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  1. On FB I am on lost football grounds page, came up on it today. Couldn’t believe it was bloody Port Vale. Think everybody’s answers seemed more plausible than them.
  2. Must include cup matches too as don’t think this team has played in the top flight
  3. Apparently there is now one club who has beaten all other current 91 teams in the top four divisions and they’re the first to achieve it? Any ideas who - I have just learned of the answer today!
  4. I thought when Wright scored that he looked like Jack Grealish’s double albeit a younger version.
  5. Would love to do the double over this club to annoy their arrogant fans - who hated United for their global brand that attracts plastic fans now look at them.. oh the irony!!
  6. Your post and Harry Redknapp hit the nail on the head for me!
  7. Too right mate. I remember going on Hesgoal to watch Cengiz Under play for Turkey a few months back... oh and England were playing too - probably with that amazing Clive Tyldesley commentary 🙄 “KANE... relief” - after England score a 72nd minute opener away in Estonia 😂
  8. Paul (Jim) Kerr Steve (Porl) Thompson Gareth (Boris) Williams
  9. Oh I remember Gary Ford and a capture in the photo of the Swindon programme “Gary Ford gets a shot away before Paul Kerr can tackle” - photos from the Middlesbrough game.
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