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  1. I have started putting the subtitles on the telly while i watch music shows... ive been most impressed with the lyrical content that my mangy old ears couldnt figure out. (WAP excluded obv.)
  2. By the way.. is this the most unusual first post ever...?
  3. wow, that is a surprise. One of Australia's finest bands, with a meaningful and banging song. Just a (genuine) query, did you hear it when it came out back in the 80s/90s... or is it a recent awareness?
  4. There is "coming out of the closet" and then there is this.
  5. My concern is that they will be given special rights to have larger squads.. thereby stealing even more of the best players and sitting them on the bench for half a season
  6. WTF 1st place. That's it, thank you, and goodnight
  7. Could be worse, could be, Spurs, Chelsea, Man united, Arsenal etc etc
  8. defo gonna be some sending offs today
  9. i had two hours sleep then got up for this.. and my hair looks better than Grealish's
  10. Harvey cracking.. Tielemonas quiet, Fofana solid
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