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  1. Sweaty testicles is a problem for me particularly in these very hot conditions .. the ball sack literally sticks to my leg when I wear boxer shorts. So if the humidity is high I tend to stick to normal Y fronts....still a problem but a bit more manageable
  2. I'm not saying Gray is in the same league as Ronaldo ... Gray would not have come to Leicester if he had Ronaldo's talent. The point I am making is that the kid has got obvious talent and we should give him a chance to prove this just like Ronaldo was after his , in your incorrect words , devastating start ... Ronaldo scored the grand total 27 goals from 137 appearances in his first three seasons at United !!!! .... a far cry from his mind boggling goal a game average at Real Madrid.
  3. Spurs away on the bank holiday weekend please and a trip to Wembley in the sunshine ... as long as its not 6-1 again
  4. Must have pretty concrete evidence that a network was involved to up the threat to that level unlike the lone wolf attack on London Bridge
  5. .... classic on Schlupp .. very funny
  6. Big Sam with Shakey as no 2 ? Remember Big Sam gave Shakey the England gig
  7. Also do you remember when Ronaldo first came to United ? He was about the same age as Gray ... doing all those daft step overs and either getting tackled or falling over. It reminds me of Gray a lot ... the nation laughed at Ronaldo .. are they laughing now ? I think it will be criminal if we don't give this kid a chance.
  8. I think a lot of forum posters are forgetting what it's like to be 19/20 years old ..... remember when part of you thinks that you can take on the World and another part of you dreads speaking a sentence that's got more than five words in it ... if we nurture him in the right way he could become one of the best players the club has ever had.
  9. Still think loans from the top European clubs is a short term option .. just because they can't get in Barcas or Reals first team doesn't mean they are bad players ... we are in a position now where we can afford the wages.
  10. Yep sounds about right ... Wenger won't go to £40m for him ... probably end up at PSG .. or he might stay , has anybody actually heard him say that he wants to leave ?
  11. I think they need to make a statement on way or the other pretty quickly .. this a big summer ahead. If the worse situation transpires and there is a significant player exodus that money needs to be reinvested wisely and before the end of August transfer deadline. So say Mahrez £35m, Kasper £35m, Musa £8m , Gray £10m, Slimani £25m, Ulluoa £7m, James £7m, Mendy £8m, Lawrence £5m, Chilwell £10m .... plus say another £50m from the champions league adventure and retaining premier league status ... this would give a transfer kitty of around £200 million which should comfortably give us a good enough squad to be competitive next season.
  12. People seem to be forgetting about James and Lawrence .. both still young . We're living in an age where Chris Wood ( remember him ) is being touted as a potential £25 million transfer .... think this summer the Premier League is going to see some mind boggling transfer fees .. who ever we get ain't going to be cheap
  13. Looks like Bambi on ice to me ... wants too much time on the ball ... you don't get that time in this league
  14. Bit embarrassing but well done Spurs for finishing second in the league ... if you'd drawn that match you would have finished second in the league ... if the tables were turned and we beat you 6-1 you would have finished second in the league .... the masters of winning meaningless matches
  15. 6-1 ... worst ever home defeat ??