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  1. Best owners in world football. We love Top and his family are our family Forever blue.
  2. Never a dull moment as a lcfc fan 😂
  3. He needs moving on if true. His performances and attitude have been shocking recently.
  4. Not sure I have seen is play so bad. Wtf has happened. Fvck
  5. Not sure we could afford him but would like us to get A saint maximin, looks good whenever I see him play.
  6. Southampton players going down with the slightest touch, when they are anywhere near our goal.
  7. Looking forward to this. Come on let’s make it to the final!
  8. Wow what amazing team goal. Real quality and complete control of a very good team. I watched this goal half a dozen times and it get better each time. I can’t actually believe we play such sexy football.
  9. We just need to beat Manchester United in the fa cup now to complete wins over all the so called big 6.
  10. I was surprised he got on instead of kel today. Hopefully his injury isn’t to bad, we seem to loose someone each game at the minute.
  11. 100% should have got man of the match. Assisted a goal and protected our goal like a boss.
  12. He is having a poor game at the minute.
  13. I don’t think I can put into words how bad this guy is.
  14. He looks lost on a football pitch. Very ineffective player time he was dropped from the starting 11.
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