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  1. If we lose Mahrez in Jan...

    Agree times 50mil.
  2. Why send Chilwell out on loan,??? Hes playing well enough, its some fans who need to give him space and show patience. Going on yesterday, we should loan out all our players...
  3. Ulloa

    I was glad we kept him on, and he didnt throw his toys out of the pram, he was promised something and it wasnt honoured, nor reasonably discussed to his satisfaction. Like anyone would, he shown contempt for the way he was treated, why do fans expect players, to sit back and always play the must accept all uncle. It was a bad situation, but he put it behind him and did well by the club. This would be a good move for him, it will rekindle his actual "playing" career He played a legendary part in helping us win our 1st ever PL title, nobody but nobody can take that from him.I for one will wish him all the best for his latter years in his career. A good promotion medal, for leonardo would be a fitting addition. There should be no ill feelings or spitefull utterings towards Ulloa.He was/is a good servant to the club.
  4. Who do you want Jan 18

    Silva to come in, and prove he was worth waiting for, though I dont expect miracles in his first few games. A success with Silva would be a major boost, and could balance/console the departure of Mahrez If Mahrez stays, our 1st choice 14 players, would be very healthy, with a great aspect of realising high potentials. Bring in with major game time, and they prove this season that they can cut it, Amartey, Drago, Nacho, and gk Jaku Then we get James and Huth up and running, finding a good form We have then a quality squad. I suppose after the above after xmas wishes. # .A Rb to compete with simmo. # An out n out Center Forward, # Puel is known for it, so introduce with intent, 1-3 young players. # If he has contacts, another young gem, like Mahrez from the back streets of France ## oh nearly forgot..a more discerning attitude from foxestalk posters, that dont continue and inccessantly hack off, or get on individual players cases, that break out into the holy grail ventures...
  5. Palace Home Post-Match 0-3

    I have been really happy, how Morgan this season has been prrforming/competing at a high level. BUT... IMO Puel, should be looking at the CBs Alternatives, Yesterday would of been a good opportunity to have rested him.I am not one who thinks 'showing up and performing in training' gives anybody a feeling how ones performace shows and is relevant to Gameday presence or potential. We have bought him , So I would select him give him PL game time , to see if he has anything to offer for rotation,so he can mesh and merge into the team, when called upon. If there is no real opportunity seen, then try Amartey, / get Elliot Moore (on loan) back ASAP.We have not set ourselves up so we can, feel confident when alternatives would be needed. A last 2 seasons problem, with Maguire we needed another CB investment, or get Amartey involved. Huths injury hasnt help, but Amartey and Drago, should be pushed into some PL games, not left floating on the bench, or used only in cup games. I am one of the fans, who likes Simpson to be 1st choice, but like at present we can chose, and actually do alternate with Fuchs and Chilli, we should be rotating occasionally, the RB positioning. ie...Simpson/Amartey even try Albrighton... It seems We are also not prepared, to rotate Vardy during a game or for a whole game , the players should be prepared , trained and coached, to automatically change set up, style and approach to take on that replacement. Not have that individual pick up on Vardys game. We should be playing to that individuals style, thats why I believe Slimanis game never really got going, on any Consistency. When Slim did score we had played to him, but never kept it going, I could be wrong but thats how I see it.. Nacho should also have a chance to lead with intent the front line, not by just fitting in, but the players play to his tact and strengths.He should be seeing more ball, and not be then only the runner for Gray or Mahrez. They might do so, but somehow it doesnt show.
  6. Palace Home Post-Match 0-3

    I dont mean this to be a sarcastic or nasty rebuke, but have you followed, been interested, or seen Roy Hodgsons, club history. IMHO an overall top level career, hes not one of the greats, but I wouldnt of been unhappy if he had, had the Leicester job. His England careers wasnt too bad, he had to start to bring in the next generation, the old Guard, he didnt make excuses to keep them. He found a couple of good set ups, but like it is O ften with the England real 1st choice top 14 players, were too regularly out for long periods due to injuries. That said that , the last Int.tournament of Roys, was horrific and quite pathetic. He fits into that box, like many other good club managersaround Europe , they will see you , Into the tournament, but are not expansive or consequent enough, in building an International ethic or style , no stamp.., that is consistent through the years. Puels selection yesterday, many fans were happy with the selection, Even considered, our best and 1st choice Grouping. Many individual posters, who after the event said Shinji should of been selected are majority of the one who didnt want Shinji, near the 1st team... Zaha, Benteke, Townsend, were more intensive and together than our own Mahrez, Vardy, Gray. They over ran us in midfield, Ndidi did have a bad day, in his defensive duties. Yesterday the players were off the intensivity and consequent pace, as individuals and within team collectiveness. Even with subs, early or late, wouldnt of made any difference. Maybe if w e had got that early goal, the players would have upped their game. That we must of should of won that game, and posters have gone into panic mode.. Way, way OTT. Its a nice luxury for once, not to be worrying, vy having that buffer, and shows itself we are Heading in the right direction ,Slowly getting it right and competing for the 1st time over 2 seasons.This squad has many wounds to heal, and still doubts how consistent it can be. For the 1st time, in these season, we can have a small bad run/patch, but still feel safe. After last seasons poor 12th, I said I am sure many fans would be happy, to achieve a Positive 12th-10th place with a majority of good games behind them..So far so good. Frustrating ,disappointing as yesterday was, It was one of those hiccups we has Leicester usually have, but it does leave us still being able up that anti and dream, of pushing for a top 6 place.We have to hard earn that right still, that is the part of enjoying the season, putting it about and believing, we are presently in a situation and better than we really are, Leads to unbalanced OTT expectations. Puel is only into his 1st weeks, how we see and judge our squad, he still needs to find out and realise, the weaknesses and potential..... We have the luxury, that he had an immediate effect, that gives us that breathing space, we havent had since the title season. One could say our next games, all difficult over the traditional festive period, is the right moment to see if the squad, Puel and Appleton can get or use this black-out day to get a reaction. This Cup game with Man-city wont be a measure, its Gravy, its the next 4-5 league games run, that will show us the Journey's path.
  7. Palace Home Post-Match 0-3

