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  1. Maddison, Maguire and Chilwell has been pissing me off lately. So much talent, but so fvcking casual in anything they do, needs to start performing.
  2. This. We always seem to sack managers as a reaction without any clear plan.
  3. We might end up with a manager with no clear Plan A. A manager that fails to build on what we’ve done the last couple of years.
  4. They better have a plan behind this. I’m gonna be fuming if we appoint Hughes/Big Sam/Moyes or some of that dross.
  5. Worst crowd in the prem tbh. One or two songs getting repeated, lots of angry old people with a limited understanding of football (half of them probably wants Ranieri back). Remember the title season, where we fooled everyone into believing we had somewhat of a decent atmosphere with those fvcking clappers. I honestly get more frustrated about the toxic atmosphere then I do about the football being played, and that’s saying a lot considering the football being played atm. This is not a Puel in or out post, so please don’t bring him into it. The Ghezzal booing is btw ridiculous, the supporters are actually ruining his confidence, his stats isn’t even that bad, people have just decided not to like him. I actually feel really sorry for him. We were pushing for 7th for a period, and people still managed to be frustrated about the state of our club. Cannot be easy playing away games even when we’re at home.
  6. Horrible at the back today, should never lose a game where we manage to bag three goals.
  7. Morgan and Simpson can fvck right off
  8. The club is in the most promising position we’ve been in since MON, but people complain like we’re 20th and haven’t won a game all season. Can we please just get some consistency in our club without half our fanbase complaining? The key word is patience, most managers who succeed all had time to develop their team and style. We’re not the first team struggling to break down anti-football teams early in the project. Liverpool always struggled against low defensive blocks when Klopp came in, look at them now.
  9. Look at the teams above us, I’m curious to know which of the teams you expect us to surpass?
  10. The state of our fanbase That gofundme makes me genuinely embarrassed.
  11. I really appreciate Babylon using his time discussing this with people who are clearly "simple". I for one cba with them I will say this, if you truly believe that Puel should go when we are 7th in the league and building a young squad, then you: a) Started supporting us after we won the league. b) Have a completely unrealistic view of what we should achieve. c) Are fvcking stupid.
  12. Will never see a reason to boo one of our own players, especially when they haven´t done anything outrageous.
  13. If you boo your own team you´re a fvcking cvnt, end of. I wish all the people booing went back supporting Man Utd or something, cba with you guys.
  14. People needs to stop whining about formations, not once have we actuallt played the formations stated on the team sheet. We’ve transitioned between several formations depending on which space he wants us to attack. And Vardy? Horrible game, poor first touch, poor decision making. The fact you got upvotes on your post makes me wanna quit reading this forum, some of you really piss me off. Bet everyone in the ‘Puel out’ brigade believes Cardiff play «the right kind of football».
  15. Because a midfield of Ndidi-Hamza-Mendy were never going to open up Cardiffs low block.
  16. I can understand why someone would say the football at the minute is boring to watch, but to say our squad isn´t shaping up to a quite exciting squad is just stupid.
  17. Let him finish the transition of our squad. Say what you want about the football at the minute, but our squad is getting younger and more exciting. Give him time to get rid of the older players and bring in younger replacements and we might actually be able to attract some good managers excited by the potential of our squad. Replace him now and we´ll end up with Pearson, Moyes, Hughes or something like that.
  18. Ndidi and Mendy has to be the worst CM partnership in the league.
  19. I swear most of our fans just decided to hate Puel because Saints said he was boring. Everyone who complain about us going nowhere, do you see what’s happening? We’re clearly transitioning from an aging squad built for defensive compactness and long balls to a young, dynamic ball-playing side. Next season is when we can start to expect results, at the moment we’re over-achieving considering the players we have and what we’re trying to achieve. Just look at our team against Fulham, a right side of Morgan, Simpson and Albrighton, but a left side of Soyuncu, Chilwell and Gray. Get rid of some players in January, then the rest will leave in the summer with players such as Benkovic and Barnes returning to our squad. The future is bright, and this is the right way to go, he’s trying to build a squad that can challenge for top six. We’ve established ourselves as a Prem side, this is the right time to build something bigger.
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