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  1. Didn’t they make Citeh’s bus journey to Anfield particularly threatening last year? One thing singing about it another doing it....
  2. Memberships are uncapped so wait until the ballot, I am in the same boat, and was advised to do this by the club
  3. We have drawn at Anfield,already beaten Man City, plus Chelsea, Arsenal, we will have a right go....not going expecting to lose....
  4. Think Cardiff will beat Fulham, and have the spirit, to get something at United
  5. Haha! So back to the original question....what’s the policy on refunds if you can’t go on Monday
  6. Just checked both semi’s Tuesday so will be no change to city game
  7. It is probable the Man City date will change from a Saturday to a Monday.......if so I am unable to make Monday.......what is the position from the Club on refunds in this situation?
  8. Think a lot depends on United finishing top 4, if they finish top 4 they will likely keep Pogba, and be able to sign anyone despite Solskjaer. Finish 5th, they will lose Pogba, and Maguire is far more likely to go, never played in Europe, more money, nor wanted by any of the big six City, Real,Barca, PSG, Juve, Bayern....
  9. I’d sign Matt Ritchie......know what you mean though!
  10. Similar in sunny Todmorden!!!
  11. In the excitement of Wes last minute winner and dodging flooding on the way home, thought the owners gift of a scarf on a rain sodden, freezing cold Burnley day was an appropriate, kind and most welcome gesture,we have the very best owners in the league. Thank you.
  12. Great day, everyone get home ok, roads closed all over the place......so worst weather you have ever watched the foxes in......today was right up there....
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