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  1. Premier League, 2017-2018 Season Thread

    Our owners renamed the stadium The length of a contract is irrelevant, are you saying managers should only be given shorter contracts? (By the way, it wasn't a 10 year contract, IIRC, it was 6) Didnt fund the team? Season 1: £26 million Season 2: £2.75 million Season 3: £12 million Season 4: £21.85 million Season 5: £26.65 million Season 6: £350k Season 7: £35.9 million Season 8: £81.6 million Season 9: £57 million Hardly been tight has he? Royally pissed off the Newcastle fans? Why , because he's not Kevin Keegan or Alan Shearer? Because they're self entitled moaning bastards who think they have a Devine right to win? Bloke has done nothing wrong in my opinion. The media hate him because he's an outspoken cockney who's made something of his life. He doesn't fit the norm. Fair play to him in my eyes.
  2. Premier League, 2017-2018 Season Thread

    Why? What exactly has Ashley done wrong as a football club owner ?
  3. 4-2-3-1 Oblak Srna Kompany Bailly Alex Sandro Matic Marchisio Mahrez Suarez Draxler Costa
  4. Money's on BFC FC so far. Hoping I get a decent squad
  5. You doing this via FM Des? (Apologies if you've already said )
  6. Looks nothing like me thank you
  7. Team Name: Le Saux Solid Crew Team Crest: (can someone please photoshop me a picture of Le Saux's face into a group picture of So Solid Crew )Stadium Name: Battersea Dogs Home GK Kit Color/Style: All Yellow Home Kit Color/Style: All Black Away Kit Color/Style: All Yellow (Gk all black) Third Kit Color/Style: Flourescent Pink
  8. President Trump & the USA

    If there's a terrorist attack in the UK, of course I'd expect a new topic to be created, it's something which has / could / would affect us personally. This particular thread seems to be all things US of A. Just because a new topic hasn't been created, doesn't mean this absolute pathetic waste of air isn't a terrorist. Lets not be faux outraged.
  9. BHA pre match

    Same team for me. Leicester 4-1 Brighton Vardy x 2 Mahrez Iheanacho Knockaert (pen)
  10. WWE

    Oh Doctor, you've got him a good one here
  11. PS4 Fifa 17 pro clubs

    Tried to accept: JFeather25 & KaydenJeremiah20 but both of you are at other clubs so you cannot be transferred in unfortunately lads.
  12. Fifa 17 tournament PS4

    Loading up now gents
  13. Cricket 2017

    Wood's in the team because he bowls at a high speed, he seems to be carrying a knock because he isn't bowling as fast as he usually does. Because he isn't bowling at the speeds he should be, he doesn't offer a great deal so I'd drop him.