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  1. Again Allbrighton was first class, in fact every player deserved a 9 today, but Youri totally complete performance and for me deserved a 10
  2. Last time we got to the fa cup semi was a year before I met my wife been with her for 38 years. God it feels so good. The boys were magnificent today
  3. Certainly wouldn't talk to any Man U fans, more so if they are from Leicester.
  4. Only disappointment about that is that we didn't score 8.
  5. Still a lot of development needed in this lad but has talent in abundance. It will be interesting to see if and how his career develops. My only concern is this contract issue that we seem to have and it appears he is leaving his options open. Hopefully he will sign up, settle and get down to work.
  6. He's like the last tool in the box to use when your car breaks down and it works everytime.. Reliable Dan when all else fails.
  7. Again I gave Vardy a 6 and it saved as a 2. This is never accurate, is it me? or do others get the same problem.
  8. Oh fecking yes so happy the boys did us proud , never gave up. This for me was better than most wins we have had this season.
  9. For what it's worth I thought we did ok, could've won it and bearing in mind our injuries hats off to Brendon and our boys.
  10. Who are we rotating?. We have so many injuries and players out of position.
  11. Why is this up for discussion. Jose not doing well Brendon is, put two and two together. Same old boring shite story. Close thread ..thanks
  12. So can someone remind me of our current list as of today I have Wes Morgan Wes Fofana Dennis Praet James Justin. Anymore?
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