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  1. What is our best team?

    Shit. I like this too ha ha ha
  2. What is our best team?

    That's the one. I tell you what though we have a decent bench.
  3. Drinkwater says farewell

    Wiv all bin their.
  4. We have lost to the Champions away. We matched them physically today many wont. Away to Man Utd will not make or break our season so for the doom and gloom merchants chill the f#ck out.
  5. Manchester United (A) Match Thread

    Gray you gready b#$&@$d
  6. Manchester United (A) Match Thread

    Side Show Bob with his elbows coming on
  7. Manchester United (A) Match Thread

    Like every goalkeeper in the history of goalkeeping
  8. Manchester United (A) Match Thread

    Off his haircut
  9. Manchester United (A) Match Thread

    Gray on at 70 mins for the winner?
  10. Andy Townsend can't help him 😴
  11. Yep, this Liverpool attack will make mugs of better defences than ours this season
  12. 20 subs will be needed too much pace in this game
  13. Oh my God I have missed you football.
  14. ****ing Hell Mahrez. Dont sell !!!!!!