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  1. Nigel who.... ahhh, is quaint that we remember someone from begore 2016 when history began ☻ ps ... ive been away for 6 months
  2. If we dont keep winning, then it WILL be LiVARpool's title
  3. Brighton was just a stepping stone club.... just like one of his former clubs ☻
  4. All I can hear on tv is our support. Nice one lads and lasses
  5. I expect to hear it tomorrow ont TV 😆
  6. I think we should start chanting "Top... Top... Top.... Top.... Top... Top..... Top" Why? Because he clearly is, and we want to be
  7. Henderson really is shit, isn't he? Am surprised he didnt break a nail last night
  8. There cant really be any other choices.
  9. ps.... it's pronounced Praaaaaat, not Prat
  10. That's a tad too strong.... Nacho for Vardy and Gray for Perez.
  11. ....you wont get warts while wearing gloves
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