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  1. Where have I said there is?
  2. I'm not saying theres a direct link or that they actually want Y T, just asking if Man U are showing an interest, then saying we will drop any interest in Y T if you drop the price in Maguire....
  3. Could there only be Man U's interest in Tielemans to try to force us to drop Maguires price to them.
  4. Is there anything in Man city's interest in YT, so that they can come to us and say they will drop any interest in YT if we sell them Maguire cheaper.....
  5. For the people who call him arrogant..... please read.
  6. Mascot at Norwich, he carried Sophie onto the pitch and stayed close friends with her, supporting Sophie and her family ever since...
  7. She's my son's God daughter, very traumatic for everyone..... saw her just 2 days before the sad news. 😢
  8. Fu#king ref, falling for everyone of their dives... red card waiting to happen, spoiling the game.
  9. Cardiff came with a game plan..... to destroy and waste time, we didn't have any answers to this. Albrighton & Vardy looked knackered as well.
  10. Holy shit.....😰 hoping for good news.
  11. I boarded a plane 2-0 down and arrived back in England to a WhatsApp text from my Villa supporting boss telling me we had won 3-2... He was gutted
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