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  1. I've stopped playing already. Lasted about a month before it lost its appeal. The first couple of seasons feel like you're getting somewhere, but after that it becomes very repetitive. Rule changes etc. keep things slightly interesting, but after that I felt like I wasn't making any progress... Just grinding though seasons. Maybe I'm not that good at the game. Thinking of installing DOSBox and revisiting F1 Manager Professional (or F1 Manager 96 as I knew it). Looks like there's a small but dedicated modding community still keeping it up to date. Give it a go if you haven't already. Really complex, but I loved it as an adolescent (I was probably crap at it too). Back when games came on CD-Roms in oversized cardboard boxes. Hope it stood the test of time.
  2. Nope. Not yet anyway. I'm always convinced we're going to actually turn up and not put in another complete minger of a performance, and for the last three games I've been thoroughly disappointed. Another Soton- or Burnley-like showing tonight, and I think we'll see a bit of a shift in attitudes, and questions will really start to be be asked.
  3. We've established working practices at McDonalds. Learned you can get Big Mac sauce on your double-chee if you want, or extra sauce in your McFlurry. Realised BK's plant-based burgers aren't suitable for vegetarians, let alone vegans. And pissed off "Sean from Enderby" AND Ian Stringer. More value in this 11-page thread than 99% of the waffle on this forum.
  4. His Twitter header picture isn't much better either. Personally, I don't mind him. RL podcasts pass the time on a 45 minute tube journey to work (as long as I turn it off before the 100% cringe, utterly embarrassing bum-lick fest with Tom Meighan starts) but he also doesn't do himself any favours. A bit of self-awareness wouldn't go amiss at times.
  5. I wish I'd never come in here. Some things can't be unseen. But seriously, whatever... Each to their own. If he's affecting other people then he needs to bin it, but otherwise he can do what he wants. Not for me personally, in fact 99% of all content on YouTube is vapid, meaningless bollocks, but I can understand some kids being interested in this kind of thing.
  6. Finally got around to seeing Terminator Dark Fate last night. Fun action set pieces, but that’s about it... Disappointing overall, full of plot holes and
  7. They dropped a new single today. Underwhelming. There was a time in my adolescence where they could release anything and I'd become instantly obsessed with it, but the stuff I've heard from this new album is frankly a bit sh*t. Seems like they're trolling their record label to get out of a deal. Feel like I've heard all of the lyrics before. It's like they're constructing songs from a post-"Warning" lyric word cloud.
  8. Exactly this. SI has become lazy. The lack of meaningful features added annually is the reason I stopped buying, actual development of the series has slowed to a crawl. You're essentially buying a roster update and a few UI tweaks every year. Press conferences are a case in point, I swear they've been the same mind-numbingly tedious questions since about FM2010. The industry is screaming out for someone to come out with a proper challenger to FM (there are a few poor imitators, but nothing comes close) Problem is, as dated as the ME is and the lack of additional features disappointing each year, SI have such a wealth of data built up that it's hard to see anyone ever coming close.
  9. I've said it before but SI essentially regurgitate the same ME every year with AI tweaks and graphical improvements. It needs totally rebuilding from the ground up, as it's totally stagnated and SI seem to have pushed it as far as they can. I stopped playing FM20 and got a refund, but it seems from what you guys are saying, it's getting worse year-on-year. Unfortunately, it seems that with an annual release cycle, a BRAND NEW match engine is unlikely.
  10. He has to be benched. He was whack today and seems to be getting progressively worse game by game. Looks as though he’s locked in a cycle of confidence loss and making mistakes. Needs some time to clear his head.
  11. Yup. I mean I hate the word “tinpot”, but it feels very appropriate here. The kind of nonsense that makes us a fvcking laughing stock, especially when the players go and put in a doggo performance like that. I’m usually a staunch defender of the decisions the club makes with regards to the stadium atmosphere etc. but here on this occasion they really fvcked it.
  12. Some of those boys are absolutely bang out of form, I’m afraid. We were absolutely fvcking dire, and not for the first time in the last few weeks. It’s very worrying. Also, the decision to play the goals from the 0-9 on the screens pre-match was an embarrassment. Whoever sanctioned that needs to give their head a big old wobble.
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