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  1. My body is ready. ****ing London though man. Wtf is this place. Every person in such a flipping rush. Crazy.
  2. I swear it died ages ago. They said they couldn't carry on supporting it. Maybe they brought it back after that. Admittedly I uninstalled it after they said it wasn't going to be used.
  3. SD has been unavailable on Matrix TV for months. They stopped supporting it and as far as I know, don't plan to again. Especially since they're shutting down. Working still on internet browser though. Universal still dead. Could be time to start looking around for alternatives I think.
  4. Meh. It was alright. Not quite sure what I was expecting, but it felt both too short and too slow.
  5. Well it sort of is. Let's be honest, people aren't calling for a second referendum to decide what sort of brexit we'll have, they're calling for a referendum to try and not have a brexit at all. There's no shame in admitting it, even though few choose to. The only problem I have with it is even if leave won (again), it would make no difference whatsoever to the current political climate. We'd still be exactly where we are now, with exactly the same people who disagree with it now still disagreeing. Hell, some high up politicians have already said as much.
  6. Honestly don't get why people argue over what's the best. I've got an expensive PC and a bunch of consoles, each gets used for it's own purpose.
  7. Well deserved win for the czechs in the end. Better team by some distance all night.
  8. Alf 4 seconds after taking new meds.
  9. I get that Muslims pray towards Mecca, I've just never even heard anything regarding which way houses face to do with it, I thought it was just the people that had to face that way when praying. In predominantly Muslim countries do all the houses face the same way? Dunno. Seems proper odd to me though.
  10. Just spoke to my aunty who lives in Bristol, she's currently trying to sell her house to downsize now all the kids have left home. Had someone come round today to view it, they asked for 10% off the asking price because the house doesn't face Mecca. ...Wtf? Is this even a thing? Never heard of any importance on which way houses face bar the whole solar panel thing.
  11. Genuinely not sure where this is even coming from. At least on here, many right wingers are on board with climate science. Just not on board with these muppets blocking streets.
  12. Where, exactly? Stopping ordinary citizens going about their lives isn't helping, it's being a twat.
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