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  1. Did I say sacking? Just saying I wouldn't be arsed if we sold all 3. Thats not a big statement for 2 of them, but I genuinely find Maddison hard to like, however good he is. Sell him to spuds for £60m and hope the scouts do there but with 2 x Fofana esque signings... Of course its human, but its not the first time. And lets face it none of these have been playing 2 games a week for most the season.
  2. Terrible today, hopefully its a continuation of poor form and not big drop off in physical ability. Either way, think he'll get double figures next season, then go off to the States to pair up with Ibra for the ultimate rustling strike force
  3. I hadnt read all the thread & didnt relaise he was implicated. Drop him, he shouldn't play in FA Cup games either (if fit), but I'd stop short of selling him...
  4. Hope we win the FA Cup with these 3 out the side, then move them on in the Summer. Maddison is a good player, but seems like a knob Perez is not good enough on the pitch Choudhury I wanted to do well, and I think can do a job for us but has an error in him so this tips it to get rid. Disgraceful events given the enormity of this month to the club. If Wes was there will be gutted...
  5. He's like being a man down, touch is 5 yard off and giving niggling fouls away
  6. not sure theres any option but to drop him now, the ship to play himself into form has long sailed....
  7. their left back and Fabianski are always great against us. Vardy is absolute shite today. Again.
  8. I think this is the most down I've been watching a game. Such an insipid performance, such stupid events prior to the game. Good chance we cement a 2nd collapse that will taint a lot of these players mentalities.
  9. Today has highlighted one of Brendan's biggest bloopers - Bowen who is making us look crap, vs Perez who is likely mincing on social media unable to play as he's been more useless off the field than on
  10. Absolutely disgusting. Moyes has bested Brendan, but he was fighting with one arm behind his back given the disgrace thats rumoured to have happened.
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