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  1. Why do you think Leicester has been in lockdown longer than anywhere in the UK? Statistics are freely available online or watch tonight's BBC news.
  2. No chance of any fans in the ground this season, as the people causing the virus to spread in the city are now refusing the vaccination. Depends on the figures but I can't see Leicester coming out of lockdown anytime soon.
  3. I don't think there is a "men's game" if a woman was good enough she could play in the Premier League. Hence women's football is second rate like almost every other sport women only compete against each other in.
  4. It almost makes me nostalgic for the halcyon days of Big Ron Atkinson and the like. Working on live tv must be like treading on eggshells nowadays, always one comment away from the sack, so they stick to mundane trite, out of fear of upsetting a hundred and one focus groups,which leads to appalling tv coverage.
  5. Please make these useless BT sport commentators and analysts go away. If we must have women in the studio let's find some that actually know something about football.
  6. Mines blurry on a kindle fire, usually ok. The wife is watching dancing on smart tv so can't try that yet.
  7. Amazing performance again. Fofana must be good because you never notice the kid. If Under meant that pass to Vardy he is an exceptional talent and Jamie will get thirty this season. Well done Brendan for shrugging off our injury list and getting on with it.
  8. I hope they put it on pay per view.
  9. I pay for Virgin,Sky sport and BT plus Amazon prime. I have also paid £140 to LCFC, so far,for games my wife and I can't watch. This for me is the straw that broke the camel's back so I will be listening on God awful Radio Leicester. It's not the money it's the principal of being ripped off for something I feel I have already paid for that annoys me.
  10. Total rip off! Should put all games on box office ppv then I can cancel my Sky/ Bt/ Amazon subscriptions and just watch what I want,would probably be cheaper than paying for matches I have absolutely no intention of watching.
  11. I wouldn't get too excited. Leicester will be back in lockdown before Christmas due to the couldn't care less attitude of some sections of the community.
  12. My seats were in double decker,above kop, so I relocated for same view. Kop standing didn't block view so not an issue but it would be now. Best place for standing would be at back of Kop.
  13. If the experimental singing section became a standing section, against ground rules, I would not be expecting any more co-operation from the club on health and safety grounds.
  14. Jordan said on talk sport that Premier League should set up their own platform and sell subscriptions for live streaming. I tend to agree,worldwide sales would be astronomical and even more money for clubs to blow on shite players.
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