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  1. Watford (H) Match Thread

    I find it strange that Iborra is not even made the bench,
  2. Teams after our Players

    I would be very surprised if Vardy left Leicester, he is now 31 and if he went elsewhere he would be a bench warmer imo,
  3. Okazaki

    Not all fans respect players, why are some fans so negative about our players, we are leicester city and everyone should be behind the team not criticising them, some comments are unbelievable imo
  4. Okazaki

    I can't believe that some foxes fans are having a go at shinji you all must be blind, look at the work shinji puts in he is a game changer and most underrated player, Shinji is quality, some threads are negative and this is one of them
  5. Which midfield duo?

    Bill and Ben
  6. Fleetwood FA Cup post match 2-0

    I thought Nacho had a good second half great talent
  7. Andy King

    Totally agree with you, King is a legend and has been loyal to the football club
  8. Ref today

    The problem is that there is no consistency and I believe There never will be
  9. Leicester v Fleetwood - FA Cup Replay Pre-match Thread

    Does anyone remember big Bob hazel what a beast not skilful but built like a tank
  10. Leicester v Fleetwood - FA Cup Replay Pre-match Thread

    I believe they are using Var tonight
  11. The Second Most Talented City player?

    Steve Walsh
  12. The Second Most Talented City player?

    Gary Lineker, Steve Guppy great players, Steve lynex on the wing
  13. Europa does 7th get a place?

    Because getting into Europe would be good for the club, and at some point Puel will use our youngsters and to be fair they look a talented group
  14. Chelsea Post Match 0-0

    How anyone can trash Ndidi is a idiot imo, what a great talent he his and only 21,but like you have just said someone will trash him
  15. Chelsea Post Match 0-0

    Look at the positive side we took a point off the champions, your so negative