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  1. Reg Vardy

    Jack Wilshere

    Accept he is injury prone, but he can play, don’t know why, but reckon him and Vardy would add real bite....we lack his sort.....free? Offload Musa & Slim? Worth the risk I’d say.
  2. Reg Vardy

    Jamie Vardy

    Reckon there will be some rotation for Panama, highly unlikely he’ll rest Kane, thought Rashford and LoftusCheek were decent, can see Alli, Young, Lingard, Sterling getting a rest, think Dier will play against Belgium....I reckon Jamie could get a good run out Sunday......
  3. Reg Vardy

    Solomon Kvirkvelia

    Benny will be playing in the World Cup......somebody rates him
  4. Zidane to Chelsea?
  5. Reg Vardy

    Who should we sign (asset strip) from relegated clubs

    Stokes right back Bauer?
  6. Reg Vardy

    Samuel Gigot / Tom Bayliss

    Thomas got rave reviews from Giggs this week, wouldn’t surprise me at all if he plays a fair bit from the bench next year
  7. Reg Vardy

    Ben Arfa 2018

    how old was Cambiasso?
  8. Reg Vardy

    Ricardo Pereira

    Couldn't agree more......on here what we think is a lot of money clearly is relatively small beer for bigger clubs.....yes we are spending more, but then so is everyone else.....and a lot more than we are.......on what basis is he "not worth a penny over £15m ?" how often have we seen the bloke play......
  9. Reg Vardy

    What was our

    Last 5-0 defeat in a league game?
  10. Reg Vardy


    They got relegated, we are 9th........isn't that reflective of squad strength?
  11. Reg Vardy


    Ten managers in six years.....
  12. Reg Vardy


    It’s called the Sunderland syndrome......sack manager who signed new players, then new manager wants new players, sign new players after selling last lot at greatly reduced price .Carry on repeating until you are in League 1. How manymanagers did they get through? They all signed new players, they all left.Worst case scenario for sure. Are we really judging a Manager on 17 matches, particularly when Mahrez walked out in the middle of a decent run? Interestingly nobody points a finger in his direction......
  13. Reg Vardy


    So how do you measure the full story of the Season? No matter what your I think about Puel and performances, if you finish 15th, I would suggest over 38 games you werethe15th best team....I look forward to a short concise reply if you believe otherwise....
  14. Reg Vardy


    I think you’ll find that where you finish inthe table is the full story...see two seasons back for full details....
  15. Reg Vardy


    So you’re saying he did a great job at Southampton last year to finish 8th? With a crap squad?