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  1. It’s because he does nothing. He’s inert.
  2. This. It will be interesting to see if he features vs Brentford this weekend. If not, I think he’ll be back off to Roma as it’s a big chance to rotate for rest and also for some other players to get an opportunity.
  3. Will take that! (If he joins)
  4. Is he more similar in style to Vardy or Zlatan? Seems the latter in terms of skilful but stronger who can bring people into the game but also a good instinctive finisher. Question, would we need need to change our style if he played? Should we get him and do that or try and look for someone with qualities of Vardy who can grow into role (Malen?)? Asking cos I don’t know, not because I’m trying to make / score a point! Leao has been very hot and cold. Was great before he got injured. Still v raw. There’s some player in there
  5. Is “mince” Glasgow rhyming slang for mince pie, top guy? Kels on form is good, he’s just not been on form for a little while but not had a run. Underrated link up player too. Like Benkovic couldn’t make the Cardiff bench? Wales > Scotland 🎣 😝 kidding aside, thanks for sharing your insights Your old man is BIG DADDY?!
  6. I need to do that but can’t resist! It’s the tinkering and “what if” that gets you on FUT, otherwise I could just play seasons, career or Pes!
  7. Good grief, sounds awful. I’m thinking of selling everyone except my main squad and first silver XI as I’m doing some recycling at the moment for the 80+ pick and keep getting untradeable dupes. Really feel my team isn’t that far off (unless I completely change it up) and I thinks it’s fun to use. Of course there is always tweaks you can make. HL Benzema is really only player I want that I don’t have at this point and I’d put him in for Gold Griezman What are peoples tactic for this? Do you put in rares or commons. I feel like rares are actually easier to get so might stick
  8. Is it that coloured ball? What’s the deal?
  9. Mate, that’s awesome on the pulls. I’ve probably done about 15 and started with Bonucci from my first pack. Had Di Maria and that’s about it since. Really want HL Benzema. Anyone got him / used him?
  10. I saw this team posted on the Reddit fifa thread. Not sure if 7k still but might be useful? Obviously not to TOTW though https://www.futbin.com/21/squad/4957088
  11. I’m not feeling the value of doing them this year. i did the Ramarinho silver lounge thing last night. Quite good fun actually.
  12. When you are in the settings, does it show them moving? Or just on the pitch during a game? I have the issue when I have different formations, fifa randomly assigns where they go, and not logically. E.g., my formation for chem is 352 but IG I play 4141 or 4231 and if I’m not looking, it default swaps my CBs and also puts a different CDM to RB
  13. If you have a La Liga team, really recommend the new IF Morales at LM / LW. I picked him up for 14k and he’s ousted Hazard from the team (so sold him for a profit). Current team, although I switch between Valverde and De Jong and Kounde and Hermoso and go to 4141 or 4231 at start of game (Capa RB)
  14. Ground my way to 16 icon swaps and went for 83 and 85 packs and then the base icon. Got Roberto Carlos, so was happy with that. Last game where I needed just to score with the Prem team (mine is crap as I don’t have an EPL team) and I went 1-0 down and the guy paused it. Not sure what made me carry on but I just kept playing and he kept scoring. Ended up losing 6-2 and of course during the game I got the “git good” message on PSN. Told him thanks and I hoped he packed Gullit. 😂 Are people saving packs for TOTW now or should I just open?
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