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  1. Fernandes and Demimbray from my picks. Nothing of note in my packs. I’ve just completed the Falcao SBC. I really want to do the Icon SBC, suggestions? Is it worth it?
  2. Hi all, I’m looking at doing a transfer of equity and I thought I’d reach out to those here to see if anyone has any recommendations on who to use?
  3. That’s me buddy, I’ve been thinking the same thing. What XP do you get for it
  4. Good 2 with 6 games to spare. Best performance so far this year. 4-4-2, Lukaku is an animal.
  5. Right, how do I kill people? I’ve knocked people, but do I need to keep shooting once their down or use the ‘finisher’?
  6. Played them off the park, tactics and selection spot on from Puel today. If we can sign Tielemans up, keep hold of Ricardo, Chilwell, Maguire, Maddison & Barnes, we’re nailed on top 6 next season. I don’t ever recall us having such a young and talented team.
  7. Lukaku, FUTMAS Rodrigo = Lethal.
  8. Yeah. Had a decent year for pulls, shame the majority have been untradeable. Once they’ve sold, I’ll bring in VVD.
  9. Picked up Arnies card. Cost me less than 10k. Packed IF Fabregas and Headliner Skrinrar so made 110k back.
  10. Sick of playing average players with a ****ing god squad mate. Sufyaan beat me (shock), then I played a team with 5 icons, Ronaldo, IF Neymar and Mbappe. What’s the point. Every shot, goal.
  11. Interest seems to have picked up, 2 games scheduled against people I’ve not seen on the leaderboard or played before. I hope they’re shit
  12. So I need to win to get back into the top 16, and I’ve got @Foxin hell (believe he’s Sufyaan)
  13. I’d happily pay a monthly subscription to legally watch all Leicester games in HD.
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