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  1. Why do Man City always play well against us? How the football to these counts lose yo United?
  2. What a bloody superb performance. What a shame I have to work tomorrow, could have a few more celebratory beers. Rumours fans could be allowed into the semis as a test event?
  3. Special shout to Perez to probably one of his best performances for us.
  4. Fantastic performance by the team. Nacho has really stepped up and I am really pleased long may it continue!
  5. Fantastic shit housing. You have to wonder about the quality of the Premier League with us in second!
  6. Why so we can get beat by some shit farmers again and have half the squad injured? Quite honestly unless King Power want to spend some cash we don't have the squad for it.
  7. No creativity without Barnes and Maddison, just nothing. I am not sure we will score many more whilst they are out.
  8. We are done this season I fear. King Vardy is gone long live the vardy.
  9. I think this could be Brighton biggest win of the season and they are dogshit.
  10. Going to get spanked here, biggest away win 10-1?
  11. It is when you are dogshit at defending like we are!
  12. Bye bye top 4. Wonder if we can get beat by some shit farmers in the loser league Cup again.
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