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    I do think once we are safe he might go for youth......Chilwell, Soyoncu, Maddison, Hamza, Gray, N’didi, Barnes Playing every week, plus Vardy, Albrighton,Ricardo, Harry, allowing a half season of development......it does require everyone trusting the manager, and I can’t get my head around playing, Simpson, James and King....,in the same team, when they have been hardly played/ been discarded
  2. Reg Vardy

    Puel 'Facing the sack' - reports

    Yeovil and Crewe too......don't know what good times these are......last 8 years awesome.....
  3. Reg Vardy

    Everton Post match Thread.

    Think you are being a bit simplistic regards Albrighton. Agree he should play, but he looked shot on Saturday.....at the same time Ghezzal is far from the finished article, and needs game time.....he started terribly misplacing passes, and whilst he improved, it was right to take him off. If we don’t give him game time,we will never find out. Ricardo, took at least 3 months to settle in, and has quickly risen from “ not sure” to great player.......and my point is that Claude is trying to do this with Ghezzal, Soyuncu, Hamza, Kelechi (admittedly slightly different situation) Maddison is also far from the finished article.....I actually think Puel is managing this aspect quite well.......
  4. Reg Vardy

    Newport away

    Tbf that team should be plenty good enough
  5. Reg Vardy

    Newport away

    Ward Simpson, Morgan, Soyoncu. Fuchs Ghezzal, Hamza, Iborra, Gray Maddison Kelechi
  6. Reg Vardy

    Our Last 10 League Games

    How lovely to read a realistic view......that’s where will be between 7th and 10th.....
  7. Reg Vardy

    Booing your own team

    Cheers.....it has been reassuring that the majority of posters are with the team, when they are playing......we have a great really young set of players who need everyone of us pushing them on.....started in ‘65 (I am 61) the last 8 seasons have been absolutely fantastic, and among the very best of 53 years of support.....love this club, the change in the crowd today after two stunning results turned on a penalty miss....I hoped we had more class than that....
  8. Reg Vardy

    Booing your own team

    More than us......much more.....
  9. Reg Vardy

    Booing your own team

    I always thought we were supporters.....always have been always will be.....Martin Allen, Sven, Craig Levein, Frank McClintock, Mego,McGhee.....same team, same shirt, same badge, same support.....we lost today to plummet to 8th in the Premier league.....there have been far darker days....and there will be again.....but we are supposed to lift Kelechi and the team, not bury them before they start....ffs stop moaning and start supporting.....it almost feels on here that the manager, players, staff all went home tonight and couldn’t give two ****s about the result.....it hurts them more than any of us.....apart of course from the old cock in G2 row EE seat number 29 and 30.....who Maddison personally cost him the price of his ticket by missing his penalty......( see earlier post)
  10. Reg Vardy

    Booing your own team

    They were booing Kelechi without kicking a ball. I am sure Jamie would agree today wasn’t his finest game for the club.
  11. Reg Vardy

    Booing your own team

    Funnily enough one of the comments was “ Well done Maddison you’ve cost me my money today....” I thought the ticket was for admission, not agauranteed win....... Didn’t think we deserved to lose today, should have won.....But if you had to ask me who our man of the match was, it wouldn’t be easy...... Unbelievable sh*te being spouted.
  12. Reg Vardy

    Booing your own team

    Who would you have taking it from those on the pitch? Just asking.
  13. Reg Vardy

    Booing your own team

    He certainly didn’t,t kick it did he? Just asking