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  1. Well, top boy is Ndidi now but agree!
  2. Anyone know how we can get the OHL kit online?
  3. Hey fellow US based fans. Thought I'd let you know that I've emailed the club asking why we are charged VAT on club shop orders. Hopefully they'll reply soon and if they can waive it, we can save 20% off orders!! I've not had CBP pull any packages yet but should save double taxes if they do (not sure threshold before they tax us). Will keep you all posted
  4. Email or tweet club. Is he an overseas member? If so, they are now putting tickets aside. Jim'll help.
  5. Agree with you (as almost always) and I'm a little disappointed Barnes didn't get a run out. Am I right in thinking he is only outfield player that travels that didn't? Would have been nice to see him get some mins. Agree with you on King (re: what did we learn?) although think you are slightly harsh on him. Very good squad player and dressing room influence, not on tons and his Beckenbaueresque move in the second half was sublime. He was also more effective than Drinky (sorry, I appear to be bashing him today, I really like him but just don't think he's up to his high standards, and I'm still not sure what type of midfielder he is trying to be) as well. We have some more preseason games to come, so hopefully Barnes gets a run out, Chilly and Gray to come back and Drinky to dominate (maybe he doesn't like the heat?)
  6. Totally agree with this, you could see from the first 20 that he was up for it, involved and we looked pretty potent in attack. I think with James running out of steam, Liverpool started coming into it, and then he was increasingly isolated. Amartey didn't come forward nearly as much today, I guess in response to Coutinho being on the LW. I think this, plus a less dynamic midfield (no Ndidi) hurt Riyad (and the team) a little as Liverpool started to easily deal with our attacks. I might rewatch the game later with a bit more of a critical eye, but then again, probably won't! Haha
  7. Dude, I'm sorry but Drinky was by far our least effective midfielder, and that is coupled with the same in the last game too. Yes, it is early but the warning signs are there. He needs to be more dynamic and move more. Show him a tape of 2013/14 and tell him to get back to that. Also, love how you say people shouldn't be judged but then start to judge Kasper and and Mahrez. Mahrez was very good in the first 20 mins but our lack of midfield after that is what let Liverpool back into the game.
  8. Like Scholes, when Scholes was 36 unfortunately
  9. Good summary. It's basically Ndidi +1 in midfield. I also liked the look of Lawrence today too
  10. If we play the Arsenal of today, that might be ok....
  11. Lemina? He's 6'0. Hardly a giant. Also, he's at Juve, so why would he join us?
  12. He's playing left mid... Lawrence with a good ball - Leo just too slow
  13. Mainly Leo, which is only partially his fault. Without real pace up front we are pretty toothless
  14. Am I the only one struggling with the contrast of Black vs Dark Red kits? I know it's still early here