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  1. Don't understand how people can be mean towards him. From all I've heard he's worked hard to get back into contention. There have been far bigger and better players over the years that have crumbled to such injuries.
  2. I'm gonna look at the positives, that was a far superior performance to our last one against these. Ref still a cvnt mind.
  3. Kin ell, these cheating cvnts could have left a couple of their superstars out ffs.
  4. Juan Mata in his prime. Not only a decent player but also seems a top bloke. Probably Cazorla for the same reasons, plays/played the game beautifully tbf.
  5. We need to pad the squad and he's free? Wtf more do you need. He's decent enough for a couple of years surely. We'll be losing a few in the summer and don't have the cash to be firing 20-30mill at each player. Makes perfect sense.
  6. Because not all brits are smart enough to be anything more than labourers. My brother for example, thick as two short planks. He now has a fighting chance of not being treated like absolute excess shit because the companies that run on minimum wage labour will now have to fight for the people available instead of just shipping (or flying) them in. I worked at argos for years while funding my education, the agency that ran my contract's favourite saying after being cvnts was "if you don't want the job, there's 10 other people who do". Past time these parasites were made extinct and companies like argos had to offer permanent contracts, with all the benefits they get, again. Liberal Democrat home affairs spokeswoman Christine Jardine said the proposals were based on "xenophobia".
  7. Just at a time when these weird "gender reveal" parties are becoming popular. Lucky I didn't invest in that pink and blue banger thing company.
  8. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-51543521 Average weekly wages in the UK have returned to pre-economic crisis levels for the first time since March 2008. Weekly pay reached £511 in the three months to December - the last time they were this high, after adjusting for inflation, was before the downturn. Excluding bonuses, earnings grew at an annual rate of 3.2% in the three-month period, official figures show.
  9. Tbf, utd have had the luckiest game I've seen all season.
  10. Have to say, hope I'm getting the same amount of young birds getting their baps out for me when I'm his age. Decent shooting that.
  11. Pretty much this. Imo, the whole metoo movement was needed, it's given women a platform for speaking about abuse and provided the ears to listen and groups to support. But it needs to be possible to believe what these women are saying AND for the alleged "attackers" to be treated as innocent until proven guilty. Otherwise you'll get things like this Amber Johnny crap all the time. "No one will believe you" was the problem in the first place ffs.
  12. Genuinely curious how many give a shits these man city players are going to be able to muster now. Only thing that matters for them is Madrid on Tuesday surely. Wouldn't be surprised if half those overpaid donkeys went quiet until the summer exodus tbh.
  13. Exactly. It's not even like going round is a massive deal, adds what, 5 minutes to go down silverdale and along humberstone lane. Would never risk my car for 5 minutes ffs.
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