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  1. If not, time for them to know what having a real Chairman feels like.
  2. They just care about the money l, dont they?
  3. We will get 1 point.... we simply MUST beat Newcastle. At the moment I predict us finishing 4th on goal difference.
  4. Wanted to see the West Ham match. Couldn't get a ticket, so watched it at the Soar Point instead. Over dinner, my season ticket holder Uncle said he couldn't make the Everton match, would I like to go. It took a while to register what that match actually was πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜πŸ˜† FOXES FOR EVER
  5. 10 quid for a PROGRAMME ?!?! how much are the tickets going to cost FFS!
  6. Although.... having done the maths, and a pessimistic 4 points from our remaining games, I believe we will finish 4th on GD. Which actually would be very Leicester
  7. no... it isn't, believe me. I started believing when we beat West Brom the season before.
  8. I am yet to watch my Champions CD... one day.....
  9. I was joking πŸ˜‚ (fan since we beat Palace in the Playoffs) It would be an UTTER disappointment if we didnt get top 4 though
  10. No gambles. Even if it means resting our best players for the FA cup. Top 4 is the greater prize!
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