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  1. Agree, if players like Mahrez and Gray are expected to spend their game time defending...I am finished with football,..
  2. England poor tactics...Poor penalties...Two strikers need shooting...No concentration, no discipline.. We can lose by all means, but we were truelly pathetic....
  3. I am English....hung, draw and quarter them, just for fun..blow the innocent and due process, its a short process we need..!!! Attackkkkk
  4. No inquirery, Novexplanation..!! No excuses no mitigating circumstance.... Send every single answerable person, to jail...2-5yrs. 5 yrs ban to hold such a job again.. Or these modern 40yrs (new public buoldings fire regulations, mean nothing.!!!! Oh ..PS..burn the prison..!!! Hard damn right, c**ts yes but also unfit to join the human race.!!! If you younger people want to live, further with corruptioncand greed..let them off the hook...
  5. Met a few people around the clock tower, and town square, in Leicester. Many didnt even know wher Leicester was, or what they had done.... Doing converlescence in Germany...Blackforest.. Wearing my Leicester Champions polo shirt, suddenly everybody know of Leicester city, all other patients between 55-80. Then the weekend came so some of their grankids or own kids 30-40+ also wanted to talk about Leicester...not one got the name wrong!!!! Even an 80 yr old woman, whos man was in another Reha center, came to me saying her husband...football fanatic, had the city flag, and an old shirt from the 90s..... Winklies..unite !!!!
  6. Since 1960..and C ee have had some...My all time greatest player ever. I was lucky and got to know him as a short time aquaintence, who backed me in another sport. Amusing story, I with 2 other friends, and teammates were running to get to our own game, Alongside suddenly came Keith also running...we told him we are bloody late for our game, He laughing said..'Y our late, I left my boots in the car, the b oss will kill me,!!! He and a few others Were Turning out for a community/charity game... But he shouted to me 'hey Nigel..see you Saturday night' The fact he remembered me, from a Sports event, and we had spoke a couple times coincidently at Baileys (night club), and talked awhile.Made my day This Was the beginning of a period of time, when I got to become aquianted, with him,and Wortho and L.Glover. but only met the Birch on a couple of Occasions. Keith is gone now, but I can honestly say, I couldnt dream up anything negative about the man, nor the other 2.for that matter. Serious no bias.. Weller, Crossie, Wortho, Glover (Gladys), (D.Gibson )were the best English players I have seen wear the city Shirt, Gibbo Scottish... and should of represented England. (Both Crossie and Lenny got call ups, like Mike Stringfellow for England, but carried injuries, everytime...) Just as a possible comparison, Rodney Fern had a great 1 n half seasons by us, a couple of calamity games, but they rightly Nicknamed him at the time 'Gerson', but he then really dropped off. Riyhad.. Alike needs a few more seasons behind him at the top level, then just then I might say, one of the top players... Sorry for this..I am taking heavy pain tabletts...cant read the shit for correction I am writing..!!
  7. Well found video..proves a little point of mine,..He didnt have the consistent classical form of the previous season. That could of been because of Ranieris tactics, and other players were more out of form.. BUT IMO Riyad delivered this last season, but toned down a bit....thats all. Fans on the negative wane, and Rightly being disapointed with turgid team performances, find it easy to downtread the expected star...But in many games he had some magic 2-3 moments.That the year previous, were Translated . into goals. Fans are fickle, lose and everybody is crap. Then for Riyad they attack him because he aint a good defender... Laughable, really laughable..!!! Oh and yes he DID have poor games, but he still shown in many games some great skills, that Should of got us going..it aint his fault, when it doesnt work out...not on those sublime occassion...!!! No sirree
  8. So!!! Why start and Follow up the negative.??? I remember bis first few games under Claudio, where some fans critiscised Gray for driving too far forward, But x you seen Claudio, and Shakey on TV telling Him to stay forward, and to take his man on. He lost v the ball a couple of times, in a short pause, Claudio put his arm around him c and shakey patted on the back, Encouraging him to be...greedy.. So the rest of his games, I assume his driving and greedy style, was encouraged.In fact he fell back deep made a good tackle, With a thumbs up from Claudio, and 2 minutes later ! Claudio had his head in his hand cos DD, didnt feed him for a breakaway. Then end of Feb, Gray Didnt feed the ball to Vardy, and both Shakey and C laudio ( one of Claudios last games), first thumbs up But, this times both looked at him and gestured ' use your eyes"...So there is/was for Gray from zhe bench , it seemed an attacking expectation, and expected failure, was indicated from the touchline. TV does give some good perspectives... Sometimes!!
