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  1. It's an interesting read, but it's essentially a wishlist of American lobbies, it doesn't actually mean anything. It's like me wishing the next pm gave me a million quid for being awesome. It would be great for me, but unlikely to happen. It's not Boris I trust. Or trumpet for that matter.
  2. But the yanks won't be holding the British people will they. Which has been my point all along. Boris might try it, hell, he might even succeed, but there's no way it will be allowed to stand. If you've got another link to that huff post that doesn't 404, I really would be interested in reading it.
  3. Independent: Later, No 10 tried to repair the damage done, insisting any trade deals after Brexit would “ensure decisions about public services continue to be made by UK governments, not trade partners”. “As we leave the EU, the UK will continue to ensure that rigorous protections for the NHS are included in all trade agreements it is party to,” the Prime Minister’s spokesman added. He pointed out that Ms May had previously pledged that “the NHS is not for sale and it never will be”. Besides all that, May won't be in charge will she, so whatever she has said, or in this case, didn't say, doesn't really matter. Huff post just coming up with: although I'd be surprised if American lobbyists weren't targeting the NHS, why wouldn't they, an overbloated, piñata full of gold. There shouldn't be a single medical company in all the world not trying to get a piece of that cake, doesn't now, or ever, mean they will get it. 404 This is so embarrassing.
  4. How can it not be a certainty, how can you even remotely think there wouldn't be a national backlash. A few unwashed hippies with frankly unreasonable demands shut down large sections of London that cost the economy tens of millions of pounds. Having seen the sheer outrage at trumps "anythings on the table" comment, how can you even entertain the idea that the government in power would have any chance at all of getting away with it?
  5. It doesn't matter if he sodding tries. That is the point and the whole flipping point that started this off. Every single man, woman and child with an IQ above 4 knows that the government in power that sells the NHS, won't be in power for more than a week after that. There wouldn't be noise, there would be full scale national riots ffs. Just look at the meltdowns that even MENTIONING selling the NHS causes. Jesus wept.
  6. That's pretty much what trump said.
  7. So after you've got your 9 millionth dig at trump in you essentially agree with what he said. It really is a strange time to be alive.
  8. The same thing that's stopping them now, the electorate. Only ever been a stick to beat with, on par with muh chlorinated chickens. Even Donald said the NHS was almost certainly off limits in any trade deal, but doesn't quite drown out the screeching.
  9. It would make him the most expensive cb in football history. While I'm a big fan, you can't possibly expect me to believe he's the most expensive cb in the world right now.
  10. How the hell do you make it to the last 16 of a world cup and not know the offside rule?
  11. Wasps. It's genuinely past time there was a world wide collective effort to make these ugly little ****s extinct. Nest troubles last year, got all the shits killed, now they are somehow back and managing to get into my bathroom. **** off already.
  12. From what I've read, Mark Field said there wasn't any security present. End result is he did go over the top, in retrospect he shouldn't have acted like that, but in the moment, at the very least I can understand it, even if I don't necessarily agree with it. He was heavy handed, but blowing it out of proportion isn't the way either, he didn't give her a smack, the most she got was maybe a bruise or two and a bit rattled. The way it's being reported you'd think he drop kicked her or some shit.
  13. Really don't want to defend the dude since I'm firmly in the don't lay hands on women catagory, but when you've got "protesters" threatening to put thousands of lives at risk by flying drones over airports, I don't think I'd willingly let one of them walk behind my back either. He went way over the top mind.
  14. Joined 9 January. You missed the best parts, tame as hell these days
  15. Kitten leaving day. Gonna miss these fluffy buggers.
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