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  1. Performed...... well? Did he? Are you on the same stuff as the scouts that wrote the reports?
  2. 10th this yea, keep Puel 7th next year or Puel goes
  3. Yes. I believe we should sack the manager who has put us 7th in the league.... but we shouldn't ever sack the Director of football. Yours, Mr J Rudkin
  4. Rudkin still trying to undo his mistakes, I see
  5. Ni. .. I find it exciting, but SERIOUSLY that team selection was dire.
  6. If we don't finish 8th or above PuEl AND Rudkin can both go. No point sacking Purl without Rudkin as we will keep getting the same dross over and over again
  7. Shocking team selection. No plan B... only one man to blame. FILBERT OUT!!!
  8. It was a bit of a Henman, though, wasn't it?
  9. Words been eaten? 2m well spent I feel 😂
  10. Puel out... I've had enough of poor results.... I expected 4 points; he get 9..... who does he think he is?
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