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  1. Mid Icon is.... Lehmann. Aw nuts
  2. I’ll pile on too. Claw back from 2-0 down, had 3 pennos denied as he cleans me out while turning in the box. 91st min my Lb accidentally collides with his player and of course... penalty! Also it was a day game (hate that) and he of course watched all replays despite the fact he did the X cancel 20 times before the game so his “ready” was flashing on and off
  3. For the final FUTswap player! Awesome! Be interesting to hear how you get on. For some reason EA always default him to taking corners if I don’t assign too. I like Engine on him too but for moments I’m not sure...
  4. How many more do you need to do to get him? Mid one is great, got him in that previous mid-icon sbc. I play him CM or CDM depending on my formation 41212 or 4231. Not quite agile enough for CAM, and he still seems to pop up for crucial goals
  5. Just need 5 more silver assists for this guy...
  6. Oblak... Ah well... Maybe I can get a decent pull again in the Mid-Icon SBC... It did cost me TOTS Declan Rice (free), La Liga Casemiro (nowhere near my team), and the UEFA Falcao (only used him for about 8 games. Had to buy Eriksen and Auba to get to 87. @dbtcity - flippin' awesome mate! Can I have your autograph?! LOL
  7. Stick him in that Martinez SBC and then La Croqueta your way to victory!!
  8. Might bump Maguire's value up if the pipeline is rubbish! LOL
  9. Interested sub-Reddit in the r/fifa - on rewards for WL...
  10. Empty Transfer List or very low numbers - plus don't play for a week! LOL
  11. I’m at a wedding this weekend and after last weekend nearly killing me to get to G3, I’m glad I have a weekend off. I’m sure I’ll dip in but as a Div 5 player who makes G3 by the skin of his teeth, it’s not much fun to play all these stacked teams. Mine is good too, I just like the trading element! LOL
  12. Nice!!! I’ll raise you this guy... 😂 I also got Lala and then the 88 Argentinian striker from my picks. Thanks EA, just as I’m trying to get out, you haul me back in...
  13. Can’t beat a bit of Drag Racer. One of the first songs I learned to play on the guitar!
  14. It’s those 50 Fifa Points!! 😂😂
  15. I’ve got him as a CAM at moment but think probably better suited to the second striker (more of a CF to drop and link but also score). Only used him for 3 games so far. Also have Baby Del P and Futmas Gomez as CAM options too so need to play around and maybe even do 451 with 2 CAMs to accommodate them all! Who?!! 😂
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