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  1. I wonder how many of these bottles actually remain intact. ... and how much an empty bottle would sell for
  2. filthyfox


    Banter? I ****ing hate the twats
  3. please note.... I said GIVEN. And actually it cost him an uplift charge as he has a senior ST 😆
  4. so, am I right in thinking that if a ST holder can't make it, then their seat is empty? or, in the case of massive matches like the Everton one a few seasons ago, their seat is given to a very grateful Nephew?
  5. Europe, with being outside the top ten considered a failure
  6. Europe next year should be the aim, minimum expectation top 10.... and that's from a fan of 23 years
  7. #enoughofamericansbeingabletowatchmyteamontvwhenicant
  8. .... Ruskin paid a club record fee for a load of filth not so long ago....
  9. If he was to come back for 1m.... I'd pay the taxi fare. it's the only way he would get here 😂
  10. I'm actually going to leave that... that's funny
  11. Yet, the architect of that shambles is still in post. Ruskin must really have something over the family.
  12. wrong member if the equidae genus
  13. 7th, and good cup runs. (did I just say that, I have been a supporter for 23 years now..... DID I JUST SAY THAT???!)
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