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  1. https://streamye.com/vrpxs Nah, definitely up early. Commentators even mention it in that clip.
  2. She put the flag up early, the play hadn't ended when she raised it. That's why the defense stopped.
  3. Wtf man. Fatties cause tonnes of problems that cost extra cash. This is coming from a fatty. I don't need people making excuses or changing blatant facts to protect my feelings, or my lifestyle choices.
  4. I'd imagine things like this go hand-in-hand. Brits are probably the most docile people you'll find, but surely there's a limit. As much as it sucks to play the ring around the lockdown, we need carrots. If it gets to the point where we need the stick, it's probably too late.
  5. Don't particularly like the point scoring when lives are at stake, better for everyone that this virus was under control and the vaccine rollout was going better across the eu. It's a valid point, just seems a bit in bad taste. With all that said, did everyone see the fines dished out to games publishers on the BBC yesterday? Companies were country locking games so they could offer them to poorer eu countries at a lower cost and the EU have stepped in to say that's not on. That's the sort of crap that grinds my gears, seems like madness. https://www.bbc.c
  6. As most of them have been unfortunately. Pretty standard that when there's free money up for grabs they'll be a portion of wrong uns pocketing some too. Trouble is if you put a layer of protection in place you'll have the standard but the people can't wait for their money, they're starving etc etc. Hopefully people won't start licking door handles because of £500, but stranger things have happened I guess.
  7. Japanese car maker Nissan has told the BBC its Sunderland plant is secure for the long term as a result of the trade deal reached between the UK and the EU. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-55757930
  8. What a ****ing spanner that bloke is really.
  9. https://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/m000rh4p Think it was this shown yesterday.
  10. Should be tried at least once.
  11. Case COOLERMASTER HAF XM - GAMING ENTHUSIAST CASE + USB 3.0 Processor (CPU) Intel® Core™i7 Quad Core Processor i7-3770K (3.5GHz) 8MB Cache Motherboard ASUS® SABERTOOTH Z77: USB 3.0, SATA 6.0GB/s, THERMAL ARMOR Memory (RAM) 16GB KINGSTON HYPER-X GENESIS DUAL-DDR3 1600MHz, X.M.P (4 x 4GB KIT) Graphics Card 2GB NVIDIA GEFORCE GTX 670 - 2 DVI, HDMI, DP - 3D Vision Ready 2nd Graphics Card NONE 3rd Graphics Card
  12. Did they really? Visa-free travel for musicians right? Nobody else? Seems crazy that we wouldn't agree to such a simple idea.
  13. Not every aspect of brexit is going to be a success, and only a fool would think otherwise. As has been pointed out time and again, there will be advantages and disadvantages to brexit. I'm genuinely surprised fishing has managed to be such a focal point for so many, mere weeks ago people were laughing that such an insignificant sector could hold up a trade deal.
  14. By customs fiasco you mean the paperwork for fishes or customs in general? If you're going by fishes the extra paperwork has been known about for a long time. Only specific complaint I can see on the BBC is one where a woman was complaining her fish were held up in Portsmouth for 24 hours, doesn't specifically say why, so hard to give a reason, I'd imagine a mixture of the build up from when France closed the boarder, exporters not sending the right paperwork down adding to delays, who knows. She then goes on to say it was held up on the french side for 7 hours, because of a paper
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