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  1. You've hit on it davieG..!! From Now on,on this forum,lets Drop Big six,from our narrative, in all instances,or just in passing they should be only known as... Media Darlings... Then push this idea around other forums,Plus to be taken on by our very own foxestalk-journalists..... Just the thought an a player/manager interview...I Hello Fernando, 'How was your First PL Experience and the game flow,playing in one of the Media Darling teams...??'
  2. Don t you Think this gesture,is something that the movement can hang onto....?? A likely timely reference gesture,to push forward & Not to Let go, no matter if the Media/politicians/racists try to create off-subject,or snidey agendas even be used against itself to numb & dumb it down..!!
  3. Actually a Good Rant.. TTK, is becoming an embarrasing media Agenda....Any politician,celeb,trying to point score,are also Missig the point.... Though I would agree with the gesture to persevere until we feel govts & organisations,are seen to Take the First initial but Major changes & steps that lead to a different Chain of thought throughout society,at least through Europe.. We cant initially influence USA & the wider world...But if Europe hardens the Case & resolve,then USA will grasp , there is an important Historical wind of change closing through the lands,until it does we shouldnt even attempt to carry on claiming ourselves to be Civilised...or a civilised society....
  4. I want Sheffutd to win,it would Take Chelsea out of the equation...if we then Beat Bournemouth and Sheff utd. & draw our last 2... If Chelsea win we win,the agony lasts longer...
  5. What find Crude und quite pathetic...Ja the Police Commission "Telling" their Work Force they Shoulder take the knee.... Just proves the insitutionalised racism that exsists....Please Don t Post any excuses...There isnt any...!!!! Everybody,every individual should be Left to make their own choice, in or out of uniform,or while representing Any organisation....
  6. They could come out...and wup our ever obliging heroes....
  7. Ahhhh civilisation..at last..!!! But ffs you Ruin it with your Member name.... Bovril.!!!!
  8. Nuns, have Not been complaing recently...
  9. Proves you Dont follow put club & team...We have had our best results with them..!!! Who needs Forest supporters,when we have you....!!! Tho' trolls & fishermen I suppose always get a bite..
  10. Wow...thats a Story with a twist.. Hope you and your nearest, can Recover quickly,with no major meaning after affects..... What can you do with the kids...???
  11. Not you @StanSP....they cant ban you,!!! such a well balanced,Raving Mad Sweet guy,who like all of us enjoy a Good rant.... i mean really..!!! Political perspectives,plus acompanying opinions ...are all raving mad, with Mad hatter conservatives,spiced with Mr Bean socialists, makes my own righteous Communist despot Anarchy Attitudes seem quite Fairy white innocent...... Time for a Good old revolution...methinks! Jesus we winklies handed our vote over to you Fresh skinned del-boy wanna bee's.... Now you present the World with Corvid-Trump , & Corona-Boris, supported by a Sky ,Fox News demented media.... My poor ol'gran-kids, doomed before they can be let loose unprotected on this Disney-catastrophical Joker -Terminator world.... I am going to go & withdraw to find my life's retreat in the picobello Clean markets of that that Animal loving Paradise ,Shangrila in China... downing a Gud ol'....Whutan purity proved Yangste Pint of Guinness...
  12. Agree...!! Its BR post Match interviews,make you Think we are are One of the Top 2-4 youngest...
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