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  1. Yes thats exactly what I am saying. Mind you I do accept that people read the context of a statement differently. My comparisons to Knockaert I stand by but maybe the 'poor mans' was a bit over the top. I am looking forward to seeing how he develops.
  2. You judge pro footballers on what you see. That is how I see Under after a couple of appearances and his style is similar to Knockaerts. I cant see him pulling up trees and had he been that good do you think that Roma would've let him go that easily.?. Sorry but I am sitting on the fence here and by the way I have'nt played on Fifa since the first version in 1994.
  3. To me at the moment he looks like a poor mans Anthony Knockaert. But needs more time to get up to speed. Sitting on fence with this one.
  4. Dont get to excited, he'll be back at the end of the season.
  5. I think we are involved with an obligation to buy.
  6. Reminds me of Knocky!. Not sure on this one
  7. Sadly i think we all knew what West Ham were coming to do. Its just that Rogers didnt deal with it before the game ir during. But yes they were good today.
  8. 24 miliion quid for 21 games, no need to do the maths and glad he is finally off our books.
  9. Who is this Rodders chap?. Was he on that sit com ' only fools and horses'. Must admit I didnt really notice him yesterday.
  10. Amarty has to get 10 out of 10 second game in a couple of seasons. Outstanding feel quite emotional for the guy
  11. We were brill, but that has to be the worst defence in the prem
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