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  1. Last time I had to get a train up from London it cost the best part of £50 from St. Pancras to Leicester. Costs £18 from Euston to Northampton.
  2. Rangers to win the league. League 1, Championship, Premier League and SPL winner, Andy King. Next move, the Welsh and Northern Irish leagues. KING OF BRITAIN.
  3. Arron Banks is a c**t, and has been a well established c**t for some time now. Thus, I'm not surprised that he's gone and said something c**ty that reaffirms everyone's opinion that he is still indeed a c**t.
  4. Found out my ex is pregnant. She was my "first love" if you will, and although we cut ties years ago and we've since evidently gone into happy relationships since... It still felt quite weird. Gets you thinking, y'know? Life, man.
  5. Man, that's bloody lovely. Bet it's great fun to drive too. Albeit not cheap I imagine. Who gets that, and who gets the Peugeot?
  6. I quite enjoyed Dubai. It's a strange place. I went around the time there was some hysteria about the guy being arrested for drug trafficking after being found with a tiny bit of pot wedged into a tread on his shoe, and there was the guy who got banged up for "touching" the Jordanian man in the bar and I was pooing my pants TBH. The security on entering the country is pretty terrifying, and they swab everything. It makes you paranoid. But it was unexpectedly Westernised. We had some great nights out, had a boat party etc. Just don't act like a lary tw*t in public, and you'll be fine. It's very clean and very commercialised which didn't bother me. Beaches are amazing. The desert was stunning. Their gender attitudes are absolutely archaic, and it can be really, really expensive if you're a dude. Unfortunately there's a huge class divide between the western expats and the Arabs vs the migrant workers.
  7. Bloke became a FT legend in a single thread and hasn't been online since 2017. What a waste.
  8. Absolutely this. I've never paid a penny in microtransactions (I only play single player games, because, well... people.) Also those mobile games: bin. Total shit. It's not just pay-to-win either. Companies have started stripping out chunks of content with the intent of selling it back to players at a later date. I've ranted on about this plenty of times on here. The games industry will continue to do this whilst people make the purchases. There are companies that have seemingly made a stand against micro-transactions thus far (CDProjektRed and Hello Games) which is refreshing, but for the vast majority of these AAA gaming studios microtransactions are a gift. They continue to rake in vast sums of money from games months after the release date. And because people are idiots, they will continue to do so.
  9. A bit silly, really. Phones in most modern cars connect via bluetooth and are controlled by a couple of buttons on the steering wheel. To physically operate the things require minimum attention, and as others have said how can they distinguish between the distractions caused by other passengers vs. phone conversations? 'Media centres' and sat-navs however... I literally have to pull over to change the f**king radio station.
  10. Boly has been absolutely immense for them.
  11. Our corners have been absolutely pants.
  12. Caglar needs to get rid of the ball sooner. He makes me nervous.
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