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  1. Anyone who likes to taste nice things will like this.
  2. Yeah, I said it in the match thread: Everyone - from the manager, to the players - thought we could just turn up and win that, and now they all look like proper daft twats. Embarrassing stuff. Perhaps they need a bit of a humbling. Credit where it’s due, Prague were excellent and taught us a lesson in European football. Now, fvck off City, you’re sleeping on the sofa tonight.
  3. I don’t have the lexicon to articulate just how fvcking woeful we are at set plays.
  4. Are we guilty of complacency, here? Premier League egos starting to show a bit? They seem to think collectively they can beat this lot at a canter.
  5. Jenny from Bucky O'Hare was a much more attractive lagomorph, IMO.
  6. Up until last year I was a fitness lord. 5 times a week gym arsehole, not in a meathead way though, usually HIIT or body pump classes. I've gone through phases of doing HIIT at home but never really stuck with it and now my body is starting to catch up with me. I need to watch what I eat and exercise otherwise I start putting weight on. TBH I've always fvcking hated running. I find myself getting so bored I go home before I've actually travelled much distance. Plus I don't think my body is cut out for it - I'm over 6ft 4", and I find that I kind of just lurch along, an
  7. Fear? The only fear I'm getting is a fear of missing out, amirite lads?
  8. Whenever step 4 drops, this country will be absolute carnage. The state of our town / city centres.
  9. April 12th is the MVP here. My barnet is a fvcking nightmare and I'd love a pint outdoors in the sunshine.
  10. Dreadful defending. Someone tell them the second half has started.
  11. I don’t get this. We’re not in the stadium, it’s an online forum. The players aren’t going to react to what we say. I think we should be allowed to be critical of performances, and for 70 mins of the game, we were bobbins.
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