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  1. LestaAl

    Corona Virus

    ...another reminder that this is a nasty nasty virus. Be careful everyone and fingers crossed for Boris.
  2. Still not expecting football will be played before start of August. EPL will do all they can to finish in the following 6 weeks of the restart date. The following season will be delayed until who knows when and agree with the point that European football may be curtailed / cancelled for the coming season because many parts of Europe will still be in considerable turmoil. ...maybe Corona virus will cheat us out of a European tour after all.
  3. LestaAl

    Corona Virus

    Well the good news on the deaths announced today was they were not as high as many had expected.... .....the bad news is that everyone of those people will be missed by their family who will be grieving today. Stay safe everyone
  4. LestaAl

    Corona Virus

    My youngest son flew back into China from Bangkok yesterday before the returning travellers lock down starts today. He will have 14 days quarantine before he can get back to work. He had his temperature taken 6 times between leaving the airplane and exiting the airport! Clearly they are taking things very seriously... we should too.
  5. After the game Watford fans said we were pretty poor for a top 4 club....
  6. ....Plans to be announced before the last game of the season apparently.....
  7. Agree ... and we can do the same again for the next two matches at least!
  8. ...Kasper making lousy distributions....again ... someone tell the ref that was our throw in
  9. LestaAl

    Corona Virus

    .......2nd full day of self isolation for me , not sure I could take more than 7 days of this so maybe the govt are correct in delaying more drastic edicts. Have a fever, general malaise, a few aches and itches, light headaches but nothing wrong with breathing so wondering if I picked up a bug at the match on Monday night. Whatever it is hopefully will not develop into something worse.
  10. What are we going to talk about for a few months?........
  11. Not expecting any football to be played in England until July when expect they will try and shoehorn the remaining matches in over the summer. ...the start of the next season may be delayed until sept.
  12. ...the EPL will struggle to come to a solution if the remaining matches cannot be played at some point in the summer . Numerous clubs will sue them for 'lost opportunity' otherwise as the monies involved are critical for some of them and also the championship promotion contenders .
  13. Terrible news for contender for player of the season... ...the rest of the Season may end up being cancelled , delayed , so impact may still be mitigated
  14. Jamie because his goals warrant it, he is everyone’s hero and he will probably not get another chance. Ricardo is my very close 2 choice.
  15. We played better without him today
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