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  1. We have won 4 games since January. We ain't winning or getting to the last 8 or whatever with our current squad, too many games, they are already knackered. Needs big investment- we wont get it. Bookies spot on IMO.
  2. Neither are bad players. I think there should be a limit to the amount of pay you can get for kicking a football around though. I get maybe footballers should be paid a bit more due to their short playing career, although anyone with an ounce of charisma will get a pundit job for life afterwards. They will also get more due to it be an incredibly successful high demand entertainment industry. Its obscene especially when large numbers of people are losing their jobs that some are earning millions a month.
  3. What was it passing sideways for eternity?
  4. I dont really get the quarantine thing. I could drive to France, and drive straight through it to Spain no passport checks in the EU, then come back again. As far as the UK is concerned I have been to France. It's a nonsense, they aren't going to know any different.
  5. I dont get the Lampard loving he is such a media darling, proper cockney England lad etc etc etc, insufferable. Bang average manager with huge resources. OGS at United has achieved more than Lampard in fairness, United were doggo last year, and top 3 this year. I hope Lampard keeps their defence as crap as it is next season. They were very mediocre towards the end of the season Pulsic and Giroud carried them over the line. If we were even half competent we would have finished above them. Hopefully next season teams wont be as forgiving.
  6. Absolutely this. Should be an instant red for gamesmanship, diving, etc. Its the scurge of the game has been for a while. Have a feeling it wont go as it's a tactic used by the elite to maintain their dominance.
  7. The problem is you are either offside or you are not. You either scrap VAR for offside or you go with its decision. In the majority of cases it has been correct. All you do is move the point of argument, if you give 10 cm leeway where does the 10 cm start? people are going to be arguing it's not 10cms to his toenail instead! The other option is we default go with lino decisions unless one of the captains asks for a review, maybe the reviews could be limited per game? Handball is the bigger issue for me. We had about 10 handball penalties not given for us and about 3/4 the exact same handball given against us (surprisingly mainly for big clubs). Also dives, Vardy goes down in box booked called a diving cheat by pundits, Fenandez or Mane it's a penalty and the pundits say they have been 'clever'. Football has a fundamental bias to the big clubs who already have a huge resource advantage, I am not sure if its intentional or a unconscious but it there and with refs and VAR too. Its absolutely repulsive watching Sky and their big six wankfest. People say it's all because the big six are the biggest audience draw, actually that is wrong the other 66 clubs combined have a bigger audience and if the fans of those clubs get sick of the game, the product is gone. Only the fans of the big six will care about the big six super league.
  8. Foxin_Mad


    Puel actually brough in some good players, Tielmans was his idea originally. Maybe he was the wrong person but for the most part he did some good stuff here. He changed our style, he stuck by his decisions. I think his big issue seemed to be he was a relatively poor communicator. I will probably be shot but I quite liked the guy! Yes some of the football towards the end of his tenure was absolutely turgid but to be honest the last 6 months haven been much better. There was a few games where I though he looked useful. He has played for us a handful of times. I couldn't really fault him when he played for us. Yes he wasnt Mahrez but he wasnt as bad as some of our fans made out.
  9. Foxin_Mad


    Feel a bit sorry for the lad really. Hes never had a decent run in the side. He might not be the winger we needed but I think he is a half decent player. Most of the games I saw him player he was ok, like others have mentioned he didn't do much less than Perez.
  10. Pretty tragic they are making people redundant who are mostly earning normal every day salaries, then they have players earning 4-5 times the average salary in one week. Those players should be embarrassed surely if they all took a 5% cut it funds the jobs? It's hard to still love football sometimes.
  11. I agree. The club had been staying up by the skin of its teeth for a number of years. On a downward spiral. We then had that strange season where we had Allen, Megson and Holloway. We signed some strange players for quite high wages. I couldn't really blame Holloway for that season. Defensively the team were ok, we were just absolutely crap up front apart from odd games, I think we scored 42 that year we beat norwich 4-0, WBA 4-1, watford 4-1. So only 34 goals over 43 other games. As usual I dont think the manager merry go round helped.
  12. Rodgers is the manager. If he feels it's right to get rid of Nacho than so be it. He didn't buy him he inherited him. We can't really judge Rodger using other peoples players, so far he has only brought in Justin, Perez and......Bennett. Rodgers needs to be allowed to build his squad with his players, if we are crap after that we can blame Rodgers. If Nacho goes on and scores 30 goals a season we can blame Rodgers. The fact Villa are interested tell us something I think.
  13. We need to build a decent squad we have shown we were to vulnerable to players not performing, injuries and suspensions. As much as we can afford we need quality extra cover.
  14. I want Chilwell to stay, I think he is a better player than people give him credit for. Problem is if he wants to go to Chelsea then we will have to let him go, assuming they meet our Valuation, we may have to lower that a little. Having a unhappy player in the squad is not good. We want players who want to play for Leicester City, the others can **** off. His behaviour towards the end of the season was odd. You should be there to support your team mates at least.
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