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  1. Always - never felt I had a choice. First game would have been aged 11 or 12, so would have been either 57/58, or 58/59 - my older brother took me when he came home on leave from the Navy. Can't remember who City played, but I do remember the atmosphere. We stood half way up on the right hand side of the kop (looking at the pitch). Later, when I started to go on my own, I preferred the popular (?) stand.
  2. And the abysmal German national side - utter sh** and they've won nothing.
  3. So you're saying we should be signing more cabbages ?
  4. Plus N'didi, Chilwell, Gray
  5. The outlook for new season beginning to look better and better.
  6. Great news about a very good signing and getting really good vibes about the new season.
  7. Exactly. Teams win games and leagues. Individuals may "shine" more than some others, but in the end it's the whole team effort that counts (or doesn't, as this season as shown).
  8. Surely your statistics are only valid if you can show how many goals Vardy/Mahrez/etc would have scored if Kante hadn't played ?
  9. Think the 12th man has done us proud.
  10. Oh my word
  11. Knobbie Savage and his mate willing Seville on on BT Sport
  12. True, and apparently the young man is not happy about playing for Woy.
  13. Win, draw, lose - I'm not that bothered (really ? well OK, I am a bit), as long as we get the boys in blue that did us proud last season and last Monday night.
  14. Simples: 'None of your fuching business'
  15. I don't think our FA exactly sets the standard for manager recruitment.