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  1. tetly

    Brendan Rodgers

    Would be a good choice plays good attacking football, bloods younger players. He is Just what we need, he knows the league and has been successful recently.
  2. Have to agree with all of the above it has been incredible since the owners took over. I never thought we would ever surpass the Martin O’Neil achievements, but we have become in my opinion the best of the rest excluding the normal top six. when the owners first bought us I herd someone on the radio talking about them basically saying how lucky we were to have them, and they have big plans for us to compete at the top level. They must be the best owners in the league.
  3. tetly

    James Maddison

    Looks good at that level let’s hope he can do it in the prem
  4. It would be great if the owners purchased it and did something useful with the space.
  5. tetly

    Demari Gray. Keep or sell?

    Give him a chance but he has to step up and produce the goods now. I think him and Chilwell should have gained a lot of experience last season, playing more games than before has to have helped develop them. They are both good young players. I think we have a quiet a few good young players in our squad now.
  6. Exiting player well done lcfc
  7. tetly

    Jack Wilshere

    He would be a top signing for us, if we have any chance of getting him I wold be over the moon.
  8. tetly


    Ok we fell short of a top 6 place, but he only signed one squad player in January. We all as fans know what we need ie a right back a no10 ect, what he has done is smart because he has looked at all the squad and can now fix our problem areas. I also think we need to reduce the squad size but sign better quality so we can rotate without compromising the team. There is a fair bit to do to become a top 6/7 team. The changing of mangers all the time won’t help us get to the next level. His character seems very dull but let’s give a fair chance to get his team out there before we judge him. We needed a change in style a thease things take time to fully understand.
  9. tetly

    A huge month ahead of us.

    Agree 100% massive month ahead we should be sounding out a manager and planning ahead. The squad needs Work but it a good squad the manager has massively under performed.
  10. We look bad enough sacking all theses managers over the last few years, I say let him stay until the end of the season and people will see he is terrible and deserves the sack.
  11. Benitez would be the best option his Record is good at all the clubs he has been at. I also think Brendan Rodgers would be a good choice plays great football.
  12. tetly

    Morgan or Dragovic?

    Morgan has played well this season and should stay in the team. He is a quality defender the best we have had for years.
  13. I just completed this quiz. My Score 50/100 My Time 121 seconds  
  14. tetly

    Vardy to Man Utd

    I wasn’t convinced! it was more of a lcfc pay me for now.
  15. tetly


    Kasper is having his worst season for us not much has gone his way this season. Saves you would expect him to make he isn’t getting to. long shots and free kicks he is useless and he has been poor at his near post. It would be silly to bin him but something needs to be done, maybe a new gk coach?