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  1. Lol the other one that was being bathed did, softball sized shit floating away, fortunately I was up stream from that
  2. Today i bathed a baby elephant in a river in Malaysia. Never could i have dreamt of such a thing, what an amazing life. What incredible creatures.
  3. He's not gonna want to pay that to leave, but seems fair 😁
  4. Ahh well you see , I believe sport is where we are right to expect and desire to see the very best, it is competition, I want to watch Usain run the 100 metres, to set world records and to be better than anyone else. The red team at my daughters school can also run the 100 metres and thats fun..., but i want to see the best..... which is completely different to life, which should not be about competing but about making fair. The draft is about levelling the playing field.... lets level society...... and let the best compete on the field
  5. we are in through the rabbit hole... people on FT commenting on people on TV, commenting on people on TV
  6. Fair point, the Patriots appear to be something of an anomaly, most other teams have their 3-4 years at the top and then drift back to start again. Also, the draft can only be effective, when you dont have an international comp... or you are the elite comp.
  7. Absolutely it was a simplification... but at the end of the day, it is about making the entire league more "equal" so you have a league filled with good teams... but no GREAT teams. and you can not have promotion/relegation. it is about creating entertainment not about creating THE BEST
  8. so you cant build the greatest team ever... just a team of averages
  9. This is quite simply the destruction of sport and it becomes entertainment. Aussie rules has had it for 20 years and its a shambles, it basically evens out the league so that everyone gets a chance to win the league... also it means you have to do away with promotion/relegation. Implementing a draft system also requires a salary cap. All of the teams have a period of 5-6 years where they (should) finish somewhere between 1-5 they have had the pick of the best young players previously and they are reaching a peak then 5-6 years of finishing between 6-15 those best players are ageing and losing impact and youve only been able to draft mid level players 5-6 years of of finishing 15-20.... all the best players are past it, you then get the best youth and the whole thing starts again. It may as well be professional wrestling
  10. Yes He wanted to implement change, they didn't
  11. THE KINKS MONO COLLECTION Import https://www.amazon.com.au/dp/B01LA1YT68?smid=ANEGB3WVEVKZB
  12. The Hungarians! Game on = Zolt Lasko (sp) was the saviour and the other guy was ok
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