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  1. Everyone turns down the Spurs job
  2. The teams coming up are all dog shit though! Norwich, the same team as last time living their best player to Villa, Watford yes whilst changing manager 10 times, Brentford the least bad of a bunch of average teams. They all need serious investment to compete.
  3. Hate the scousers, hate Klopp, he would be better off waiting and going to a Euro giant. United will never win more than us under Old. Don't want use to see him playing against us for those scummers.
  4. If Tielemans has to leave at any point I hope it is to a decent club in Europe and not the Scouse Victims or United. Scousers are unbearable.
  5. Must be last chance saloon for Spurs. Didn't Chelsea hate Conte due to his negative football? Not honestly sure he is better than Mourinho?!?
  6. Will Sky mention our injuries ever? willy pullers. Spurs really wanted to beat us today, was their cup final. Hate Kane and Bale. We started today without Evans, James Justin, Harvey Barnes. Maddison is way off form and Vardy is spent. Fofana limped off. Fofana stays fit We win that game. Not many teams can get by with that much impact on the 1st team. We gave struggled for injuries the last 2 seasons, I hope that it's because of the 2 quick seasons. We need more signings. I think that Champions League battles may now be a thing of the past as Liverpool, City, United a
  7. Just going to enjoy my first game live for over a year. If any miracle happens its a bonus. If not we suffer with Euro losers league as consolidation and look forward to many disrupted Sundays. Many clubs would like to be in our position.
  8. I feel that shirt is horrible but each to their own. Looks like someone's PJs from 1987.
  9. Please dont Tielemans go to those Scouse victim *****. Media talking of 49 million **** that.
  10. Think Kane leaving must have an impact on the rest of the Spurs squad morale wise, get a few early goals in, heads drop more.
  11. What happens if Chelsea finish 5th and the win the Champions League? Assuming they still qualify as winners but do we lose a spot?
  12. Going to lump on Chelsea, Liverpool, Spurs double chance Kane to score anytime, that way if the worst happens I have some spending money. I am the shittest unluckiest better ever so nailed on not to be that scenario
  13. I didn't watch it this year and won't. ****s me off as half the games are moved to Sunday, wank day for football when I should be eating my roast.
  14. I can't stand the Europa League, shit competition on a shit day meaning you have shit Sunday games, an excuse for the bigger teams that have done shit to get parachuted in and win something like United.
  15. We would but it ain't happening. Best chance to win is losing the group stage of the champions league, not to qualify as a losers loser. Over the past few years I think it's always been won by a champions league group stage loser, the original Europa losers not good enough.
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