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  1. Well done Ben Stokes... & Well done the English cricket team.. Well done Clare...
  2. Lets just sit back and Enjoy how far we have come... This Xmas period, I am neither worried by looking whats behind us nor minding the gap of what is in Front of us... Its Really a new,Weird and a completely New experience (despite our 1st title year) We have earnt that right..not to be that bothered..just Bring it on..!!! Its these Type of games and situation we have been gagging for... The pain,or the elation will anyway just blurt out naturally.....!!
  3. Just remember where they all are as clubs,and where we are Coming from.....no Need for this gutted feeling...We are still new at this game...
  4. Good Topic, to compete against those festive trivial-pursuit moments, at least we are not yet an Infamous printed card piece of Fun inside One of the pulled festive crackers.. Even when we win ( on penalties). The semi-final we will draw Man.city and stutter for the next decade at SFs. One day....! we can Stop !!. Then from winning FA!! We can Stand up & tell our G.Kids with tears in our eyes...After Years of FA, we actually did raise FA...by seeing our Ribbon and captains hand on that elusive Silver trophy....Vardy becomes the oldest Player to Lift it...!! Who'd of thought After all our great runs & campaigns,we ended up lifting the PL trophy,before the FA-cup. Though a further Carabou Trail of success ,would be welcoming...
  5. Don t want to confuse you in the festive season....both..!!!
  6. When I read Football forums,Surprise me how Disconnect Football many fans are....!!
  7. Or underrated on here by KOKE ...
  8. We are Not so smooth,but poor,or Bad tactics NOWAY..!!Es We are Not yet that far where Posters can say what Rodgers should or Should'nt do.. Each gameday,Opposition and how the Momentum of those games pan out are different.... Rodgers over Amy given period has to still find out,the variables. The days are gone where style formation,selection & tactics Stay constant.....The PL has 20 competitive teams...some Posters reactions on here seem to believe,every Team should just lie down & die... No use creating an era,by winning against poorer opposition.... I reckon we have created again some Top chances...so! So poor we cant be..!!! Just misgogs making moaning an habit...!!
  9. This Norfolk breed did beat Man.city...
  10. We have 16...Some Set in gold,some just waiting for the last cut & polish, Rodgers just sees the Shine & holds out the carat ...
  11. How can they be disrespectfull......Being dumb,Stupid,& incompetent in their analyse,Info- Collecting ,then Reporting thereof , is the norm in football-Journalism. If they were more capable,they would have a better job,and be more useful in their lives....This us what happens,when in Ones Education ,you are Not prepared to do your homework,use Not Ones ears & eyes,just the mouth & ichy uncontrolled fingers..... Have more sympathy for the inflicted....
  12. Goo many fans complicating things,trying to Psycho Analyse every problem....The first is believing in Oneself ,given belief & encouragement to unlock their talent.. The Players have to Work it out,no matter who....Nacho/Perez ...like Barnes carrying his own questions, just have to find their Way into games. So far Rodgers has been the keymaster for the team & individuals..But its the players alone who can realise their potential... By playing against all styles,tactics und formations..
  13. Vardy breaks his own record...then Rashford goes One Step further...
  14. Just goes to show...that fans,pundits,ex-players alike ,might be wrong und totally off tangent when asking,sometimes demanding that they should be Part & Partial of various discipline,Football Organisation committees,because they... "Understand" the game more Plus its indiscrepencies and where its at..!! Owen,Merson,Sutton, and a few more Top of their game while playing.... Brain farts in Front of the Camera while giving Wise worldly opinions..!!!
  15. 3 Good Arsenal goals,but poor Hammers midfield-defence..and Bline..lazy & poor.. Shame...!!
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