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  1. Did you get on the scorer one too? Quality night.
  2. Tbh I think I've only bought one new blade since I got it a couple of years ago. But I only shave probably once every couple of weeks.
  3. Stay away from my kittens. Wait should add a so people know I'm messing
  4. Ah, I get you. So out of mild curiosity, if you're in support of the cause is there any specific reason you are not out there with them?
  5. Phillips one blade. Got one for Christmas a couple of years ago and it's ace. Leaves a shave like day old stubble. But I get massively lazy when it comes to shaving so sometimes it has to smash off a massive beard and it has no problem. Blades are expensive but they last ages.
  6. So do you believe in dealing with them or not? Because now I'm properly confused.
  7. Easy to say when it's not you losing money I guess. If someone was stopping me from getting to work and providing for my family, I'd expect them to be dealt with tbh.
  8. Innovindil

    Notre Dame

    Calm down snowflake.
  9. Innovindil

    Notre Dame

    On today's episode of virtue signalling with oz.
  10. Half a fiver on cardiff, ajax and barca -1 handicap for £190, that'll do me Now just HOOOOOOOOOOLD
  11. I'd pay good money right now for an ajax shirt and a spot in that away end, what a party it's gonna be.
  12. Innovindil

    Notre Dame

    Can't believe you bit after he didn't get any chomps at the first attempt. Disappointed matt
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