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  1. My seats were in double decker,above kop, so I relocated for same view. Kop standing didn't block view so not an issue but it would be now. Best place for standing would be at back of Kop.
  2. If the experimental singing section became a standing section, against ground rules, I would not be expecting any more co-operation from the club on health and safety grounds.
  3. Jordan said on talk sport that Premier League should set up their own platform and sell subscriptions for live streaming. I tend to agree,worldwide sales would be astronomical and even more money for clubs to blow on shite players.
  4. Booked Highcross Travelodge Boxing Day for £33, will make a day of it. Will even stay till end!
  5. I think he's on 89 now. I hope he joins the 100 club with a dodgy winning penalty against Liverpool on Boxing day.
  6. No public transport,council car parks closed. But I bet the traffic wardens will be working.
  7. We care when our kids/grandkids want his name on their shirts. His will cost a fortune! Any interest from United in him yet?
  8. I stand at Rugby Union,League and non league football and enjoy a pint on open terraces and have never had an issue with it and rarely see anyone the worse for drink but on Sunday normal service resumed at the King Power, with people the worse for drink and anti social behaviour in abundance.
  9. I have sat in SK3 since I relocated my seat from Filbert st, so I would not appreciate being shifted to other parts of the ground at double the price. When I see the boozers staggering in and out before, after, and during the match I recall those horrific scenes at Hillsborough that bought about all seater stadia. Excessive drink and sports events just don't work where I am concerned. Sorry but I believe I am entitled to an opinion and welcome the club's survey to put the demand for standing to supporters.
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