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  1. Footballs equivelent of a pirate. Great player loved his style.
  2. The long version of my comment which states that he is not good enough for the premier league.
  3. Its not about positivity its about ability and he isnt good enough for premier league, thats fact. Feeling very positive about our chances this season and would love to be proved wrong where Ghezzal is concerned but somehow I dont think that he will get the chance.
  4. Sums Ghezzal up fairly well. Never going to make it here. I find it hard to concieve that somebody decided this chap would be a good purchase.
  5. Great shame and probably a sign of the times. Local newspapers are dieing on their knees. It would be interesting to establish why Rob is going or is it a case of more cost cutting to kerp the business viable. The likelyhood is that there will be a single reporter working for Reach Plc who will be charged to cover a number of clubs for multiple titles. So Rob if you are reading this it would be good to hear your take on it as I cant see us getting a lot of good club news moving forward now.
  6. Martin the Messiah will be back. Probably the greatest City manager of all time. Achieved loads with little to no cash and will never forget that Spurs home game where we were begging him to stay. Would love to see him back in some form of capacity. People saying he is past it have very short memories.
  7. Brendan Rodgers criticised for 'arrogance' by former Celtic striker. The latest headline on Leicestershire Live.. how many feeds have we seen on this subject today!.
  8. Sadly and having worked in local media for over 30 years print is failing. Local newspapers circulation figures are falling drastically year on year as is print ad revenue. These companies are beholdent to share holders who still regard revenue as god. Online revenues are not generating enough, hense redundancies and staff reduction is key to survival. So poor old Rob Tanner is probably doing sport, news, entertainment and just about everything else. The Internet has a lot to answer for.
  9. But it used too give us the detail. I suspect cost cutting has taken its toll or that the media company has a poor relationship now with the club.
  10. Reports from the Mercury stating the words ' according to reports'. Most of their news is coming via agencies. It used to be an accurate source of factual news, this seems to have gone completely down the pan. Do they actually talk to the club to really establish what is going on. Completely lost faith in what used to be the LCFC oracle. Is it just me?
  11. Have been saying this since our Premier League title win. CR just rode the crest of a wave that was started at the end of the previous season
  12. We talk about underwhelming signings, well Danny in my eyes was probably the most overwhelming. Great servant never to be forgotten.
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