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  1. have you tried Ozark. Im on season 2 and its pretty good.
  2. Peoples inability to differentiate between sport and society is mind boggling.
  3. My wife was a little disappointed when I bought some new beads for her abacus for our anniversary. But i said... "Honey, it’s the little things that count!"
  4. Snopes and Dwight are your friends
  5. yes,,,exactly my point, everyone takes turns to win, and the best mediocre side wins the cup. entertainment not sport
  6. Beginning of the end. A salary cap requires a draft system, a draft system has a single aim in ensuring all clubs get equal opportunity and therefore you end up with consistency not excitement. No clubs will make it to the Premier league now... you will never see a wimbledon or Brentford rise up. They will be all nice and equal in the lower leagues.
  7. Just for shits n giggles.... I know a person who has seen more then ONE HUNDRED Hanson shows.. across numerous countries.
  8. Pretty sure the "sex stories" were first made on talk back radio....sooo 80% of transmissions in Victoria are through peoples work places. - Capitalism huh
  9. Palmer is a disgusting human being, bought the last election for the Libs and bought his way into parliament a few years ago. Corrupt doesnt even start to describe him. Re, the opening of the borders, id still be surprised if that challenge fails... the Federation demands that ALL people have free access to ALL states. As it stands, what we are doing in WA (right as it may be) is unconstitutional and illegal
  10. Par for the course... https://www.abc.net.au/news/2020-07-15/sas-soldiers-allegedly-plant-gun-on-dead-bodies-in-afghanistan/12452964 https://www.abc.net.au/news/2020-07-21/australian-sas-soldiers-killed-the-wrong-afghan-man/12472478
  11. Incoming "My mate is the signfitter" thread which will descend into the pits of hell as one of the signs falls on our record signing leaving them out for the season.
  12. Our owners are CLOSELY related/associated to the King of Thailand. The KOT assisted the King of Bahrain by arresting and holding an innocent refugee in a filthy prison for 3 months. Just an FYI, the refugee was accused of blowing up a police station in Bahrain... at the time he was playing football in a Live TV covered match. He was COMPLETELY innocent of ANY charges.. but had been known to speak out against the abuses of the Bahrainy King/Government in the past. He was only released due to the pressure of Aussie people and particularly Ex-Socceroo Craig Foster. Our owners effectively support the human rights abuses.
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