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  1. Schmeichel 6 Another good Game, except the howler Simpson 7 kept hazard quiet, overlapped brilliantly just lacked final ball, solid defender Chilwell 6 Good Defensive work, lacks confidence going forward Morgan 7 great game solid as a rock and gave a few good nudges Maguire 6 early card stopped him from dominating Mahrez 7 some great moments probably spoiled by having him every week Iborra 7 all class, id have him start every week Ndidi 6 good game, but Ngolo shows what we lack Albrighton 8 He really stands up in big games (MOTM) Vardy 6 Tried but a quiet night for him iheanacho 5 struggles to get into the game...also lacks a bit of chase Diabate 5 meh tried Okazaki 7 had an impact Silva 5 meh Gray 5 meh
  2. The Last 8 Games Of Riyad Mahrez

    hmm to be fair, i think Lennon was a better songwriter (and person) post the Beatles
  3. well done @StanSP Just think, about 7 weeks ago i was second... disaster
  4. Chelsea (H) FA Cup Match Thread

    Well, i thought that was a pretty decent half, a little luck and couldve been up. Simpson has been a revelation, just needs to sort the final ball.
  5. Chelsea (H) FA Cup Match Thread

    bugger my stream bout 1 minute behind.. no match thread for me then
  6. Chelsea (H) FA Cup Match Thread

    ooh tifo flags?
  7. Chelsea (H) FA Cup Match Thread

    Can i just check that its being shown on BBC1? Just some shitty game show right now?
  8. Chelsea (H) FA Cup Match Thread

    download Modbro now!!!
  9. Leicester vs Chelsea FA cup predictions

    nah that would spoil all your fun.
  10. What grinds my gears...

    in addition to this... "He/She died doing what she loved"... NO! he/she loved surfing, they did NOT love being chewed up by a shark... he/she liked flying a helicopter, they did NOT love plummeting to the ground at 90 mile an hour.
  11. Leicester vs Chelsea FA cup predictions

    its all good man
  12. Leicester vs Chelsea FA cup predictions

    the clue is in the name OZLeicester... down under
  13. Leicester vs Chelsea FA cup predictions

    12.30 am Monday
  14. Leicester vs Chelsea FA cup predictions

    Please not extra time etc... its not finishing till 2.30am as it is... 3-1 to the City
  15. Leicester Vs Chelsea FA Cup

    So, weathers ok? no chance of the game being postponed?