OTT reaction!!! Then.sackings and Police discipline through the ranks is a must...Disinterest shown by authorities pathetic. The club stewards need to be sacked for gross lack of moral expectation towards the public.Any spokesman making a defensive statemenent should lose the trust, therefore his job. The club has to be given a fine. AND please dont let anybody play the card.."What would you be saying if there had been a terrorist incident or find"....Or are people given authority and police really losing it..!!
  7. Is money killing the game we love ?

    Naaaa !!! Tho I am grey , winkly, and ancient....I refuse to play the grumpy ol man, I'll let Kitch do that!! Each new generation, will accept their sports presentation..fans are fans.Football fill stadiums, prawn sandwiches, and WClass young players pockets. In my day a football career, got you a pub, a B + B, or a haulage company, or Beer for the future. Now, you can become a Jeans model, invest in Hotel chains, blow your head off, on drugs +beer. Not go on a cruise, but own the ships....So what.!!! .I lost it when big brother became standard TV, and the contestants became super stars. The Money god, and the chasing of it, has already killed us, ask any decent Zombie or Vampire from today...
  8. Too good for Leicester!

    Of course he his too good for Leicester..thats so bloody obvious..!!? Look how many teams are queuing up to buy him for 50mil, we are so swamped, we havent enough time to buy a decent Replacement. Personally I reckon Pundits like Murphy, prove that BBC deserve better guys that appear on MOTD, but you Just cant get them today. Dross breads dross...Incompetent and lazy homework, and research , gives us pannellists like Murphy.
  9. Slimani

    Talk about shooting...If Carroll had been an horse, the Abbatoire days would be long behind him
  10. Homophobic chanting at Brighton fans

    Easy to sort it out, from the football terraces, just ban 'em..!!! blame the clubs just has easy...blah, blah, blah. Trouble is its the lack of social education within the society and ignorance that is born upon it. 2017 we cry,!!! What happens on the terraces, hate, humerous, wit, degrading, uplifting....is just a mirror of what is in our everyday society, in pubs, clubs, on the streets in our houses, behind safe walls. poorly educated, well educated rich, poor people feel stronger when singling out 'THE' others. openly or discretely, with back or front door methods.... love ourselves and pat ourselves on the back when singing out JLennons Imagine,but then find reasons and excuses to play the blame game...or just mock those others to prove what great mates we all are. And the wheels just keep on turning...
  11. Sheffield United... Away.. Tuesday.

    Leicester fans dont have to realise anything...we will always..."Know what and who we are" !!! I may want, but I dont put expectations into my life that,I cant control...If we are going to have regular European nights, over consistent seasons, then it wont come from 1 offs in EFL success. League consistency, regular top 8 position finish will build the clubs ambitions, then decent cup runs become inevitable. To be honest if we won the FA cup and again The EFL, in the next 3-4 seasons, with small Europe participation, and early exit, I would be well satisfied....My wishes are more difficult...Stay in the PL top 14 for the next 12+yrs, will do me. Jesus...what top foreign player would want to go to Leicester....We won the league, but no big-timers were interested. I hated those 10yrs in the wilderness, We also have to realise what it takes to translate just decent Expectations!! Look at WHam or Cpalace, and their reported expectations over the years...
  12. Sheffield United... Away.. Tuesday.

    Like the thought behind the selection, though if fit, Iborra would get the nod in front of King. Seeing Slim, with Shinji another good call. If Nacho had been fit, then I would of gone with him, before Shinji. I could see CS actually putting this team out..... Vardy needs to recuperate, the knock looked heavy. Huth & Benny need game time, they still could be our 2 main CBs if we take injuries. Yes we need to get Gray and Chilly early into the season. Amartey What to do?? He has to make this season his own..
  13. Brighton & Hove Albion Match Thread - Home

    Be happy how the game is panning out...why bring negatives
  14. Brighton & Hove Albion Match Thread - Home

    Must of be confusing that with your poonless relations. Not a sausage freek, Plus gatecrashers Singhing doctors, are pushed out with the 2 ugly sisters. Not for poon, but for porn..
  15. Brighton & Hove Albion Match Thread - Home

    I see the wimps..got 1st call for posting..what a negative beginning with dower turgid posts to our 1st home game game of the season. You lot wont get any invite to any of my parties.....poopers through n through..!!