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  1. We just need to beat Manchester United in the fa cup now to complete wins over all the so called big 6.
  2. I was surprised he got on instead of kel today. Hopefully his injury isn’t to bad, we seem to loose someone each game at the minute.
  3. 100% should have got man of the match. Assisted a goal and protected our goal like a boss.
  4. He is having a poor game at the minute.
  5. I don’t think I can put into words how bad this guy is.
  6. He looks lost on a football pitch. Very ineffective player time he was dropped from the starting 11.
  7. No better opportunity for him to step up and be the man. I have my doubts but really hope he proves me wrong.
  8. Can someone share the link for the clip please? I can’t find it. Thanks
  9. Good luck tonight. Hopefully another good result for my second team. How much was the new record signing? And is he any good?
  10. Can’t stand mufc or Fernandes would be great if the rolls reversed and they fall out the cl places.
  11. Improved on the ball so much. Can’t think of a better defensive midfielder right now in the world.
  12. Good to have this beast available again. I forgot how good he is
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