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  1. My wife has written a number of plays and short pieces... had a few performe and... when were were living in the UK (get ready for this) won a place in the Bognor Regis one act play competition
  2. Looking back...Whether made redundant, quit or been sacked...in time it has always been for the best in my life
  3. I watched a "report" yesterday about how the schools were now setting up classes to teach young people how to buy shares etc.
  4. the dealers can be trusted... it just depends who you deal with doesnt it
  5. Its my opinion that the world is flat. It's my opinion, its wrong.... but its my opinion.
  6. People talk about Salary Caps and draft systems.... the first thing that needs to be done (and something that doesnt damages the game unlike the other things mentioned) is to limit the squad sizes. Clubs like Man City, Chelsea etc have dozens of players in the squad + dozens more on loan. Its a simple fix... i dunno, maximum 36 man squad
  7. No, you have won eternal damnation for such an appalling opinion.
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