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  1. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-57481895 Publisher Bloomsbury says vaccines will be compulsory for UK staff returning to its offices when they reopen. In March, a poll of 2,000 workers, conducted by employee review website Glassdoor, found more than half thought there should be a requirement for staff to have had a Covid vaccination before they go back to the office. Of the workers polled, one in seven said they would hand in their notice if they were required to return before all employees had been vaccinated.
  2. ... Is that a pokemon MOBA? Hell, I'd try it. Spent years playing LoL, a pokemon one might be fun for a bit.
  3. Any vets/cat experts in the house? Just noticed my cat has a small red bump on the back of her neck. Had her vaccinated a couple of weeks ago so she can go to a cat hotel, no idea if this is common or potentially a problem? Anyone any ideas please?
  4. Why is the goalie all the way out there. Great finish, but unforgivable keeping.
  5. Trouble is, it's not enough "them". China has warned the G7 leaders that the days when a "small" group of countries decided the fate of the world were long gone. The comments, by a spokesman for the Chinese embassy in London, come as the leaders, who are meeting in England, seek a unified position over China.
  6. This is awful. Get the cameras off ffs. No one needs to see fans and players in tears.
  7. My extended family holiday is booked for 17th July. Balls.
  8. I think the two situations are comparable tbh. We're talking about accepting killing a person under different but similar circumstances. As I've expressed before, to me the death penalty isn't there for punishment, it's there as a solution to be rid of dangerous people. How many dangerous criminals have we incarcerated who have then gone on to hurt other inmates or guards or have gotten out and then gone on to hurt others. To you, it may be acceptable for guards to be put at risk, it is their job after all, or for other inmates who may in fact be redeemable to be put at risk, they put themselv
  9. Question to the both of you, when armed police rocked up and shot dead those 3 (I think?) terrorists going around London stabbing people, do you support that? Or purely take-them-alive-at-all-costs?
  10. Life imprisonment is usually my main choice regarding the most serious of crimes. However, I would support capital punishment under extraordinary circumstances and backed by irrefutable evidence. In my mind, capital punishments like the death penalty are less about punishing the criminal, and more toward making sure they never get the chance to hurt anyone again.
  11. Didn't they estimate the vaccine would only last 6months to a year? It sounds about right timing wise tbf.
  12. Can I select an all of the above option please. This monster should never be free.
  13. I love the saying if it's stupid and it works then it isn't stupid but I think this one is just stupid. However it's a strange world we live in and considering the money spent on a wild goose chase with little/no results then this is as good a goose as any other I guess.
  14. God I love the playoffs. What a game that was!
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