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  1. With regard to release clauses, I’d have thought all managers would have them, even at clubs like Leicester who officially “don’t do release clauses”. After all, hanging on to a disgruntled want-away player isn’t too much of a pain. They usually step up eventually, after a bit of a sulk. But if they don’t then they can just be benched. But a disgruntled manager would be toxic all round.
  2. I’ve loved the music and film etc every season until now. It’s much louder this season.
  3. Honestly, several people around us have commented. It’s not just me!
  4. It seems so much louder pre-match than last season. I can’t hear anyone speak. Loud music pre match is great for the atmosphere but I think it’s too loud now. Anyone agree?
  5. The timing of this is all getting a bit scary. As someone said earlier, I’d rather he’d gone for 70 million 3 weeks ago than 90 million now. Will we actually have a definite deal with another player, or is BR seriously thinking soyuncu can do the job? Because if so, that would be a disaster - he’s a liability. Wes is old and injury prone. We absolutely need a Harry replacement.
  6. yes that's what I thought. He didn't come off at half time, he came off after an injury.
  7. that's a relief. Chilwell had to come off too - did he say anything about him?
  8. At the Cambridge match last night Jonny Evans limped off with what looked like a thigh injury. It may have been nothing, and he may be fine now, but if he's got a significant injury then surely that would affect our decision to sell Maguire, even if Man U/City offered the asking price? Because even if there's someone else lined up, we wouldn't want to lose them both at the start of the season surely. Wes played well I thought, but Soyuncu is currently still a bit of a liability I reckon.
  9. Ulloa gone, Slimani not coming back, Okazaki gone, Ianacho consistently poor - I assumed our apparent lack of interest in a striker in January was a Puel thing. But still there aren’t any rumours of striker interest (I realise rumours aren’t the be all and end all, but they give a vague idea of what’s happening). What if Vardy gets injured? I don’t get it.
  10. Thank you - got them - £2 for under 18s too! It looks like there are about 300 tickets on sale for leicester
  11. With the euros next year, and a place in the England squad on offer, Chilwell would be mad to go anywhere that didn’t guarantee him a full match every week. Hopefully he’ll see that and stay.
  12. Anyone know when the tickets for these will go on sale?
  13. Qwerty


    I was under the impression that players are advised by their agents to be vague about where they want to be. Uncertainty drives prices up.
  14. I presume he’s not playing today because he’s just had a baby
  15. I’d say at this point in the season, when buying a new striker isn’t an option, and relegation is a very real possibility, they should back Vardy and sack Puel. That gives us the best chance of staying in the PL I reckon.
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