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  1. Not an insult Dave … but a fact. If you want to ban me from the forum and keep this idiot on it … then it's your choice. But if he's still spouting his left wing nonsense on this forum in another 12 hours then this will be my last post on here. Shame on you if that's the case … in his own words the prat has already been banned once and he's only got a hundred odd posts.
  2. Pressure is being a heart surgeon's patient.
  3. Haha … started writing this rubbish when Villa were 3-0 down … sorry Stanley … up the Villa and you are missed on Talksport.
  4. Oh dear .....the continued demise of the Villa. We are the biggest club in the MIdlands at the moment and should celebrate this. I know Stanley C keeps spouting on how the Villa are one of most trophy laden clubs in English history and are one of football's elite. In this respect he is totally correct … seven top division titles and seven times FA cup winners. What he fails to mention is that their penultimate League title was in 1910 and their penultimate FA cup win was in 1920. Anyway enough bitterness …… still miss my trips to Villa Park and some banter with the Brummies.
  5. Loved Muzzy. Just testing … looks like I've not been banned yet .
  6. Just accept the fact .. you are a boring inconsequential twat that basically talks complete and utter garbage.
  7. You either have a poor or very selective memory. The UK banking system nearly collapsed under Labour .. mainly due to the incompetence of Gordon Brown. Remember him ? The bloke that robbed our pension funds and sold the Nation's gold reserves. Remember Tony Blair and Iraq ? Things would get a whole lot worse if Corbyn and his rabble got into power.
  8. Met some great German people over the years … not a sleight against the German people. Just having a go at Tusk's arrogant comment.
  9. Typical comment from Tusk …. the man who comes from a country who gets more money than any other from the EU. Remember 70 odd years ago when we helped save your country from the Germans … your EU bosom buddies.
  10. Some of the inter play against United was quite breathtaking … albeit without a real cutting edge. So yes given the age of the squad we are progressing. The problem a club of our size is always going to have though is the big club vultures hovering above.
  11. Yep even weaker clubs have more than one striker. Effectively we are just operating with one 32 year old striker. Utter madness.
  12. Quick look on the United forum and they are not taking this lightly and showing a lot of respect. Let's hope that they are right ! Looking forward to it , our games against United are rarely boring.
  13. A second referendum is basically saying because the some of the politicians didn't like the result of the first one can we try again ? I didn't like the result against Cardiff at home this season … can we declare the match null and void and play it again ? Anyway let's leave it there. We are both entitled to our own opinions as both of us choose to live in a hopefully democratic country.
  14. I think you are just a scare monger. There is bound to be adverse fall out from Brexit but I see this being short term. We are the fifth biggest economy in the World and I think long term the French and German economies will suffer more than ours as they continue to pump billions into the EU and presumably also have to make up the deficit from our missing billions. So in a nutshell short term pain for long term gain. Any non Brexit decision now will be denying the British people their democratic rights.
  15. Always thought he was older than her … but apparently not as she is 90 in a few days time.
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