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  1. Plain stupid for the no brains.. If you can spare the loss why not!! Worth the gamble... But I know of 2 wise ones who have put there 2 heads together,to try & sort out where the Humans are failing..
  2. fuchsntf

    Corona Virus

    Wouldnt the CV bacterias/virus,be hard to suppress in the breathing apparatus and pipes & modules.?? Not wanting to Play silly-buggers, but if one knows he needs breathing support,one doesn't go in with Empty head or thoughts,even when cronically ill... I have had 3 life Saving operations,so I am Not asking out of ignorance...but still out of balanced curiosity..!
  3. After all this hectic and worries,I can understand the urge to get away..... but Standing around a busy airport,with or without Children wont be my idea of fun und start of a relaxing period... I suggested to my 4 grown up kids, all with Children under 7....Dont stress themselves in worrying about a big expensive Holiday in the Next 2 years..2020/21.. Rather Plan Shortish breaks, or Good days out..and long weekends... Though I reckon After several months at home,in lockdown,some kids will be Happy to have a break from their overwired und stressed out parents!!!
  4. fuchsntf

    Corona Virus

    Once a bed and Apparatus becomes free...how do you disinfect them...how long does it take...??? Not wanting to be morbid..but if we have ca 200 coronaVirus deaths, per day does that mean 200 beds and apparatus,become ready available...???
  5. The Germans have an answer for everything.... The New.... VID-20200327-WA0004.mp4 VID-20200327-WA0004.mp4 VID-20200327-WA0004.mp4 V Vorsprung durch Technik....
  6. Alot of Selling und buying,is bound up in sort of chaining...I am not sure if one can just expect immediate House Marketing stop. Even moving in the rent Market or rent-to ownership, will be Knock on effects.... Move agreed,House/Flat available on day X.....how do you Stay put without Breaking contractual regulations and responsibilities. Or house emptied,with nowhere to go After Date X..
  7. Names that Rolled over in my mind,quicker than most...within a 5-18 Minute spell..!!! Vardy...on One of his defence Breaking Runs.. Keith Weller,taking on All & Sundry,brilliant dribbler,when attacking..but also seeing him putting in a defensive tackle. L.Glover..Ditto F.Worthington, most skillfull no9, I have everseen D.Gibson, Leicester midfield general.. P.Shilton..Commanding his box in the air, also on the ground hands First Not feet.Those Flying Twisting saves. G.Banks....he was the teacher,the Master and like Yashin,was Everything of the above,though for me Shilton took it up a step..!! Plus Clemence,Jennings.Wallington. all had No problems,or worries,on corners.. Kante, because he came and he conquered... The World is covered in 75% of water...N'golo He Really did Cover the rest...!!! Rooney in his pomp. Di.Stefano,Puskas,Beckenbauer,Cruyf,Messi,Ronaldo,Pele,Jairzhino,Gerson,Rivelino,N.Santos, Didi, Socrates ...Just football names that Run easy off the Tongue. Unfancied Huth & Morgan,Fuchs & Simpson blunting the Star & quality PL strikers...After experiencing..other defensive heroes...I.King,Elliot,Cross,Sjoberg.!! Every squad Player of 2015/16 Lifting that PL trophy... England W.cup heroes...Just for the final...!!! B.Moore,B.Charlton,A.Ball..... Chirpy,chirpy cheep,cheep, ( Sally Carr). and Pans people....Peak of my youth....Guess Why!!! Its sport innit.. serious stuff...Simon & Garfunkel, Blacksabbath,Wishbone Ash,LED Zepplin....Cooling-down Cricket: Illingworth,Gower,Davidson,Dudleston Higgs,Tolchard , Birkenshaw, Nixon,Carrying the Leicester foxes across their chest,and giving their Top performances. England winning 1st T20 ,and later the One day game... Peterson,Stokes. Set English cricket afire Botham,Willey....Anderson,Broad having their Great moments..!! The English ladies in the last 6 years..!! Hayden,Warne,Gilchrist,Mcgrath,Lilley,Thompson,Chappel Teams. When not cheating..!!! Warner,Smith in Full flow.. The very fast W.Indies bowlers under C.Lloyd captaincy..V.Richards. Jim.Clarke,Graham Hill, V.Rossi, M.Hailwood,Fogarty.. Daley Thompson, Jessica Ennis, K.m. Johnson-Thompson,C.Kluft, Hemery, then H.Payne..Simply they were my 2 disciplines Wells,L.Christie, Bolt..M.Farrah..!! S.Bubka Muhammad Ali.. Leicester Tigers..and their players..mysoul,my heart...
  8. fuchsntf

