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  1. .......Please win and score 6 to annoy Spurs
  2. Is there some tv money on top of the prize money?
  3. Having to wait until Monday for us to win this one is a pain....
  4. Friday night .. top of the league, Monday night ...now down to 5th!
  5. ....frustrated but 18 from 9 games still isn't too shabby
  6. Maybe we can start playing like a team of 11 players for the 2nd half.
  7. ......Glad we are letting them think they in control as per plan from BR. .......keep the faith
  8. Come on Leicester hurry up and score.... and don’t let them get one.
  9. ... we’re bound to lose this , too many injuries, out of the top four by Monday, training ground delayed again, stadium expansion too expensive, too cold to play outside! BR out. Hopefully I’m wrong.
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