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  1. Literally looks pretty standard for a pro / mid to high end footballer 😁 even takes a little bobble
  2. Dear James, your test results have come back as POSITIVE. You must now isolate for 14 days along with anyone you have come into contact with...
  3. Good find. I believe this is a fake that those china manufacturers have jumped on based on the 'leak' (we're massive now). I've seen them on DHgate for sale.
  4. Definitely a bit of both. He thrives on fan reactions. Probably one of the few that will do better with fans being there.
  5. Top 4 feels like make or break in terms of keeping our best and making a few extra quality signings, whether it's young promising players or established. Just feels like the tipping point between continual improvement vs slight stagnation.
  6. Well said. You've got to imagine they don't change the rules because they feel it benefits the enjoyability of the game or the drama or something? There has to be a reason because it's glaringly obvious. For me it's putting me off more and more every time.
  7. VAR checks for any foul and if no contact is made and the opposing player claims it is, immediate yellow card. Overacting one warning then yellow card. Sick to death the way football is going so soft and players have full control not the ref. Also more punishment for shouting at the ref / linesman.
  8. Var checks and yellows cards for obvious dives, whether it's a pen or free kick. Like De Bruyne's embarrassing dive the other day. Right now it's literally incentivised for them to do it.
  9. Nice to see Dewsbury hall consistently gets 6.5/7+ even when they lose. Always good to see James doing well too if only for his own career as opposed to any benefit to us.
  10. Don't paint us as awful because we've been alright in general today. Play to this quality against most teams in the PL and you get something
  11. Think our passing has been brilliant today despite not being able to do it much. MUST hold onto Tielemans and Ndidi, they are so crucial to us
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