    Corona Virus

    It is a sort of Comfort for the winklies seeing Queenie Keeping to the easy ways of communicating... Fk..These complicated Mobiles,and Whatsapp. I thought my kids were asking ' Whats up' Papa.??
  9. fuchsntf

    Corona Virus

    Whether Boris,the Govt. W.H.O,or any Government & Organisation leaders have been well balanced,ignorant incompetent or idiots,or have hidden Agendas,.. We wont know that until a later date....The Governments,The G7 groups,always know more than they give out...The media is ran by various Groups & lobbies, so they to will have their own under- the- Surface agendas. Recent history also shows, What any experts Broadcast & predict,can be taken with a Pinch of salt.... I am an upbeat ,optimistisch Person and fatalist...with that cynical East midlands character in my DNA....So I believe Everything & nothing.... The Governments & Financial organisations less than most..... Though I agree,that those Type "Shiela" Attitudes and what we Joe public should be doing is alot more capable thinking for ourselves.... Modern man prefers to sit on his arse ,and Blame everybody Else and everything,instead of just getting on with it..... Or you have the Criminal elements, & Dell-boy heroes,who just want to shit over everybody....!!!
  10. fuchsntf

    Corona Virus

    Just a thought... so lets say its true with home Test kits.....What will NHS und Government do....??? Your Test is positive...you isolate..After Isolation you still prove positive,feeling terrible..!!! This wont be people in their 100s,but mostly 1000s if Not 10,000. Where do they go..??
  11. fuchsntf

    Corona Virus

    Yup..Walking along the prom, or a a wet rainy street Paper Wrapped.Fish n chips,with free tits.... My Image of the Perfect life....
  12. fuchsntf

    2020 deathlist

    So corny..!! That Stuck in my Obelix...
  13. fuchsntf

    2020 deathlist

    Albert Uderzo dies at 92. comic book artist..of Asterix fame...
  14. fuchsntf

    Corona Virus

    The problem is, in any big City the workers still Need to travel across Town to go to their job.... i don t know if People realise this,nur majority of Workers cant work from home..... The most misunderstood & missused word from the Govt. Is " Key"..... Everybody can be considered "key-worker".... Production,/Elec.-Companies workers./Technicians/lorry drivers /Van delivery workers./Mechanical &technical engineers/ Agricultral-product workers,from Small Garden producers.../ Shop-workers of all kind,in the Supermarket & smaller shops/ Emergency House Repair or Maintenance workers. Lab.technicians. / etc.etc Not forgetting Cleaner and sanitary workers,after People have finished their shift..... it seems neither politicians and some forum posters,don t realise,what it needs to Keep Towns,villages.Cities, Ticking over,on essential but normal daily-routines. Plus in All the speaches...I cant remember BJ,announcing.. You ALL must not go to work,and nobody "told or demanded" Companies should inform and tell their employees ,to Stay away. That Organisation of what,who & how seems to be have Left to The Discretion of The individual companies Interpretation of "Key" The Promise of Funds & financial support,will Take weeks,and many workers,don t have Piggy banks,or stashed Money in a kitchen jar...Their own worries will Take presidence,and will wait until their own boss Tells them,their Companies plans,relevant to Corona-virus. And lets be honest,we were all so Good that all our individual jobs,were/are "Key" Positions unless the Companies suddenly decided "Outsourcing" was IN. Many it seems undervalued,how many 'key' Jobs are needed ,to allow our lives to purr over , even for the basics some Take for granted. You see our Great bosses and politicians ,especially since the 70s,then more so of late, have tried to Balance "work-management the companies output,and needed employees ", across all departments/groups soley on the tightest of percentages. Not the deliverance of quality, not trying to Keep a City,Town,regions inhabitants in employment,that the individuals Work and job became totally irrelevant. Proof in the pudding..how as a society, from Top to bottom,we have shown total disrespect & shit on them for decades. That being ,All Emergency-services,und People who have served for society.....Plus within ourselves we has a society,have forgotten our other strong characteristics of kindness,respect,compassion,forethought,giving ,understanding in our Everyday lives.. It seems so many wants to be The Next "Dell-boy", or steal a living. We have allowed and even forced the ideology,that getting and fighting for the Next Penny is the most important,no matter what it takes, grand-steps in life.
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