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  1. He's shit.Unbelievably. Always was and will always be. Moscow got us pants down.
  2. Without GK and two balls.
  3. Then let the circus go on then. I firmly believe it would be a mistake.
  4. Yes and you might be right, but it doesn't add-up for me.
  5. It's a ridiculous rumor which makes no sense whatsoever. Can't believe some people are buying into it.
  6. We 7-10th. Them: well, below us. That's what my crystal ball told me.
  7. Why don't you simply update your original post? With the signing date?
  8. So downing the tools, huh? They can feck off then.
  9. Can' follow you on this one. Pereira, who's one of his former players in Nice, said that Puel certainly played a role in his coming. He's known for making shrewd signings and living up to his reputation until now. As for the "boring, uninspiring" myth (not directed at you), that's something I'll never understand. Unless one was in the dressing room or in training sessions, there is just no way to know he really behaves behind the scenes. Unless one is daft enough to base their opinion on the press conferences and other PR crap.
  10. Indeed. We generally do it here after one game. After that, we just wait for the bloke to fail and only notice what he did wrong. No matter how he plays, he's shit anyway.
  11. That's my line. Until the next ban.
  12. Wasn't my intention at all. Just joking a bit. I was a banned for a week because I gave a muppet disagreeing fan too much of my time and dedication. The mods called it " abusive behavior".
  13. Exactly what I did when I was banned suspended two weeks ago.
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