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  1. All day !
  2. Most important.......I can see where you coming from with that 👍🏼
  3. Before someone suggest it NO!
  4. Both teams should have had his name and number on back of shirts all game.😉 I could have had first and last goal scorer with bookies.😙
  5. Do one Sol.
  6. Agreed
  7. Signing both would fill me full of optimism for next season. A number 10 even better
  8. Done deal 😎
  9. If that's the choices he has I fancy us all day.
  10. I would have been annoyed if he came on out of sentimentality. We were going for the win and 9th position.
  11. I was waiting for this. What a fvcking farce. Unprofessional in my book. CS had it right team first player second. (Love you though Was)
  12. I am of the opinion that our squad players should looking to push out 1st team regulars giving them competition not warm the bench until we have injuries, need to be ready to replace immediately not be able to 'do a job'. Our squad is not a testing ground, I have mentioned previously we can carry a couple for various reasons, development or aging we have too many average squad players, DA is one. If most agree that he has something the question is how do we develop. Needs games for me but not at our first teams or squads expense, Championship or even Prem loan.
  13. I am not sure it is a mentality issue, I think he applies himself but just is not up to speed, in more than one way, he needs games, we have certainly not seen the best of him. The question for me is how do we see the best of him so a judgement can be made?
  14. I agree seems to be very tentative on the ball no confidence to take the ball whilst assessing his next pass but certainly seems to has something more at CB and needs regular football to aid his development. Championship loan spell makes sense. A bench warmer with occasional minutes will not help him.