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  1. yeh, ive decided fvck it!... its time to get violent, common sense has been made redundant
  2. I had asumed it was the same as Fergie/Andrew in the 80s Di and Chuck were tyhe golden couple and the others were the evil ones... its just media exploitation ..FVCKING RUPERT
  3. pretty sure that's almost the entirety of the UK right now
  4. Thats a bit harsh.... children usually grow, learn and improve.
  5. Non violent opposition has become non viable.
  6. Our resident "previously posted" joke police are going to be flat out
  7. paedophile, child rapist catholic scumbag George Pell fails in his appeal rot in hell you perverted scumbag.
  8. They have a beautiful warbling song, one of my favourite bird songs... but its coming up to spring and some of the evil bastards are preparing to destroy. We had a young man that was chased on to our verandah last year, he was almost in tears because he couldnt get past to get to his house up the road.There is even a website to map the attacks so you can avoid dangerous locations https://www.magpiealert.com/
  9. so as long as not too many are offended, and you think its funny..its ok?
  10. By that rule how many need to be offended to decide its offensive?
  11. "Antifa" is not a thing It is... Anti (opposed to - against) Fascism - (a political philosophy, movement, or regime that exalts nation and often race above the individual) We are all ANTIFA
  12. Just finished this... and started this.... the Koch's
  13. Piedra is a great name
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