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  1. I got huntelaar, first I was annoyed but actually usable and can fit him in. Similar to carniball Icardi, who I love Glad it’s not just me!!!
  2. Good stuff. I just opened 28 packs as can’t be bothered for the disappointment of packing nothing in TOTS. 1 85 in Carvajal and 3 84s in Thauvin, Leno and Alex Telles. FML
  3. Extreme button lag is back. Anyone else dealing with constant random direction through balls that don’t go where you aim them?
  4. Arsenal fans will be up in arms 😂
  5. Re the baby icons... But I’m sure I’ll be less Katniss and more random extra dying in round one...
  6. Haha, I’ll get Nakata for sure as I already have his prime. I love how EA mines your club and always gives you duplicates. If I get another boards that is Felipe, I’ll lose my mind!
  7. I’d take Maldini (can sell the one I have), Nedved, Maradonna, Pele, Van Basten, Cruyff, Nesta, Henry, Figo, Desailly, Butra, Stoichkov, Vieira, Socrates, Hierro, Fat Frank, Sol, Rio, Crespo, Blanc, Zola. But none of the others! 😂😂
  8. Absolutely - never has 2-0 up been such a perilous scoreline...
  9. Glad we have an original again Pink will look great on fatties like me... 🤔 Source of this pic was my good friend @LAXFC on instagram - he works with all the MLS clubs... am I supposed to say that? I just did...
  10. I have the RTTF one and he’s insane! Debating on getting him when I need to strengthen in other areas
  11. Just gotta say thanks to @spacemunky for helping me with the online wins. Top fella on here (unlike that @Jordan who is the spawniest pack opener I’ve ever met... 😘😘)
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