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  1. There's an irony somewhere in pointing out divide and rule tactics whilst trying to divide.
  2. Don't expect many on here to know him but depression finally got the better of Reckful. Ended up having a bit of a meltdown and asking his ex on twitter to marry him, she didn't even get time to answer. So ****ing tragically sad. Hope he finds some peace on the other side. Rip.
  3. Fortnite runs well on a toaster tbf. Not very demanding at all. In any case, I know a bunch of geeks who'd probably be happy to pick parts to put together. Just need to answer as many of the below questions as you can. If it's the lads first pc then I wouldn't bother with overclocking, and for operating system you can download window 10 from Microsoft site and buy a key on eBay for a couple of quid. Budget: More specific use (what games, what programs): Planned time until purchase: Do you need an Operating System?: Do you have any specific preferred components?: Do you need a sound or wireless card?: Do you want stock cooling or do you plan on overclocking?: Do you need a monitor? mouse? keyboard?: Zip code/location? (Shipping costs):
  4. With Sane on his way to Bayern I'll take Coman here.
  5. I'd air slap you silly. On a serious note, good lineup, let's win it.
  6. I dunno honestly. I think it comes down to how you slice the cake. It's supposed to save an average of 4 days recovery time, which is probably a zillion dollars worth per American. But it's not some super drug that's going to save people as I've said the difference in survival rates in the test results I saw were negligible. It's a good drug to have and a help, but imo, meh.
  7. First paid first served I'd imagine. It's a US company isn't it? And I also think I heard muricans pumped some millions into the development of it. Actually surprised people are this desperate for it. Think its priced at around $2500 a treatment and doesn't have any effect on survival rate at all, just recovery rate. Doesn't sound all that wonderful but tbh I've only casually been following it, so could be missing something important.
  8. Think we're running about a quarter of staff at last count. Just got to keep fingers crossed that as this crap settles down then jobs rapidly start coming back. So we should damn ourselves for someone else's benefit? That's exactly what this lockdown is. All well and good saying we need to protect the old folk, we do. But it's not them that are going to be slapped back to the stone age with the economy in tatters is it. Nor do I think trying to put people down who are scared and trying to vent is a positive thing. Let the dude have his rant. **** knows he's probably earned it.
  9. Looking that way. Local suppliers shutting down again. Currently working out if we've got enough to keep us going. Hopefully we have, don't think I can take anymore sitting around at home.
  10. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-asia-china-53244862 First couple of people already arrested under the new law. Iirc I read somewhere if found guilty its minimum 3 years in prison, maximum life sentence. With pro-democracy hong kongers already melting into the shadows I don't expect there to be anyone left to fight soon enough.
  11. Who said it wasn't? I was pointing out that a Conservative area is in lockdown too. So reducing it to muh politics is likely not the full story.
  12. Thurmaston is part of charnwood constituency. Conservative stronghold. Part of the lockdown.
  13. Crazy days when the death of Hong Kong doesn't even make the FT news thread tbh. Damn shame. Thought they had more time.
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