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  1. City v Liverpool scoreline prediction

    We will score. 2-2 for me.
  2. Is Slimani of premier league quality

    Dragovic said in the interview that Slim was one of the funniest guys in the dressing room. As you said, the players were genuinely happy for him. He's definitely a bit of a moaner on the pitch but I call BS on these rumors. If there are people who genuinely don't like him and can't wait to slate him no matter what, there are in this forum, not in the dressing room.
  3. I was shocked yesterday but personally do not want to pass judgement until he gets the full squad and pray that the Silva will be sorted out (very) soon. A manager can have a bad day and let us see how will fare against that are more in our range. Someone here said that we'll know more at the end of october and I tend to agree. That said, should he reproduce performances like yesterday then he's gone before january.
  4. Is Slimani of premier league quality

    Posted by me 17 hours ago it will come as sure as the sun will rise tomorrow. I don't even need to mention it. They will tell again I'm biased. Some might even puke, as I heard last game. It did come, sadly merged with this thread.
  5. Kasper The 4 usual Suspects Mahrez Iborra Ndidi Gray Shinji since we go 4-4-2 Vardy (if fit) I refuse to believe that he'll put King in a midfield two.
  6. He made 0 change at half time. Ulloa was subbed because of an injury and this around the 53th min.
  7. Dragovic looks some player

    He'll be gone if he loses 4 on the trot.
  8. The Iborra Thread

    He's nuts. Love him.
  9. 3atb.

    Iborra is too slow for a 4-4-2, Silva played in a 4-5-1 as far as I know, King isn't good enough in a 4-4-2 and Ndidi is doing what he can in a 4-4-2. The midfield has always been a problem since Kanté left and after +55 games or so we can safely say that we're shit in a 4-4-2. I don't think Iborra, Nacho and Silva were bought to play further in 4-4-2 unless we're happy to buy (relatively) expensive players just to put them on the bench and let them watch us being overrun and hoof the ball like there is no tomorrow while a striker, who spends more time on his arse than on his feet, runs like a mad man to compensate for the missing midfielder. So maybe not three at the back since we lack wingbacks and the adequate replacement (on that I agree) and more a 4-5-1 or a 4-3-3. For my own sanity I keep telling myself that we only play 4-4-2 because Silva is in limbo.
  10. 3atb.

    That was with Kanté and a fit DD.
  11. Why is everyone thinking that we're going against Liverpoll in 4-4-2 with King in the middle? Huddersfield wasn't enough?
  12. I don't know, their defense might be shit but they aren't all over the place like City were at that time. I saw him when he was managing the Borussia Dortmund. I think the big difference is the incredible discipline and the technical quality of the players. From the defense to the attack. They also had Hummels at the back who was at that time largely our best defender (above Boateng. Personal opinion). That made Dortmund one of the most exciting team to watch and I was truly sad when they lost against Bayern in the CL final. If he starts King and Ndidi in a midfield two against Liverpool, if he's that mad then he rightfully deserves to be sacked.
  13. Ulloa new contract

    Nah, I refuse to believe this.
  14. The ManC dismantling, largely due to Peps hubris thinking he'd have a walk in the park, shouldn't be considered as it won't happen again. I'm not advocating Gegenpressing but a midfield three. I thought in german and gegen which means "against" just slipped through. This against any team of the top 6, Everton and the likes WBA or Southampton. The main disadvantages I see in the 4-4-2 are: - We don't have midfielders to play in a two. - Midfielders are too far from the wingers and the forwards leading 9/10 to a hoof or backpass to the defense which will hoof it - It frustrates the wingers, since most of the balls are given in such conditions that the ball is either lost or not practicable. - It forces us as Koke said to use a striker (Shinji) to compensate the man missing in the middle. Shaky solution that greatly reduces our attacking potential (with all due respect Shinji isn't the best when it comes to attack) without really satisfying the defense problem (see games away and against top 6) - It forces us to bench at least two strikers (Nacho or Slim aren't Shinji when it comes to harass the opponent but are certainly more effective forward) thwarting further our attacking potential. - We spend most of the time chasing shadows, getting the ball by chance only to lose it 2 passes or one hoof later. - Double/trebble on Mahrez and so much for the attacking threat. If we go 4-4-2, the midfield you saw yesterday is very probably the one that will start. This means Coutinho will run the show again with the difference that their full squad, especially Salah and Firminho will be there. Not some bum from Liverpools reserve. Happy that Mane is suspended but Salah is a nightmare to defend on. The only positive point is that their defense is truly shit and I'm fairly certain that we will score at some point. How much and will it be enough is that what worries me a bit.