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  1. Dont we need Chelsea to show some interest?. If Chilwell is planning to hand in a transfer request he will surely need to wait and see if a club is prepared to buy him or at least put in an offer. It seems at present to be papertalk with sites regurgitating the same shite.
  2. Thats three players over the years that have opted for Brighton over us. Can anybody name the other two?.
  3. Connection with ball no pen. Joke
  4. Evans got the ball. I am sick of clubs like Man U getting the rub of the green. Itd always the fecking same. Nacho pen 1st half nothing given
  5. No insult as you probably cant help talking bellecks!.
  6. You mean like the state we were in when he took us over in 2008. I am failing to understand what your problem is with NP. ?. It would be good to get a logical explanation that can be understood.
  7. Without doubt we should have a manager back who dragged us from the depths of despair of league 1 to the top of the premier league in eight years.
  8. I couldnt believe what i saw either. It was almost weird that nothing was said by the commentators and surely the ref saw it. It was the clearest penalty i have ever seen.
  9. Without doubt should've had a pen on the first once stonewall. Cant believe the ref missed that blatant push.
  10. Incredible performance from LT. Was superb.
  11. Nobody has mentioned 1981 82 season with our promotion hopes on a knife edge Norwich came to town and thrashed us 4 -1. This was the day of the streaker who invaded the pitch took a shot at goal from 2 yards out and missed! Summed the day up really.😁. The 130 mile journey home in my beat up morris minor was the worst after that. Star for Norwich that day was one Martin ONeil.
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