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  1. Agree. Media are useless at predicting players we’re in for. They’ll say we’re getting player A, B or C, then we’ll get Z out of the blue
  2. Not to sound naive but let them do it. I imagine that the clubs aren’t tied to their respective FA’s if this occurs, so does that mean that the players are then ineligible to represent their country? Also I could see the likes of us, Everton, Wolves, West Ham breaking away with other European clubs to form a closed shop second tier competition
  3. Funnily enough until we won the league in 2016, I used to think we were the biggest under achieving club having never won that or the FA Cup
  4. Wow, The Freight Rover Steve Walsh Trophy tie 🏆
  5. I am sure that Garth Crooks, who looks like Toad of Toad Hall, will put a Spuds player in team of the week
  6. For Under 18s I guess Terrell Pennant, Oli Ewing and Sidnei Tavares. As you seem to know your young players, always wondered who is in their Under 16s?
  7. To me though, to where we are now in comparison to the awful 2004-08 era, this is where it all began
  8. Sorry not got a link but this is the game when we started back on the up. 1-0 down in League One with a minute left, then two quick fire goals bought us a much needed win. We then went on an unbeaten run to secure the League One title, had the Thai takeover and the rest is history... what an important result that was
  9. All credit to the Leicester Riders. I wonder who bankrolls them? If ‘this’ Indoor Arena is being built at the KP, I wonder if we’ll have an Ice Hockey team?
  10. Also think Newcastle did this under John Hall in the 90s with football, rugby, basketball and ice hockey
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