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  1. World club championship, 1962. Benfica 2 Santos 5. Pelé hat trick. This is the reason why Pele was hacked to death by Portugal in 1966 World Cup Finals, leaving Pele injured and out of for remains of the competition.
  2. Best and Maradona both died on 25th November.
  3. Brian Little played all his football at Villa. Cult hero there. Really can't blame him for that.
  4. Yes, I'll give that to you. Maybe in a year or two. Can't think of many better for lcfc, apart from Glover, Wortho, Weller.
  5. Barns, JV and Under as a front three looks mouth watering. Few, if any, better in the PL.
  6. Cengiz never looked at Vardy until after the cross. Their goalie couldn't cover Vardy because he thought he was going to shoot leaving JV with an open goal. Cunning.
  7. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/53548057
  8. Yes and you confidently assume it will cost 4 billion or more if they claim 2 billion.
  9. Arguments for or against.
  10. Court probably scared of being sued by Man City for 100s of millions plus costly court fees.
  11. 1996 play off final City 5 Man U 3
  12. Looks like we had a pretty decent team out that day. Mind you so did Man U. For some reason I must have missed it. https://www.11v11.com/matches/leicester-city-v-manchester-united-13-november-1965-78571/
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