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  1. Which is all well and good, but the SOMETIMES needs emphasis, and until everyone can admit that then we'll never have a proper discussion on how to deal with the issues and just keep throwing money at the problem and hope for a miracle fix. Edit: not the thread for this discussion at any rate, mods can you shimmy it to wherever its supposed to be please?
  2. How the hell has macron managed to turn a French teacher getting brutally murdered into majority muslim countries calling for bans on French products. What a strange world we're living in.
  3. You're probably not compatible. I've heard they're only testing people to harvest kidneys. #ConspiracyOfTheDay
  4. The idea of a normal Christmas is a "fiction" and Scots should prepare for digital celebrations, national clinical director Jason Leitch has said. Hopefully our bunch don't go copying Scotlands's homework over this. I've followed pretty much every rule and been a boring muppet all year. Absolutely no chance that I don't spent christmas with the family.
  5. Should have paid for it through quidco and seen if you'd get 1% cashback on the 2 grand. Probably not of course, but they are silly sometimes. I got £7 cashback on a fridge I ordered and then cancelled because the idiots at ao couldn't get it into my house. Always worth a try.
  6. Missed the tory party trying to fix childhood obesity. But on a serious note, don't agree with it at all. Seems crazy that when we're splashing billions here and there that we'd try and penny pinch over this. In ordinary circumstances I'd probably agree with it, but with the current state of affairs it seems ridiculous and quite rightly indefensible.
  7. Hear hear. The only reason I can see that the government would stop the (largely successful) furlough scheme would be because cvnts were abusing it. But surely if it was needed then it is still needed now since very little has changed.
  8. *excluding the ones that die
  9. Can't you just set up your lock screen to unlock using your face and then look at it? Dunno if it works from that distance. As far as I'm aware there isn't a voice command for unlock.
  10. Wierd. Maybe add that into your next anti-mask rant.
  11. Chemtrails are nothing compared to the lizard people.
  12. Well we were talking about masks. So unless your shifting goalposts I'll assume you're still talking about masks.
  13. If a single person is made redundant because people are being asked to wear masks I'll eat a raw onion.
  14. Only a matter of time by the look of it.
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