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  1. Yeah nothing is insurmountable if the desire is great enough! I'd imagine that there may be some workarounds with a private charter instead of public flight too, but not sure.
  2. Portugal is treated differently to Spain for air travel right now though
  3. It’s just a joke, a LCFC relevant joke that’s made a few people laugh. Why are you so bothered? Go for a walk mate, it’s a lovely day
  4. Sometimes. Some days he can ping every pass around the park and not put a foot wrong, others not so much! I think I'd class his distribution like my physics teacher predicted my grade "anything from an A-F, who knows"!
  5. John was covering the Tigers game that day!!!
  6. Get well soon Sol a Leicester legend. I've always named my cats after leicester legends, so far; Walshy Muzzy Piper Bamba Kasper Fight it tiger!!
  7. YES, can I vote again please?
  8. Having considered all of the above regarding good feeling for the club for treating someone right, and the associated risk of over-paying through loyalty. We could have probably achieved the same level of "They're a great club and treat people right" with a two year contract given his injury record!
  9. OR If a guy you worked with suffered an injury giving his best efforts at work, and those injuries, despite his best efforts to recover virtually ended his career and you saw your employer discard him at the first opportunity .... would you still give it your all for that employer? Would you recommend them to your elite professional mates that you mix with at a higher level?
  10. 5waller5


    Hamza is 23. Harry Kane when loaned to us was 19. Not that similar!
  11. He looks a real prospect - but I’d say Palace are perfect for him right now ... he was sub today so isn’t seen as “ready”, so if it takes him 6 months to become a regular and 18 months to become their main man he’s halfway into a 4 year contract and can either demand more money or a big move
  12. I’m a big BR fan. My slight criticism of him v Palace wasn’t the initial team selection or the subs.... it was that he watched us dominate for 45 minutes, then Palace come back into it after half time and waited for them to score. The time to make the subs was when it was apparent they’d woken up at half time. We let them steal the initiative.
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