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  1. If I was Boris, I'd tell them they can have a referendum when polling consistently shows a majority for leaving for a year. Job done. You've promised them they can have one, and it would give us time to "get brexit done" (or further along). Simply saying "lol no" will not work imo.
  2. People will rage over it, but that's a good speech from Boris, and exactly what I'd want to hear. Fingers crossed he means it. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/election-2019-50786580
  3. I think we should all give Boris a chance to show us what's what. Just like we'd have given jezza a chance if he'd have got a majority.
  4. I think it's a perfect storm of things that have done this. A mix of corbyn, brexit, antisemitism, people not completely buying the somewhat obscene labour spending pledges etc etc. Couple that with a more positive throw some cash at em tory manifesto and you've got a tory majority.
  5. **** that nonsense. I've spent the last 3 years getting dogs abuse, being told I'm racist, the country have changed their minds, all the old folk are dying out bla bla bla. I'm allowed to revel in some much needed lefty humility for 24 hours. Cheers.
  6. Remember folks if Alf croaks it we're allowed to make jokes. Take that and the current state of twitter (and this place!) and I'll likely join him past the pearly gates in short order.
  7. Have you ever considered making a twitter account?
  8. Depends entirely on what Boris is willing to trade off. As is being said on the BBC right now, with the majority the tories are predicted, Boris wouldn't have to dance to the extreme tune.
  9. I legitimately just saw a women complain about the exit poll because the votes she did on her (whatever you call it, "timeline"?) doodar show a labour landside. Her ****ing tweets are protected lmao, she's literally having votes amongst her own friends and family safe in a bubble. The real world has smacked a lot of these people upside the head for sure. This is honestly better than I ever expected.
  10. Holy cow I just woke up. What is that exit poll?! I'm off to twitter with a bottle of lube and a box of tissues. This is gonna be great.
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