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  1. Kingy’s gonna bring 55 home, then the testimonial in the summer. Leicester celebrating qualifying for the champions league and Rangers winning 55, one big party
  2. Thought Soyuncu & Evans were superb. Maddison was wasteful throughout and the formation didn’t work today. I’d like to see 4-3-3 next week. Kasper Ricardo Evans Soyncu Chilwell Ndidi Youri Maddison Albrighton Vardy Perez
  3. 4-0. Albrighton Vardy Perez Tielemens
  4. Bring in a top drawer winger and we’re set.
  5. It’s a ****ing shit show. Rangers need to stump up and pay this off and tell Ashley to **** himself. Fat Cockney willy puller.
  6. So my little boy loved his first game (for the 30 minutes we were there until he got bored )
  7. Taking my son to his first game
  8. I know Dion, he’s a good lad. Handy at that level.
  9. That was a big cut on Allen’s eyelid. Price was comfortable from start to finish.
  10. What you buy on fortnite has no purpose in game. You gain 0 advantage. Hardly the same same as COD / FIFA is it?
  11. I still can’t believe we’re actually signing him permanently
  12. Finished on 487. Great knock by Ackers adding 56*. Abbas tearing through Gloucestershire so far, 23/3.
  13. So this is becoming bigger and bigger as each day passes. Justice needs to be delivered for the victims. Neither Celtic or the SNP will be remembered fondly if they continue their current silence.
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