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  1. Ridiculous pricing, really. Amazon has the financial power to poo all over both BT and Sky, so given whether or not the their PL live streaming experiment was a success, they could easily outbid both companies for the rights if they were legally allowed to under UK competition law. I wouldn't be surprised over the next few years to see more and more content coming from tech giants, and it'll all fall under their 360 subscription models.
  2. So what? I'm so anti-right, I wear two left shoes too.
  3. Unbelieveable, clef.
  4. RoboFox

    Ben White

    Are you sure it wasn't @Beliall? He gets very immersed in Football Manager.
  5. Sucks, man. Spent many a good evening in there. Hope someone buys the place and reopens it as a bar, but unlikely. Nine still going strong... For now.
  6. You're choosing your network based on whether or not you get reception at the stadium for 90 minutes once a week?
  7. My folks are both north Northants based. Tory stronghold.
  8. We NeEd 2 GeT bReXit DuN! https://www.independent.co.uk/news/uk/politics/brexit-delay-boris-johnson-deal-general-election-eu-barnier-leak-deadline-a9242346.html?fbclid=IwAR0OBT0d1rWlWwH62rQ-C0m_V2YeMtw441jqF7FRgcwBCpNeEnTmf2yLK8M We were never going to be properly "out" until we're through the transition and it looks like that period will last a lot longer than he's saying it will.
  9. Something for @lifted*fox. I know he wants to be let back in. And for @Jon the Hat, a new profile picture, just so I can go back to liking Louis Theroux. (love you really)
  10. Well, then that lends a lot of credence to the theory that on the whole, populaces are credulous, self-destructive idiots and that humanity is ultimately fvcked.
  11. Man, Fridgegate is just too much. So things he's scared of: - Andrew Neil interview - Piers Morgan interview - Jeremy Vine interview - Phone images of kids being treated on NHS floors - Questions about how many kids he has Things he's not scared of: - Being locked in a fridge Alexander de Pfeffel has to be the biggest coward of a politician we've ever seen. I can't remember anybody in a position of power just outright refusing to be scrutinised in the way he has throughout this campaign. Is it because his people know he's barely able to string a sentence together and is likely to put his foot in it at a crucial time? Probably. The cynic in me wonders whether they're orchestrated carefully as distraction techniques: If we're concentrated on what he hasn't said, then we're not talking about what he has.
  12. Speaking of Bede Island... This: Replaced by this nondescript lego shit:
  13. If he's able to summon actual fvcking hellfire from the ground, then we should be doing our upmost to sign this bloke. IN.
  14. They've achieved quite a lot, actually. 1,000 sure start centres closed. 780 libraries closed. 700 football pitches closed. Food bank use up 2,400%. Homelessness up 1,000%. Rough sleeping up 1,200% Bedroom tax caused mass evictions. Evictions are running at record highs. 35% of U.K. kids live in poverty. Student fees up 300%. Student debt has risen 150%. Eradication of EMA (education maintenance allowance). National debt has risen from £850billion to £2.25trillion. Emergency Brexit stimulus from BoE in June 2016 of £175b. Brexit related fall in national revenue £500b. GDP fallen to -0.1%. GBP fallen by circa 15% versus EUR and USD. Manufacturing in recession. Construction in recession. Services close to recession. 25-30% cuts to all govt departments. 25-30% cuts to all councils, mainly centred on Labour councils. Half of councils facing effective bankruptcy. 185k extra deaths attached to the political ideology of austerity. 25,000 less police. 20,000 less prison officers. 10,000 less border officials. 10,000 less firefighters. 10,000 less medical professionals. 25,000 less bed spaces for mental illness. OECD calculate 3 million hidden unemployed, rate is really 13%. Creation of 1.3m jobs, mainly temporary, self employed, gig economy and ZHC. Only 30k full time work positions created. Close on 50% of workers are self employed, ZHC, or part time precariat. 80% of the 5.3 million self employed live below the poverty line. 35% of self employed only earn £100 a month. 25% cuts for our disabled community. 80% cuts to Mobility allowance. Closing Remploy. 40% of working households have practically no savings. 70% of households have less than 10k savings. 60% of households can only survive 2 months without a wage. Household debt reaches new peak, despite emergency base rates. Increase of 50% in hate crimes. Increase of knife crime by 150% to 22,000 per year. Increase in teenage suicide by 70%. Suicide up 12% in the year 2018. Self harm among young women up 70%. Life expectancy down 3 years. NHS satisfaction level at lowest recorded rate. Council home building down 90%. 200k social homes lost since 2010. Zero starter homes built, despite Tory flagship programme. One million families on council home waiting list. 100,000 increase on the council home waiting list since 2010. 36,000 teachers have left the profession. All this austerity - and the national debt has risen by almost a trillion in 9 years. Now at £1.9 Trillion - up from 900 billion when they took office.
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