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  1. just Think These fat footballers,have done hell of alot more,...some turned over more Money und enjoyed more of their lives, than the Posters who believe they can afford a dig at them..!! where is the Next threads,on the skinniest footballers ,the smallest,the lankiest....!!! Oh then pan around the terraces,I wonder how many, Fall into filmstar category ,the 7 dwarfs,Shrek,*frankenstein*, Rambo,even Bambi!!! * My Chat up line,when I was a young...asking the girls,of they would like to Dance with a filmstar....After questionable looks,I said "Well Frankenstein" If Worked quite well...
  2. But you didnt Score either..before the kids...!!!
  3. Dogs bollux, they must of got their Rocks off.....Tissot Time we Live in...
  4. I used to collect fob & Antique Pocket watches,also Collecting and repairing chains...... but with travelling ,interest & Time sort of drifted.
  5. 2 tons of shit, for all those Troubled years.. An Empty granite -team Bench,so Logan has a free place to sit..!! A Circle of 14 ...statues of our considered best players.... With Banks Holding the World cup Shilton and Wallington...3 gks Representing the Record years spread for Only 3 Gks. Weller in Running pose Holding a Luton shirt, representing goal of the decade.. Vardy..either imitating the Eagle or ears cupped..!!! Gillies,Bloomfield...O'Neil...Pearson...Ranieri...on the outer circle at different points. In the center like the soldiers Hoisting the American Flag ,a flushed climbing statue like a crashing wave, with busts of the 2015/16 players,with PL Pot at the crest.. At the Entrance to the Site ,Vichai with beckoning arms, welcoming the visitor....!!
  6. I Think we should sort out the pidgeons first..!! Clone them,to be statue friendly...!!!
  7. I prefer us to be low-key.. Then Henry Winter, & Gary lineker,can sarcastically Drop the odd hint. King Dick,can straight his back,und Pop his head up,once in awhile.... While forum favourite Rachael.R. can Countdown and Spell out,shes dropping Manure & slab head,for ever..!! Stalwart Marc Albrighton,to start us off with the First CL goal again...!!!
  8. I reckon..this Topic was instigated, & organised by Mahrez's agent....hes Sending out a feeler...!!
  9. 38 games...2015/16.... Nothing absolutely nothing Beats that feeling,the idea something was happening,over the whole season... 1958-2020,so many Great memories....I have laughed ,felt the heights of Emotion and had the China-syndrom Effect of frustration,been Left in stitches,und Walked the streets,ten feet tall with pride...Great individual or team moments Burnt into the memory...but nothing,absolutely nothing excels,every One of those 90 minutes played out that season....62-63years of waiting to Experience that One season.... 4 more titles before I Meet my maker wont Bury ,Erase, or excel' those best recorded moments.. Maybe,just Maybe a possible First FA.cup moment....
  10. I reckon its great... A Good competitive run,going into the EOS... Its the entertainment,and questions we all Wanted to be Part of... I will sit back and Enjoy the Run in.... Predictions....We'll have enough,the system of 38 games will sort it out....gud Fun innit...
  11. I must agree...English Slang has Moved on, also the Boxing of Groups of peoples...
  12. Mist likely Travellers ..Not necessary gypsies...
  13. I was indicating with the hounds,the joy of outsiders,who enjoy building you up,just to knock one down..With the chickens..mmmm yes aimed at the forum's,struggling to quit cackling over unnecessary normal challenges,We are aiming high,but we should even see our struggles,like the fox,who also cant always quite turn over that coup every day..ruffling feathers is also fun,even if you have to take a few pecks...
  14. I would like to know Why any hardened supporter,still looks in the Gloomy side.I for one believe we will carry in picking up strong points,und enough to Keep us in the Top 3...I follow that line & Trait supporting this club on its modern Ethos of....Foxes & fearless,with just a few barking mad hounds,snapping at our tails.... We wouldnt be foxes otherwise,now would we....?? Thank God I have an ally in @Bluetintedspecs and a few others....Every game day seems to send out the wobbly-kneed scaremongers,and spirits of impending doom.... Klopp & L'pool have taken nearly 4 years,to get their ex-young squad,to start showing through, incuding accordingly the loss of Star players, like Suarez & Courthino, resurgence of Henderson,& Milner...that with a Stronger squad and more Financial clout... We have just started....and some are behaving like the Chickens in the coup instead of the fox trying to get in,with having hounds,delighting in having a few bites!!!
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