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  1. Battered after their best player went off injured and we were winning at half time. Trying not to knee jerk, but Rodgers has been woeful this calendar year and starting to understand why he hasn't won anything (I don't count the amatuer Scottish League)
  2. VAR killed the momentum though. 30 sec decision cap has to be added
  3. zzzz. At least I can troll Liverpool mate by saying VAR won them the title.
  4. I'm sure there will be a force majeure clause in the contract - mad from the construction co if not. Seems sensible to wait until season done to move in, even if possible earlier.
  5. Ha! I stole it from somewhere here I think, but its gone down suprisingly well. Follow the insta as the kids say - I have a wager with fiance as to the tally after a couple of weeks...
  6. Nice - I fancied a Dachshund but not this time, maybe as a companion when Shinji is older...
  7. Yep. When we started looking at cocker spaniels casually 12 months or so ago, the KC registered ones were averaging around £1000 - add £500 at least to that now., normally more. I saw a litter at £3400 each a week or so before we found ours!! What breed is yours
  8. Yes we found it really hard to get one - been looking for months without biting bullet, but since lockdown they go within hours and prices are 50% up in a lot of cases. We got shinji as we replied within minutes of an ad going on - we were told they had 140 messages/calls! Your pup looks lovely btw, I like darker colours but other half sold on a golden
  9. Our new arrival... Agreement last year was we can have a dog and fiance can make what seems to be the obligaotry instagram account, if I can name him. Here's the account - whaddya reckon chances of the real guy following him? https://www.instagram.com/shinji_dogazaki/?hl=en
  10. Pride of place on patio. From corner of Carling and double decker.
  11. John Curtis is often forgotten but was up there with the worst, plus went on to play for Forest and if i remember right bitch about us.
  12. Do BT purposely hire the biggest twats (Crouch aside, he's alright)
  13. Liverpool are so charmless. I never really care if English clubs di well in UCL, but I don't want Liverpool to.
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