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  1. We need to sort out a few things before the season starts
  2. Get Iborra and Maguire up front fvck it
  3. Maguire is what Pep wants John Stones to be
  4. This game is too good for pre-season, sleeve sponsor not as bad as I thought it might be
  5. I'd like to think we've already signed him and are just waiting for the right time to announce.
  6. Agree, I think Kasper will be the same if we don't get European football this season. I don't blame him, Schmeichel was outstanding in the Champions League and deserves to be playing in it.
  7. Mahrez looked happy in Kasper's Instagram story
  8. Not true
  9. Maybe we've just spent weeks making football's most pointless and cringeworthy announcement video.
  10. Thought he looked solid, maybe he'll go out on loan this season?
  11. Wow that's a first, cheers
  12. Am I right or wrong in saying that a goalkeeper save can no longer win a shoot-out under the ABBA system?
  13. He's our best taker in Fifa