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  1. Your opinion. The games I saw tell me otherwise. Other than lack of game time, Benny is above Morgan. And don't forget that he's also a bit younger than him.
  2. Never understood the love for them. we already have one and he doesn't even make it to the bench. Gray combines technique and speed and fills exactly the "impact player" role. Let us instead invest in a quality CM. That's where we're in dire straits.
  3. Agreed. Signing Ndidi was a steal and I also think he has saved our season. I meant more the lack of any decent signing at the back, ending with a guy who didn't play for months and got injured in his first game. Not doubting his abilities since we saw too little, but it is imo a classic example of panic buy.
  4. Never were injured, huh?
  5. He had a very good second half behind the two strikers but frankly his first was poor. I personally think that he will underperform as a winger as long as no other attack minded CM will give him support.
  6. That would be a mistake in my opinion. Morgan is past his best and Benny is better, especially with his feet. He just needs more game time. Give the captaincy to Kasper, he's more made for that role than Wes. Last summer was catastrophic (as well as January, with ehm... Molla Wague) and if we don't get at least one new CB then we're in trouble next season.
  7. Tired, yes, but I wouldn't bet on complacency. Their victory against City is a huge morale boost after the dreadful least weeks. Hopefully we won't be at the receiving end of a rediscovered fighting spirit. Tough game awaiting.
  8. Not true, if they're good they'll play. Hard to replace Kanté since he's one of the best in the world, but could imagine Kanté AND Ndidi playing together. What a midfield it would have been.. They'll be dropped (Morgan especially) as soon as a quality CB comes in. Benny is already ahead of both of them. Keane won't come because he's eyed by many of the top clubs, not because he wouldn't find a place in the starting XI. If he's on the bench while Morgan and Huth are on the pitch, then the manager has a couple of screws loose.
  9. Kanté PFA Player of the year. Well deserved. Happy for him.
  10. Benteke trolling Liverpool. Palace won't go down.
  11. Great game from Yaya. Citeh hitting twice the hood.
  12. Disgraceful Spurs fans though, leaving the stadium with almost 15 minutes to go. A real shame because their team played actually very well and didn't deserve this.
  13. Great, great game between Chelsea and Spuds. Hazard is world class and Matic, what a cracker!
  14. Awesome game between Chlesea and Spuds. great goals scored. Kane's was beautiful.
  15. Swansea and Hull won. Happy for Hull but it kinda sucks. Hoping for a draw at the Emirates.