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  1. Wouldn't mind the heat so much if it cooled down at night. Can never get to sleep
  2. Transfer market have Silva at being worth £21mill and Mahrez at £25mill. So bout £80mill should do it
  3. If i don't make at least gold 1 with the team I've got this week I'm stabbing my xbox with a screwdriver
  4. £35mill and can't get his fat ass off the bench. No ta. Can get better for cheaper, surely.
  5. It's funny because one of this suicide bombers classmates said he used to be sound and laugh and joke with people before turning to religion.
  6. The difference is Ronaldo plays for the Spanish government's favourite team. He won't even get investigated, let alone charged
  7. I'm literally 2 months away from searching for my first house. If you've found some solutions by then I'll gladly take them ty.
  8. Muslim suspects = Muslim doctors and nurses?
  9. Who are Atletico signing?
  10. If player stats made you invincible I'd be going 40/40 for the weekend league and not getting shit on by teams that cost 1/100th of mine
  11. Do I sell my otw pogba for 1mill and buy the 90 stat if for 470k.... Gives me another 500k to spaff away on tots. That's a de gea upgrade
  12. Last 2 weeks. Rudy last week, siggy this week.
  13. Are you trying to tell me that these "I <3 my chemical romance" flags are pre-planned? That's some shite planning right there.
  14. I definitely agree with you, however, I'd like to know where the point is that the scale tips. How many attacks do we deal with before the "we must do something" becomes necessary? Not belittling the loss, it's tragic ofcourse, but a few dozen people over 2 attacks is a speck of our population, but what happens if it was 10 attacks and a thousand dead? 100 attacks and ten thousand dead? If this really is just the beginning, how far does it get before we snap? There is a problem with radicalisation in the UK. Someone needs to come up with a viable solution soon or the unviable ones will look better with each attack, and that's probably the saddest thing of all.
  15. Scrap rose/kompany/Yaya replace with chiellini/sandro/Marchisio. Huge upgrades in all 3 positions with little outlay. And should still hit full chem.