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  1. I feel sorry for the guy. His (panic) signing embodies the tragedy that Ranieri's second season and especially the recruiting department has become. Very unlucky. We must get a quality CB. Someone who'll put either Huth or Morgan on the bench.
  2. Second best player of the season after Kasper. He delivered a solid defensive display. Less so for the attacking part.
  3. lol.
  4. My ignored user list just got longer.
  5. I'm genuinely baffled. People are becoming a bit greedy. For three months we were about to go down. As sure as the sun goes down. Shakey and his staff did a fantastic job. No point to ask "what if?". It is what it is this season (besides CL) is to forget. We'll see how we fare in the next one..
  6. Thanks for posting.
  7. I'm not talking to you or about you. I'll go away whenever I feel like it, this is a public forum. If my posts hit one of your nerves, put me on your ignored users list or move on. End of the story.
  8. You're on the most venomous thread of the year. Slimani is genuinely hated not very liked by quite a few here. They'll never give him credit for anything he does and simply can't wait to see him miss or fail just to shit post him. You'd think they paid for him with their own money. A piece of advice, if I may, don't take this thread seriously. The sensitive posters can't make up for the rest. I think you were. Sorry.
  9. Nah. I just don't believe that one bit. You just have to run, like A LOT, to be highly rated on this forum. No matter how crap your skills are. Just run.
  10. He didn't set it himself. Not his fault that the tranfer price tags in the PL went crazy. He's ben carrying a groin ínjury the whole season. How people are tearing him a new one even if he did good just because of his price tag is beyond me.
  11. On the bullcrap scala your post deserves a brillant 10.
  12. Gray's also gone.
  13. Mahrez's gone.
  14. Kasper's gone.
  15. If Shakey didn't let him in, it's for a good reason. The few I saw from Wasil this year tells me that he's now miles off the PL standards. Bournemouth aren't Tottenham and it's a game for nothing anyway. The 4-4-2 should handle them well. I'd have liked to see the 3-5-2 against the Spurs.