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  1. I think we tried to play exactly the same against very different sides - it worked against one and not against the other.
  2. I'd respond, if i had a clue what your point was.
  3. Finished last season with 35 points.
  4. I retired, aged 40, from Sunday League 12 years ago. Slimani gives me hope I can someday play for LCFC
  5. Like we did against Man City and West Ham you mean??
  6. You know Grealish plays for Villa, ignoring the last 4 games, I'd say they were the definition of a struggling team?
  7. I've just been saying exactly this to my son. For me, It's a combination of throwing in the towel earlier, and there being no pressure on attackers - nobody is on their back if they miss, so they attempt more flamboyant passes / moves / shots etc and don't worry as much about it not coming off
  8. One point I've not seen made is that Kasper could have easily stepped forward and took the cross that led to their first goal. It was a lofted, deep cross and was bread and butter catching practice in his 6 yard area.
  9. That video just about encapsulates everything that's wrong in the world / football / social media. It's repulsive, in bad taste, vulgar, tasteless, shallow, vacuous, and rightly invites criticism when, at best, you're an average Premier League player, and at worst (like today) look like you're having a day off being average because you can't be arsed.
  10. I don't think it's either of those things - it's simply criticism of his tactics today - which I'd agree were woeful. In terms of struggling to make cutting edge passes .... We shouldn't need to rely on them, we should have played a 451 formation, overloading the wings and forcing WH's players out of position. Instead we matched their formation, and made it easy for their game plan of 10 men behind the ball successful, by trying to play through the middle. Manager's are paid £millions to get this right, 90% of Foxestalk would have been screaming at their TV at Brendan -
  11. Three definite penalties. Fair play to the F*rest fan for going to the trouble of creating an account!!
  12. I still think there’s a player in there somewhere, but to criticise the rest of the team for KI’s performance last night is just wrong. He was consistently in the shadow of a defender. He just wasn’t looking to receive the ball.
  13. He's an average footballer that hasn't improved, or made progress, in 4 years of being at the club. Why does he deserve more respect on a football forum?
  14. He can beat players - Unfortunately he usually seems to be going sideways when he dribbles through 4 men, as soon as he turns and runs in the right direction he runs straight into the first man.
  15. How come? What's happened? Where has 6-12 weeks out come from?
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