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  1. Kasper

    Kasper's one of my favourite players but he really has started poorly this season. I think there are certain players who can have a few bad games and get away with it because they've earned it over the years but it's fair enough to criticise him now. I'm sure he'll improve soon, he's never really great at the start of any of our prem seasons but gets better as the season progresses.
  2. Kasper

    Schlupp and De Laet as your full backs with no Kante in midfield will do that to you. Thankfully, Claudio and the rest of the backroom team found our best XI pretty early and stuck with it.
  3. Liverpool (H) Match Thread

    Gray has improved so much
  4. Liverpool (H) Match Thread

    The Ox has lost every game for Liverpool so far, let's make it another
  5. Liverpool (H) Match Thread

    What a pass from the Welsh pirlo
  6. Liverpool (H) Match Thread

    I wish Ndidi would shoot as much as Gray does
  7. Liverpool (H) Match Thread

    I think so, I remember the commentator saying "when Liverpool signed him they did so with a certain type of goal in mind, but that header was not that type of goal" or something along those lines.
  8. Liverpool (H) Match Thread

    Is Shinji san our top goal-scorer?
  9. Liverpool (H) Match Thread

    Loved the fight we showed there, from Vardy's diving header to Ndidi and Maguire battling for the ball and Okazaki flying in to tap it in.
  10. Liverpool (H) Match Thread

    Wow that's amazing from Vards
  11. Liverpool (H) Match Thread

  12. Liverpool (H) Match Thread

    I'd honestly rather we started with Maguire over King in midfield and then Dragovich in Maguire's role.
  13. Liverpool (H) Match Thread

    What's the point in crossing it to Vards and Oka? If we're gonna do that get Slim in there.
  14. Liverpool (H) Match Thread

    He's probably missed a fair bit of training due to his eye and although it's healed he's not 100% fit: