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  1. RoboFox

    Politics Thread (encompassing Brexit) - 21 June 2017 onwards

    Did May at one point say: "I've always thought no deal is better than a bad deal, but I've also always said it's important that we have some sort of deal..."
  2. RoboFox

    FIFA 19

    *Yells into an empty, echoey chasm* ANYONE OUT THERE STILL PLAYING CAREER MODE?!
  3. RoboFox


    I seem to socialise with more people who smoke at least 'on occasion' than don't touch it. When I first came down to London, I thought pot was pretty much a student vice - how wrong I was. I've been to parties and gatherings in some of the wealthiest areas of Surrey only to see middle-aged housewives passing around a joint. It's absolutely pervasive and doesn't seem to be prevalent within any one class- or age demographic. People love getting high, maaaaaaaaan.
  4. RoboFox

    Do you want mahrez back?

    Sometimes I hate coming here.
  5. I've lived in several properties over the years in the Narb area. Hasn't changed much since I left Leicester a decade ago. Between Nine and Pi bar and the Braunstone Gate there's a few decent boozers. Mithaas do a really good vegetarian curry for dirt cheap. Golden Spice's chicken kebab used to be THE delicacy after late night exploits and you'd do well to get a better breakfast than at Cafe 210.
  6. Apparently it all started when one bloke stood up and exclaimed that Nigel Pearson won us the Premier League.
  7. RoboFox

    PlayStation Classic

    Think it's a bit gimmicky and is a slightly cynical nostalgic cash-in, much like the SNES mini, Mega Drive mini and all the other minis that are being released. 20 pre-set games isn't great either, given you don't have a choice which ones are included and I'd guess that most of, if not all of them are available on the PS store or equivalent. My 1995 PS1 was still working last time I checked, remarkably. Can't beat opening that tray, loading in the disc and hearing that sweet, sweet sound.
  8. When I read the thread title, I was fully expecting a gesture of a different kind.
  9. RoboFox

    Personalised Scarves

    "Swap The Kop And The Family Stand" LOL.
  10. RoboFox

    The World Football Thread

    Arguably got away lightly, there. Spitting by itself could warrant that. Throw in the blatant attempt to elbow Di Francesco in the face, plus the headbutt and he could've been looking at a longer ban.
  11. Apparently it wasn't the distance, nor the time it took to get there that upset the players. It was Puel's insistence on the group singing "The Wheels On The Bus" the entire way, only stopping when he decided to get his arse out and moon adjacent vehicles from the coach window, then threatening to drop the players who didn't partake in a lad-like "wheeeeeeey" reaction. #ITK
  12. RoboFox

    The World Football Thread

    Juve's Douglas Costa having an absolute meltdown, which ended with him being sent off for gobbing in Federico Di Francesco's mouth. Delightful.
  13. RoboFox

    So, 5 games in...

    Sorry folks, but Gray needs binning off in the short term. Yes, he's young, but the guy's been given ample opportunities to prove he's good enough to be consistent at this level. Despite having a rare standout game, his development seems to have plateaued. He was awful at the weekend yet again, and I worry that he's destined to be an inconsistent performer with massive confidence issues. Marc Albrighton must be boning one of Puel's immediate family to not make the starting eleven. Defensively he offers so much, always gives 110% and on Saturday within a short cameo, showed just what he's about. If the side is the same on Saturday after the weekend's sh*t-show, then we really need so start asking questions of the manager. The supporters' patience is wearing thin, and quickly.
  14. RoboFox

    Bournemouth V Leicester - Match Thread

    Come on then, boys. Let’s see some more quality and good feeling.
  15. RoboFox

    FIFA 19

    EA in re-skinning last year's FIFA shocker: The gameplay changes are negligible, as always. Player ratings are all over the place. The journey is f**king awful. Career mode is the only mode worth playing and EA haven't touched it in years. Instead focusing upon their cynical and morally-questionable, time-sink cash builder, FUT. Get in the bin. 100% will buy.