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  1. Apart from any pundits having a link to City, who/are decent one/s?
  2. What at 41 years of age? Kevin Phillips Mk2
  3. Look winning the league in 2016 was beyond my wildest dreams. As I am 42 I think we will win the FA Cup in my lifetime
  4. Arsenal and Yanited have strengthened considerably. Central Defeois obviously much weaker but we planned last year for that
  5. Possibly Moise Kean at Everton
  6. Doubt it. We get our hopes up every deadline day. Not to say our squad is shabby but to push for 6th will prove difficult now
  7. Definitely not pal. Only wish. Although I do announce done deals on FB before they’re done and my clan are wondering how I get the info ie when John Percy announces it etc. However I do work with an ex City player, Steve Prindiville
  8. Thought one of the ITK mentioned this 🥴
  9. Two more. Out of the blue like Dael Fry at boro and then one for the development team ie Callum Hulme at Bury?
  10. He can say that- he’s the best left back of all time
  11. Sorry Urban I’m trying to be optimistic, but I suppose it can only point to us at Citeh
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