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  1. The government are probably going to end up picking up the bill so we might as well make sure it comes back back and not out to the far east. There are some industries that are and can be successful here. Modern purpose built British factories can be some of the most efficient and productive in the world, producing the best wares. We also need to look at new emerging sectors, green energy, batteries, we can be a world leader. Some damn clever people and fantastic Universities. Part of the issue is belief and confidence, we can do it! We built 3 hospitals in 7 days! So anything is possible with the will.
  2. Yes I hear you completely. Its a shame I think people need to think more about what they do, especially if the environment really is a priority. We maybe don't need to change everything, but we certainly need much more balance.
  3. To this end, Brexit actually potentially puts Britain in quite a strong position being isolated already - if we do the right things. Now is the time to bring back our manufacturing/supply chain and majority of food production. Now is the time to use local environmentally sustainable business, now if the time for British people to buy British even if it costs more and for thousands of British people to join the work force to pick/pack/deliver our fantastic fruit and veg grown locally in this country. So far mostly the government I feel have done the right things based on the facts they are seeing, the same I feel with the BOE. The EU is in complete disarray and I find it hard to believe that relationships wont be strained there.
  4. Yes I understand its difficult for all concerned. It might just help to have a bit of a forward plan, even if the goal moves at the 2 week reviews. I suppose they just want to get to a point where the NHS isn't overwhelmed and wont be overwhelmed.
  5. A lot difference environment/weather wise I would say, whether that has an impact I don't know. Their testing/tracking has been significantly better, but I suspect being close to the source of a lot of these diseases makes you more prepared. Until now Europe/UK/US has had minimal impact from these kind of things. I think with this the game has changed and future planning will be better. I also expect to see quite a few insurance companies selling pandemic insurance to business.
  6. They must have a plan surely, of some kind? An end point, a route out. Even if becomes clear it is not achievable in time. I assume worst case is 3 months as that is how long all the financial support is there for. I would like start to plan for June reopening next month but who knows. It would help to have a return to work date - even if it was all manufacturing to restart and office staff work from home. Shops, bars, restaurants reopen with reduced capacity. Sport restarts behind closed doors. A gradual plan could work. Build capacity towards the summer months. My busiest time is later in the year toward Christmas, so if I can build stock, plan and market well. A very successfully latter part of the year, well planned could really help me, my staff and I think a lot of other businesses..
  7. Which nation? Out of Interest. I think cultural differences to have an impact, for sure. As a free democratic nation the British don't take particularly well to being told what to do, probably less so that a lot of other nations. Culturally we have always had the attitude of we will do whatever we want, which shows.
  8. Thats the thing, I think a plan and time line would help. It would give people an end point and something to plan and look forward to. You could start to book trips, holidays, meals, arrange days with family and friends etc that would get the economy moving slightly. It the complete unknown thats killing business. If we know shops and pubs are opening again in June for instance; I can start to plan reopening and begin preparations which means work and a potential return for people. Until then.....no idea!
  9. People need to change their whole way of thinking. If the young are serious about the environment, we need to become more sustainable. The reduction in unnecessary travel is profound environmentally. Technology has a huge part to play. It might be economically better to buy junk from China but is it ethically and environmentally better? With China being the source of this and the cover ups - is it even economically better? Is it more sustainable to buy something shipped half way round the world from a global conglomerate who pays not tax or by the same thing that costs more from steve down the road, who employs local people, paying a fair wage, pays tax, sources components from other local businesses. Globalisation is broken, quite frankly its morally, socially, well-being, bankrupt. This whole pandemic has showed its flaws. I am quite sure we will go back to our old ways again.
  10. My though on the logic would be to better know who has had it, and also areas where infections may have happened in the community. The antibody check for me is crucial as it would allow the economy to resume even if reduced capacity, potentially people to be certified if they are immune. I just feel this whole lockdown until when? nobody knows! is so very very dangerous to a great many more peoples lives and livelihoods for a lot longer periods possible 5-10 years. The government schemes are helpful for now, my staff are paid until the end of May on Furlough. Then what? The economy I suspect will be slow and cautious for months after. Pay goes back up to full with reduced income, my profitable business begins hemorrhaging money - I don't want a loan so then what? I have Furloughed myself which means I have had to take personal financial hits, which have to be repaid at some point in the future all of this adds to stress while worrying about protecting my workers/colleagues! what gives?
  11. I agree, which is why testing should be increased as much as possible by whatever means. If we need chemicals then lets use our chemical industry and expertise to make them.That was a very rough fag packet calculation based on limited data. I am sure the reality of the figures is more positive, which if anything further supports that the damage with be far worse with an extended lock down. I get that noone wants people to die of a horrible illness, but more people will die over a longer period under this plan in my view. People will die unless the government has an unlimited budget to spend on paying people wages. Im baffled why we can not make for example paracetamol here and instead import it from India - who have restricted the amount they export (understandably for their own population).
  12. Well that raises serious questions about China - I would certainly not trust them with anything again after this. As soon as we have an imported case, we should have taken action. But hindsight as you say is a wonderful thing. This whole thing also shows that globalisation is a complete and utter disaster and needs to be reversed not just economically but environmentally. We need to be primarily self sufficient as a nation for food and manufactured products and supply chain. There is no good ethical or environment reason to ship or fly stuff half way round the world.
  13. Possibly, I suppose noone will ever know. I suppose the risk is, which is why I kind of understood the herd immunity approach say 80% of the population can catch this and recover with minor symptoms. Maybe 10% die (perhaps basic overestimation). The question is what percentage of the population will be affected and as a result die by this approach? Really the government is delaying the inevitable with Furlouging, later in the year if the economy doesn't come back quickly we could be looking at 8 million unemployed workers.
  14. Maybe certain areas, I can understand but nationally I am not so sure. Really international flights/travel should have been halted in January globally. I would have perhaps locked down London and Birmingham and allowed no outbound travel from those areas initially. Again, its difficult to know which approach would/could have worked best. I am however concerned for the future. I think the damage to jobs and as a result mental health and wellbeing will be far more damaging long term and probably cause a lot of lives to be lost over the next 5 years.
  15. The government have made mistakes, and will continue to do so.Generally I think they have handled it well from most angles. We are not alone, governments left and right have made mistakes, death tolls have been large cross the globe. This is an unprecedented global pandemic, no one could plan for this, previously we had no reason to plan for it. I think in future lessons will be learnt, for now its getting through with as few deaths as possible.Having 60000 ventilators and unlimited supplied of PPE would have been stupid and a waste in normal times.
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