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  1. Wing backs clearly not working and not enough guile or creativity out wide. Can’t believe he’s not brought Barnes on
  2. Wasn’t that long ago people were crying out for Big Dan as a CB too. Also what about Knight or Moore? Could they cover at a pinch? I do think we need another top class CB though, that and really, really top quality winger
  3. Not sure if been done before but how about this for a song for Madders? (Not so keen on the second part). Might be better to the tempo of The Lemonheads version too... especially if people want to keep going with the doo do doo doot doo bit And here's to you, Jamie Maddison Leicester loves you more than you will know Whoa, whoa, whoa God bless you, please, Jamie Maddison Leicester is the place that you’ll stay Hey, hey, hey Hey, hey, hey Be gentle...
  4. Give over, we all know you’d do it for free! 😂
  5. Agree completely. We should be bringing in some more pace up top. I’d love Neres or Bergwijn to come in as another wide goal threat to help stretch the game more
  6. Nice professional win and a couple of cracking goals to boot! Could have been more and would have loved Nacho to get on the score sheet. Joelinton botching up when clean through made me chuckle too
  7. What @ketteringscott said, unless you ( @MPH) meant to say he was berthed there, like some sort of boat?
  8. Some top journalism there 😂
  9. It was a really great turn out, not just from Miami / FL locals that were there in force but also people who travelled across country, like my mate who came from Tacoma, Washington for the weekend. It was an easy flight from Houston. The club brought a strong contingent too and Gerry Taggart was awesome!
  10. Not bothered by what that lower-mid table are up to nowadays
  11. Those are given every week. It’s a soft one but it’s still a penalty
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