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  1. I think he's on 89 now. I hope he joins the 100 club with a dodgy winning penalty against Liverpool on Boxing day.
  2. No public transport,council car parks closed. But I bet the traffic wardens will be working.
  3. We care when our kids/grandkids want his name on their shirts. His will cost a fortune! Any interest from United in him yet?
  4. I remember reading a newspaper article about that Leeds game. He was described as a " Battering ram of a centre forward". It always stuck with me as a great description of a player who gave his all for the team.
  5. He isn't in the squad lately.
  6. Did anyone else notice a lack of cheese in the Red Leicester sausage rolls last night? We had four with the Red Leicester sticker on but zero cheese. Is Puel to blame?
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