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  1. Do BT purposely hire the biggest twats (Crouch aside, he's alright)
  2. Liverpool are so charmless. I never really care if English clubs di well in UCL, but I don't want Liverpool to.
  3. Don Hutchison is a moron - on the BBC text he says Barkley is cack and holds onto it too long, 2 mins later he's saying he did well to drive forward and finish. Textbook pundit, will contradict themselves to align with what happened.
  4. Yes, add Maddison and Grealish and you have the three most overrated players of the season. I swear Chilwell lets more crosses come in in a game than Fuchs/Simpson did in 5
  5. garbage performance against a garbage team. These and Villa are horrendous but we've made them both look mediocre.
  6. Somehow we have both the most underrated and overrated full backs in the league.
  7. Chris Wilder doing an excellent job at Sheff Utd, but he comes across as such a knob.
  8. Its such a dilemma - I always want to support our players but he plays like such a fanny. He's only mildly less of a fanny than jack Grealish and that's saying something.
  9. Madderz can have a nice cuddle with Grealish now - he's just nicked his England place. Pair of twats.
  10. Momentum a better word for what I meant. Im well aware it's January.
  11. Burnley and Villa are so poor, and we've made both look mediocre. Season petering out now, need a new face or two to try & reignite the spark
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