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  1. I can honestly say the Police have had no reason to visit my house during the last year, I also find it difficult to imagine they’ve had to visit most people on here. Argue a point by all means, but at least attempt to stay in touch with facts / reality?
  2. Thanks for your expert opinion on virology. You might find that your obvious knowledge is taken more seriously if you master basic grammar first?
  3. Dickov ..... in the words of my 17 year old son “is a Btech Vardy”!!😆
  4. to be fair, apart from “The Tank” there were some decent footballers in the side. Sir Les Ferdinand still one of my favourite players to pull on a Leicester shirt!
  5. When your lippy matches the piping on your trackies!
  6. I’m not on Twitter (really never seen the point), what happens then, and who’s targeted this time?
  7. Yeah I’d do it, but they always seem to appear so quickly I can never get in!!
  8. Could there possibly be a format to the pre-match threads that includes the key information?? The title of this thread would be a great template. The content to usefully then include: Kick off time / date TV coverage details I’d certainly find this a useful improvement. Anyone else??
  9. Contracts are written individually, they aren't just some standard form with one version of each clause. It's impossible to know what the buy back clause says without seeing the contract.
  10. So pleased for the guy, he's clearly a humble atypical footballer personality, and finding confidence and form has been a long tough journey for him. To find that form in such sensational style clearly means so much to him, it was so endearing to see the human under the kit break through after the third goal went in. His humility in the interview will have won him many friends, he seems like such a nice down-to-earth lad, in an alien world of designer labels, massive pressure, and huge personalities. He had me in tears today, I'm so pleased for him, I really
  11. I've seen this said before
  12. He’d be awesome playing alongside a big striker that pulls focus from the defenders .... think Sir Les Ferdinand, Ian Marshall, Steve Walsh, or even Crouch / Duncan Ferguson. (yeah I know they’re all old, my knowledge of big strikers is fairly out of date!!!)
  13. It’s very simple. If it’s clear and obviously a Man U, Man City, or Liverpool player then give the penalty. Otherwise, don’t.
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