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  1. Many of the previews are mentioning how surprisingly slowly paced the game is. Much of the marketing content and clips put out are very shooter / action heavy, which will leave some disappointed. I for one can't wait. I m m e r s i o n.
  2. I have to admit I turned it off before they scored. The lockdown equivalent of leaving early to beat the traffic. I’ve had a great week, and the football is just shite at the moment. It’s a downer. A few players are bang out of form and need dropping, and a few just patently aren’t good enough. It all feels very familiar, though, and a bit like we’re approaching a turning point. Another doggo result at the weekend and serious questions will be asked.
  3. When 👏 will 👏 we 👏 learn 👏 to 👏 beat 👏 the 👏 first 👏 man 👏 at 👏 set 👏 plays,
  4. I've just joined. Sounds like I'm going to regret it.
  5. "You'll never sing that... You'll never sing thaaaaat... We've got our own songbook, you'll never sin- Oh, wait, eight other clubs have their own version of the book. ...Never mind."
  6. Bloke must have pictures of Rodgers in the buff, it’s the only explanation as to why he hasn’t been told in no uncertain terms to stay the fvck away from taking corners.
  7. Its so bad, I’m going to leave my sofa early so I can go and sit in my car parked outside the house.
  8. I think it’s as much about the mental fragility of many of the players as Rodger’s tactics. Some of these guys can’t seem to shake off a setback and find themselves stuck in a rut. Bad decisions start being made in haste, then we end up with this absolute turd. Somebody take responsibility FFS.
  9. I can hear him now... "For fvck's sake, why can't we just fvcking-well swap the Kop and the shitty fvcking Family stand you cvnts!"
  10. Glad we really dug deep to get a result at the Quarry. It was a real goal mine.
  11. When was the last time Maddison delivered a half-decent corner FFS?
  12. I hope Kasper’s nan isn’t watching this.
  13. I’ve heard more talk of quarries than both Leicester and Braga combined from Adam “OOOHHHNDAAAAH” Summerton.
  14. Still not massively worried. I think the second half will be an improvement. A draw would be a fine result with the amount of rested players, TBF. People talking about Braga being bobbins need to lay off huffing paint. This is a good side that could’ve easily had four. We’re lucky to still be in the game.
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