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  1. fuchsntf

    Last Minute Christmas Advice and ideas

    On books..look at historical and modern explorers, adventure,and travel books,both sides non-fiction and fiction. Especially those with drawings and photos. Ask him if any country particular interests him!! Maybe a Geologica hard cover book,and those choice of books,where one can learn about the people's of the world,anthropology with the present not just the past... Or .Adventuras like Cousteau/Tommy Taylor I learned fanatically how to travel the world,and the history of people's first only through books,that opened up my senses,so I could realise it in my adult life!! And every 11 year old should have a stack of playboy... sorry not from his dad!!
  2. fuchsntf

    Who do you want January 2019

    I don't even think,it's even 50% in his hands.....He ain't at this time/period going to make high fanciful demands in front of the Media!! We have too many expensive....for us!! deadwood players,to firstly put before the door. Too many mishits,from last regimes,that can't be put on his Doormat!! I sympathise with your post...but we can't blame player recruitment,or lack of on Puel... I said from the offset..Puel/any manager was not going to have an easy ride,and it would take at least 3 season to get us on an even keel,if contracts were going to be held onto,and honoured. Higher positioned management /owners have shown their hand,before Puel,and Puel s first months. Long term contracts,and over emotion,and sense of belonging,has been forwarded to too many players.Plus more than a couple of unexpected Mis-hits,that were actually expected to give Puel a bbone of players to welcome his tenure. He I am sure was from the beginning,was never going to be given the needed finances to chase too many of the needed players. The newbuys,and the forethought that the youth,and the high potential expected has not yet been so forthcoming!!! Form with quality has not materialised,has he,and we the fans had hoped.even with the successes, it as still left us light in any of the front 5-6 positions. injuries haven't created chances but problems!! Only the defence looks like the potential is there for the present and future. just because we would all like our " fans suggested players" being picked,while offering those various selection formats would see them hitting the ground running, Doesn't mean saying/hoping it, automatically gets the job done.!! The squad/individuals are struggling for consitency,and at present not showing that higher quality,we believed to be so obvious. Too many areas mis-firing,after tantalising us with that this is it !...with 'we kick on from here moments'...But no !! fate kicks us in the teeth!! Plus they as a squad and team,are showing they aren't as good,as we have thought... However..for me I am happy that this dilemma we have, it is happening to us while we are top half of the PL. I believe Puel has the right character,to see us through this long haul rebuild,but is also himself disappointed maybe surprised that individuals are Presently not cutting it,and seeing now,some that Puel really needed to help stabilise ,probably never will !! Unless like you mentioned,that it is somewhat a facade,I can't see a great January transfer window.
  3. fuchsntf

    Adrien silva

    I am in nomans land..sitting on the fence...wearing dark-grey trousers with a light grey jacket,hoping to meet up with D.Gray Moping around,blowing not n cold under Grey skys,in my very noncommittal way,neither a hem or an haw, sort of prevaricating wether I should beat around the bush!! I am off now so I will be doing a lot of stepping around,while clouding the issue..
  4. Then other proffesions,would rightly demand the same allowances...or not??? I for one,would not like to see Sport,being given special/preferential treatment...besides it will give or force other impulses and ideas to develope
  5. fuchsntf

    Crystal Palace (A) 15 Dec Pre Match Thread

    Neither before,not then and as now...there wasnt/isn't a time for taking of Man.city. Incredible how some fans,lose it themselves when "their own created expectancy" Doesn't get that required result,then start conspiracy theories of We should of won,and turn it into fact!!
  6. At least your not "lost in France" and know which side your toast/baguette is buttered... It is disheartening ,how our performances are not presently up to showing any type of consistency,we all I presume,hoped with new-blood, a good youth policy,we would begin this season,by hitting the ground running,at least on a performance presentation level. I never expected a top 6 fight,only hoped over towards the EOS,we could put in a n ambitious challenge. but we now have seen these 15 games,the squad is lacking form from the established players,and from the new and youth genuine quality on some simple basics,allowing them to show a consistent form to enable the team that goes over the white wash,to give out above average performances... We aren't there yet,and it takes IMO more of understanding the situation,instead of only repeating banging on the big based drum, that all and the manager are not up to the task. Presently under Puel,cup runs...holding ourselves for long periods in the top-half of th e PL,where we were desperate to be a part of!! it's not rosey,but well off tragic,I actually believe,we have slowly improved from turgid performanes,even where it's not been pretty.. We really do have to understand,that Puel or any other manager,like it or not would themselves get frustrated,on seeing that the trust and expected potential,from individuals,and units within the team have simply not materialised. do Puel won't throw individuals or team to the Wolves, He realises, and so should we that this task of rebuild is going to harder than wished for,and needs more input from the individuals,when given their reigns to show that believed potential..... Out of all this,there has been successes,and by all that is holy,we are thankfully doing more than allright, it's the over ambitious expectation,and downright arrogant entitlement thoughts of some,that give firstly themselves ulcers,and a miserable outlook on team and club's ' need to be' opinions. Even arrogantly posting that they can pick the better subs,so Puel (any manager) has to go!!! We do need,even with the present resources to show more commitment and on the ball discipline,the intensity does need and can go up a few notches,some of that but only a small % has to come from the manager and his coaching team the most though is the teams and individuals duties..responsibilities. Bemoaning or wider expectancy of where we are,is beyond the understanding of why...for me. A manager will happily take the plaudits,and needs to bare criticism,but while the potential might be there, it's up to the squad,to prove it, so it will be them with their game time chances,that will show where they deserve and end up to be... thankfully we are doing it all in the PL,and for that I am more than happy and gratefull.. l
  7. Sorry.. But not with the reality of this squad we have at the moment..We are holding our own,that's it!! No presence of a missed opportunity. In my memory 60yrs+. I may of hoped and dreamed of cracking the higher echolons,but expecting,or putting a season into a missed-opportunity context Way,way off!!! My last thoughts of missed opportunities...maybe the "ice-kings year,a couple play-off nearlys,Watford mishap. Not even last season,definitely not this season....A nice fan-ambition,but like the efl-cup,can't be used has a rod to make for some ones back,or to create a platform for pre -planned negative posts!!!
  8. If we get hammered,or lose it unluckily,..sort of a Status quo expectancy... But if ,and I mean only if!!!! We could win this,brilliantly,by luck or by crook,with help from VAR,Mahrez own goal, 3 30yrd scorchers,from Soyu, Morgan,Periera,or a calamity effort from Mr Kamakazi...It would simply make our season..and Puel is a legend for 14seconds or until @Swan Lesta grants him an honourable few words..
  9. fuchsntf

