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    The other thing few people mention is injuries......and boy have we had a few, Maddison himself.....as a result we will need a squad.......and on top Wilf being at the Afcon......unless you are 100% convinced we can improve on James Maddison, stick with him....
  2. Reg Vardy


    And then Tielemans leaves? We are trying to build a bigger squad, not offlo ad the almost irreplaceable……As a matter of interest who have we in mind……so far a Winger but which one, and everyone’s favourite Italian Locatelli….
  3. Reference the FA Cup win....who remembers Wigan winning it? and Who remembers them being relegated the same season?
  4. Would we (honestly) all be any different? Somebody offered twice their salary to move with unlimited spending power of the owner.....that is the league we compete in......Ben is young ambitious, entering his prime time, and is simply maximising his value.......happens everyday in real life....always made me smile, we praise one of our own players who celebrate scoring against their own club, yet berate those who do it after scoring against us.....
  5. Beat them 3-1 in the cup, drew 2-2 in the league.....take it as it comes.....every chance.....
  6. Spurs play Leeds, Wolves Villa and us....12 points? Nah.....
  7. He is leaving, he won’t be playing for us again, decision has been made...
  8. What actually has Underdone to warrant getting on the pitch...the lad is leaving the club in four weeks, why would Brendan even think about putting him on?
  9. Pretty sure we would have taken 10 points from 12 from the last three then Newcastle at home...which is very achievable....yes we could have won, but then Palace could have won....a point away from home is a good point whoever you are playing....as SAF used to say that could be the point that gets you third....can’t see West Ham or Liverpool winning this weekend, nor Chelsea next....**** keep the faith, but ffs have some belief in a team that has been in the top 4 all season....
  10. Oh and it was a brilliant goal, Wilf and Kel sublime
  11. Undefeated in four games,two defeats in ten if you want to look further ffs that point could be crucial....penalty correct decision, but desperately unlucky, Enjoy your weekend....
  12. Zaha will likely be up against Castagne.....we have stopped conceding, we are playing close to our best side, bench is strong(er) I think we are beginning to see belief/momentum taking over......can't see anything other than three points....
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