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  1. He would be so proud of His Boy
  2. If we dont win that, then we dont deserve Europe.
  3. There can be only one..... WES WES MORGAN!
  4. Kane will be back for the Euros, with or without his zimmer frame. Henderson will be on the plane too, even if he does break a nail. And England will be the usual dross
  5. i think we should get Shinji back, specifically to train Hamza.
  6. Morgan is a great option. Not past sell by yet, but obvs not a first choice any more. Fuchs, the same, but a bit more likely to play, BUT Big Wes is a leader. You dont have to be on the pitch to be a leader.
  7. "He's got the touch of a rapist" (Spanish commentary in 2004 EVERY TIME WE PLAYED)
  8. Just trying to seem as dumb as some Foxes fans who would be calling for his head
  9. Nigel who.... ahhh, is quaint that we remember someone from begore 2016 when history began ☻ ps ... ive been away for 6 months
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