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  1. Would be happy with coming away with a point here but if we manage to come away with all 3 that would put down a marker.
  2. Thanks mate! I'll have a think but making a decision. Definitely want the Maddison card tho.
  3. People have things to do after the game too that requires them to leave early. Whether that be family commitments, work etc. They were there to support the lads from the start of the game. So whether they left on 85 minutes or the end of the game they were still there to support the lads.
  4. I've always had a go on UT but then got bored of it but this year so far it's the only mode I've played so far. Got to gold 3 on SB and packed OTW Thorgan Hazard. Would you hold on to him or look to sell?
  5. Frustrating game to watch today. Gray showed once again he's not good enough and never will be. He needs to be offloaded in Jan. Ref should of basically been wearing a United shirt from the start of the game. Any decision went their way. Team selection was wrong Barnes should of been starting over Gray.
  6. Should win this game but will be tough tho.
  7. Good goal by Maddison, think it'll be given as an own goal tho.
  8. I agree thought we'd have a strong side but not that strong. Nice to see us taking the cup seriously tho.
  9. Pleasantly surprised by the team selection. Strong side should win the game.
  10. Gives us good options. Happy with this will hopefully settle in quick.
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