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  1. Aaron Ramsey is no longer wanted at Juventus, wonder if he is willing to take a pay cut to come back to the prem.
  2. We should be on course for another good season in my opinion. He’s had a full season to assess the squad, with the right recruitment and a bit of luck with injuries we will be ok. Liverpool lost to Watford and Man City lost to Norwich it happens. I think the manager knows we need more squad depth, it’s probably harder recruiting the players we would like because other more established teams are also buying that type of player. We were linked to the left back Liverpool are about to buy and the winger Man City brought, we can’t compete if they want them so we look at another option.
  3. Wow it been emotional! But loved every minute of it. Supported Leicester for 30 plus years, for a club our size we have seen some amazing achievements. 1996-2000 we played three finals and won two. Between 2008-2016 won the top three leagues in England in dominating fashion. We even played in the champions league even more crazy got to the quarters and with a bit of luck could of won. There’s been so many incredible games we have been involved in. The Watford semi finals hurt so bad and so did all the play other play off games Blackburn and Swindon. When you think about it we certainly aren’t boring to follow.
  4. Not sure he has the quality we need to progress, He looks ok but I don’t see where he plays for us and that he is good enough to improve the starting 11. Better putting the money towards a player that starts and makes the squad stronger that way.
  5. tetly


    Hopefully he can Krs one in the top corner.
  6. Without being harsh he is rubbish. Good luck to him not quite premier league quality.
  7. Deeney offers a presence up front he holds the ball up well for others to play off. Not sure Wilson is as physical haven’t seen enough of him.
  8. I would take Deeney a different option to what we have, and a leader on the pitch. And his interviews are decent.
  9. If he sticks to what he is good at we have a good keeper. When he tries to be to cleaver it backfires. He like most keepers will make the odd mistake but there is no need for him to try take players on. Saftey first.
  10. Other than Vardy all the attackers are to inconsistent. Barnes has missed some sitters but was thrown in the deep end we should have brought another winger at least.
  11. Good player used wrongly I think.
  12. He got the job because we weren’t doing to well at the time playing a style football that didn’t work. This season we have improved and had some amazing results and some poor ones. But let’s be honest 5th is not bad we blew cl weeks ago. It could have been worse and Wolves overtook is. As disappointed as I am with the way the season ended i feel the team is mostly young and will learn from it. Four or five quality players are needed for us to complete for a top 6 place next year. Other than Vardy all our attackers are to inconsistent.
  13. I don’t think hamza is the problem it’s the way we play. We take unnecessary risks at the back, I am happy we try and play football now but we need to mix it up more. Go long and win the ball further up field and play from there. Possession is great if you can penetrate like Man City but we’re to slow getting the ball forward. I think the manager could use the players he has better and get more out them.
  14. What’s wrong with us. We make the worst players look good.
  15. Another great Sunday afternoon.
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