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  1. I rest my case...injuries ARE the reason...!!! Without put Elite players We play,perform and deliver different level of performances.. Plus its difficult to find Rythme and gain tact plus continuity when your team..is always depleted, with different players Coming in..!! We aint got a top 4, Top 16 fringe players squad what difficult to understand...our mediocre ,.avg, ok, performances are because of Our Top players missing, or returning then out again.... With what we have had available & the situation, Yes its dispointing, even sometimes frustrating with
  2. Thats Vardy....But the game opens up when hes on the move & he put in a couple of Good balls.....So I disagree.!!
  3. Your First sentence illogical, I was talking about the Time it did....& it did..!! THough by then he had done a Good job.I Hope he Partners Vardy again at the weekend.
  4. I beg to Differ Borderline...Top top 14-8 PL players....A few actually took & kept is in to the Top 4.... Any of you in here want to Keep bringing negatives, I'll bring 3Times as many positives....
  5. But Vardy stays dangerous...so far not Nacho ,he started to Fall off.... I learnt years ago, because our coach doesn't sub my preferences....It doesnt make his decisions wrong...!!
  6. Bit then you surely agree, und injuries have been taking their toll, Plus neither,Ricardo, Vardy,Ndidi are yet Top fit Our Cover players are ok,but cant Keep us competing continuation at a Top level... so what do Posters Honestly expect.... ok Burnley lost to Spurs, but have beaten L'pool... Forget the Teams Lack of balance...where the fk, is the recognition of our problems, from our Bloody own fans...Brain Dead I suppose..!!
  7. Yes..Posters Not seeing..Nacho was Not Holding up the ball, & the ball kept Coming quickly back....Good he went off...
  8. He s goosed & cant see in Front of his feathers..
  9. Yeh agree...The Comments on here have been rubbish.... Game was ok though...and of course like every season Top 4 is always hard to achieve...But we are still in it..... Innit..!!
  10. Couldn t give a shit what corners are are having.. Silly goal to give Away, Choudhury just lost it... But...I reckon Choudhury has picked up bis game After that back out...his Afro slipped..!! Mendy for me is having a very Good game...Dont understand the moaners... Nacho always has shown he can Run & Open up teams, this time he caught it brilliantly.... Soyu, n Amartey got better, but Soyu needs to change his studs... Both Castagna & Tielemans Working well, Ricardo needs to get the passes off quicker und Maybe attack more ...
  11. I have Decided to start a New business...."Rent a Sofa"...with Landing Lights across the back, so One can find the exact Spot to Hide behind... Come in all different sizes... Ps...Pampas included..& to be found in back-flap
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