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  1. Certainly do not disagree with some of your comments about Okazaki but not his contribution last year, he is different than Ulloa who is similar to Slimani this may be the deciding factor if we are moving one along, Okazaki is also a better squad option. Could be a case for both but one thing I do worry about is making too many changes this may disrupt the tight dressing room.
  2. Ulloa did put in some crucial performances but Okazaki ran himself into the ground for the team last season. I don't recall Ulloa ever letting us down (on the pitch) would be happy for him to stay but I think freeing up space for a young forward is the best move for the club, go find a superstar.
  3. Arsenal can Fvck off. I have nothing more to add.
  4. Right Fvck it. Champions League holiday done, Premier League, we are coming for the lot of you.
  5. Horrible rag but not our scrap. Keep our nose out.
  6. Media the Shepards the masses the sheep. Football is moving away from a Sport and is becoming mainly Showbiz. I thought I had moved past this whole episode and a thread pops up like this and it seems I have not yet.
  7. Oblak to Man Utd De Gea to Real Madrid Joe Hart to Arsenal or Liverpool Kasper to Arsenal or Liverpool
  8. Only LCFC every other team can kiss Filberts arse.
  9. I did not spot this during the game, had my blue spectacles on, looks like a beast, some of those headers we commanding, thanks for the post.
  10. All about contract negotiations or big move, no chance of us getting him.
  11. Let's play that formation against Arsenal see what happens.
  12. PROUD ! 😊
  13. Shakes is a tactical genius !
  14. Take the kitchen sink you cvnts