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  1. Puel

    Language Wind Up...
  2. are some being too harsh on claude

    Planquango!!..Puel in the sun.
  3. Fans perspective

    Well thats Your opinion in Puel, but please dont make it out to be Others.. Plus automatically putting the other Teams down has dross....sums These type of Posts Up really. Your selections of course would be better..... Fans Perspective hey..!!!
  4. Politics Thread (encompassing Brexit) - 21 June 2017 onwards

    Hard or soft marbles...??
  5. Absolute cvnts of our time Pt.MXXVI

    If Hes in Here,then write in every other,left/right/liberal Columunist and pundit. For airings their opinions...
  6. Kante v Ndidi

    Kante,has played longer at an Higher Level,and in better Teams( at the time). Kante has a proven PL top Quality Player next to him,to Cover and Attack. 3-4 seasons Long. Ndidi,..not yet or presently has that Security at his side,...Iborra and Silva even James, Might step Up, Like to be fair ,Drinkwater did, but hopefully even longer.
  7. Scoring... or lack thereof

    Puel cant Score how can He..!!! Vardy/Mahrez/Albrighton/Okazaki/Gray, Then Ndidi etc have all had the chances to Score,where before Oct 2017,we we're Not even creating. Under Puel,the chances are there,but the actual Players in those Goal taking positions,to a man Haven't been clinical enough,Puel has given the tactics that created those chances, his selections have found themselves in Front of Goal,and Blew IT!!! More chances,than the previous 16+Months.So Whats Your Point. Yesterday 4 yes ,four within 8yards then missed/blocked. We haven't been incisive or clinical enough,that are the Guys on the Pitch. Plus wrong choice,or poor Pass when opening was there,thats the Players. Every single Player guilty,of lacking forethought and calm.To much hectic.
  8. Puel

    What do you mean,..you've been watching him??? So have 30+k other City Fans,is Your watch more with merit than that of Others. Though from now in,Whether right or wrong,I would be pushing for the Rest of the season, Nacho in preference to Okazaki. Nacho could still reach that hoped Potential,Okazaki in the Pl is Not a 10-12 Goal Minimum Striker.He would for me See this season Out from the Bench. I would even Welcome,,Diabete /Gray / even Mahrez partnering Vardy.But I thankfully am not the Guy who decides.
  9. Puel

    Gray Hes not done himself any favours in not making those high Ochtane performances,or showing some clarity,in opening Up the oppo. But he can and will improve, He needs to be Guided,and then Show more of that Potential he has been Promising. ITS still too early to give Up in him. For any discussion on Puel,too early , negatives have at present no real Base. Individual negative opinions showing disdain,says more about The Poster,than the present tenure,of the Manager. Hes finding Out about His Squad, and Not over just 1-4 Games.Hes tried variants,with youth, the old guard,and the quite fresh buys.We are Safe,its more Important to get himself happy and on track to reach his goals,with his ideas,and fit for purpose, than think about what some fans,might think and dither on about.If WE get 7-8th great,but ITS more Important to Set up a decent Base and Platform, assatain needs, then hopefully give us,longer periods of sustainability,in chasing those covetted, top 6 positions. This short term negative none concept moaning and whinning Serves nothing. Puel/Appleton/plancque,are Just at the beginning of their tenure,the Journey has a while to Go,and deserves the simple respect of Space,time and Patience. Nobody knows how Things will develope,so trying to prove this or that selection,would of been better,IMO is total waste of Space. Using the FA-cup result,to let Out ones own Frustrations on Puel. ,Sorry but laughable!!!
  10. @fif ,well done,really Shakes Up the bottle with These Posts. Splits the men from the Boys,Sifts Out the too arrogant expectations. Even those with OTT expectation of entitlement. Gud on ya,@fif....fair,...incredible..Faithfull.
  11. That the Gap,the finances,the Squad ,the quality difference,between 7th and top 4 are. Breaking down a top 4 Side,when they themselves are Up against it,is the ability to Keep and Hide the Ball.Lesser mistakes,and Play tight,when hard come hard. Like If or Not,even when going through a poor Run,Chelsea have better Players than ourselves, on Ball strengthening and Skill. Money does that!!
  12. Madmovies, mirror this keystone-cops forum
  13. Calla moan.They werent for the taking,Fans Like you are more the Fairies ,for Not manning Up in Defeat....
  14. Chelsea (H) FA Cup Match Thread

    Pi€s Off you. Kante the difference. You cant hold in to Your Frustrationen,without looking for Somebody to Blame. Like too many on the Forum. Enjoy ablehnen Game,we werent quite good enough