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  1. The above exactly. All those sports are awful to watch. If that's the way football goes then I am done.
  2. I think football would eat itself if it ever goes down the route of super leagues etc like American sport imo main dull as dishwater. Part of the joys of football, which makes it so popular is already diminished somewhat, is the possibility that the best team can win on any given day and the best team isnt necessarily the most expensive one or the ones with the best individuals! Take that away and have the same teams playing out the same event year after year, where is the joy in that? Would I want to watch it? No. To be honest id rather watch a local non l
  3. Playing euro opposition that was league 1 standard though! there's a big difference. The guy just ain't good enough. If he were any good he would still be at Man City.
  4. He shit, like Gray. Useless waste of space. Decent Championship striker, that's it.
  5. This is the thing though just presence of vardy causes the opposition problems, that opens up the space for others. The opposition will know Nacho man is shit and absolutely no threat whatsoever, and they will then be able to give more attention to our other players.
  6. The Man City pitch looked pretty poor. Think the weather can't be helping the Midlands/northern teams.
  7. To be fair and annoyingly Ole at the wheel seems to be doing a decent job at United.
  8. We are looking like a real top class side, if we can maintain this consistency and Maddison and Barnes keep scoring, just Brilliant!
  9. 100% they will score from a set piece.
  10. They must be borrowing a fair bit if its secured against the 22/23 seasons payment, you would think its for more than keeping the club running. Matchday revenue is small fry in comparison to tv money, they will have lost hospitality and a few other things but most if our turnover must be tv money.
  11. I think some of the dross in the championship is easier to beat that the lower league clubs.
  12. I have never known so much hype. I wouldn't want to go back to the days of getting schooled by non league opposition.
  13. So we can beat them 6-0. Leeds and the Bielsa show hilarious 🤣
  14. If this happens the Euros will need to be cancelled. If it gos ahead it will be a tough game, Ralph has them really well set up. Tight either way. We could do with sorting our home form out.
  15. I think Brendan is just lacking something to be a very top level coach, maybe he will learn it given more time. I reckon it would be a mistake to move on now as he could be on the cusp of something here that takes him up a level. I think if he can won something here he can consider himself an elite manager, before then a tad risky as at a big club, as Brendan hopefully knows things can quickly go downhill.
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