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  1. i just wonder anyone is opposed to improving the planet?
  2. Kristy Bunny Alger This is Gerry Harvey, of Harvey Norman fame. Owner of The Magic Millions horse auction house. Gerry Harvey is worth $2.2 billion dollars. Explore the Wind was a horse bred by Gerry Harvey's stud farm. Born 11/11/2006, his last race is listed as being 2/9/2015 on the Sunshine Coast where he finished eight out of a field of eight. Explore the Wind was officially "retired" in 2017 aged only eleven years old. His last listed owners were K.J Walker, J.A Hammill, P. Bowden and C.P Raven. Walker is a current horse trainer. Some time after his 2017 retirement, Explore the Wind was sent to Burns Pet Foods in NSW where he was slaughtered for dog meat. All the money in the world, and not a single person was willing to guarantee him a long happy retirement.
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