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  1. RoboFox

    Danny Ward - 12 Million

    Four years ago, we smashed our transfer record by spending £8m on Leo Ulloa. Now we're spunking potentially £12m on a back up goalkeeper who'll likely be warming the bench all season. My, how times have changed.
  2. RoboFox

    Akhisarspor & Udinese

    The Akhisarspor & Udinese & Leicester City alliance. Half and half and half scarves on sale soon.
  3. RoboFox

    Let's have a TV shows thread.

    For those of you who like your true crime, and documentaries in the mould of Making a Murderer, the Staircase, The Jinx etc. I'd give the new Netflix doc "Evil Genius" a go. It's not as strong, narratively... And doesn't keep you guessing in the same way as the above, but the case is so absolutely bizarre, it's quite fascinating. Read up on it if you want spoilers, but it's about the case of Brian Douglas Wells, who walked into a Pennsylvania bank in 2003 carrying a homemade shotgun and wearing a sophisticated collar bomb and demanded $250,000, stating he was forced into it. It didn't end well for him.
  4. RoboFox

    Love Island

    Yeah, man. Just about. Me too. Having said that, if the other half wasn't obsessed with it I'd likely have given up. Sometimes find myself drifting off and being distracted by something else... Last night I just went outside and started watering plants half way through the programme without thinking about it. Just isn't grabbing my attention that much.
  5. RoboFox

    Post Match - England 1 - Croatia 2 (AET)

    It’s not coming home just yet, it’s just taken a detour. ETA four years’ time. Gutted though, not necessarily because England are out, that’s fair enough. But because it’s the first time in probably a decade I’ve actually given a sh*t about the national team and I felt quite invested in what Southgate was doing. I feel sorry for him more than anything. Proper decent bloke. Leave him in place and let him work with them. Love that he’s proved everyone wrong... Including me.
  6. RoboFox


    Wonderful footballer, a legend of the game and it’s been very sad to see what he’s been through since he stopped playing. But he’s a walking PR disaster and has no off the pitch credentials. No thanks.
  7. RoboFox

    Riyad finally gone

    Stop to tell BULLSHIT! I guess we’re going back to being a rugby club without Mehrez. Seriously though, he’s been a wonderful servant to us, despite his mardy moments. Helped us achieve the unachievable and for that I’ll forever be grateful. Good luck, you sweet man. I’ll forever love you. But you’re no longer a City player and nobody is bigger than our wonderful football club... ...so I hope you have a bobbins season.
  8. This. They lack strength in depth in their squad. They'll play the same starting eleven, and fatigue will be a huge factor for them. England will make it difficult for themselves, as they usually do... But I'm feeling a strange, unfamiliar confidence.
  9. Has Ross Kemp... A) Been on the bizzo B) Got 'roid rage C) Realised It's Coming Home
  10. RoboFox

    Your Music: Post It Here

    Yep, that's it exactly. (Seen him... Them... live twice now. F**king awesome.) Influenced heavily by Carpenter Brut, Pertubator, Dance with The Dead, Magic Sword, Pylot and Waveshaper and a lot of rock bands I used to listen to, as well as a lot of 80s / 90s computer games. Even some of the more dreamy stuff like Droid Bishop and Miami Nights 1984. I've just got a new MacBook, so I need to get around to installing all of my plugins again... It's a daunting task and I'm struggling to be arsed to do it. I haven't let anyone listen to any of it yet, and the first track is pretty much finished, mixed but unmastered. I was going to sit on it all until I was happy with five tracks or so (I never am!), but I guess it couldn't hurt to get some objective feedback. I'll let you know when it's hosted somewhere. Just added that album to my Apple Music, will give it a listen!
  11. RoboFox

    Your Music: Post It Here

    Really like that, man. I'm a huge fan of synthwave / darksynth and anything 80s retro... Been working on an EP for the last year or so, on and off. Some horror and sci-fi inspired synthwave / house. Heavier than your stuff though, a lot of fat saw waves and over-compressed four-on-the-floor beats.
  12. RoboFox

    France v Belgium - Semi Final Tues 10 July 7pm

    Is it possible for neither to win and England don't have to face them and thus win the World Cup by default?
  13. RoboFox

    Russia v Croatia - QF - 7pm

    Shame. Quite liked Russia in the end, did far better than anyone expected. They can be proud of what they’ve done, y’know? Being doggo and all that...