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  1. Control. Single-player, story-driven metroidvania style action game with great gunplay, incredible telekinetic-based superpowers and crazy level design. It's by Remedy, and if you've played Alan Wake or Quantum Break you know what to expect. It's creepy and bonkers. It's also one of the best looking games out there. The Ray Tracing is incredible. Likewise. I LOVED the original, Rogue Spear etc back in the day. I played it with a couple of mates recently upon their recommendation and it's just another CoD clone with a bit more realism and a few bells and
  2. In true John Terry style, I'm hoping Big Wes comes down from the stands properly full-kit willy puller for the lift.
  3. Good time to score this century’s goal from a corner.
  4. Hello my dudes. Sorry for the delay. I'm a disorganised person. As much as I'd love to come I've decided to watch with the old man and some family members so I'll be heading up to the homeland. Thanks so much @StriderHiryu for organising. Superb effort, man. Hopefully see you soon. Enjoy the day @Nalis, @tjspicy, @nlukka, @AaronH, @oadby.fox. I'll be there next time 'cause there ain't no party like a RoboFox party.
  5. United supporters basically want to throw the game to fvck over Liverpool. I'd take that TBH.
  6. What does everyone use for monitoring at home? I've got a couple of pairs (Genelecs and Samson) each of which has one monitor on the blink. At the moment I'm trying to work out whether it's economically viable to repair. I rather suspect the Genelecs will be, the Samson might be a lost cause. Thinking about buying another pair - Adam A7X look excellent, but a bit pricey. Yamaha HS8 seem like the best option.
  7. This has, is, and always will be the problem. Political systems are complex. Misinformation is rife and large sections of our media is biased and polarising. People don't really know what they're voting for and so they gravitate to headline policies and personality politics.
  8. Please, Brendan. Don't make me create anything like this again.
  9. If we all bowl up at Old Trafford we could give the locals a hand in trashing the place again and get the whole thing called off.
  10. Anyone spoken to Simone Inzaghi recently?
  11. I don’t even know why I’m watching this. Saddest shit I’ve seen since Hachi: A Dog’s Tale.
  12. Make a substitution Rodgers you fvcking goblin.
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