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  1. I quite liked him. Remember going to a Q&A shortly after, he walked because of Mandaric’s desire to sign Hasselbank.
  2. 239/6 in reply. 314 behind. If we can escape the follow on, a draw would be a great result. Javid current 69*
  3. 79 in front with 1 wicket remaining. 5 bonus points in the bag. Will be tough to reach 300, but a decent partnership so far.
  4. Taylor takes 6, skittled for 173. 23/1 in reply so far.
  5. Ronaldo’s arrogance on the pitch is only matched my Messi’s off the pitch. Messi is the best footballer, in terms of skill and ability. Ronaldo is the GOAT athlete. If I wanted to win the league, i’d Choose Messi. If I wanted to win a trophy or a knockout tournament, or a one off big game, It’d be Ronaldo.
  6. Backed City Island yesterday with my £20 free bet with Sky, profited £160. Backed a lucky 15 today: Not Many Left (placed at 16/1) Frodon (won at 6’s) Paisley Park (won at 15/8) Siruh Du Lac (won at 13/2) £15 stake gave me another £180 profit
  7. Who’s 87 rated going for 22k
  8. Just seen the result, was rooting for you @danny2997
  9. Massive 3 points, we’d have lost that under Puel. Positives: - We won - Gray, Ricardo, Tielemans, Mendy all played extremely well - Fantastic reflex save from Kasper - Iheanacho didn’t get booed (Clever from Stowell) - Maguires run and step over - Harvey Barnes - what a player he will be. I actually think he’s probably trying a little bit too hard when it comes to his final ball / shooting. Once he gets his 1st goal, he will really be something else Downsides: - Evans was poor - Maddison slows us down, he needs to quicken up - We looked shaky at set pieces - Wasn’t Chilwells best game - Very nervous atmosphere at times - Movement in the final 3rd is static at times, Tielemens was looking for the ball but there was nothing moving in front of him
  10. 5-1 Vardy Ricardo Maddison Barnes Tielemens
  11. Fernandes and Demimbray from my picks. Nothing of note in my packs. I’ve just completed the Falcao SBC. I really want to do the Icon SBC, suggestions? Is it worth it?
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