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  1. Andy Goldstein

    He's just another glory hunting Yanited supporter who likes the sound of his own voice, who then gets upset and shouts down anyone who doesn't agree with his views..... A total w4nker.
  2. Andy King.....Yesssssssssss
  3. Man asleep in crowd.... WTF
  4. Leonardo Ulloa

    I think he saw Gray coming in and wanted to lay it off, until Rooney pulled Gray back, then had to snatch at the chance.
  5. 1-2 to us, Mahrez 16th min, and Morgan with the winner in 90th min.... We become champions in the theatre of dreams.
  6. R.I.P Tony...... #Legend
  7. Manchester United Home. Match Day Thread

    Having a party!!!!!!
  8. Top-of-the-league Thread

    Top of the Premier league it's the Premier league........
  9. Norwich away...

    Wetherspoons had doormen and signs up banning away fans last time I was in the there. My first match watching the foxes in years, can't wait COYB
  10. League Cup 2nd round

    Norwich away for me
  11. Away v Reading 14/04/14 Man of the Match

    Drinky..... Mahrez very close second.
  12. Why did you start supporting Leicester City ?

    THIS........ Got the royal blue running through my veins. L.T.I.D
  13. Only Championship Team to have signed no-one

    When do the Premier sides have to name their squads? Perhaps we are waiting to see who is surplus to requirements then bring loans/cheap signings in.....
  14. Wes Morgan back to Forest

    :-D new to this