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  1. Ranieri , dumped the whole idea..!!! Went vor the 1960s Italian method...He destroyed every Good Thing Pearson built up,from Backroom-staff support!!
  2. Disagree...Technology rules. I still havent got over Farringtons goal at Arsenal...he was in his own half & the linesman pulled it up for offside!!!! We would of knocked Arsenal out of the cup!!
  3. fuchsntf


    Try.. " Biteaway" pen or Benadryl liquid...In UK there is also "After bite" liquid... Of go to Boots / or a chemists & ask what they have for bites.......
  4. But if it was against Leicester....You would be telling the ref to go to specsavers....and he should be taking himself in the hand....Gu Easy to complain und take sides....no matter which side of the street one stands....We Live in the technical world....it seems the chips are starting to mount on peoples shoulders.... Greatgrandads didnt use to like Rock n roll,!!!! But secretly listened to jazz, unknown to their parents.... VAR is jazzy,but needs to get up to Rock n roll,and swing into some twist n shout..!! While the dancing public und media needs to find their rythme, for something they have been screaming out und over for years . Free VAR and liberation,and ref emancipation...!!
  5. But thats.....History,Today is today. If your Father had missed the bus,he wouldnt of met your mother!!! Now is now...rules are rules....VAR kept to the rules,and players,managers all have been informed....oh und the fans!!
  6. Jesus of MC. Proves again how stupid footballers are...Again going to the ref After the Match and being aggressive. Forget the Emotion side....this was After the final whistle...This is where yellow cards should be dished out..!!!
  7. Once famous on a Harley...now under the Barley.... Great film...Not long after,the older biker film from 1953 with Marlon Brando,"The Wild one" was cleared from censorship....
  8. wow & we used to be One of the raillinks major "crossroads"..
  9. Tin Tin.../Best beers,including trapistmonks beer und visits(crawl)/Waterloo trip../.Brood-Huis/ Best Chips in the world/// chocolate tours/ lace industry. Battlefields of Belgium / Cafe Belga/ Nights around the Grand place/ Cinquaintenaire Parc & Museum...etc,etc. Some decent Jazz & nite-clubs/ live müßig hard & clubs... Or just keep doing the numerous Bevvy-crawls around Belgium,probably wont have the same beer on any given- Next day!!
  10. Bless..!!He got confused,he meant Disneyland.
  11. Its this Type of break, or Type of travel,I use to do alone,then with my last girlfriend,Now my wife... My Story started 50+ yrs ago. Whether travelling for work reasons and having some free time,or took Short or long travel breaks,excursions,or expeditions... Getting Off the Advertised Tourist/travel paths,Routes onto the Local city backstreets. Spending Precious time with the locals,. Listening to their Views on different angles /Stories of tourist Sites, und Real Local restaurants,Great Information source.Going to Local food markets,trying their food faire. Finding small Local theaters ,or music cantinos, restaurants,cafes,or Local Area festivals. Local Mardi-gras,New year , other Local celebrations. Far better,and cheaper with quality. Instead of Hunting British/International Star names,look where Locals go to see their small,or Country celebrities. Wine/ various Fruit Harvest festivals/ Beer ( sometimes Craft & Local Breweries beer) festivals. far better than "Octoberfest" or expensive wine tours. In Spain/Italy/Greece. a few 1-3 day festivals with old und young generation,just enjoying the festival....no-alchohol. or with plenty,but no drunkards or aggression. Even in Cannes,Madrid,Venice,Nice,Majorca,Paris,Brussel,Amsterdam,Wien through to the Americas & Asian cities... Get off the beaten track,learn something from the Local lingo,laugh with the Local and not against them,Enjoy their Company & Share and exchange life for a day,a week,a month,a ..year. Thats my motto und suggestion... Getting pssed on holiday, total waste of time und missed opportunity.You become everybodies fool,getting merry enjoying the atmosphere, gives you true & lasting memories. I am no fuddy duddy, done ,,seen,burned the candles at both preverbial ends,got too many Bloody T-shirts,and got bored of all the Bloody films.... Oh and actually walked many a Numerous trail & Wild treks,drove my own expeditions & sober enough to Enjoy them.... Dont piss on peoples doorstep,then the Yak wont shit in your tent!!! Fuchsntf proverb!
  12. Roy, is still the man for the job...but he has got to learn quickly,especially how to leave the ball early...and not to push at the ball. Thorpy us going to Need some Quality Time with him... Australia are getting the ball,to move & talk...Its going to need discipline and patience.Right up to this evening Whoever batted first today,was always going to first bat & play for the Draw....Then if few wickets down,for tea....Maybe just Maybe Pick up the Rrate... I Honestly Dont care if before Tea it hovers between 1.95 to 2.40....Before Lunch 1.6-2.2. But dont throw away your wicket.. We cant start by trying to Save the Match before either Lunch or tea....
  13. Still a Good level,to earn your bread!!! there are more players who,Play at this level earning their living. (living the dream) than superstars.The odd ones,may even end up with more trophies, and satisfaction of achievement..
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