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  1. I missed this -was washing my hair much happen?
  2. 40 points first please, so said CR
  3. I liked this image for it’s purity before all the other faces were added later😀
  4. 1. Hang onto Harry and Chilly 2. Slim and Silva exit the payroll 3. Players return refreshed and eager to win a European place 4. Plans for after-match traffic light sequence improvements on Fosse rd./ Hinckley Rd announced 5. Persuade wife to buy the new pink away shirt!
  5. We played well for some of the game but in the first half the midfield payers were way too negative with their passing backwards. We had chances to get a result but you have to be clinical or you miss out and that's my memory of a frustrating but typical end of season game. Enjoy the summer, its all back in 3 months and who knows what the team will be by then.
  6. In Brendan we trust- well most of the time anyway if the excellent run into the last third of the season continues next campaign . The regular sense of frustration associated with the first part of this season for good and bad reasons Is best confined to history and for that reason it’s only 5/10 for me. ...hoping for better next season.
  7. Yes please, we need them as tired as possible although still think we can win.
  8. Looking forward to seeing the occasional long throw-in next season.
  9. Heathrow to Madrid - flight prices on 1st June just increased - wonder why!
  10. Would like a chance to give a standing ovation to Shinji and Fuchs at some point in the 2nd half.
  11. Watched the match at home and had the biggest smile on my face when wife came back late and we finished two bottles of bubbles to celebrate. Not sure what happened then.....!
  12. Pity it’s being ‘moved’ but glad it’s being ‘kept’. This mural has some very emotional and special memories for me and happy the image has a more secure future.
  13. Yes my mistake on checking , it could be 5 different teams on the last 7 seasons
  14. Hope he gets two more this season to take his tally up to 20
  15. We will have a better season out of Europe. If there are 5 teams in the champions league then maybe that may make it easier for us to squeeze into the top 6 if we continue to invest in the team.
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