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  1. If Reynolds is involved, I’m coming with. Only bloke I’d swap sides for. And I’m not talking about football clubs.
  2. I sound like a broken record on here, but it's about time this sh*t got binned once and for all. Pay to win, microtransactions and GAMBLING mechanics are the scourge of games. If you buy them, not only are you thick, but you're actively encouraging a gaming industry which seems to want to embrace them as its primary business model. At best, they hurt the entire industry by destroying honest, comparative judgment between products... i.e. consumers being stripped of the only power they have in a marketplace: to be able place total value on the game itself. A lack of this, and we subsequently see a lowering the quality of games massively. I mean just look at the fvcking state of FIFA in the last decade. At worst, its dangerous - people spinning that eternal wheel, without fully realizing what it was doing to their bank accounts and more importantly, their brain chemistry. Casinos and gambling companies are forced to employ a strict 18+ policy for a reason, yet these are available to pre-teen kids with logins linked to their parents' cash with one press of a button. Huge shout out to Hello Games - who released in No Man's Sky - a one time purchase game, and support it continuously with FREE DLC. They're now seeing record players every month four years after release. I hope they're able to set a precedent. The gaming press hate it. Gamers hate it. Everyone knows it's morally bankrupt, yet it continues unhindered.
  3. I’ve never been one to batter Gray like many on here have been keen to, however I totally understand the frustration. And that’s purely what he is: frustrating. We know how good he could’ve been, the odd flashes of brilliance. Unfortunately for every one of those moments, there are many more that leave us all smashing our own faces in: needlessly hoofing it into row Z twice a game, giving away the ball during a promising attack, fluffing his lines on the final pass and too often looking like he just isn’t that arsed. Fans of other clubs can’t understand why we don’t rate him, but thats because they don’t see him often enough. He’s a highlights reel player. Multiple successive managers haven’t managed to shine up that rough diamond, unfortunately, and there’s got to be a reason for that. Maybe it’s a lack of application, maybe he just flatters to deceive. Whatever the reason, for many supporters he’s had one too many chances.
  4. There isn’t any. BR basically confirmed that when speaking to Stringer as well. “We don’t have the resources”, when asked if they’ll bring in another striker.
  5. Shocked. I didn't even know he was injured. Didn't he finish the Burnley game? If he needs an operation it'll he'll be out for twelve weeks AT LEAST. Huge blow. FFS.
  6. Radio Leicester hammering Maddison for doing one of his cool handshakes and laughing and joking with someone from the Arsenal squad in front of the TV cameras.
  7. Well, not sure any of us are bothered we're out of that cup. We all know we barely have the squad for three competitions, let alone four. However, what that did highlight just how far off the required quality some of our second eleven actually are. The best players out there were the ones that have just emerged from the U23s. Some absolutely minging moments out there from supposed squad players, and there are three or four who had to prove to supporters and the manager they're worth keeping at the club. Not one of them did so.
  8. Fvcking hell. That just about sums up why some of these guys are nowhere near the Premier League starting eleven. So, so poor.
  9. Fuchs has been told he won't be offered a new contract and will finally be allowed to see his family again in America if he dumps us out of the cup.
  10. Fvcking hell, I thought football Twitter was full of braindead morons. The comments sections of sports streaming sites contain the absolute dregs of humanity on the internet.
  11. There's absolutely no way either Hamza or David Luiz are getting head injuries. Built in hair-bags.
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