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  1. enmac

    Patson Daka

    99 pace on futwiz! https://www.futwiz.com/en/fifa21/player/patson-daka/21075
  2. enmac

    Patson Daka

    + Heading ability.
  3. enmac

    Patson Daka

    Behind only Mbappe and Haaland in terms of European strikers? Too good to be true? There must be a catch. Surely?
  4. enmac

    Patson Daka

    Replace Maddison with iheanacho as a number 10 and we'd be a major threat going forward.
  5. enmac

    Patson Daka

    Agreed. Rodgers had Sterling, Sturridge and Suarez at Liverpool didn't he. He obviously prefers this style with the right players available.
  6. enmac

    Patson Daka

    I was only going on Transfermarkt. Main position CF, minor LW/RW. However have seen some clips where he goes down both channels. A bit like JV running down the left wing. You obviously know more about him than me but I could see him starting on the RW initially.
  7. enmac

    Patson Daka

    Apparently, he can play both wings as well as CF. Looks genuinely 2 footed.
  8. Their best 2 players were Soyuncu and Under. Mind you, the rest were awful. Their worst team since the 80s. Something is not right.
  9. Teams with most points. Last time 2 teams with 4 points and 2 with 3 went through.
  10. I'm not unduly concerned about Youri leaving. My reason being is that we've been linked with Lbs, CBs, CFs, RWs, but nobody that might be seen as a replacement for his position. I think he's staying and that any hesitancy is solely down to the size of the contract.
  11. Looks half decent. Most assists in La Liga alongside Messi.
  12. Read previous posts on this thread.
  13. Game should have been abandoned. A team mate was actually "dead" for a period. How anyone can blame Schmeichel for an "error" is beyond me.
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