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  1. TV is okay but you can't beat the atmosphere of going. I think that's enough to win most over even if we did have a reliable way of watching on TV.
  2. Agree JJ was in a bad position. I think it's mostly down to awful planning on Disney's part. The whole story should have been written before any production of the 3 started with competent writers, or at least a general direction of how the films should go should have been planned. Even if this film was incredible, I would still struggle to enjoy it after the a mediocre force awakens and a god awful last jedi started the trilogy. First time ever I will wait for Netflix / torrent for a star wars movie.
  3. Ah okay, thanks for the reply. I will have to redeem it asap then.
  4. Does anyone know if the icon swap 1 cards have to be used by a certain date? Or can you save them for when new icons appear?
  5. Much prefer the media to ignore us. 1. Adds to the satisfaction when you achieve something incredible and 2. Keeps some of the pressure / expectation off
  6. Good listen and lcfc discussion.
  7. Been getting this today for the first time in months, the fake google ad saying I have won something. Clearing cookies and browsing history seems to stop it for me, which is weird however as I only ever get this on foxestalk.
  8. Agree on this, had good quality throughout, glad they offer it for free, used to have to pay for audio only
  9. Hi, looking for 2 tickets for Chelsea, girlfriend visiting from Spain and want to show her how good the atmosphere is (compared to Athletico Madrid's ). Can meet at a game or another time. Cheers!
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