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  1. Graphics look pretty mad, although there will be the inevitable downgrade. The original CoD4:MW was excellent and was the last shooter I properly played both single-player and online. Hopefully we'll see them going back to basics and including a solid single-player campaign as well as the 2019 multiplayer micro-transaction horsesh*t.
  2. I thought the balti pie of the 'artisan pie' selection was pretty tasty last time I had it.
  3. The spaces before the punctuation, though.
  4. I'm down the Stag's for many a TV game, so if you're popping in gis' a holler.
  5. Absolutely this. Also, the "fight or flight" argument to justify that behaviour? Don't embarrass yourselves. Look at all the other men in the room. Do they react in the same manner as Field? Of course not, because they weren't incensed to the point at which they totally and utterly lost their temper. There's nothing else to it. The bloke's watched as she approaches and acted of pure uncontrolled aggression. He's lost it. Whether you agree with how he with a perceived "threat" is a different argument, and it usually comes down to whether or not you think he's an odious f**king gammon who at a base level clearly believes that behaving in that way towards other human beings is acceptable.
  6. Also forgot about this... The main theme for the film Sunshine, one of the most spine tingling, epic pieces, and subsequently used in SO many trailers and TV shows. And whilst we're listening to John Murphy soundtracks. "In House In a Heartbeat" from 28 Days Later. Also awesome.
  7. "Too bad she won't live. But then again, who does?" The GOAT.
  8. You'll never sing that, you'll never sing that. Literally, you'll never sing any of that.
  9. Got back into the Civilization series again recently. Just had a craving for it all of a sudden. Thinking of picking up Civ VI, but wondering whether it's worth the expense vs. older versions.
  10. When I was a guitarist I spent a lot of time trying to emulate the likes of: Tom Morello Steve Vai Joe Satriani Yngwie Malmsteen Paul Gilbert That's why I gave up.
  11. Jaco Pastorius Victor Wooten Les Claypool Spent a lot of time at university listening to this guy: Billy Sheehan. Pure shred bass. Absurd. His fingers must be rock solid.
  12. Or one of the Asian airlines.
  13. Also, little bit of mildly relevant City-based trivia: The soundtrack to the episode "Striking Vipers" was composed by Leicester local, Rival Consoles.
  14. Very, very tempted. I had one at one stage. Absolutely no idea where it went... As others have said, there were better kits throughout the 90s, but I f**king love retro kits. Been eyeing up some of these for a while. 94-96 was a good period all round.
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