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  1. The OH Leuven Thread

    Even NP knows that controlling the midfield with a 3 is a the best way to play nowadays. Now we just need his disciple to adopt it too!
  2. Andy King

    Totally agree with you - wasn't sure his role yesterday, seemed he and Wilf just followed each other around. If he was the holding mid, then where was he for their third? If he was the more attacking mid, where was Wilf going?! Bigger point is, I don't think any of our CMs can play as a pair. We really need a three in there now.
  3. Can't go on playing one in midfield any more (I'm not counting King). Joking aside, I'm really disappointed to not have at least a point from that game. If you had asked me after the first 20, I'd have been happy to just get a goal, or not be crap. We really need to go back to some basics, get a shape, and start keeping the ball more. We're giving it away way too much and not stopping chances. I think we also need to get a bit fitter, we seem to be getting out run by teams too.
  4. Liverpool (H) Match Thread

    Hope Mignolet gets a second yellow for time wasting
  5. Liverpool (H) Match Thread

    I've gone from thinking we could take them and go on to win (just before the penalty) to desperate for a draw now. Not been a dull game
  6. Liverpool (H) Match Thread

    Called it! I hate being right
  7. Liverpool (H) Match Thread

    I'm looking forward to the Slim on, Albrighton off, as final sub
  8. Liverpool (H) Match Thread

    Holy crap, am I on drugs seeing all this?!
  9. Liverpool (H) Match Thread

    At least put Albrighton on the right then please!
  10. Liverpool (H) Match Thread

    Gray, I think. Can't be sure though
  11. Liverpool (H) Match Thread

    Probably for Shinji ...
  12. Liverpool (H) Match Thread

    Albrighton and Gray at opposite ends of passing spectrum. Gray = Never ---------> Albrighton = first time every time!
  13. Liverpool (H) Match Thread

    King getting worse. Headless
  14. Liverpool (H) Match Thread

    He is. He was desperately looking for someone in the midfield to pass to then, but no one showing for him. Ridiculous
  15. Liverpool (H) Match Thread

    Love your positive attitude Pads. LFC taking their foot off the gas in the last 10 helped too but not quitting, and starting to scrap is a good trait. Just need to stick some football in there too...