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  1. He is no better than Demari Gray, average player who is mostly average or below average, occasionally does something above average. He will make a very good living out of averageness. Musa was s much better player. The lads 24 now, should be at his peak. For me we need to ship him off.
  2. If the useless donkey Nacho man is up front, we are unlikely to score. So we will probably lose them all 1-0, unless someone else get their shooting boots on.
  3. In fairness hes not much more shit than Nacho,mr anonymous himself.
  4. I think he is recalled because Nacho is dogshit, when he is anonymous like he was and often is we have absolutely nothing up front. I honestly saw Nacho do not one good thing in that game, at least Slim made a bit of a nuisance even if it was non league standard. We put a decent cross in to his head, he will score. Nacho will spoon it wide 10 times and deflect one in off his shin, hes absolute crap. I am sick of him now, next window get him gone.
  5. Dangerously shit? Bare in mind Slim hasn't played a Premier League game in nearly 3 years, he looked more likely to do something, Nacho is a waste of time, lumbers around does very little. Not good enough.
  6. We do have quite a big Injury list of our best players to be fair but some of the back up just isn't good enough.
  7. Not as bad a ****ing Nacho, absolute horseshit display from him. Anonymous.
  8. Nacho absolutely wank, I'd rather Slim than him every time. Get slim match fit and bang in some decent crosses, he will score. Nacho just tarts around with it.
  9. We can't rely on Nach to play once on that performance, we wont score all season whilst Vardy is out.
  10. Slimani has already done more than Nacho, he was absolute dog turd, losing my patience with him.
  11. Probably better than China! They literally get 20p a week over there, at least in Leicester you would get a few quid an hour, I am not condoning it but poor conditions here are markedly better than poor conditions in the far east. The sweatshops in the far east are an absolute disgrace, of course everyone keeps buying the stuff so it will never change. Its modern day slavery producing clothing and electronics for our throw away society! God knows why we need to have 3 new strips every single year!
  12. Nothing wrong with Fox Lesiure! At least it was made in Leicester. Now we get some over priced branded template shite made in a slave labour sweatshop In the guangadong province in China. I know which I'd rather!
  13. Well it is true, if it really is as shite as we think it is no-one will pay and they will have reevaluate it. If people decide to pay it then it will be deemed a success. I wont be paying it, if it was under a fiver a game I would consider it, if it was available as a Sky sports add on for a fixed cost I would consider it but £14.95 for one game, on TV just not remotely a good deal.
  14. To be honest let the big 6 go fook off to some Super League franchise. The Premier League would be miles more entertaining with the possibility that ANY club could win it. That would be far more entertaining than some borefest where 2 big six teams are tactically nulifying each other. There are some fantastic big historical clubs in the Championship that could be Promoted to fill the gaps.
  15. I dont really get this, Foden and Greenwood were dropped and sent home for having some Icelandic hotties into their hotel room but have a party with loads of people.....no problem!
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