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  1. They may well to be honest, with how popular pokemon has got recently!!
  2. Pokemon yellow, red and blue are available for 8.99 each on game website. You get sent a download code in an email, available to play on 3ds and 2ds. Thought you'd like to know in case anyone wanted to play those classic games.
  3. Could use this We've come a long long way together through the hard times and the good. From praise you, I think that could be good. I'm aware it isn't a Kasabian song but they cover it.
  4. Understand what you're both saying, managed to land e/w double at the weekend with Willett and Speith, I always go with skybet if do each way as they always tend to pay an extra place.
  5. With The Memorial and Nordea Masters starting tomorrow I've had a couple of e/w doubles. Dustin Johnson 20/1 and Henrik Stenson 13/2. Johnson could do well at The Memorial would be happy with a place. Expecting Stenson to be there or thereabouts with it being in his home country. I've also had Speith 7/1 and Karlberg 28/1 in a double. Expecting Speith to do well here and push on from his win at the Dean and Deluca Invitational last weekend. I'm expecting Karlberg to do well after his late surge at the BMW last weekend. I've had Day 6/1 and Hatton 25/1 in a e/w double also. Day been excellent all season so far expecting to be up the top of the leaderboard. Can see Hatton do well if he can sink a few more birdies this week. They're my picks this week what does everyone else think?
  6. Hodgson hasn't got a clue. Drinkwater deserved to be in the squad after his performances over the season. Better than Wilshere etc. Hodgson out.
  7. This is absolute class. Brilliant stuff.
  8. Can be very frustrating at times but I just dig down deep and get on with it. I just can't wait to get back out on the course again.
  9. Yes mate, I suffer from cerebral palsy, I self taught for 6 months to 1 year, just hitting the ball and chipping and putting then started with proper lessons.
  10. Will hopefully get back into my golf this summer, will be tough will definitely have rustiness to shake off after not playing or a year or so. Will start going driving range again, to get back my swing back into shape, playing one handed is a difficult task but I can't wait to get back out on the course to be honest.
  11. Wimbledon promoted, fully deserved. Congratulations to AFC Wimbledon.
  12. Yes 1-0 The Dons, hopefully this means they'll win it.
  13. I see they've announced that the brand split will return from July 19th when SmackDown goes live Tuesday nights at 1am on Sky Sports. What's everyone thoughts on this?
  14. Hi, Just a massive plea, I had to give up my season ticket last season due to work commitments and I'm desperate to go on Saturday and with my disability it's a struggle to go at times. I would be grateful if anyone has a ticket to sell because I'm absolutely desperate to go on Saturday. Thank you.
  15. Right now we do have to be considered the sporting capital in my opinion.