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  1. Class on the ball but just looks a little slow. Could do with his composure in the middle though.
  2. But.................we didn't...................
  3. Max Wall

    Time for a Puel in thread.

    It's a marginal call but I'd take that over a Scotsman every time.
  4. I agree. West Ham have enough good players that they won't end up in the bottom 3.
  5. Agreed @FIF. As long as he has backing from his 21 year old mate, he'll be happy. Wish my expectations were so low.
  6. I'm normally a big defender of the team. However, despite the possession stats, Liverpool were streets ahead. Anyone who thinks otherwise is in denial. We're still a decent prem team though. We'll do ok this season and could have taken a point today, against all the odds.
  7. Max Wall

    Best City keepers...

    Confidence was lost as you say, never settled at Celtic either, think he only played a couple of games before leaving for Southampton where he played about 5 games in 5 years. Not sure what happened to him after that. Good first season for Leicester City as you say though.
  8. Max Wall

    Manchester City All or nothing

    Don't know if the offer's still on but I was offered a free month of Amazon prime on the UK website. Two days before it ran out I moved to cancel the subscription and I was offered another free month which runs out in a few days. That allowed me to watch the whole of the series. Might be worth a try if you're on a budget.
  9. Max Wall

    What are you listening to?

    Yeah, that's all very well but music was better in my day.
  10. Max Wall

    Scottish Football

    Scottish football has always been a stepping stone, with the exception of a couple of the Souness years at Rangers, when English internationals went in the other direction. In recent years there's been Van Dijk, Robertson now Dembele, amongst others. Whilst the overall quality isn't as strong as some other leagues, it's a decent proving ground for players with ambitions to come to the premier league. I mentioned this in the Benkovic thread, Scottish teams take the odd tanking in European competition but very rarely is it an English club that thrashes them, despite the huge disparity in earnings from one league to another. When it comes to an all British affair, Scottish clubs, with the odd exception, do just fine. Celtic have more or less held their own against both Manchester clubs in recent years and you can go all the way back to Rangers beating then English champions Leeds home and away in the European cup in 1992. The only thrashing I can remember was the all conquering Liverpool beating Alex Ferguson's Aberdeen 5-0 over two legs in 1980. There's bound to be a few since then that I've forgotten but, for the most part, the ties tend to be relatively even.
  11. Max Wall

    Best City keepers...

    Never saw Banks, little too young for Shilton's Leicester aswell as he signed for Stoke when I was 5 or 6. You can't deny the quality of either of them though. Always liked Mark Wallington. Pretty much played for 10 consecutive seasons, no mean feat that.
  12. | On the eve of the 1999 Euro championship play off first leg at Hampden, Alex Ferguson publicly stated that the player he was most worried about on Scotland's behalf was Paul Scholes. Scholes plays well, bags a brace in a 2-0 win and effectively ends Scotland's chances. Great player and a big game player. Still, wtf does Ferguson know about football.......
  13. Max Wall

    Cricket 2018

    Great innings by Pujara. He's always been capable of that. certainly kept India in the test. The 'no shot' rule, don't you think that's a remnant of the days before technology of ball tracking and the like? Batsmen used to 'pad up' regularly as a way of defence, relying on the umpires giving the benefit of doubt to the batsmen, There were decades where batsmen played the bat behind a thrust forward pad therefore 'playing a shot' and getting away with it. Reviews and ball tracking really put paid to that. That's not mentioning the years before neutral umpires, where someone could virtually 'pad up' all day long with little risk of being lbw. India will be delighted to have eeked out a lead from where they were earlier. Important couple of overs for England now.
  14. Max Wall


    Hasn't this argument been raging on in the original 'Benkovic' thread for days already?
  15. Max Wall

    Cricket 2018

    Post update Jonathan Agnew BBC cricket correspondent on Test Match Special That was ambitious. And horrible. And out. What on earth possessed Ravichandran Ashwin to do that? You have to love Aggers. Missed Ashwin's wicket earlier but that perfectly sums it up. Wtf was he doing?