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  1. Couldn't agree more. I bet there are some saying they would rather keep Ghezzal.!!
  2. That just doesnt apply to Ghezzal as the major difference between the two players is that Mendy can play football.
  3. According to the media he is now saying that he want a move to the premier league. Please not us 22 years old with poor attitude. No no no.
  4. Big Wes just shows us tine and time again why he is club captain and a total bloody legend. Massive respect, always have had and always will.
  5. And just to think 13 years ago we were getting excited about signing a player who had scored a few goals for Rotherham. 😂
  6. Rodgers high press game could suit Shinji. I believe that he could be an asset of the bench. Got to be worth another year.
  7. Totally turgid waste of a comment.
  8. I am getting sick of our damned decision making. Why cant we just do the sensible thing. What were they doing on the second watford goal. Bloody furious.!!
  9. I would love to hear what Shakie and Walsh thought of Raneri both tactically and how his man management was. I cant change my opinion that he just totally followed Pearsons lead and was just about a tweak here and there.
  10. Why on earth do we want league 1 standard players. But wait I suppose we are mediocre compared to the mighty Celtic so we should be grateful for their cast offs.😁.
  11. In reference to Nigel Pearson he has built the title winning squad and developed us from a league 1 side to a premier league winner. Probably our most consistant manager in recent years. I would have him back in a heart beat
  12. He has been said in an interview that he wasnt proud of his actions stating that he made a poor decision at that point in his career.
  13. Was at that one, early season and we then went onto win the old division 2.
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