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  1. Seems pretty solid though. The one who's surely not coming is Sigurdsson.
  2. Great goal but good job also from Shinji (blocks a defender and open a free spot for the shot).
  3. Great news!
  4. My bad. Will amend my post accordingly.
  5. 1. Not when the said free players hide most the time, stay at a comfortable distance from him, do not make runs and/or treat the ball like a bomb by either hoofing it or passing backwards. Not to excuse some of the very questionable choices Mahrez did last season where he was often miles away from his best. 2: I agree and think that it's the least a pro can do, even more for the money they're paid to just kick a ball, but it didn't seem to bother you and many others when he was PFA of the year and having a blast on the pitch. His attitude didn't change, your perception did. As for turning up unfit, well that's news to me.
  6. Nah, he explicitely mentioned the player's shortcomings.
  7. It goes both ways. Others are hell bent on making him one of worst footballers/signings ever and refuse to see any quality in him. And they're very well represented in this thread. Misread, nevermind.
  8. I for one would keep King (has surely a role in the dressing room and can offer some decent replacement), Amartey (because of versatility even if the quality is not always there). James and Mendy should go on loan. More so since Mendy wants a move even on loan. I'm afraid we won't get a quality CAM though. Sigurdsson is wishful thinking. If he moves, it will be to Everton. CAn't understand why we don't try this Boudebouz for less Money. He seemed to have a good season (even if only in Ligue 1).
  9. All the best to him. Dreadfully managed here. Hopefully he'll thrive there and come back stronger.
  10. Fantastic strike. Terrible thread.
  11. Couldn't agree more.
  12. I misunderstood you then. My bad. I agree that we have too many strikers and offloading two of them is necessary. I'd still give Slim another chance though. Also, Iheanacho deal is still not done.
  13. Nah, just an urban legend of the same caliber as he only willing to play with Mahrez or being bought just to please the latter. . He's got the best ratio goals/minutes, played a vital role on some crucial matches but is still written off by the FT experts.
  14. If you think just one second that Ulloa would be preferred to Slim, you're in for a surprise.
  15. Would be good for him as there is absolutely no chance for to start. He'd only get scraps if he stayed.