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  1. fuchsntf

    Wolves H Post Match Thread 2-0

    Then also red for the other player...
  2. No ..I wish no team into the negative. for me it's sit back enjoy the twists and turns of the whole 38 game PL season. Obviously the emotional journey of being a city fan,is no1 priority. Has the season slowly starts, progresses,and the league and teams themselves start to find and realise,how this season will pan out. I will have sympathy,and will sometimes be glad,to see which teams become involved,in the relegation/mid-table honesty/top 6 chase. Let the 38 game chaos and competition,chose which 3 will finally be in for the drop.At the moment I have no preference,or feel a Hate campaign coming on.
  3. fuchsntf

    Absolute cvnts of our time Pt.MXXVI

    We always have had punks,and petty low life,trying pathetically to be the hardboys of their small cache neighbourhood, unfortunately including the increase on the unesirables within various immigration groups,local communties turning into sink-estates ,or drugs and vice becoming ,acceptable across all levels of society...We have lost it.. That minority,has or is becoming a worrying large minority of yobs,big-belly wanna-be gangsters,where the governments Have ignored over decades, the need of supporting with investment in local-area policing in potential aggravating areas, of neighbourhoods,which should also take in support of the social-information exchange policing.... Easy fact the politicians and rich sponsored neighbourhoods,make sure they are secure,and forget the rest. We need police on the street,until that happens we will spiral into a pathetic vastly unprotected neighbourhoods where decent people's lives,will be continually arrassed,from these minority groups ,of yobs,thugs and the young punks. Then the harder decent young generation,could well start on their own to protect their own..... Then the idiot polititans,and high police level of authority,will totally lose it,and panic by being too late creating an inexperienced undermanned police-group,and throw them with no support into the fray. Then these poor bastards,will take the blame-excuses flak from these self-appointed know-alls,who live in their own cracked shell.... our women...This is where it we can holdback the tide and rebalance the low and pathetic areas of criminality. Women's various organistions,socially,business,politics and at home, with conscientious housewives can start to have a more and real say ,closer to home,and neighbourhoods. The WI's taking that inbred snobbery,and turn it around,by creating slippery honest roots,to support the Local and national police,and social order,so they can protect their Sons,their family and neighbours,by Chasing down ignorant,blind-eye,self-righteous-politicians,with the same intensity they put into their Flower arranging, cake Baking meetings,events or shopping-sprees..Use those strengths of your womenhood, Thatcher played it has a man,and in the end,got it wrong.... So stop your cackling,don't fake it,like bedroom romps, Bring your womanhood to the fore. Ffs we pathetic men,have and are ballsing it up, We need the women's touch of their common sense,multi-tasking, and the soft and hard disciplined touch of a mother.... we need cool heads,to pull the spoilt brats into order..
  4. fuchsntf

    Absolute cvnts of our time Pt.MXXVI

    Whoooahh there, We in the West have just took it to a more intensive moneymaking pastime..a style of bunji. Jumping originated from the more Darker skinned tribal areas, not only Asia but also Africa,and they also did it in their daring leasure pastimes,it wasn't just a ceremony act.
  5. fuchsntf

    Wolves (H) match thread

    No it proves he's clever enough ,to use early season to test the strength of his squad,still expecting his selection to be strong enough. for this he has to be plauded....He will have ideas,for home selection and away choices... flexibility is the choice word,for early season..
  6. fuchsntf

    Wolves (H) match thread

    It's a descision...that will show if ...Pu-el can boldly go... See if Mendy.. can beam up into the hearts of city fans.. We and Puel really need to know, can Mendy join the bridge of the foxes Enterprise.
  7. fuchsntf

    Time for a Puel in thread.

    How about ...using the Xmas Carol Noel. Pue-el Pu--el French saviour of the king- power ..holy grail With our blue Angel ..Jamiee- Vardy,fed on Rocket Fu--el Good ol' monsieuuur...Pu--el, Or others can put better lyrics
  8. Red card all day...no excuse. Hayden had to walk!!! Still Cardiff might struggle if Newcastle,can recover..
  9. fuchsntf

    Wolves.. Score prediction thread :

  10. fuchsntf

    Yohan Benalouane

    Hero..legend,honoury but a tame exterminator Wasi..... a few yellow cards ..how many Red cards...even yellow/red through his whole career.???? Less than some posters perpetuate He was never a walking red..!!! Benny...also not so wild. as some try to maintain Eccentricity and OTT incorrect opinions, is more in the sphere of foxestalk posters...
  11. Don't worry,this forum and those Posters who are....well..errmm,..Like you,usually are proved wrong. It's not your fault,being a foxfan,one is either a negative,grumpy moaner and carries that pessimistic virus..... Or just an happy clapper,who can only look on the positive side,with blind fanatical optimism.... None of us are perfect,but we are Leicester,no matter which side of the above mentioned divide one stands, We together is the nearest thing,to that perfection that the PL has ever seen/heard... It's sort of a permanent Leicester virus that reaches epidemic proportions. Foxes are meant to be sly,arrogant ,weird,moaning,laughing "pessoptimics". and have the confused pack chasing us, They fear us, cos we know what we are.....
  12. fuchsntf

    James Maddison Confirmed

    60yrs gone, do we have a new-modern. DAVID GIBSON...
  13. fuchsntf

    Andy King

    Just a small and silly point....... THIS IS A ANDY KING THREAD...!!!
  14. fuchsntf

    EFL Cup draw, second round, 16 Aug

    The biggest interest,will be the selection. what Younsters??? ,newbuys first games???? Vardy on the bench??
  15. fuchsntf

    Wolves Pre-Match Thread, 18th Aug

    This game. Win lose or draw, poor or great,is not going to show too much,how our season will pan out. we have to get a few games behind us,and build and develop routine.....Let the players get to know each other's games,then see after 4-7 PL and a few efl cup games, if Puels set up is something to believe in and worth following.... He and the team can definitely win over a vast majority of us with a good all round performance this weekend,making it easier for him,and give him time , deep into the early season.