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  1. RoboFox


    Not so sure he does. Personally, I'd rather listen to Bray shouting through a megaphone from the other end of Parliament Square than Dave's fluffer basically flogging his PR garbage. Also, Secker is supposedly paid to be impartial. Top journalism once again.
  2. RoboFox


    Johnson was defeated 322 to 306 and he says it "was pretty close" so wants to do it again, as hopes people will "change their minds". What percentage of votes that 306 represents? 48%. And 322? 52% But... But... YoU LoSt BoRiS, gEt OvEr It!
  3. If people want to sell their scarves, whatever. Each to their own. What does bring my urine to boiling point is the idea of some filthy, thieving little scumbag taking others' scarves before the game so that they never get the opportunity to make that decision.
  4. I’m going on a European tour, who’s coming?
  5. Are we being pinned into our own half at home to Burnley?
  6. I mean, that’s ****ing harsh. Dyche will have a big old moan, but I don’t think we can blame him.
  7. ****’s sake. Always feels like we’re a brain fart away from conceding a shit goal.
  8. Look, I don’t want to be a negative nelly, but I’m beginning to worry that Perez is going to turn out to be a massive ****ing flop.
  9. JV must have skin like leather. If the crowd were singing about my wife (if I had one) I imagine I’d find it pretty upsetting.
  10. Didn’t Praet have personal problems so stayed in Belgium after the international break?
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