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  1. tickets for Sheffield

    We went to both of those games but are on holiday in Tenerife. As this is one of the few gaps in league fixtures I always look to get away at this miserable time of year, as quite a few ST holders around us do too. I did get my tickets for friends who are members. At least the game is on in the bars here.
  2. Hang on there mate. Some of us were around in the Worthington,Weller era !
  3. If you look through the smoke screens that Mahrez and the club are putting out it seems obvious that he won't be at the club after the summer transfer window. So,being virtually safe from relegation, now would be the ideal time to give other players invaluable premier league playing time in his position. Next season we can hit the ground running with a team of players who want to be here,unlike this season.
  4. New training ground announced

    I don't suppose they will keep the fishing lake open? If they drain it they will find plenty of golf balls for the players
  5. New training ground

    We probably would for a player!
  6. New training ground

    Nice to see we can blow 25 million on bog average footballers but that the hard pressed council is getting none of our wedge. I wonder how much they want for Bradgate Park where Jock Wallace trained his players?
  7. Fleetwood Town (A) 0-0 FA Cup 3rd Round

    Andy king is actually quite good at pointing at the ball. I can't believe the team selection, if you pick a team on the basis that they haven't played much football don't be surprised at such a disjointed performance. We were lucky to get away with a draw and I won't be paying over a tenner for the replay to watch that bunch. It's the FA cup for Christ's sake Claude, give it a go and with the top teams distracted by Europe we may actually win it !
  8. I will just take the price of the tickets off what I was going to spend on my missus at Christmas. Simple!
  9. FIFA reject Adrien Silva appeal

    This is so confusing. Who's player is he? Who is paying him? I can't recall this situation occurring before. If I was him I would go to the much derided court of Human rights and get a legal ruling.
  10. Pulis and Megson would certainly solve the problem of getting tickets and save a fortune in extending the stadium.
  11. I don't see the point in sacking Shakespeare if the people in charge of player recruitment remain. We are paying top dollar for bog average players and wonder why it all goes to pot with a few short term injuries. If the equivalent of the Silva fiasco happened in any other multi million pound business heads would have rolled.
  12. It is really immaterial how much money premier league clubs get when most of it gets blown on over hyped and over paid players and their leech agents anyway. I remember the buzz I got in the old days when a young player from the reserves such as Lineker or Ally Brown made their debuts. The academy system of today just seems to produce fodder for the lower leagues whilst we waste the TV money on the likes of Slimani and co.
  13. Yet another 45 mins of my life wasted watching England. Came home from the pub for this dross.
  14. Mildly dislike Crawley- creepy Dislike- Millwall, Leeds,Wolves. Hate- Celtic because their supporters are the pitts.
  15. Jock Wallace nearly signing Johan Cruyff in 1981.