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  1. Because it's boring...!! live and let live....what about allowing the players,or others common courtesy,I am ok with any banter and amusing pss-taking,but how anybody can spend most of their Pastime and presence on posts,throwing shit at others.....well!!! For christssake...!!
  2. Asking the impossible....I know!! But with VAR,it would be great if fans showed patience,more importantly the authorities support match officials.... And Players don't keep asking for it,at every turn. The match officials,should still see through 85-90% of goal & offside descisions.Penalties have always been tough to call. I actually don't believe in yellow cards for majority of fouls.Unless it's either blatantly reckless,cheating or downright dangerous. Free kicks & penalties,is punishment enough...unless one of the above. Aggressively surrounding the ref,besides captain queries,all players spotted on VAR,during incident or after the game,receive automatic yellow. Plus manager receives warning ,and also yellow/red.Then heavy fine after first season offence!!! If team have history in going OTT with groups aggression towards officials 3-4 times,then the Manager should receive 1-2 match ban from stadium...Club fine!!! It's also time to stop defenders holding with arms or pushing in the penalty area....!!! It's cheating that's being totally ignored!!!
  3. No!!! I am for Spurs..!!! L'pool & Spurs final....It's time the PL players started to earn the plaudits!!!
  4. Spurs will beat Ajax....They have found their bottle. The squad & fringe players,can show their supporters,it's not all about media-player-love ins.... they have some decent players,that can put in good performances...& Now a CL-semi-final. Bust your gut time....Kane,Ali,etc might not be the sort after Players next season!!! Though Son's 1 game ban ,could be more a deciding factor.... All the over-zealous media Spurs bias,I really don't like but........I like Poch,I like the way Spurs play,and they have been splitting the real big 5,for a few seasons now..!!! I reckon there is more honesty in Spurs football ethos than many... L'pool like Spurs ,the pundits bias is well OTT,but for both clubs,you can't put the pundits team hype,onto the present playing squads. Both clubs have great traditions at the high level,since before the PL,and now during these last few years. We can be envious,and bring in the cynical-moaning,and show our lack of respect & boring side of fans who would still love to be in their shoes....Both clubs,like ours or any other,have great fan-bases, plus a minority of morans and cretins & the usual typical grumpies...young & old. I believe the real football fan,doesn't have fisherwives-agendas. Yesterday was a great game & a great European night for the English PL teams to show their good & best qualities....from 4 EPL quarter finalist, 3 delivered great footballing quality. Man.city failed again, missing again the extra sliver of quality and know-how, how to get "their" game to a top European consistent level.....Are they this eras...Leeds utd.!!! Their city neigbour united,are well off the other 3s squad & individual quality.. Yesterday was about sitting back and enjoying and hoping for a top European football night,both evenings delivered. I can't be bothered to go on this or any other forum,and look for apathetic reasons to nag on and on,over dislike for other teams... Any of the four semi-finalists,will have their own hard-grind and or romantic story lines ...I look forward to this season's end chapter to see if we can be witnessing the start or continuance of an old or new era footballing power. Or even just a one off..!! Spurs again is the odd one out,the other 3 have had Europe on their knees, producing great sovereign eras of their own!!! Good luck to all of them,and let the best VAR decision be your friend when it counts..!!
  5. In that case..why the fk!!! Didn't you give a call to the linesman...
  6. But Spurs are not Man.city.Manutd,Chelsea,arsenal or L'pool. Plus I like L'pool so they can do what they like!!! Stadium spend doesn't count.....according also to many posters on this forum.!! So sniping at non-issues fall on the stonies....!
  7. Another...who has more glee looking at the negative twists,instead of the positive delivery..
  8. So you missed the match!!! Got lost in the dislike of the commentary.... best CL game for years and you are concerned about the commentary...
  9. Shows you can't buy success...!!! Come on Spurs or L'pool
  10. The bad thing ,the traversity about tonight....English football fans couldn't watch it,on any normal tv channel,not even the highlights...wrong,wrong,wrong!!!
  11. Give him a full bottle of something,and tell him,you found his lost bottle...!!!l spurs friend for life....
  12. Why???? You can celebrate twice...or cry twice....They should put up the prices,double enjoyment of emptiness and empathy for the price of one ticket!!!
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