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  1. Reg Vardy

    Name this Leicester team

    Alan Partridge. Dave Clement
  2. Reg Vardy

    Name this Leicester team

    Dacpvid Currie
  3. Reg Vardy

    Name this Leicester team

    Barry Kitchener
  4. Reg Vardy


    Two games two clean sheets.....most clubs would take it as positive.....
  5. Reg Vardy

    Sing for Claude

    Claude Puel whoa ho ho ho, fits the same as Ranieri used to.....
  6. Reg Vardy

    please forgive me

    Marvellous post. The voice of reason.
  7. Reg Vardy

    Benkovic January Recall?

    Awesome tonight
  8. Reg Vardy

    Benkovic January Recall?

    city never sell good players, and yes United need Harry and likely that’s where he’ll end up. ( did any other club come in for Mahrez after the January shambles? No.) As a marker what is Vincent Company worth as a 30 year old?
  9. Reg Vardy

    Benkovic January Recall?

    He will be worth something to us......but any club buying him in two years time will get nowt back on what they try to sell him on beyond that, which is what i am referring to. Potential buyers will want exactly the scenario you suggest. Able to recoup their investment, after they get two years out of him...to do that they need to be buying him this year, not when Maguire is 28. Evans was sold for £3m as I recall. England's centre backs used to be 30, but Stones, Maguire, Alexander Arnold, Gomez, all suggest 30 is exactly the time they go over their peak..... Like I say, we haven't spent £25m on two of the brightest defensive prospects on the market, only to keep Maguire...he'll go.................time will tell who has called this right.....
  10. Reg Vardy

    Benkovic January Recall?

    26 and on a five year deal. Every player reaches a point where they are at an age when their value drops, largely due to age. Maguire will be sold within the next two years. Leicester whilst a decent sized football club, haven’t spent £25m on two young centre halves not to sell an older one for £75m...and as Harry’s age goes up his value goes down. The Beckham transfer to Real is a good example, and there are countless others of great players being sold, when they know values start dropping. Slimani is prime, we overpaid for an ageing forward then struggled to sell him. Basically he is worth nowt in two years time. At the same time Soya and Benko will go through exactly the same process......
  11. Reg Vardy

    Benkovic January Recall?

    He’s 26 this year