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  1. Well done kiwis...that was a Good turn around..!!! A Great all-founded performance..their 3 all rounders turned up.. Pakistan will be worried....But they get a Good start,its their game..They unlike NZ. Must win!!
  2. I was being both facetious and sarcastic...Plus maybe others things.... WHoever wins....will have deserved it!! All sorry in that Top 6 have their own hard stories,of how they bad to Rebuild and develope. Maybe only India & England have had 90% of their present BBone of their players.. Only Englands Major players have Not delivered,when it mattered, against the maybes potential of others Teams who have turned up!!!! And..ist eben frustrating to see...Bit 1). We have missed Roy,und how poor Vince has performed. Ridiculous !! 2) the Revered English tail,including Butler havent yet lived up to their hype. 3) this includes Moen Ali,who has Not Held his bat!! All our get out clauses, have so far in those Close games,und against the Aussies,failed.......Even yesterday with some decent disciplined batting we could of won got over the line....But yesterday...a certain MR Starc delivered the Dream yorker..!!! No I Dont the Weather to decide,I am still hoping,that we can turn ground our luck,and the no1 Team can Show the World they are still no1..!!! win the Next 4 games....2 qualifyers...The semifinal..the final.!!... The Most important games in their sporting lives... The question is do they themselves realise it..!!! I believe 2 changes do it..!!! Roy..Plunkett. Any extra spin,we have Root..!!
  3. If England & S.lanka end upon in tue same pointfor for =4th. So so they go through,because they Beat us..in the Early rounds.?? Now we Need rain,so the 3 Teams End agerung us, only get Single points.......
  4. So you went to IKEA..on Sunday!!! Why!!! For godsake why!!! They will always have screws missing!! On Sunday!!!
  5. Cars on the motorway,slowing down even Breaking, to allow Cars Coming onto the motorway...!!!! No excuses,no Plus Points when meeting ones maker.
  6. Because majority of Leicester Drivers reflect the nation...They are idiots..!!!
  7. fuchsntf

    The gym

    If the Gym is worth,its salt,they will have Trainers in the Gym,who can advice you on various routines,und explain those routines differences....Then if you want Somebody to help One throughout the First steps of that routine....usually costs nothing...!!! Only when takes on an intensive course with PT,does costs come Into it...!!!...... There are differences...!!
  8. Ditto with City fans......and the Circle just Keeps on turning....!!!!.... It would help if People got far away,from These boring Bias observations....every weekend the samething happens in all the various pubs,that Split the divide, After 65+ years it becomes quite pathetic....littel Children squabbling,over their dummies..!!!
  9. Morgan....cant see that his bowlers were poor..!!!
  10. England outclassed..in field,in Bowling..grrrr, in batting....und also in captaincy....from the 5thn over I already knew,we were going to lose, No use of pace,no discipline of Bowling to right lengths...we Never do!!! 60 Bloody years of English stupidity...daaaa!.. We lost the no1 Spot before the tournament began. We Simply dont have the disciplines,und we have Learning defencies.....We dont earn from the losses!!
  11. We are fked!!! we Need a Bloody miracle!!! or we have a cunning plan..lose this,win the last 2 games, and Beat them in the final....llll
  12. Australia Bowl to their obvious disciplines...Bit England hype..we again failed with our Bowling Lack of known how and to und our pace. our batsman..Not clever enough!!
  13. Australia..are just..too good...our no1 Spot is Really meaning nothing... Why are we so useless when facing Australia... Losing to Pakistan und Sri lanka, has put that England-tournament Curse Info perspective....We just aint got it!!! We cant turn those Border Games Into our favour....! Today win or loss would not then be a must..!!
  14. England..pacers didnt use that Pace and threat,again!!! But they all did well,at the end, but also sloppy captainancy in the last over..!!!
  15. With Ghezzal, Gray....we like BRodgers,have to see how pre-season and First Waves of the early games at the beginning of the Season man out... We might have a new man,..or as I suspect Albrighton & Barnes will be the players,The 2 Gs will be Competing against for a starting place!!! Then they will have to prove they are good super-subs....!!! I fear Ghezzal might fade from memory,unless he Grabs his 2nd Season by the proverbial balls and prove bis doubters wrong.... Like always ,..all players start with My Full support,and no negative digs.They Wear the badge....First the encouragement & support is First duties!!!
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