  9. You dont know him, you are judging him on the false press, most likely within this forum... He is a boy learning, he admits he might need time, but with right wants and asks for more game time. Then posters, want to hang him for it cos they 'Think he is arrogant'....... I for one Hope he is arrogant, because all his Type....Need to be Arrogant (in a good way). If some posters could notice, they are arrogant in the criticism of our technical gifted players...jealousy perhaps?? He, like other players cant run away from reporters, the have no interview skills, and are often too honest... Well if I was their age..and a profi sportsman..I would be pushing my trainer and club.. Sometime The question will come, do you "want" 1st team football (First a stupid question) Then the different reporters and journalist and some dumbbacker fans, will twist the guys Answers to fit their own opinion and...."AGENDAS" Get off his back, hes a young lad, who has a full career in front of him, who needs to prove himself.... And is still worried himself what lies ahead and before him....including the question 'am I good enough'.. Hes has shown he is no moaning minnie, but stated expectations he has of himself and from club... Hoooo bloody arrrrayyyy!!!!
  10. Forget the fans on this Forum...Go for it Demarei Gray. You are young You have Talent, potential and the right to want (not demand) more. Too many comparing you with Mahrez, or Albrighton...totally wrong.You are your own player. I understand your not calling for immediate 1st team football, but you want now to turn bench time into game time..... Some mardy, jealous gits on here, your are a profi, you want and have said you will bide your time..goodluck to you....cant wait to follow your career...
  11. I'll go along with that...Especially with Amartey wrong time wrong game. Sometimes that instinct, backfire sometimes it produces a couple of gems, Thats how they become their reputation, and can build on it
  12. But since time immemorial..All clubs/teams and even today will throw in a couple of youngsters. Top, middle, struggling teams...Some even who may not of lit up the training ground. Trying out your different wares makes you stronger, because it keeps competition, Going. A manager doesnt need to explain to his single top players...I want to try something new. You will be on the bench these next 2 games.... (but they do..!!) They play both sides of the coin.Not running scared of football lost points. Every single manager has been a Ranieri and tinkered during the season... Even Cloughie and The Mercer/Allison alliance said its not just the traing ground For the Coach, but the keen eye, and gut feeling, of trying out some players. Old and young...This is exactly at the moment Why I trust Shakey.... I believe he is instinctive, but not rash.
  13. Just For the discussion...I would say lets forget that era, from Manu... There are for the big clubs over many years, examples of the Lost talent, the ones that just dont make the grade, One that have a brilliant 1-2 seasons, then really fade away. NO discussion. I am just saying.."forum" banter, like the big clubs do, lets keep at the moment, our Wanna bees. , If they want and are willing like you say, be scrutinised from Shakey and coaching staff.... Keep 'em. Let them prove themSelves with us...That alsogoes for the new buys from last season. We start from square one...and reuse and rebuild...Our wished perfect players are not out there, if we can grab a couple of gems brilliant..!!? If not lets see what the newbuys and youngsters Can do..Ranieris tactic and italian expectations was false, not the players...hence 18th to 12th. We are not far off each other, you and I $ col... we just need tweeking.. Ps...Babylon is a Bit of a snob...but I like him also
  14. Part of growing into a top 8 club, over a period of time is keeping your fringe and young potential young talent. The Manu, Liverpool, Chelseas, etc dont just discard their younger wanna bees, neither should we. Yes the PL becomes the hard battle ground, but top clubs doshow patience and both management, and clubs, do show their potential young players, they will be tested, and thrown in the deep end, but not out sourced, because of a few avg games.Sometimes the players are put on the backburner, and fans Lose sight of them, then either season end, or the next season they come to the fore. Kane is only one example I dont disagree with anything or your base idea, it is how it works!! , its just some posters are too willing to Ditch some players, or move them on. Its too early to brand Gray, Kapu, or even Amartey as lost causes. Thats all I am saying, plus if any young player like Kapu wants or believes he deserves 1st team football, and decides, for "him" its time to move on and look the Tiger in the eye...its their choice. I see no negative or am I ready to 'slag' the Youngster wanting more.. Its just If the player is willing to fight and stay to prove his worth, patience for would be 1st teamers, Or quality fringe players, should not be....well...for want of a better idea should not be underrated. We always need cover, plus we need that patience, so we suddenly see the success like Vardy, kane, Chilwell, blossom, or explode on the scene for Us and not the competitors... Of course Chilly, Gray, Ndidi, will make mistakes, and Kapu might stutter. Yes Ndidi, we might see, struggle in his 2nd season... I just would like from this forum...not to always 'go for broke' on every player, and wrongly decide, Any individual, should insta n tly be Discarded or moved ln.
  15. I was a city supporter has G.Banks started at Leicester. Both our W.class goalkeepers, improved with age. We saw in both, some top and great performances, but imho they were better and obviously more Experiened as they moved on, but just to stress behind the city badge, they had also great performance, Or individually, pulled off some worldies.Banks at Liverpool, Shilton at W.ham, plus many more memorable Show stoppers. There were then some fans, me included, who would of seen Wallington perform internationally, Some even rating him as downright underrated, and could well discuss why he was better than His two more famous predecessors. I believe we held/hold the record, for the longest time/period ran, in having only 3 GKs no1s, Covering the period they did.