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  1. He’s well rapid. Also holds fitness classes in his spare time too
  2. Underrated comment right here
  3. Played well for Everton on loan and rated by many around Chelsea too. Been unlucky with injuries and c’mon, no one is getting glowing reviews as defenders under Frank the Tank, and they have Kante shielding. I would take him as a loan with option for sure and have Kolo help refine him, like he did with Cags
  4. This transfer has shades of the Evans about it (albeit being 10x the fee). Solid “no nonsense” defender linked with us but then being a wonder signing. Tarkowski doesn’t seem spectacular but he is first and foremost a defender. Solid in air, seems to read game well, and I’m sure better on ball that we give him credit for. Fofana is the sexy signing but we also need to think about a partner for Cags, and it’s a calm organiser who reads the game well rather than another young gun and Tarkowski (sorry but I can’t and never will call him “JT”) seems that. Ideal world, both Tarks and LaWest but if we have to pick, probably Tarks for now.
  5. He might be 22 but he’s not had a lot of “proper game” experience and CB is about experience too. Wigan will be a good move for him and better than playing U23 or just being in the fringe. He has a lot of potential but needs to build the know how
  6. I was thinking more Oxfam
  7. Unless him telling you to get out more was a threat?!
  8. We have had so much worse (and yeah, better) but the amount of bashing he gets is a bit unfair. Compared to the last player we signed from Ligue 2, he’s not much but showed willing and tried to have a go. Did ok in France last season too, but as we know from YouTube, Ligue 1 is all highlights reel wingers and defenders that overcommit and dive in making slalom runs look that bit more sexy
  9. Time to sack some of the medical sta..oh
  10. Based on tonight’s game, we desperately need a viable back up to Vards. Kelechi can’t cut it as a lone striker. Good in a pair though. CB also desperately needed. Even though he’ll be a big miss, we can maybe last without a permanent replacement for Wilf
  11. Really harsh on Praet. Midfield will stay as it is with Under coming in for Ayo and Madders to come back for Dennis but both to be introduced slowly. Back 4 gap is worrying. Really need cover now
  12. Just getting to game after getting some work out the door first. No Tavares on bench - you ok @Ric Flair?
  13. Wouldn’t it just be cheaper to buy one from the club shop?
  14. All this SFE chat is really appealing to Top Bantz Fofana - keep up the good work and he’ll be ours in no time!
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