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  1. No way in hell I'm not doing that Kanté sbc. That's sodding inhuman.
  2. I literally fixed mine two weeks ago. You need a SECURITY torx screwdriver, the normal ones don't work. Ordered my spare button from ebay. And there are video tutorials on YouTube that I followed. It was a ballache getting it back together, but saved alot of cash.
  3. Well deserved. Been immense this season. Have to say alli's is deserved too. Might not like him as a person but he's definitely becoming a tidy footballer.
  4. I opened a ticket to extend my sub then forgot about it. Can't make the payment now. Going to have to wait for him to get back to me on this new site. Cheers guys
  5. Think my subscription ran out Can't pay it through the website damnit. Did he get a new website up yet or not?
  6. Mcktv not playing any links again on the app. Anyone got a decent alternative? Don't mind paying for a good one
  7. Signed it
  8. UKIP/conservatives tied at 60%.
  9. Honestly, if I had the free time I probably would have left, but I work 6 days a week and the last thing I want to be doing on a Friday afternoon is messing about getting road cover I think the AA was more expensive than that anyways.
  10. Thieving bastards. And I don't mean the normal kind of thieves that just rob you against your will, I mean the sneaky bastards that try and rob you without your knowledge. Got my RAC renewal through the post. Gone up £12 to £74.99. Scandalous, so gave them a ring and said I'm thinking of leaving (been with them 7 years now) they said oh let us have a quick look. Down to £44.99. How many people don't bother ringing up and take a higher price when they don't have to? It's not just them is it, car insurance, gas, electric, they all do it. What happened to the time when companies appreciated loyalty?
  11. Is it a racist issue? Probably, yes. Is that the only issue? Hell no. If it was the only issue, we wouldn't see any BAME players, surely? If you are good enough, you will get the interviews and eventually get the job. It's always been difficult to become a manager, especially when you want to start off in higher divisions. It's why we see the same managers time and again on the merry go round. I do agree that clubs should be given quotas to hit for interviews, everyone deserves the same chance, however, I don't believe we should be forcing clubs to hire BAME managers. It should be equality of opportunity, not equality of outcome. If you want a managers job you have to put the work in, start down at the bottom and work your way up.
  12. Sure thing, add me, think my tag is MrMichael1337
  13. Nah xbox, love the legends If they move/come to ps4 I'll move with them though
  14. finished on 21 wins with i think 5 left to play. I'm fairly woeful at the game tbh.
  15. Got an IF herrera in my gold 2 rewards. Well happy with that, was planning on buying him for the weekend anyways, loved his normal card.