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  1. FIFA 18

    Oh, and a-holes that make you watch every replay and cut scene. That should be instant ban. As should kits that clash with the refs!!
  2. FIFA 18

    I’m more sick about how telegraphed it is. Your passes trickle along the ground and get intercepted, players run in treacle, if playing the cpu, you when they are going to score. Sad really
  3. FIFA 18

    Just been taking a look at it (your twitter feed must be different to mine to show it trending (based on who you follow/what you read/tweet now I think?). This comment resonated... “I’m just here because **** EA. Last time I played FIFA, I got hooked on FUT and it wasn’t healthy” I am getting a little hooked on FUT. It’s a very quiet week at work, with Thanksgiving coming up, so I’m “working from home” all week but there’s not really any work. Played FUT all day, and I got off to a flyer and won all my Squad Battles on Sunday night (when the new week starts for me) two on Legendary and two on Professional and then refreshed, only to pull all 84+ teams! I also beat Peter Schmeichel’s team - Semi Pro (LOL), so actually making a run at a decent finish and might have time to play all the games, well until the weekend kicks in. It is too addicting. Online is starting to lose appeal, too many people with wonder teams now, especially in Div 9 which I just got promoted from. With that, and momentum from game to game (not just intra game), I might stop Fut soon. I’m waiting for end of Jan for career mode (Silva) this time but I may just go PES. Or maybe just play something less rage inducing!
  4. FIFA 18

    3 points points off winning division 9 (yeah 9) online and my last 5 games are LLDLL. I love all of a sudden playing teams with Pogba, Sanchez, Ascencio, Isco, Aubameyang etc. How can they afford that shit? Oh, the classic Vardy running in glue and getting dicked off the ball with no fouls. Love it 😉
  5. FIFA 18

    Don’t forget the defence splitting through balls the cpu makes or long balls that it wins, but when you attack they seem to have about 8 men back, and then screw you on the counter with one pass.
  6. FIFA 18

    Can’t. Stop. Playing. Though.
  7. FIFA 18

    Shocker, just missed another normal time penalty in SBC game. Also my players running through sludge and missing passes one game, and then being rapid another isn’t some form of scripting or momentum? That’s what annoys me so much, stuff like Stirling getting ragged for pace by 40 pace defender.
  8. Man City Match Thread

    Nacho is playing left mid?!
  9. Man City Match Thread

    Their press is just... oppressive. When we do get it back, we have no time with it. They’ve knackered us out. This is Pep football. I’m proud the lads aren’t giving up. I’m worried he’s going to clean Vards out and he’ll be done for the season.
  10. Man City Match Thread

    Agree, at least his work rate and aggression would be something. Let’s see if Nacho works hard and does something
  11. Man City Match Thread

    Ok, you win the biggest fan award, no one else cares and we should be winning as unbeaten, 100% away from home, Man City, who have scored two really good goals and had 68% possession are not that good really. They have not looked amazing because we have done pretty well, but they’ve turned it on and scored a couple and now can sit back, keep ball and pick us off, if we go too crazy. You’re right though, we all don’t care. Well done, I’ve taken your bait
  12. Man City Match Thread

    Dilly ding dilly dong
  13. Man City Match Thread

    Kingy warming up. All’s good!
  14. Man City Match Thread

    Bit harsh, they broke with such speed and directness. Think that would have been a good goal against any team.
  15. Man City Match Thread

    What a strike with his “weak” foot