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  1. Looks like I'm going to have to wait yet another year to see a new version of that sexy green and yellow bastard. I'll wait to see the blue one, I'm not adverse to gold stripes at all. I've always found our black away kits a bit meh. Pink could be fun. They seemingly can't be arsed to design anything new at all, just roll out the templates.
  2. We all know exactly what your chest looks like, Geoff. We've seen your Instagram.
  3. Last time I was clean shaven was about 5 years ago. I'm not that pubic for someone in their 30s. Beard doesn't grow quickly or particularly long, so I'll take a beard trimmer to it every 2-3 weeks. Proper scruff, me.
  4. Getting rid of thick c**ts like Trump is a start. His indifference, punctuated by bursts of mocking disdain, toward climate change has been indulged for far too long by the US. He's called climate science “bullshit,” and defenestrated federal rules designed to cut planet-warming emissions. The Paris climate agreement. The cutbacks of the US EPA. His administration's energy-first agenda is at odds with the what pretty much the entire civilised world understands is happening to the planet. He's ignoring the science. The man at the helm of the world's largest economy went on record saying that climate change is a hoax invented by the Chinese to stifle US manufacturing. A HOAX INVENTED BY THE CHINESE. We cannot progress if the people of the world continue to allow morons like this to attain positions of power.
  5. RoboFox

    Notre Dame

    It's sad to lose it in its original state, the craftsmanship was unbelievable and it's an incredible shame for something that has been standing for such a long time to be reduced to ashes. It won't ever be the same, however I imagine construction and architectural assessments would have been made over the years to the point where it could be reconstructed almost exactly.
  6. One of my oldest friends is easily the most tight-fisted person I've ever met. I've always thought it's some sort of insecurity issue in which he feels that people are always trying to f**k him over somehow... It's been both hilarious and infuriating for us as his mates over the years. It ranges from the small, annoying things: for example I'll regularly go out for a couple of beers with him, I'll buy two Camden Hells lagers first and he'll come back with two Amstel just because it saves him 15p per pint. He never buys first so he can gauge how much people are spending. To the bizarre and downright socially unacceptable: he turned up at one of our other mates wedding with a bag full of his own wedding invitations and proceeded to hand them out in order to save on the postage. Or we once had a BBQ for which everyone would bring food and booze - he rocked up with four cans of Tesco own brand lager and four loose vegetarian sausages in a zip-lock bag, then proceeded to eat and drink all the nice stuff. He gets constantly rinsed for it, and it doesn't faze him. He just carries on like it's normal.
  7. BR was asked a question about Rondon, and is explaining his qualities... RL: "Might Rondon be a player you're interested in bringing in?" BR: *five seconds of silence* "I don't think it's even a question, is it?" RL: *bloke starts crying hysterically* (made the last bit up)
  8. Cringeworthy questioning from someone on BBC RL towards Rodgers at the pre-match presser. First time I've heard him pretty much outright refuse to answer, and sound genuinely miffed. Why on earth they send someone so inexperienced to do actual journalists' jobs, I don't know. At least Stringer can manage to semi-eloquently ask a pertinent question and not embarrass himself.
  9. The only thing that needs to be charged is the ref, with crimes against decision making. AMIRITE?
  10. Well, that's surprising. I used to work with the host. Had no idea he had his own podcast / YouTube.
  11. Mosh was great when I used to go out in Leicester, from around 2006-10. Tuesday nights were always pretty good after a sesh in Nine Bar, Pi or on Brauny gate. Zanzibar and Liquid not so much. Grimy and full of knuckle draggers. After the smoking ban came in, they just stunk of piss and puke. I used to like it in there, a friend of mine who's a SICK scratch DJ used to run a night once a week - good times.
  12. Not a criticism of you, OP. But christ... An "article" comprised of about three sentences, most of which are direct quotes. Clearly desperate for clicks. The Merc website really is the ultimate bin-worthy garbage, isn't it? Absolute pap.
  13. RoboFox

    The gym

    I can bound about in a hardcore HIIT or circuit class for an hour or more happily, but when it comes to running I don't have the ability to do it, mentally nor physically. My hips start screaming within about 10 minutes, then my knees. I'm in my early 30s so not over the hill, but my body just doesn't seem up for it. I also find it incredibly boring. Treadmills are the worst. I have great admiration for people who can run long distances and actually enjoy it.
  14. I think he'll also be sentenced to being called "Danny Drinkdriver" for the rest of his career.
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