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  1. To be fair Brendan hasn't publically bad mouthed any of his former clubs. Mahrez is an egotistical idiot who thinks he is better than he actually is. He was as much a reason we were crap the season after winning the league as anyone because he was to busy throwing his toys out of the pram.
  2. It's all a matter of perspective I suppose. We will never know but countries with no deficit, faired much better than us in the crash, the fabled German and Australia to name a few. I feel problems were brewing under Brown as taxation was too high to sustain business and private sustainable growth. Employment in the public sector was too high and still is IMO. As I say I would much rather Brown than the current lot who would destroy everything, this isn't new labour is dinosaur labour. I would say the increased personal allowances, better pensions savings plans, record low unemployment and low inflation, along with steady but sustainable growth along with a reduced deficit is an achievement from the recent government's despite their many failings. Of course no government is perfect. I would rather despite the Brexit fiasco relative stability and status quo instead of a complete and utter economic earthquake. I just dont really see how socialism works, if they want everyone to be the same on the same pay, why have and invest billions in education? Why have jobs? Why go into a senior role if most of your pay is taxed? Is the end game to give us all an allowance from state run businesses run for the good of the many, it just doesn't add up.
  3. Really do elaborate? Flexible working increases productivity yes, 4 day weeks no. Patent bullshit as you say. At the end of the day if a modern competitive manufacturing business needs workers 7 days a week for 40 hrs a day to produce their wares to be competitive with overseas manufacturers, they are going to need nearly twice as many staff on (presumably) the same salaries, on top of a £10+ minimum wage for unskilled workers which will then lead to the skilled workers feeling undervalued so then you either increase their pay or loose productivity due to morale. Each time profits are slipping or losses are occuring. British business loses its competivity overnight, this will lead to the loss on nearly all manufacturing jobs overseas I suspect. At the very least prices will increase negating the impact of any pay rises possibly out stripping them unless in good old socialist style you expect all business to run for the good of the people not for profit. Its absolutely a nonsense policy. No-one will need to worry about jobs because there wont be any. I've modelled, I know others in the local area who have factored similar. 18 months of Labour and there would be 10s of millions of job losses, 2008 would look like a game.
  4. I cant agree but respect your views. Corbyn is one of the most dishonest out there caught lying so many times, changes his mind based on the wind I wouldn't trust him full stop. I cant agree completely on 2008 either, although there were some global conditions which were outside control of the government, they also created a perfect storm increasing borrowing after 2001, increasing taxation, not regulating huge banks and take overs, increased immigration, little house building creating housing bubble and rising prices. That said they did ok during their time in power. To be fair I would vote for a moderate Labour party now but we dont have one, some of their current policies are frankly horrific for business, they are policies of the past for a reason.
  5. Because the majority of their policies are incoherent or just plain bonkers. Only the tribalists or anyone but the Tories brigade can be short sighted enough to even consider them as an option. If you a moderate there are more moderate parties, if you are a extreme lefty the greens have more coherent policies. Labour is a mess, the leadership is a dishonest shambles. I dont like Boris or the current Tory party but they would in my view be less bad for the majority of people, when Labour talk of the many, they dont actually mean 'the many' they will sting the middle classes with taxation, inflation and job losses.
  6. That above is in fact the Drivel of the highest possible order. Booming.....haha 2008 when Labour were in charge of the meltdown of public finances and the under regulation of banking playing a part in the crash, the bail out, unsustainable public spending, spiralling welfare, uncontrolled migration, failing businesses, rising unemployment, OOOOOKKKK THEN let's have some more of those great times. Forgive me if I, and many other business leaders wont take lectures from socialists like yourself on this one. We already have an advanced economy with services, infrastructure and educated people, trying to operate with in our fiscal means. Lets not pretend we dont already spend billions on healthcare, welfare, education and infrastructure. Labour policies will reduce aspiration as those at the top will pay most of their salary in tax, those at the bottom will win, those in the middle (most) will be screwed as their wages wont rise, prices will a lot, taxes will a lot, if they are lucky enough to keep their jobs. Its loose loose loose under Labour for the many. I dont care what France and Germany are doing, their economies are vastly different Manufacturing economies currently performing worse than ours and will continue to fall behind our with regressive taxation like that. High taxation a service based economy is a stupid idea as it removes spending power and drives inflation. Labours policies will bankrupt the nation again. I really hope people dont fall for their nonsense incoherent drivel.
  7. Not this argument again. Yes they will. Tax that high is bad for business. The tax alone might just about keep the economy going badly. They have other far more damaging policies too. Redistribution of land and property, rationalisation at below market value, seizure of private enterprises for the 'many' workers shares, more power to unions. Increased minimum wage, 4 day working week, a pledge to ban petrol and diesel cars by 2030 facilitated by an increased fuel duty, higher private/business vehicle taxation. Anyone can see this would end badly for everyone. My business would struggle to make 18 months if these policies come to fruition, many in the chambers of commerce predict similar. Do Labour voters have any idea what these would do for jobs, wealth and inflation? Any increase in wages/benefits would be wiped out by inflation, the mass jobless would increase the welfare bill threefold. Its incoherent. I hope to god these idiots never get into power. Those that think it's bad now ain't seen nothing yet. The failure of a major first world economy on a scale never seen before would cause pain and suffering like nothing ever seen, Venezuela would look like child play.
  8. But surely it's far worse to vote Labour and get Corbyn, McDonnell and his band of far leftist extremists that will destroy jobs, wealth and prosperity? If you are moderate and sensible person. There is absolutely no rationale for voting Labour other than mindless tribalism, they will do absolutely no good for anyone.
  9. Looks like I cant make the game on Saturday now due to car problems. I have one season ticket available. It would need to be collected or posted special delivery at your cost. PM if interested.
  10. I think maybe I am missing the point here. Please can someone explain what benefits we will actually see by being Brexited? especially a hard no deal Brexit. I am struggling to see any. Whether we like it or not we live in a global economy. The ONLY was to make Brexit any form of success would be to become a mostly self sufficient island, where we make and buy our own stuff. We are not going to do that, our tariffs document is stupid, punishing producers of local produce, or inferior imported crap. We need to be using this as an opportunity to turn the trade deficit around. Any deals we do with other countries are likely to include some kind of movement clauses for people, we will likely have to share access to things and don't have the power to negotiate big deals alone.
  11. £130 million, they are having a laugh! £250 million and then we can start talking, otherwise fook off!
  12. Bit odd the shops have been brought. Would have thought that is the most archaic, lost making part of the business, the rents/rates will be high. I thought the shop estate was one of the reasons the whole thing was in so much debt. Still good news for the staff at least hopefully Hayes can turn it around.
  13. This is different though. Labour stood last time on leaving in the North where most of their seats exist. Labour may win some southern remain seats but they should be annihilated in the midlands/north. The Brexit Policy is still incoherent. I am a remainer. I cant see how any remainer can vote for Labour but I am sure some will.
  14. I am not entirely sure what they are doing is going told help save the environment. Causing traffic jams probably increases pollution. Hundreds/thousands of people travelling to one place increases pollution. I am hoping this lot are not as bad a the Glastonbury mob for litter? Spraying buildings with fake blood..I hope that's eco friendly dye as most dye is toxic to the water system! Not to mention pissing off a whole host of normal people trying to live their lives in hardly going to endear them to their cause however worthy. I understand what they are doing and get the concern and point, just think it's done badly.
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