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  1. Sorry...Just getting over & through the Mist & swirling fog of celebrations... Did someone say something about Tuesday....and we have to turn up....
  2. Being miserable buggars is just an East-midland trait...so we will Let that One go.... But Jumping on this loan-train every 2 months & season has become a "krankheit" Not being able to see the likes of Justin,Soyuncu that they had already reached that First Pinacle of PL competence...Individual Errors & mistakes are Not the measure of individual players Readiness or Competence to Play at any required level (PL in their case) You Dont throw that talent out on loan, but grasp it & use it.....!! Ricardo's/ Ndidi's, Vardys & Maddisons injuries must show that re
  3. FBs come WBs.......Ricardo,Justin,Castagna, Thomas, throw in Albrighton & Barnes....
  4. Not accepted, you are banned to Watch Forest for 6 months, and only Comeback on probation.. Don t worry you wont be alone...we have quite a few Silly buggars, Kicking around the forum ..who have a loan-Virus & refuse to wear face-masks...p
  5. But it was Leicester who scored, Not even Chilwell the Leicester lad , it was a Wes Morgan rebound.. So with Schmeichels saves,Tielemans Goal...All goal Area Action came from Leicester & our favourite cousin....VAR..
  6. Little steps..Dont try to Run before you can walk.... More haste less speed....easy, easy,gently gently, quietly quietly, then humbly, the fearless patient fox, opens the coup by earning & learning, while leading Super-League baying hounds a mighty chase..!!
  7. See..you wouldnt Listen to those wise old gits, who tried to tell ya.... 4th doesn't get written on silverware,you cant take it home....
  8. My Wife asked what that Noise & chanting was....Opening The window..it got louder n louder.... And we Live in Germany....!!
  9. Fcuk....4th..!!! Nothing Beats this...this is silverware..!!!
  10. Whos devaluing it..!! Only some fans, who Keep repeating its a devalued competition... And the Media through PL, Insisting they will Play PL games on FA.cup day... The Real truth...Players & fans still want it on their CV... Its up to the ground-root fans , through stories ,Anecdotes,memories ,& attendances ( once Covid is foreby) to Stop plastic fans Keep yamming all season long on about how devalued its become.... The Heart & Romance of a cup, gives memories....4th disolves in the sand over the Waves of time.... BBC are trying
  11. Leicester fans..will remember the cup finalz, day,date, know exactly what they were doing..even more so if we win... Non Football Leicester Aunts,uncles,Grandmas,Grandads around the Leicester bars,will have their memories in 20,30,40,70 years time.. Players English & foreign will remember...Foreign fans will remember... But..they wont remember, the when & ifs, if we finish in the top 4....They will sit around, their pub,or their Sunday dinner tables, very few if one, will remember 20/21 League position, unless it coincides with a cup win, or just because the
  12. Just think,the last Nights sleep before the dawn... For many , it will be the First time...Ahh The innocence of virginity... Always that question can they hold it up..for the First time, or the Fifth Time of Shooting their bolt....
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