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  1. Yet another 45 mins of my life wasted watching England. Came home from the pub for this dross.
  2. Mildly dislike Crawley- creepy Dislike- Millwall, Leeds,Wolves. Hate- Celtic because their supporters are the pitts.
  3. Jock Wallace nearly signing Johan Cruyff in 1981.
  4. Price increases food and drink

    If people queue to buy the dross they serve in the stadium they can charge whatever they want. If we boycotted them till they improved on quality and price they would have to do something about it. I watch rugby league and the standard of food is much better even in football stadiums.
  5. Membership 17/18

    Tried that yesterday ,no joy. I think I will delete them from my account and set their own up.
  6. Membership 17/18

    On members ballot page just offers me international members ballot tickets starting September 9th. If I press buy it lets me start to process these. On my members page it shows my friend's but with different numbers to their client references. I have no idea what is happening and more worryingly neither do the ticket office.
  7. Brighton - 19th August

    I think the idea of buying priority or ballot tickets you don't want, just to get points, and selling them to third parties is not how it is supposed to work.
  8. Membership 17/18

    I eventually got through on the phone and they entered my friend's in the ballot manually. They had no idea why I can't do it on website, as expected.
  9. Brighton - 19th August

    Some of us can't even enter the ballot because site doesn't work and club phone system overloaded. Usual LCFC terrible customer service.
  10. Membership 17/18

    I tried signing in on ballot page and it still doesn't work on android or pc. Memberships shown as end date 15/06/ 2018 so hope ticket office eventually answer phone.
  11. Membership 17/18

    Am I the only one who still can't enter my friend's into the ballot for the Brighton game? They show up as friends and family on my account but only able to access international members ballots from September 9th but Everton ballot on 28th October shown but greyed out.
  12. Membership 17/18

    I think this points/ballot system will create a situation where everyone who qualifies will apply for tickets for every game wether they can attend or not. This will inevitably lead to tickets being passed on to family and friends who probably don't even have memberships. A guy I know attends all the big games because he happened to move house and his next door neighbour works at the club and supplies multiple tickets on request. I can see this scheme becoming more unpopular than the old one when reality kicks in. The only long term remedy is to extend the ground or, God forbid, relegation when we would get back to the hard core 16,000 STH's and tickets for everyone that wants them.
  13. Membership 17/18

    Don't know because totally confused by system. The club have taken their money and not sent any correspondence to clarify what you get for your money. Buying a pig in a poke comes to mind. I get the feeling that there are going to be an awful lot of disappointed supporters this season, especially for the big games when bus loads of the owners cronies come in.
  14. Membership 17/18

    When I check my friend's home points they both have seventeen at the moment but 30 and 31 away points which was their totals under the old system. Will their home points eventually be updated to the away points total?
  15. Membership 17/18

    Is it me being thick or does no one really know how this ticket buying application works? As the club has taken money off supporters for memberships it should be clearly stipulating how the ticket buying process works well before tickets go on sale. Thank God I have my season tickets but I try to buy tickets for friends and family who are not web savvy. I think the dreaded 7 am queue down at the stadium is on the horizon.