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  1. Thats about the long and short of it. Never seen so much crap in the media about something that actually hasnt taken place.
  2. This is one we need to take a stance on. If we dont then we will become easy pickings for any top european club. We need HM next season to have a good chance of breaking into the top six. We have to stand firm.
  3. 65 million ha ha ha ha ha ha ha. Well i suppose it is the two major arse wipe clubs in Manchester so if they say its 65 mill then its 65 mill. We need to keep HM and if not call the shots on the price 90 million and nothing else, 65 is a damned insult. He has a five year contract which makes him worth more. I say 100 million or he stays end of.
  4. Harry Maguire goes for a crap on a red toilet seat, could this be a sign that a United deal is on the cards. ! Is it a statement of intent by Harry.?.
  5. Cant believe how people are reacting on here like its happenend. Neither or any club has made an offer, or, stated any intentions of making one. Its incredible how the media can create frenzy on something that isn't going to happen. Harry Maguire WILL BE A LEICESTER PLAYER NEXT SEASON. Now stop believing all you read and realise that the media only do it for traffic.
  6. Getting fed up with the media tittle tattle. This business about a phone call from Man Utd, supposedly. Let close this thread and open a new one when we get some concrete information on his future from the player and his agent. Its becoming boring.
  7. Also this report was written by his agent and supplied as a press release to the LM who just published ( probably busy). Cant believe we would ever have had any interest.
  8. Actually 200k. Lee Bowyer resigned 3 hours later. Dodged a bullet there 😁
  9. Irs all just paper talk, nothing concrete, its all once again bulls..t sources say. No offer has been lodged yet and we would probably turn it away anyway. So lets look forward to big Arry at tbe back once again next season. Top 6 next year he we come!
  10. wokinghamfox


    Tend to agree with this. Never had a chance to establish himself.
  11. I said we were going to have to strap ourselves in for a bumpy summer ride over Youri a month ago. I can see 200 pages.
  12. The guy doesnt have a right foot. Looks like another bog standard may have his occasional day type of player. Its a no from me.!.
  13. Brendan Rodgers criticised for 'arrogance' by former Celtic striker. The latest headline on Leicestershire Live.. how many feeds have we seen on this subject today!.
  14. Sadly and having worked in local media for over 30 years print is failing. Local newspapers circulation figures are falling drastically year on year as is print ad revenue. These companies are beholdent to share holders who still regard revenue as god. Online revenues are not generating enough, hense redundancies and staff reduction is key to survival. So poor old Rob Tanner is probably doing sport, news, entertainment and just about everything else. The Internet has a lot to answer for.
  15. But it used too give us the detail. I suspect cost cutting has taken its toll or that the media company has a poor relationship now with the club.
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