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  1. Not bothered by what that lower-mid table are up to nowadays
  2. Those are given every week. It’s a soft one but it’s still a penalty
  3. It was a penalty. Albrighton should have got rid of it and not made it even a thing
  4. Cleaning up after Salah push not given. Ridiculous
  5. Exactly!! Brendan needs to call us!! 😂😂
  6. @That_Dude - that might be the shithouse you were talking about 😂😂😂
  7. Hope so (that) dude! So tough with us having 3 such good CMs now. I actually think Praet wide might be better if we play YT, JM and DP as he has better discipline. Deffo with Marc starting and we’ve given a good showing and that pass for their goal from Milner was something special. Here’s hoping for a spawny equaliser!!
  8. We aren’t playing either though. This 433 with Maddison playing inside is worse. My point is that if we want to match them then our wide front men have to pin back TAA and Robertson and they aren’t. Not saying they aren’t good but it’s obvious their full backs are a huge creative outlet
  9. Vardy had to score then. What a ball from Marc!
  10. Well we aren’t doing much matching them with 433 so far...
  11. Likewise. Enjoying my time off so far 👍
  12. Diamond with Barnes up top? Or Madders the 10 and Praet out wide on right...
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