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  1. We started with 3-4-1-2, it worked, and has been the formation we should have been playing for a while. It suits the players that we have, and gives us more potency up front. Youri, Nacho, Wilf, Albrighton, Perez, Evans were all absolutely mustard today.
  2. Would imagine OJ Bosworth will become the U23 keeper, given he’s signed a professional contract and has been involved in the England set up this season.
  3. Got Headliner Ilicic - He’s a useful sub / SBC fodder @ 91. Typical pull though as I put him into an SBC earlier this week
  4. I ****ing love you.
  5. Libyan Asylum seeker. Also - The absolute willy pullers who’s first thought is to immediately pull their phone out to video on Snapchat (or any other form of social media) should be locked away. These victims are people’s sons, brothers etc, I’m sure their families would appreciate you videoing their last breaths bleeding to death on social media. scum.
  6. Last Ride has been a great watch. Absolutely love the Deadman. In terms of the rumours & allegations, Riddle has gone on the offensive with a lawsuit (rightly so IF he’s to be believed). Jack Gallagher has been released from his WWE contract amid rumour and accusations. David Starr could be in serious trouble. Jim Cucknette is now finished in the Wrestling business. The screenshots and pictures are damning.
  7. Gary Linker - Loved him growing up, Leicester & England footballing legend. Helped to save us from the brink of disaster in 2002. Now he’s turned into an arsehole. He thinks he’s a politician, he spouts absolute nonsense at every attempt on Twitter, he’s an hypocritical willy puller. Yet to meet or speak to a person who has anything remotely positive to say about him in person too. It takes a special kind of person to be as universally disliked as he is by football fans given what he achieved, he should be adored by England fans. Anthony Joshua - When he started out, Gold Medalist Olympian, seemed a nice down to earth chap, good boxer, absolute box office. In the last few years, I find his “Stay humble” rhetoric boring and insincere also his comments at the BLM protest were offensive and racist.
  8. Hoping for a good quality HD stream of Milwall vs Antifa on Saturday. PM’s welcome with links
  9. Happy with the default Desmond. Just make sure Ferret Lingard is nowhere near the squad.
  10. Who made the thread about the Toure brothers
  11. 1. Steve Orgizovic 2. Ian Harte 3. Vladimir Smicer 4. Paulo Wanchope 5. James Beattie
  12. I’m usually 16/17/18 wins, got 11 on my last game this weekend. Shambles.
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