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  1. Teaching my 6 year old nephew how to play after he started collecting has probably been the highlight of me being an uncle so far.
  2. Great move for him. Should be appreciated up there, still got enough in the tank to do well. Good lucky Kingy!
  3. Respectfully I disagree. See the depression thread, full of people will genuine problems yet full of people will the knowledge to help. I doubt that would have even remotely existed 10 years ago. Yet here it is, most of the time on the front page of threads. But we have to be careful not to push too far too fast and turn ordinary life problems into extraordinary mental health problems. Bad stuff happens, most of the time you'll have a normal period of bad emotions but it will get better, the focus should (but imo, currently isn't) be towards the problems and emotions that don't get sorted/better with time.
  4. It's not a moral accomplishment it's sometimes a necessary life skill. People will die, pets will die, stuff in your house will break, your car will break down, few are the people that have 1 job last a lifetime, few are the relationships (intimate or otherwise) that will span a lifetime. Stuff will go wrong, things will break you can't fix. Imagine if EVERYONE broke down the second they smashed a teacup, who would be there to pick the pieces up. This whole it's okay to not be okay narrative being pushed is absolutely fine, but it's also okay to just be okay.
  5. But Alf, we didn't decide what brexit we voted for, remember? So how can you say there isn't a mandate for no deal? No deal is leaving the eu, which also happens to be the automatic starting (and potentially ending) point. Didn't MP's already vote for no deal when rejecting May's deal 6 billion times, you know, the only deal we're ever going to get?
  6. Imo, the death penalty isn't there to provide a deterrent, it's pretty widely known that not many criminals care about the punishments they'll reveice, I think it's there to provide absolute certainty that the true monsters among us won't get any opportunity to hurt other people again. Take the 3 guys that ran around London stabbing people for example, they were guilty beyond any doubt and the decision was made to use lethal force to stop them. If they had been apprehended non-lethally they'd be chilling in a jail now. Again imo, we are all better off with them dead.
  7. Not the only one to boot. Next boss: "We are a long way from disorder and chaos, the fact that HMRC has introduced these transition methods will make an enormous difference. I think the encouraging thing is that we are rapidly moving from the disorder and chaos camp to the well-prepared camp. Even the dude in calais who was giving it the disaster speech just a few months ago has changed his tune. Despicable people one and all.
  8. So what about the built in system in my car that connects my phone with Bluetooth? No more talking through that?
  9. Not just building more cells though is he. He's recruiting more police, which have been called for by every man and his dog and expanding stop and search, which has been called for by the police themselves. Not the magical nordic solutions to all the problems some people want, but it's what has been asked for, by the politicians, by the people and by the police themselves. And when people will actually look beyond Boris and the tories, they will see that it's a good start.
  10. More police and investment in prisons are only a good idea when labour suggest it. People seem to be getting genuinely upset that Boris is throwing money at the majority of things people regularly complain about. Almost like they're angry he's not making the same foolish mistakes May made when looking for a general election. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  11. This isn't what var is for ffs. This is exactly why people are complaining it's going to ruin the game. Garbage.
  12. I don't think supporting no-deal over this deal that couldn't get the votes needed in a handful of attempts is out-farageing Farage tbf. The options right now are this deal, which hasn't and will not work, no-deal, or remain. So what would you have him support exactly?
  13. Only works when it's the lib dems/labour/snp/greens etc etc.
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