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  1. Not expecting much to change in terms of performance as BR does not seem to have any solutions. All we can hope for is a lucky break to sneak a result.
  2. Would be good if BR could actually start being a manager.....
  3. So we have wasted away most of the 2nd half of the season with relegation level football. If this carries on Brendan is out and the merry go round turns again. ...pissed off as those CL games at the KP were great nights with my late Dad and unlikely to get another chance at them anytime soon.
  4. Do we still want him to be managing the team next season?
  5. Depends on how good Rodgers plan B is ...oh! there may not be one.
  6. I ‘m off to water the garden...anything is better than this😣
  7. .....Or he’s lost the dressing room.
  8. ...So once we’ve laid into all the outfield players.....there’s only Kaspet left for letting that one in !
  9. Expecting forum meltdown and nothing to do with the lockdown! ......hope I am wrong
  10. Something is clearly wrong ...maybe he has lost, or is on the way to losing, the dressing room. Hoping something changes to improve things even if its just a bit of luck for a change.
  11. Actions speak louder.... he’s off at the end of the season... in the team to keep his value up.
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