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  1. Excellent news. So glad he's officially ours!!
  2. He's officially ours YES!!
  3. Hoping both Shinji and Danny both get some minutes today!
  4. Amazing show. I'm glad Netflix picked this up.
  5. Thank you for everything Danny. Leicester legend.
  6. Us coming back beating United 5-3 is the best for me.
  7. Thank you was waiting for someone to link this
  8. Spurs doing what Spurs do best and that's being bottle jobs.
  9. I really hope Ajax hold on and knock Spurs out.
  10. Double Or Nothing is being shown on ITV Box Office can order for £14.95.
  11. Just need to get this done and sorted as soon as possible.
  12. Really upped his game recently well done Maddison!
  13. Fantastic result! Great to get 3 points.
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