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  1. 242/6. 4 wickets or 139 runs. 47 partnership has made me very nervous.
  2. They need 200. We need 5 wickets. What an afternoon this could be.
  3. First wicket of the day. Abbas gets Patel. 4 down, 6 to go!
  4. 67/2. Another wicket tonight would settle my nerves at least.
  5. Ross-Kemp


    First Leicester player to ever score at the World Cup. Ahmed ****ing Musa
  6. 32/3. Lead of 226. If we can hit 150/200, I’d be delighted.
  7. Lead has to be 200 or more for the follow on (I think). Closing the day 0/1 is such a County thing to do.
  8. 233 all out, lead of 194. Domninant position, let’s keep it going.
  9. Ross-Kemp

    Scottish Football

    He served his punishment and she has forgiven him. That’s the difference. I can’t recall him being sentenced and serving his punishment or Ulrika forgiving him?
  10. Maximum batting point missed unfortunately, Ackerman is going big here. Last time a County batsman hit 200+ for us?
  11. After a shaky start this morning, they’ve put a right shift in to be 353/8 at the close. Hopefully we can clock up maximum batting points then get into them.
  12. Ross-Kemp

    UK Cities quiz

    I just completed this quiz. My Score 40/100 My Time 54 seconds  
  13. Steady so far. We couldn’t win again, could we?
  14. Ross-Kemp

    90's Leicester Quiz

    I just completed this quiz. My Score 50/100 My Time 49 seconds  
  15. Ross-Kemp

    Changing Energy Suppliers

    Any credit will be automatically taken off your final bill @Unabomber. Just make sure you give the new supplier meter readings (and keep note of these) when switching and your final bill will be accurate. ALL SMART (SMETS2) should be interoperable by the end of the year too which means you can switch supplier without having to have a new SMART meter fitted.