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  1. Yeah, that guy. Also need someone to play RM but be right footed as RM/RWB. He’s too pricey for that. Also need them to be CM then shift. Llorente is closest but also only 3/3.
  2. Nice, I have no money right now but some sellable people. I was tempted by Crespo for the Messi link (jury still out on him - he’s a lazy **** and Prime Barnes is wanting his place back). I’m currently playing Lautaro up top to get Vidal in and then have Vidal as my RM in a 352, he also goes LCM in a 41212 (narrow) or 4312 and LCDM in 4231. If there was a great B2B la Liga guy, I’d put them in to play Inaki who rate over Lautaro. EOAE dropped off a cliff last night. He’s been a stalwart.
  3. Dunno what happened last night but I played some rivals before the deadline and it was so tough and sweaty and just a real struggle. My team felt like they were in sludge while sweaty gold teams glided by me and one guy’s Kante could run fast than my passes and a guy with IF Maddison (he better play as well as that Sunday) and HL Ings along with gold Salah just whizzed by me. Really made me not want to bother building a team any more. I’m really thinking about doing WL but it’s given me second thoughts now. I did end the night on a a couple of wins, the last
  4. Shut up. 😂 Seriously though. I really like him and did him for free with fodders. Engine and he has good enough agility and balance, decent passer and finishes with either foot and off corners too. Actually better with get in behind rather than target man (which I’ve never figured out). Not sure who to pair him with now, currently it’s birthday Inaki with my UCL Messi behind and then Rooney, Makelele and Moments Busquets but tempted to try Lautaro again (he’s dropped so much!) and put the Birthday Vidal in. Any thoughts on that birthday Hermoso? Upgrade on Todib
  5. Who is out? Or just a generic one? I saw they released Sol, Pirlo and Drogba recently. Drogba would be nice but I have Kluivert and not sure he’s worth the upgrade for the price.
  6. Really good game. Pretty difficult too - or I’m just rubbish. I’m finishing off Spider-Man on PS4, but it’s now carried over to PS5 but also really loving Desperados 3 on my Pc at the moment.
  7. Yeah, I’d seen the expansion and actually casually watch a couple of youtubers (Hawkes Gaming and Down to earth astronomy) who talk about it. Does look fun and a bit more engaging than the usual fly, mine, trade, a little bit of combat - although I enjoy all that and the sense of vastness
  8. Just did 3 to get in before the lock. 88 Aspas was first one! Then Ruben Nevsh, and finally SMS. Also packed Golds for Benz, Bonucci and IF Lingz for my other packs. Not sure what Ive done to deserve this luck today! 10 to 6 is the time to open backs!
  9. Not played for a while but spend a lot of time on it on PS4. Picked it up for my PC, but the idea of starting again from scratch when I have other games I can play isn’t compelling me at the moment
  10. Thought eff it, I’ll do the 85x5 as I had Valverde in my unassigned and just bought Ter Stegen to replace my untradeable Lloris. Had to build some fodder from the 81+ pp first and got Reach IF who bumped my IF highest to 81 and also got Koke. Managed to scrape an 85 squad but had to buy Modric, Suarez and Munain to get me there, so spent about 50k total. Pretty happy with the results!
  11. Nice! I think you’ll be good.
  12. Do you just put in all the players under 83 into the upgrades? Thinking of spending the day rinsing my club too. @Ashley- I also have PIMs of Puyol, Kluivert, Wright and Makelele and Prime Barnes after doing their SBCs, also have Baby Roberto Carlos from a base icon pack (icons swaps I think) and then Baby Rijkaard who I bought. Probably is a lot but I also lean towards them for nostalgia (probably the right age of watching them all) and Roberto Carlos was more luck but I love him over HL Theo. With Icons, they are great but not all are meta and probably I could have better
  13. Woah, how come? I’m kind of glad I didn’t to it this weekend. IF Dallas wouldn’t have been a good red pick
  14. Dude! Were you catfished by his loan card? They really need to make him better with long throw, rushes out of goal, comes for crosses and saves with starfish I’m feeling Ian Wright’s loan card reeled me in. He’s only on the bench behind PIM Kluivert and Birthday Williams and I’m tempted to get Mbappe to go with one of them in a sort of Heskey & Cottee / Howard & Dickov pairing. Also Vidal not blowing me away. This guy is now a member of the Houstonfox XI...
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