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  1. Currently sat waiting to see someone about sorting my mortgage. Shitting it! Wish me luck!
  2. It's took you this long to notice it?!
  3. Pls stop. We surrender.
  4. Don't need to, it has everything we need for less than we thought we'd have to pay
  5. Funniest shit I'll see all day, one willy puller on his high horse complains and all hell breaks loose
  6. Anyone know why violent crime is up in Scotland (compared to last year)?
  7. Bloody awful news. Loved LP back in the day. Rip Chester
  8. Should have become a doctor. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  9. It's not illegal to get paid cash in hand but it is illegal to pay cash in hand to dodge taxes. Threaten the boss with a report to HMRC, he'll cough up the money within minutes.
  10. Flog em. If they ask for them you never saw a thing.
  11. Get a better job? The auto enrollment is 1%, which on minimum wage is about £3 a week. Hardly asking for a kidney is it.
  12. Yeah we've definitely lucked out. We went to see our first 2 on Saturday, second one was crap, the first one we're buying. Chalk and cheese and all that.
  13. If you increase wages at the bottom end yet don't limit immigration what exactly do you think will happen? Do you think brits will be better off? You think the economy will be better off with more money being siphoned off to Romania and Poland? You limit immigration and wages will naturally rise at the bottom as supply starts matching demand. How is this a difficult concept.
  14. Just had an offer accepted for a house. Party time!
  15. Time for some logan's run policies imo.