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  1. I'm more fascinated by the fact that Henry Rollins is the one conducting the interview.
  2. Do "Manchester" and "heir" rhyme? Manchest-heir?
  3. Unfortunately I'm a complete idiot and I buy them at the start of every season. I don't get to many games so sitting in a the latest City shirt watching us on TV has become somewhat of a ritual. Older ones I just use as loungewear. My 96-97 home shirt my family use as a tent when camping most summers.
  4. RoboFox

    Corona Virus

    It took a One-der. One of pop’s great songwriters, and a big part of the soundtrack to a great period of my life. Today is a FoW day.
  5. Pot Noodles are the fvcking lick. Great with a hangover.
  6. I saw him in Oadby Asda down the tinned goods aisle fighting off a pack of rabid pensioners for the last All Day Breakfast in a can using a 3ft long leek.
  7. As @Leicester_Loyal says, if you're into multiplayer, get whatever the majority of your friends have. If you don't like multiplayer much, like me, there's an argument that the PS4 has more single player-driven games. Either way, don't spend a fortune and don't buy new. Go on FB marketplace and you can pick a 3 or 4 year old PS4 or Xbox One for less than £100. Then wait until Christmas and get one of the new generation.
  8. I'd use a power washer, degreaser, stiff brush and then maybe snow foam followed by an iron remover. Wheel arches are a labour of love and generally a step too far for me. This dude goes above and beyond. Imagine doing this four times... But then again, I guess we've got the time. Mine needs a once over, badly. Wash, wax, clay bar and polish. Unfortunately, I'm on-street parking in North London, so I think I'd end up getting slapped with a fine should the police spot me. Plus, when the body shops open it needs to go in to be repaired so barely seems any point.
  9. Love a bit of detailing, although I haven’t done any since some cvnt builders working next door decided to smash something large into two panels. TBH I don’t usually take the wheels off, it’s just too much hassle. I use Meguiars Hot Rims, followed by Auto Finesse Iron Out.
  10. RoboFox

    Corona Virus

    Can confirm the tanks rumour. Currently being mobilised to control the daily early morning crowds of pensioners outside Morrisons at Freeman's Park clambering to get their hands on the first eight-packs of Andrex 3-ply with Aloe Vera.
  11. RoboFox

    Corona Virus

    Tried to go shopping this morning. Huge queues outside Camden Morrison's at 07:30. I just didn't bother, came straight home. Not sure how the supermarkets are where you are, but it's pretty bleak down here. Went back a bit later and everything was already gone. There's barely anything on the shelves, and what is left people are panic buying. Saw one bloke with a trolley full of onions. Onions. Who f**king panic buys perishable onions, seriously? Send food, my gaff is like Mother Hubbard's.
  12. RoboFox

    Corona Virus

    Fvcking state of that lot. National embarrassment. What must the Spanish think of us?
  13. RoboFox

    Corona Virus

    I've been told to stay at home this week. We have one confirmed case in another building and my boss - who I sit next to - is currently at home with a fever. There's very little I can really do at home, as my job is heavily technology based on site. Feels weird.
  14. RoboFox

    Corona Virus

    Health expert brands UK's coronavirus response 'pathetic'.
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