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  1. What does their hospital admissions/deaths look like? Not really useful with half the picture painted imo.
  2. Big dark hole and forgotten about for a few hundred years.
  3. Well if you're gonna bet on one race all day I suppose you pick the 66/1 winner. Happy ****ing days. I was chuffed him being 3rd over the last fence ffs.
  4. Oh dear. The funny part to my story is my mum suffered a blood clot in her 40's (not the funny part) so she was tested and found to have it. Told its genetic so had her parents tested, my gran went MAD, like flipping super mad, "it's not me it's not me can't be me!"... She was right, came from grand pops. Poor bloke never heard the end of it.
  5. Quick Google seems to suggest it's practically exactly the same thing. I'd assume it would be the same advice, though it's still best to ask a gp for anyone concerned. Good news is it sounds like the Pfizer jab is still good.
  6. Just throwing it out there since I'm in the same boat, me and my brothers suffer from protein c deficiency, my GP has said don't touch it, we'll be allowed to have one of the other ones.
  7. People with a history of blood disorders that increase the risk of blood clotting should only have the AstraZeneca jab where benefits outweigh potential risks Well that's me out of the race for an Oxford jab then. Balls.
  8. Isn't 2% of the remaining population some 600 odd thousand people? Food for thought perhaps.
  9. Not going for world first resurrected 99? And tell me about it. Seems like yesterday and a lifetime ago at the same time. My only regret is they seem to be starting this remake at patch 1.14 instead of starting off like wow classic. Would have been class to start off the game classic first and watch everyone who joined after the expansion struggle. Plus pvp is going to be missing some of the no longer available items too.
  10. You decided what you're running first when the full release is here? So far talked myself into about 4 different starters.
  11. Professor Adam Finn, from the University of Bristol, says it is possible different vaccines could be offered to different age groups as more jabs come on stream. Professor Innovindil in the house. I jest, but it's a good idea if younger folks are dying over a specific one for no valid reason.
  12. Technical alpha drops tomorrow. If I don't get an invite I'm gonna be pissed. No nda on it though so streamers who are given access can show it off. Should be a good chance to see the current state of the game, albeit only the first 2 acts and I think a couple of characters (not sure). Still, something better than nothing.
  13. Wonder no more Alf, plenty on here get away with more than others can. I highly doubt I'd be able to get away with calling someone a twat. Hell, I've been banned for less in the past. The end of it is the guy posted polls and misspelled a name. Is it funny, no. Is it original, no. Is it worth getting wound up over, no. Is it worth deleting posts over, no. Is it worth deleting what was a constructive thread over, no. A single post a day (or so) shouldn't be able to provoke the reactions it did. Find the whole thing perfectly pathetic tbh.
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