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  1. Silva is 28 now ... if we were to wait a season he'd be pushing 30..... think the boat sailed with this guy last summer
  2. That's realistically the only way a club of our size can operate in this market ... nurture good young players like Barnes/ Chilwell and spot the bargains with potential like Kante, Mahrez , N'Didi, Gray, Nacho etc. Its inevitable when the big boys come knocking those players will go but at least we have a healthy profit to reinvest. You can see this with other clubs of similar size like Southampton who have produced some great players and now you can see it in France with the plundering of Monaco.
  3. Agreed he was poor. But we know DD can be the best player on the pitch ... we know that Tomato and Kingy can't.
  4. Amartey is the definition of a versatile player. You can play him in a number of different positions but he is not good enough to be first choice in any of those positions.
  5. Lost count of the number of times Drinkwater has been our best player. Ok he is going through a bit of a lean spell but we all know how good he can be.
  6. Can you just bugger off now then ? This forum is for people that support Leicester City and who can also write English grammar that people can understand. You satisfy neither criteria so I don't understand why you are posting on this forum ?
  7. What about the dross that needs shipping out ?
  8. Champs : Chelsea Relegated : Burnley, Brighton , Newcastle ( think Huddersfield will surprise ) Finish : Top 4 Shakey : still here Top GS : Nach Bonus prediction : A top player will leave his wife and move in with a scaffolder called Terry
  9. Depends if Gray can step up and fill the void that he's going to leave.
  10. Brown Girl in the ring is even worse
  11. Probably the ultimate hard man / enforcer I've seen in 40+ years of watching footie is Tommy Smith of Liverpool though ... don't think even Roy Keane would have had a go at him.
  12. Not sure anybody under 45 years old will have a clue what you are on about though
  13. Think Kingy is just kept for team bonding purposes .. popular with the rest of the lads and fond and loyal to the club. It's a bit like having a nice dog on the books and unfortunately plays like one most of the time.
  14. Just a gut feeling on Iborra from watching previous matches with Sevilla as well. Obviously a decent player but so was Inler. Like Inler am not sure he is cut out for the hurly burly and speed of the premier league..... we will see and I hope I'm wrong.
  15. Iborra on a par with the Inler signing ... don't look too promising