    Slimani - Fulham

    I still,believe LCFC management and coaching staff,failed The fans and Slimani!!! There seemed no way they constructed plans/tactics ,for his inclusion,they just chucked him in!! The fact,we still have problems with our front-line,and pushing the midfield to support,means to me it's more a coaching issue,than Slimani...Ranier/Shakespeare wasted him, Puel had a brief look at him,with no real intention. or purpose. Vardy is IMO, now from the fans view,unwittingly becoming the Problem,we are struggling to find him a partner,or a plan-b replacement. We only have Nacho!! Or trying/struggling to find a format to give us alternative with...Gray/Diabate/A.n.other to fill that spot. utterings from club and also manager,is that they aint going for broke in January-window, so Puel hasn't got too much to work with,and the Fans chasing their own backsides,to try and make worthwhile and valid posts on the issue,is wasted space!!! Though the frustration from we the fans,will get worse before it gets better... IMO our hobsen-choices!! I would pull Slimani,back into the fold until the Summer. Try to involve a youngster,from within. Pull back Barnes from loan,then try with/without Nacho different format(s), then keep to them,where Barnes is given high % of gametime. Maybe...leaving out Ndidi,then either Mendy/Iborra,with Maddison and Barnes taking up the attacking midfield slot. No way would,I bring Barnes back just to replace any of our present players in similar roles unless..Gray/an.other plays a strikers roll. Puel said awhile back he would like Maddison,to play central,but the needs might force him to select otherwise.. If Slimani was to Return,which I see is far from the case,and very,very unlikely...I would first try him as the sole striker,then if needs be, send on Nacho to partner him,and not to replace him..This would obviously only be the case,is it we don't have Vardy.. Strangely enough, I believe our defensive choices,are not a major issue,we have the Bline choices,which gives us no real headaches.. Fans seem now happy with Periera/Amartey...Then CB-pairings of either...Soyu/Evans/Maguire/Morgan, with LB Chills,and Fuchs as cover. Since Ranieris departure, we needed a BLine rethink,and new players..that box is ticked.. We needed new players for the midfield,we invested, !!even with Maddison,we've come up short,Puel was dealt a bummer,and any manager, would be struggling,in this short space of time when new recruits,plus Ndidi are struggling. the striker position,is frankly abysmal...Nacho 's and Shinji failings with Vardy 's injurys...plus it seems we have no automatic/instant young contender from within.. We play and look like an incoherent bunch,on most occasions . We realise now there was/is no 70-100 mill available for quality Investment...So the fan base are clutching at straws,to make sense of a very average squad,and first go on the blame path... This is a needed rebuild,needed change of ethos and direction period, Any advantages from the Title win,wasted well before Puel came along So coming back to Slimani...All the recruitment/investment struggles/failings/ nearly -right /mis-hits/could of,should of beens,can be mirrored Within the "alikes" of Slimani's path. This is also seen and the reasons for our indifferent performances..
  10. fuchsntf

    Slimani - Fulham

    No!!! The dof, says to the manager, give us some of your ideas..they think over it for 14secs. Then totally ignore it!! Briinging in who they fancy,then for appearance sake,let one unknown in from the Manager..!!
  11. With @FIF It's not broken, it might be slightly scratched,and gets stuck....but heyho, it usually gets stuck in those bits one likes to hear repeated alot.. One could say he's in the groove.. And Christ is with us good-guys,this time of year........
  12. If management is telling Puel....until we offload,... no / smaller investments,then this is the way we are going to go!!! After club and Puel statements,and undercurrents,I see no major buys for January,unless a sudden suprise turn around,where players are Moved on!!!
  13. fuchsntf

    Has Anyone Booked a Holiday Yet?

    You really mean... traditional debauchery.
  14. fuchsntf

    Loss of momentum when attacking

    Albrighton I can understand ,he breaks his gut to make space for cross,over a few seasons now...Then finds nobody in the sniffing zone!!! Sometimes I reckon,He thinks I've done my job,now you gawks,Ffs get there!!! Not forgetting,he has always been involved,no sorry...mostly involved in our better goals and forward movement.Some classics...!! Loss of momentum often means ,nobody offering themselves,or too far way behind...or in Nachos case also dithering!!