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  1. Was Raúl Uche a u23 signing ? Never heard anything of him
  2. Thank you. I've heard people online complain constantly about a jail part of the game, guess I'll find out what they mean.
  3. Could have said lost by 1 goal not lost 1-0 then. Apologises all if there's any slight inconsistencies, my Spanish is pretty decent but it can be hard especially with different accents like Leo's beautiful Argentina one 🤣!
  4. Not sure if I just misinterpreted what he said on that part then or if Leo was just a bit off with the games. Could have been mentioning Christmas in the same line as those other games.
  5. Definetly. Loved hearing this because it showed just how much he cared about his time here (as if we didn't already know), staying up late, possibly unable to sleep, thinking about how to get us out of the relegation zone.
  6. Couldn't find anything about this on the forum. Thought i'd let everyone know about some really interesting things said in an interview Leo did with a Spanish YouTube channel focussed on English Football - 'La media Inglesa'. He said some great things about the great escape year and the title season. I love the channel itself because I keep my Spanish sharp whilst listening to discussion of a a topic I love, English Football, so if you're learning or have learnt, i'd recommend subscribing. Anyway, this will be paraphrased as I took notes on things that would be great to share whilst wat
  7. I thought I saw Kasper at first glance 🤣. Get in Leuven!! Hope they hold out. Another underdog story in the making this year !!!
  8. Having good options is a luxury and allows us to compete on all fronts more realistically.
  9. Think Hamza would be a decent addition to a lower side in the PL and could push on with enough game time to be a decent PL starter. Depends if any want to take the chance on him.
  10. Sounds like my business model on FIFA career mode when I was 10... Get free transfers in, score 80 goals a season with them on easy mode and sell on for a sweet profit 🤣. Shame it won't go down like that for these lads
  11. That's a good point. Maybe it's too late to put them in the shop window but if we've had no offers for grey yet I can see him playing
  12. I love how some that throw 'bigot' around in this forum are also unwilling to admit there is any middle ground in these discussions.
  13. "the unlawful use of violence and intimidation, especially against civilians, in the pursuit of political aims." Good point, it is by definition, terrorism. Not sure how someone could say it's not going off that.
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