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  1. What are the clever & subtle (and deniable) means you speak of?
  2. I just have to match or better your result I think (it's been a long day) to qualify ?
  3. Great work Desmond. Hoping I thrash Denmark and can squeeze through a tough group.
  4. County in a strong position against Sussex. County all out for 340 (Cozzie with 128 ), Sussex currently 206/9.
  5. 4-3-2-1 IF Son & IF Musa is basically cheating. Musa has got 4 goals and 3 assists in 2 games
  6. Morning ladies and gentlemen. Itll be be interesting to get a flavour of who's done what, you can vote secretly or you can share.
  7. Colombia please Des. Also, good to see you back
  8. 72/0 off 19. Result will be a draw, stay out there all day and hit another big score.
  9. 509/3 off 111 overs. Cosgrove with a captains knock is 184 not out, Eckersley is 123 not out. Current stand is 233
  10. Lee Rigby - 22/05/2013 Brussels attack - 22/03/16 Munich attack - 22/07/16 London attack - 22/03/17 Manchester attack - 22/05/17
  11. How can I improve my team, PL team, playing 4-3-2-1. Courtois Walker Kompany (Untradeable) David Luiz Rose PoTM Alli (Untradeable) Yaya Toure Kante ToTS Sigurdsson Kane Vardy I'm currently sat on about 85k coins plus I've got my gold 3 rewards due tomorrow (So say another 45k coins).
  12. Just got to the final, 0-0 going into injury time and I get a last second penalty which Alli calmly tucks away. I get a message from the chap, 'you absolute ****ing ****' (I didn't realise he knew me ). So I responded thanking him for POTS Sigurdsson and lots of kisses. He blocked me . Then to make my night even better, I did the Watford part of the Harry Kane SBC. I packed Courtois (who I was going to buy, so he's slid into my team) and Ruffier who netted me another 8.5k! Decent night
  13. Started the weekend league with 3 wins from 9 games. Currently sat at 14 wins from 23. So 11 from 14. Madness.
  14. 28 from 33 balls to win. 1 wicket left. COME ON THE COUNTY