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  1. tetly

    Corona Virus

    Well I have asthma it can get quite bad sometimes. My concern is me sending the kids to school and then coming home with Coronavirus. Why are we doing thing so different to the rest of the word.
  2. tetly

    Corona Virus

    Did anyone feel Boris and co gave you the information you need? I was shocked that he gave the pubs, restaurants etc the opportunity to stay open but recommend we stay away. That’s a decision based on finance not the well being of a nation. I am concerned they don’t have a clue, not because I know better but look at what the rest of the world are doing. This is a time for the strong leadership making decisions not based finance. Why not shut down all social events cinemas pubs etc? He wants those businesses go bust it benefits the government / insurance companies not having to bail them out. I personally have very little faith in our thrown together leadership group and feel all they do is pull the wool over our eyes time will tell hope I am wrong. Sorry for rant people! Stay safe and look after each other.
  3. £200 the change and the products from the shop
  4. Have to say before Christmas I was worried he wouldn’t make it here. He seemed to be low on confidence. But the last couple of months he is playing superb I was to quick to judge. Barnes is gonna be a top player for club and country.
  5. It feels good to be back. Come on let’s go secure champions league football
  6. Tyson was absolutely punch perfect last night. He has to be the best heavyweight in the world. I wasn’t a fan of his but have changed my mind fully now I am a fan, If he hadn’t gone off the rails when he won the titles the first time you can only imagine how good he would have been. To go Germany and win and now America and win again shows how fearless he is massive respect to fury. Now go get the other belts
  7. This is who I thought it was 😂
  8. That’s a point more than I thought we we get good result. I think the red card was harsh. Happy overall
  9. Just did mine I wasn’t generous with our points return fingers crossed we stay where we are.
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