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  1. The Iborra Thread

    He is going to be very important Player for us. His game intelligence is class, he gets in great positions and uses the ball in a positive way. i think our midfield is going to be quite good when we finally get silva on the pitch.
  2. Boxing

    Well white is not a world leval fighter, he is the same leval as chisora. He won’t win a word title
  3. Carry On Cup QF - Man City at Home

    All the big teams kept apart from each other. Hmm
  4. Koeman sacked. Leicester???

    Have to agree we need someone to make us function as a team. A Martin O’Neill type manager or a Pearson, the players need a strong management team who will demand more from them. We have had a let’s see what happens mentality for the last two seasons because we never expected to win the league or be in a relegation battle the year after. It’s tough to gauge where we are as a team because the the difference is so extreme. My personal choice would be Brendan Rodgers because given time we would play attractive attacking football.
  5. Kodi. Set ups,boxes and add ons.

    Ares wizard lets you put some great builds on your box it makes life much easier. You can set it auto update so most of the links work. Hope this helps
  6. Boxing

    Have to agree he should retire now. I thought he looked like a defeated fighter before the fight started, he will never have the confidence to take shots his skull is fragile.
  7. Mahrez has asked to leave

    The time is right to sell him and anybody else who wants out. It's going to be a bit of a rebuild this summer.
  8. Totti...

    Could he be their next manager?
  9. Next manager ( who do you want ).

    It's a tough decision there are some quality mangers available. Shakespeare did a good job and it's probably right to give him a chance, however I feel we should be looking at a proven manager.
  10. He definitely deserves a chance, I just hope the club has a plan to help him reshape our squad. He is very well respected he just needs the right support from the club. I think staff recruitment could be as important as player recruitment. We we must be light in the coaching department after all the departures when the old manager was sacked. I would like to think we have our recruitment staff in place and targets identified. If we manage to get the right players in I am confident we can have a good season next year. We also need to keep most of our current squad.
  11. Boxing

    Very good performance from spence jnr he should clean up the division. I was shocked at the way it ended he must have a bad injury. Credit where credit is due the American was good.
  12. Xabi Alonso

    What a player he was one of the passers of the ball I have seen.
  13. I know the season has just ended but what are your thoughts on our next manager ? Shakespeare has done what was required kept us up, but is he the right man to rebuild the squad. I would love a manager / coach that play a good style of football just keeping possession and being effective when we have the ball. My my choice would be Brendon Rodgers not to sure he would come here now as he has had a great season in Scotland. That's my choice who would you bring in as our next manager?
  14. Great owners they are planning big things for us, they need to know shakey can deliver the overhaul required. I am a fan of Shakespeare he has done a great job keeping us up, we were in a bad way when he took over. I personally think we need a Brendon Rodgers type manager / coach attacking passing style of football.
  15. Boxing

    What a fight both of them gave it their all, I was surprised and worried when Aj gassed out I thought it was over for him. The fight was probably the best heavyweight i have ever seen. Aj would have gained so much from the fight and will dominate the division for a while now.