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  1. RoboFox

    Luka Jovic

    His chin alone will probably bag you 3-4 goals a season, to be fair.
  2. I wasn't aware it still exists. Right from the outset I kinda figured it was overestimating the average listener. Sounds a bit snobbish, but most people lack the necessary equipment (or ears) to be able to distinguish between lossy and lossless audio. I consider myself an audiophile, but the price point was always pretty absurd for uncompressed file streaming so I never bothered.
  3. Meh. Each to their own and all that but it's a strange one. Lasted about 20 seconds before I was bored. There's a niche for everything but who's actually watching this stuff, genuinely? Kids I assume? On a side note, there are lots of awful things to be found on on the internet, but YouTube vlogger thumbnails and their "reaction" faces probably top the lot.
  4. Good idea for a thread. It’s fun finding out little bits of information about you lot. RoboCop is one of my favourite films, and I’d recently seen it when I was choosing my username. I couldn’t think of anything else and I was probably a bit drunk. My profile pic was a random image board post that I found and changed on Photoshop. I’d hoped people would make the connection between my username and a depiction of a cyborg fox, but it seems to have gone over some heads still... My IRL name isn’t anything to do with Rob, Robbo or even Robinson which a few have referred to me as over the years. I’ve never changed it as I tend to identify a lot of users by their profile pics. I kinda assumed everyone else did too.
  5. Good result all things considered. We were absolutely shat in that 8 minutes of added time though. So frustrating. Feel for the broadcast team at Sky, not getting their big club win bonuses. They must be gutted.
  6. Poor Tyler and Smith. They’re absolutely gutted.
  7. If you’re going for two wing backs, and a back three, surely Albrighton on the right and Fuchs on the left would’ve been a better option from the outset?
  8. Kasper keeping us in the game as per. SORT IT OUT, FFS.
  9. Started playing "Observation" which has just been released on the Xbox Game Pass, as I recalled Yahtzee Croshaw reviewing it positively last year. Haven't really played anything like it before. It's basically a modern version of 2001: A Space Odyssey, where you play as HAL. Part sci-fi horror, part adventure puzzle game. A good narrative and well acted. Pretty impressed so far.
  10. I can’t get a decent burger anywhere without it being served on a f**king brioche bun. BIN. They’re way too sweet, and lack the structural integrity to support anything more than the thinnest of patties.
  11. RoboFox


    Blue Wave? Harborough Fish Bar? Rocksalt doesn't count. Way too fancy.
  12. RoboFox


    Grimsby on Welford Road was always the place to go when I was growing up. We used to drive for miles to get our fish and chips from there. Haven’t been in years, though. Mario’s on Brauny Gate always did the job, too. No idea if it’s still there.
  13. Rodgers referred to him as the club’s “greatest ever goalscorer” in the post match interview with RL the other day. Obvs, he’s a way off in terms of numbers, and there’s plenty of arguments for it, but it’s interesting to hear a manager make such a big statement. I wonder whether it was a part of a wider confidence boost tactic.
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