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  1. The Great Universe Debate

    Loved the read... until my Ilness, on layman terms It is/was the subject, I followed, read on and looked for. Also with the thought of Spiritual self, and our "at any moment" the strength and Weaknesses of accepting or not accepting the conscious idea of limits expansion on "Finity" with infinity not yet a concept, that many peoples cant accept, where some will . Unfortunatly I no longer have the mental strength, to carrying on expanding rigorously my experience and knowledge.One reason I began to travel with Anthropology a bbone of the Backpack of thought. Trying to discover the varieties and strengths of all peoples beliefs away from the religous Constraints and questions, ln this direction an approach to life past, present and future. Also discovering, other peoples take on dimensions and cross-dimensional lives, using Own space on the planet aswell as univeral space... The biggest education and discovery...life is too short, even when has mundane periods in ones life.
  2. Come Home Nigel

    Agree... But he wouldnt of lost any of those Skills, hes a born, rebuilder troubleshooter, with a cv to boot.Like all experienced people you dont forget.Obviously in football, in his situation the question (but still only theoritical)are there the personelle out there, to meet the needs. Unlike some, I believe he could get us at least a stable top 8, inside these 2 years, then the big push. More importantly, IMO its now and the near future he Would kick start the season and keep us from a continual relegation dogfight... In the end on choice, its only down to ones own opinion and belief of what any particular individual, can do...There have been some silly posts and lost reality, but in general the post for and against, have all shown reasonable arguments..
  3. Come Home Nigel

    It wasnt c actually a dig at you...there are the ones who EXPECT, and thats what is wrong. This post I couldnt agree more, we need to drive forward our ambition should be set high. 1st priority though is to get some decent performances behind us on a continual Considtent basis, even When drpping points.
  4. Come Home Nigel

    Yup there are another 19 teams, you can support....
  5. Come Home Nigel

    Like @Babylon has often stated, delusions Of Grandeur !! We aint That top 6 team, some Will have us believe.We aint earnt diddly squat, To show otherwise , means Reality hasn't Hit home...or people are failing to face upto it. We havent been wise, Beside the title win itself, the last success of any recognition, was NPs Developement of the backroom set up....At present nobody seems to have bettered it. Dyche might have got near it..
  6. Come Home Nigel

    With this forums lousy prediction form, and the many NOs. welcome home...welcome, come on in....and close the deal.. Unfinished Business, rebuild, another crack at a few Osteriches!!! And a return bout with that still unknown fan...maybe he did fkoffanddie. We get an all in Wrestler, who fights wild dogs on his days off. Hardened flemish credentials... best wry smile in the business.... Great banter with Dyche back on the cards. Hes our legend, hes our Nigel....Hes our next manager...like Muhammed Ali, always ripe for a come back... Hes pretty, floats like butterfly...has a few good stings, takes on all comers,...oh well we could do worse.
  7. what price Sean Dyche now!!

    Well we see thr price now...In the top 3 bookies list.... Aint football funny..... I'd have him, ....but Burnley has been good for and to him. What hes set up at Burnley, is stronger than what we are presenting and have to offer at the moment
  8. A poisoned chalice?

    Agree, great opportunity for a confident guy who can use us either has a 4 season springboard, or take a club and mould it into Your own. We dont want now the owners to settle for safe bets guarranteeing 17th-14th place.A positive top 12 plus still be a target. Ambition and a plan, on future plans is a must...
  9. Appleton- Temporary Boss

    We used to treasure this name, under the name Colin Appleton...might be a good omen. Also like his modern namesake...well built lad with an hardstreak. Great Partnership with Mclintock/Ian King, and up there with one of our best Captains. one of the legendary " ice kings" You never know....
  10. Appleton- Temporary Boss

    Take a pill doc... I aint coming to your surgery..
  11. Next City Manager?

    Now hold on...You hated Sunderland yourself , so Keane actually was right...The players wrong...gerrimin..
  12. Next City Manager?

    Actually ... I dont believe a "Top proven Manager" could even do a good job, at a club like Leicester. They have Totally a different mind set. History wise....How many have taken a club from Depths of AVG..... and non Fashionable, made them great , Giving them 7-10yr successfull Platform, and then has remained a great themselves through the years.... Shankley-Liverpool, Clough-Forest-Derby, B.Robson-Ipswich (maybe).Allardyce-Bolton (not quite) Even through Europe.we've seen alot of great managers, but how many started, stayed, then continued elsewhere, By pulling a club out of 'also ran' status.... 98% made and Kept their name by managing big clubs, then doing the rounds. We tend to under-hype the successfull managers, by not recognising and giving dues, to different achievements. Pullis, Pardew, Hughes, Dyche, NPearson, Mickey Adams, B.Little (Ranieri )etc etc, , Not real top managers,but well Crafted and grafted Careers.
  13. Next City Manager?

    My concern , is how the owners are going to approach the business in hand. Are they going to outsource the search, then take it on only when a short-list is presented. Will they be out of Europe believing Skype or other distant communications will suffice. IMO, we need them to get their hands dirty,and a commited European presence . I have no confidence in the board because the dawdling and non commitment dealing with CS appointment. The negative come from past observations, and Allowing a complete decimation of what NP built up, and destruction of everything good he set up. I wouldnt be too set back if NP returned, but I would like to see a descision on a manager who can take us again that next step further, and then hold and stabilise... One thing we have to realise...We have returned to being just an average club, so we need someone c with a long time vision..5yrs plus, who is prepared to rebuild, with good, but not top financial clout. We aint a Man.city, and cant afford to throw mangagers about until we find a good one, plus a large pool of quality, after the top 14-15 players we cant carry.So youth needs to be motivated.. We need instant small-time success, waiting until January cant be an option. I hope the bosses, took it on themselves to meet with Appleton, telling him of still wanting to realise positive targets, not to allow any dispirited drudgery....
  14. Appleton- Temporary Boss

    Babylon..you have posted a few times on this topic... Every Single one a winner... I dont understand like you, why some fans are jumping up with presumptions and creating a negative argument on them. We are in a deep-hole has it is, then so called fans wanting to grab a spade and dig deeper. Appletons appointment was a good move, the historonics aftrerwards I doubt he had any part of it. Whether he can now stand up, and hold up his side, by helping us find Some stability in this twighlight zone, of being caretakermanager/coach Remains to be seen, but why not..!!! He needs now support from the terraces, and not dozos spouting Off useless Statements. I wish him well, lets see if he can tweek somethings, that gets the players pulling together, and producing on the field. We should get off Appletons back and get behind him....if successfull we gain, a potential good coach, to back up the new guy if still required...