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  1. I do wonder where would we be this season if we had him at the club with this squad.!?
  2. Must admit this would be better if it was just prem. I can think of a stack load that were with us in the championship in fact, i could pick two squads of 18
  3. Am i missing something but most of these didnt appear in the Prem for us. !?
  4. We struggled all afternoon and the longer the game went on the more nervy we got unlike the win at Fulham a few weeks earlier.
  5. I think you probably know the answer to that by his reaction.
  6. I played for Flackwell Heath at Edgware that day, cant believe that I remember that winning in a tough game. Remember being told the City score straight after getting a double whammy. 31st January 1981 was a great day for football as far as I was concerned.
  7. Justin MOM with Wilf close second. We were fecking good tonight. Heck the two emotions of football.
  8. Next to Conrad Logan he has to be one of the longest club servants who has actually done er nothing.
  9. Cant believe this thread. Spent the last 3 years slagging him off. Joke
  10. The worry is Southampton away. Fluent attacking confident football. Norwich away totally disjointed, thats where we have come too since christmas.
  11. Today we just didnt get the rub of the green, just about every decision went against us. But the biggest issue for me was the De Bruyne handball. I need to know the reason why that incident and Praets handball were treated differently. I just hope that the we demand an explanation from the Premier League. This is doing my head in
  12. Totally agree. We were let down badly. Man C pen yes, but our to against de bruyne whats the effing difference.
  13. Lallana on a free. Its a no brainer.
  14. Strangely enough i was listening to the match on a portable radio in the shed at Chelsea that day. Cant quite remember why I was there to be honest.
  15. Dont think he could motivate himself to come back. He would believe that he has bigger fish to fry than us. But debating it is a bit fun amongst the crap of Storm Dennis.
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