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  1. Soyuncu is quality, however I did have doubts about him as I think most of us did, I think we were all proved wrong
  2. Don't be so negative, that's the sort of player you need when the opposition have tired legs, gray will scare defenders all day long with his pace
  3. When gray came on he looked. More relaxed, he was passing instead of trying to take everybody on and shooting, imo BR will get the best out of Gray, let's get behind him so he hets more confident
  4. Soyuncu was quality again, well deserved win, and very controlled,
  5. Justin can play either left or right back, if RP got injured then Justin would come on
  6. This is going to be a big win for us, Vardy to score 3
  7. Totally agree, he had a great pre season, well underared,
  8. We wil beat these but Maddison needs to play in the middle and put Barnes out on the left, I'm not sure if playing Maddison on the left works imo
  9. Full strength team, this cup can get us into Europe if we win it, 1-4 the foxes
  10. The positive is we have not lost a game yet, Barnes strike was out of this world
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