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  1. So 17 of the 20 teams have already lost after only 4 games. This league is very unpredictable, only the top two at the minute are consistent. Hope we can get close to the levels of those two.
  2. Really enjoy seeing him grow in confidence and expressing himself. Looks like a class player hope he can continue the good start.
  3. To us maybe he is worth 100m because what do you replace him with realistically?
  4. Not yet he is good enough for us.
  5. The first half we were not in the game, but the second half we could have wow. Just need to be more ruthless in front of goal.
  6. I like him he will make the odd mistakes as he is still learning. Two very good performances so far. Keep it up lad!
  7. A very clever player will do well for sure
  8. Let’s hope they are a little tired and we start fast. Come on
  9. Got to improve to get back in the squad. Brendan is sending a good message to him because his stats are poor.
  10. I think there will be goals 3-3
  11. Ohh this isn’t looking great at the minute
  12. Very impressed with Soyuncu looks a good prospect.
  13. Hopefully Dave Allen put price away to
  14. Wow that was a good knockout!
  15. Dubois is very heavy handed
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