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  1. HoustonFox

    Villa v Fulham

    John Terry looking sad. Haha
  2. HoustonFox

    Villa v Fulham

    So many could have been reds!
  3. HoustonFox

    Villa v Fulham

    Guys gets red for fouling someone who should have had a red
  4. HoustonFox

    Villa v Fulham

    How was that not two penalties??
  5. HoustonFox

    Villa v Fulham

    That made me literally laugh out loud
  6. HoustonFox

    Villa v Fulham

    Getting lively now
  7. HoustonFox

    Villa v Fulham

    Fulham should win but I want villa to win as they are so bad. Weird feeling watching the playoffs from a prem league perspective. I’ve been a City fan so long I still spend most of my time thinking “who won’t we lose to”
  8. HoustonFox

    FIFA 18

    Lemme know If you fancy any games over the weekend, boss.
  9. HoustonFox

    FIFA 18

    He’s pretty decent. I’m on PS4, otherwise could give you a hand. I whacked Maestro on him. Im tempted by TOTS Sterling at the moment, going for ~350k at the moment.
  10. HoustonFox

    Villa v Fulham

    They are awful
  11. HoustonFox


    I still can’t believe @weller54 hacked my account and posted that terrible gag! Hope we we are still friends
  12. HoustonFox

    James Maddison

    So you’re saying the deal will be done August 31st?
  13. HoustonFox


    Sorry, here’s some Shinji love to cheer you up
  14. HoustonFox


    What was second prize? Two dates? Sorry @Suzie the Fox that was too much to resist
  15. HoustonFox

    Villa v Fulham

    Nicely worked goal, woeful defending by Hutton (haha, couldn’t happen to a nicer bloke!). Really can’t see Villa getting a goal, they look pretty poor.