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  1. Wow, surprised to hear you can't get one of those for delivery, thought they were everywhere after xmas.
  2. Anyone use a HDMI splitter with their switch? Looking for a 2 in (PC, Switch) 1 out (monitor) so I can swap between the 2 on my pc set up. Reading the reviews on amazon doesn't fill me with confidence that they work as the switch has pretty garbage power output to keep the thing runner. Anyone got a recommendation? <3 If your looking for animal crossing, downloading it might be the best option, g2a have it for £45 and a few pennies. Not my preferred option since you can't trade it in after but if your desperate it's cheaper than grabbing it from the nintendo store.
  3. Can actually say after a week of being furloughed I'd rather be at work for 80% wages. Enjoyed the first couple of days but I'm not built for this at all. Can only imagine how I'm gonna feel after a few more weeks. If I had the time to prep for it, I'd probably enjoy it.
  4. No doubt to be dismissed by many as "the italian's just want someone to blame" instead of genuine dismay at the EU's response.
  5. No idea where they are being housed, but I'd imagine it's the same sort of thing as how we're finding massive buildings available in expensive cities for thousands of extra nhs beds. How many hotels/b&b's up and down the country are currently sitting empty and available for council use?
  6. If I got my wages paid every week I reckon I could live like this forever. Bit of investment into a woodworking shop and I'd be all set. Bliss.
  7. If I didn't already have a rift, I reckon this game on it's own would probably make the £300~ spend worth it. There's been some good vr games over the last couple of years, even a couple of really good, but this is genuinely breathtaking. Saw the £40 odd quid price tag and thought wow how can it justify that, just milking the half life love etc etc, so glad I was this wrong.
  8. I think it's a 2 meter stick to keep the old people at distance.
  9. Missus just got a call from the care home she works at, 2 old folk got flu like symptoms and are being isolated in their rooms. Trouble is, they've had no visitors allowed for a couple of weeks now, so could only have been brought in by a member of staff. If they aren't showing symptoms how can you ask them not to come in, these old folk still need looking after. Impossible situation.
  10. Don't think so. As far as I'm aware if you invent something you can keep it for yourself/select who gets it. Pretty much like muricans not letting the chinese use google's stuff anymore. Would be a proper donkey move though since everyone will hate you for it.
  11. https://www.gov.uk/dismissal/reasons-you-can-be-dismissed You can't legally be dismissed for catching a virus and calling in sick. As I'd imagine you can't be sacked for self isolating at government orders. You can't stop them being cvnts and trying though, but it would be an easy bitch slap at the employment tribunal.
  12. It was indeed nice once we got in. Barely anyone there at all. Still feel a cvnt for lining up round asda mind.
  13. I'm queuing to get into asda wtf
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