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  1. Well, me duck, this "guy" thinks you should continue your journey to a brighter future where you find a team (any team ? any sport ?) with fans that really appreciate you trying so hard to like them and whose views on the team match yours. By the bye - were you at the game yesterday ?
  2. Me too, but it would be interesting to know to what position in League Two LCFC have to fall before you think there's something wrong ? Perhaps you'd be happier supporting Newport ?
  3. You naughty boy, you've been taking the wrong tablets again haven't you ?
  4. True - but I've heard Coventry fans have evolved to the walking stage.
  5. Yup, this is turning out to be a looooonnng summer break. Roll on the World Cup.
  6. As is much of this topic in the forum, and I accept some of the blame for my measly comments. God, I'm dreading the summer break.
  7. Surely you'd have to be f'kin double brilliant to compensate for the mistakes if you're playing alongside Simpson, Morgan and Fuchs or Chilwell.
  8. I'd never, ever admit to being a wind-up merchant, but isn't it nice to see Neil Warnock back in the Premier League ?
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