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  1. Hey mate, Hope you are OK. Im here if you'd like to chat I can give you a live broadcast of the latest protest im attending in about an hour
  2. what about the newts.. they must be freezing
  3. The reward for me was a lot more psychological than physical. It was a thing that i did whenever i completed a task or progresed in something. I would stand back have a smoke and (unconsciously i think) celebrate. I replaced it with a cup of tea... after the physical effects were gone it allowed me the time to stop and reflect. (now i drink way too much tea )
  4. my first streaming of english tv for a lonnng time... They are STILL doing the meerkats????????????
  5. So we accept SFE as legit for starting the match thread now?
  6. To be fair, all managers of big sides talk about having competition for places and if you are going to be the best it doesnt do any harm to have someone pushing you. Also, im sure Youri could learn a lot fro someone like CE
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