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  1. Hopefuly he is not in that long line of talented players who think they have made it before they have
  2. House of cards is a must for anyone that likes the west wing. (English and American) sons of anarchy is a good watch
  3. That would be a declaration
  4. This would be a real statement.
  5. Mind fart! Had 19th stuck in my head, oh well back to crying and w@nkin
  6. Anyone notice the transfer window is not even open yet.
  7. Agreed no way a No10.
  8. Great signing, well done to the club, decent price too IMO.
  9. 💩
  10. Pffff, I won't get this 30 seconds back.
  11. He is in our squad next year no doubt.
  12. The guy has the ingredients, all about attitude now, if he thinks he has already made it then we have another David Bentley keep his feet on the ground and do us the honour of 'playing the waiting game' then who knows. He looks good, let's not kid ourselves that he has arrived. He is still raw and not 1st team broken so nobody knows what we really have, other than talent.
  13. touché 🤐