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  1. Don’t forget Forest, Derby and Coventry....
  2. Headed goal from a corner is my hope, if Kasper avoids kicking out for a throw in then that is a bonus
  3. Sometimes things don’t go our way...I think the dog agrees and I’m off to the park with Bertie.🐕‍🦺
  4. Look on the bright side...... ....................... ...not sure I can see one yet!
  5. Beginning to look like a bigger task with the injuries mounting. ....maybe if we can do ok in the next three matches we may hang on but looking a much bigger target now.
  6. With all this pessimism around I may start to feel more optimistic about getting something from the match after all!
  7. More attacking set up for the second half if wearers win 3-4-3
  8. Both played on Thursday and had tricky games albeit with different result, early lunchtime games are always dependent on who got out of bed feeling better. ......we have a reasonable chance against a mid table team so with a strong team am hoping for a result unless more injuries weaken us.
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