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  1. ....If we win tomorrow is the race for second over...paraphrasing comments elsewhere...😎
  2. live and let live I say.... ....smile at them when they leave .. they are the ones missing out,
  3. When are we going to play a half decent side?
  4. Anyone got the highlights..... would love to see things again .
  5. On reflection and considering we are still 8 points short of safety ........I think it would be good to go for a win 😏
  6. i believe they are keeping their manager on only because they have a run of difficult or unlikely to win matches..... ......on that basis and according to form, I trust we will get the win
  7. As always... first -40 points second- 50 points third- consolidate Europa league forth- secure 4th place or better All at one game at a time, as we really don’t want to angst over what other teams are doing.
  8. .....I would like to see another home win, it will set me up for the week as I am missing the Watford game. 3-0 or 4-0
  9. Evans barely trained this week according to Brendan so was a bit stiff, but expects him to be fine for next week
  10. Who cares what Liverpool do... ..we support the foxes and champions league is what we want... ...if we can put them under pressure so be it.
  11. Wish Harvey could score, would make things a lot less tense. Still a win is a win πŸ˜€
  12. 5 in a row for Jamie now...πŸ‘
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