    Totally disagree...should ofs , could ofs...easy after the event, Nobody would of done a better a job. Not one line got it right today, some Individuals had good moments, but it lacked bite and the intensivity...No player was really bad, but many were hanging in and having avg games. City didnt give up, but were done by a better team on the day As a group we went missing, that had nothing to do with Puel. The players were well ushered by the opposition. Give Palace credit, they played us out of the game.Ndidi couldn't get a decent block or interception in. Such games we will Lose out on, 2 man midfield was swamped in truth. Its one of those games, one just closes the book on. Its the next 4 PL games reaction, will see how, our season developes...It wont rely on just today, exactly like some using the Soton game, has the proof we are automatically heading for top 4-6. Subs here, or there...Fans just looking for excuses...
  8. Palace Home Post-Match 0-3

    We tried, so pathetic it wasnt...Simple bad day at the office. Alot of endeavour, but no real bite. Palace played well...Zaha,, Benteke..Townsend top notch. Foxes..Mahrez..Vardy...Gray....Palace defence stopped us in our tracks.Gray had a good split 70 minutes. Mahrez Vardy couldnt get into the game. We had enough ball, but had no answer to their defensive set up. No need to go into melt down. The 0-3, was a bit too much, but again a 2 midfield cant hack it.It is for consistency too much expected. No player deserves to be singled out...Their 1st goal was the CBs, Simpson was left cold, and alone... Again alot of endeavour, but nothing clicked.. We were left wanting...No panic... Lets see now what the xmas and New year period bring us....
  9. Palace Home Match Thread

    If I am not mistaken...Just before the goal (no goal) Va rdy was blatantly pushed before. So ref, seeing Iborras push afterwards, must of clocked the o n e one Vardy
  10. Palace Home Match Thread

    They are more comfortable on the ball than us. Ndidi isnt getting his tackles in. Only Gray is taking them on..Iborra poor on the backfoot today. Maguire and Morgan , not at the races.
  11. Palace Home Match Thread

    Take a bow FOXESTALK....today a fking world record.....No negatives in the 1st 2 pages.... Calm before the storm or just the Build-up for the melt-down, after 14:00hrs....
  12. Palace Home Match Thread

    Have you ever heard foxestalk... Could be the reason, for all that yapping, before, during, after the games...
  13. Palace Home Match Thread

    Then..we bring Iborra in as a replacement.!!! ..dodgy, Questionable selection I hope the forum doesnt go into melt down on this wild gambit....
  14. I went to Japan , many years ago, with then my Japanese Girlfriend.I stayed mainly on the mainland but did visit a couple of islands. The accomodation , Rented rooms and cabins. Ample space.. This last 2 months , my daughter , husband and baby daugher, used Airb+b.Plus help from Japanese/english friends. The japanese loved Ronja my 1 yr old granddaughter, being lighthaired helped. The japanese loved, making contact, especially in vacation areas. My daughter did say , sometimes it was quite difficult to communicate on a level ground. Few spoke a European Language.Though in tourist areas, japanese tourists authorities, had Computer translation phones, and PCs.There were a few who spoke English or another language, but it couldnt be taken for granted.. They went into a fish restaurant, and said the manager, who also waited, just kept grumbling on and on, they thought it was because of them...another guest told them not to worry, hes been complaining the whole week, over delayed food supplies and weather (5 days continual rain) .Later only speaking Japanes , he took my grand-kid on his lap, and played with her, and told, the other guest, he will h old and play with her, so Mama and papa can eat in peace... Then his wife and daughter the cooks came out, running backwards and forwards to help, looking after the baby.The wife spoke a very broken English, but the daughter none. They paid for the meal , but they got some free extras, and he offered to drive them to their digs, but they were only 200 meters away, he asked where..? Then they all broke out in laughter, leaving my daughter somewhat perplexed, then they told her,through the other English speaking guest 'your staying at my other daughters lodgings....and they thought she was still out of town....Then just has they got up to leave..she came in....Then they all laughed... My daughters family were coincidently, the 1st ones she had taken on for a month, the house/rooms had been empty, but would be booked after they leave, until after the xmas period.. Local h olidays and small festivals..
  15. Andy King - 10 consecutive seasons

    Eeeerrrrrrm......10 - 0 Hes been here awhile, and gets his games and goals, every single year .. Just take it as written All his discrediters, haters, have too been so busy Shovelling dirt, they've buried themselve so deep in sh#te.....