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  1. HoustonFox

    FIFA 19

    No way is Napoleon's physical 86!! Aggression 99 though... Marx needs to be 99 passing, he's so good at sharing the possession(s)
  2. HoustonFox

    FIFA 19

    Me opening my packs...
  3. HoustonFox

    What Game Are You Playing At The Moment ?

    Same! It’s Fifa now... ugh! I started Spider-Man which is good but can’t get into. I must say i did complete Arkham Asylum and then Arkham City recently, so it’s not been all fifa since Witcher (and the expansion packs for it!)
  4. HoustonFox

    FIFA 19

    Maybe Del P or Zola then if you want them to be able to pass? You could also get Lineker 89 plus one of them to make an intricate front 2? Baggio as well! OR... for all your budget for for Thierry Henry? Continue the french connection with Pogba and Kante, and the North London Connection with Son?
  5. HoustonFox

    FIFA 19

    Really strong team already! Any thoughts on new formation and what style do you play? I always think of icon in terms of enjoyment, on their own most aren’t much more than what you have, unless you get the meta ones like R9, Gullit, Maradonna or Pele. For ~1m I’d maybe think about Del Piero for CAM/CF, Middle Maldini at CB, Middle Best and drop Bale. ...or as a Leicester fan, go with Lineker and you’ll still have some cash. Love his 89 version You said you wanted Che!!
  6. HoustonFox

    Loan watch 2018-19

    I think you should have used the emoji. Some people missing your joke...
  7. HoustonFox

    FIFA 19

    No worries! Had Cutrone and sold him. He was awful! Made a profit though! I was travelling for work when M-S came out so didn’t do him. Had regular one and he was pretty clunky
  8. HoustonFox

    FIFA 19

    Already got him. Did you see him in reserves on my team link?
  9. HoustonFox

    FIFA 19

    Advice guys - 88 Vieri or 89 Klose? I have a Serie A team and have everyone pretty much apart from CR7 who is out of my league. I play 442 and like big little, so they’ll be paired with Mertens or Middle Lineker. Don’t really need ‘em but have some cash and I do love icons, and both these guys are kind of nostalgic, especially Bobo... squad below... https://www.easports.com/fifa/ultimate-team/web-app/?showoffId=fmw560UhnPSxa:FFA19PS4 @Finnegan - picked up Caceres, he’s come in for Manolas 👍
  10. HoustonFox

    FIFA 19

    Speaking of icons... Gary. Lineker. Middle one. I got him and I love him. Amazing player and Leicester too! 😍 There’s no Alan Smith to pair him with so either IF Mandzukic or now Headliner Zapata are his strike partner. Big and little!
  11. HoustonFox


    No one really mentioned that Soyuncu can barely speak English in this thread. Shipping him off on loan would be no good for the integration and happiness of a young lad who has just moved to a new country. The day to day of being around the squad and getting to know them as friends cannot be underestimated.
  12. HoustonFox

    FIFA 19

    Re: Scream Caceres, when does he next change? That’s my only hesitancy on him - that plus I already have Baresi, Chiellini, Skriniar (SBC and Headliner) and Manolas as my main CBs for my Calcio team edit - saw he just changed. Still question is open. @Finnegan - did you buy him before the change and price hike? If so, good work!
  13. HoustonFox

    FIFA 19

    I think he means progressive scores not runs
  14. HoustonFox

    Kasper Schmeichel...

    Totally agree. Unprofessional and ridiculous from Peter, regardless of what his son thinks, that’s for closed doors
  15. HoustonFox

    Spurs Away Post Match 3-1

    Stunning comments from him today!