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  1. foxgas

    Tunisia v England match thread

  2. foxgas

    Tunisia v England match thread

    Kane scored a tap in and what else? Subs doing nothing to lift performance. Same old England should have buried them first half.
  3. foxgas

    New season ticket/ card ?

    If the marketing dept are on the ball they will come up with a commemorative frame for the old season cards or I will have to bodge my own.
  4. foxgas

    Champions League 2017/18

    Oliver is a poor referee but he got this one right. If it's a penalty the timing of it is immaterial. UEFA should back him rather than their usual cop out.
  5. foxgas

    Leicester Vs Chelsea FA Cup

    I think we all have to travel in and then they call it off at the last minute.
  6. foxgas


    It's not just about the game it's the build up and what happens afterwards. We want fans who are up for it that's how you get atmosphere not having to drive in because there's no buses or park and ride then you find the council car parks close early because it's a Sunday and thinking why the hell do I bother before kick off. "Going down the football" used to be a great day out on a Saturday and now we are being robbed of it.
  7. foxgas


    Home quarter final 3pm Saturday win or lose down the pubs afterwards or Sunday night with work or school for kids next day. Which do you prefer?
  8. foxgas


    In the 60's and 70's the atmosphere at Filbert st was electric with crowds of 42,000 for big cup games your head was ringing with the noise. Those were the days of standing with your mates and pay, not much, on the gate. The People who ran the club were butchers rather than billionaires but it was a different world to today's football corporations instead of clubs with the Premier league and Sky/ BT ruining the game for us. Pity we can't emulate the Dortmund fans and protest about game times. We are just high paying props for a TV audience,no wonder it's hard to create an atmosphere. Sorry about the ramble but I so miss the old days.
  9. foxgas

    Why is Gray Starting

    With Shinji injured Puel is looking to see who we have to play in his position. Assuming he is manager next season he needs to know what he needs to bring in and clear out. With it being a shorter transfer window and world cup year we need to get transfer business done early in the window with no repeats of the Mahrez will he won't he saga. It just looks like good management to me to see who can play where before going into an inflated transfer market. It's just a pity we have to watch the failures but that's football.
  10. I predict a 30+ points member meltdown.
  11. foxgas

    tickets for Sheffield

    We went to both of those games but are on holiday in Tenerife. As this is one of the few gaps in league fixtures I always look to get away at this miserable time of year, as quite a few ST holders around us do too. I did get my tickets for friends who are members. At least the game is on in the bars here.
  12. Hang on there mate. Some of us were around in the Worthington,Weller era !
  13. If you look through the smoke screens that Mahrez and the club are putting out it seems obvious that he won't be at the club after the summer transfer window. So,being virtually safe from relegation, now would be the ideal time to give other players invaluable premier league playing time in his position. Next season we can hit the ground running with a team of players who want to be here,unlike this season.
  14. foxgas

    New training ground announced

    I don't suppose they will keep the fishing lake open? If they drain it they will find plenty of golf balls for the players
  15. Another day, another airport?