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  1. Thought it was hes
  2. Dipping into this thread, I don't get some of the criticism. Getting better all the time, has looked a little low in confidence, but I think he's a top player who'll only get better.
  3. Very good advice for heavy drinkers. Something similar happened to an old friend of mine. Died very suddenly and I suspect he was trying the same. Having said that he was a seriously heavy drinker. I had known him to have a bottle of cider by his bed for when he woke up.
  4. Liked both but preferred the Chow mein. Used to cook one or the other every Thursday night when I was about 10 years of age. Happy days!
  5. Transfermarket in my experience can be doubled in the PL. So he's currently £80. But who cares?
  6. Imagine Vardy in Bloomfield's team. The chances that Weller, Glover, Wortho, Sammels would have created for him!
  7. Watched Turkey v Iceland, a team like the old Stoke, and he played well making one great goal line clearance.
  8. I sometimes watch that channel. I think it must be first name for all Turkish players. When we played Arsenal they referred to Ozil as Mesut.
  9. In 1965, it cost me 1s 3d as a kid. That today is 6.25 p.
  10. How did you become fluent? I tried but seems very difficult. Did you just go and live there?
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