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  1. 2-0 Moyes hoofball hammers. Boot it long and bully our soft lads, easiest win all season.
  2. Get a plan B and C. One dimensional. I think maybe some players dont want to be here. If that is the case we should **** them off.
  3. We played ****ing terribly! Not just badly. These are dogs hit, lost loads at home.
  4. We wont. Where is the next win coming from playing like this?
  5. I'm gonna call it now. 0 points from that lot.
  6. 6th? Lucky to make 10th playing like this.
  7. It's a good job we are safe. If we keep playing this shit against wank teams we ain't winning another game this year. Burnley are about as shit as the Premier league has to offer and they beat us, easily.
  8. Bye bye Europe. We dont deserve it losing to ****ing Burnley FFS
  9. Chris Wood will donkey a hoof forward in with his back and arse soon.
  10. Why the **** do people want gray on hes shit?
  11. We've been well and truly found out. Rodgers needs to develop a plan b. If you can defend set pieces, and the opposition dont let you pass it out from the back, your gonna lose. That's what's happening.
  12. Hamza was absolute dog terd last week too ran around like a headless chicken.
  13. A matter of time if they keep playing like this.
  14. Everytime Burnley donkey it forward they look like scoring. We spend all game passing it around at the back. Rodgers needs to sort it out.
  15. Losing this one now, what a load of crap. What is wrong with them.
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