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  1. It is free for pubs.....
  2. Wasn’t it great to see him back, great touch, spraying passes, like having a fantastic new signing, it’s been that long.....Ricardo to come, hopefully 2/3 signings this week, Beginning to believe.....
  3. The optimism when we signed Slimani, Ghezzal, And a few more beside was clear, ged Madders and Perreira back in, sign two more, we have a week to complete Fofana hopefully Brooks or Mc Neil...we will be stronger than last year, accept so are a good few around us, but for crying out loud, give em a chance
  4. Sometimes players not signing has nothing to do with Rodgers, Rudders or Congers, it’s where the player wants to go......and if he don’t fancy Leicester it won’t matter whatever we do. Two examples Sarr being touted for Liverpool in January, someone on here said let’s get Sarr,Fofana, much more money, 5 year deal, EPL, wants to come.....not surprised.....nothing to do with Brendan...
  5. We are a business.......profits are a necessary part of success, paying customers do contribute to it, and the product, if all the people awaiting to pick a season ticket up are actually there, would suggest it is both working and priced well....football supporters often overlook these simple facts.....
  6. Palace and Sunderland away best two away matches in 55 years of going.......despite being in the home end......thanks for your good wishes.....appreciated
  7. I had a choice, took it and am not complaining....think the club is run better than most in the Premier league....the £70, in my opinion, is a commitment, to a season ticket, that if no payment was made, people could walk away at anytime without penalty. its up to individuals if they chose to pay it, go to games or not.....and oddly enough, in the league winning season, is at in the Home teams end at Palace, Sunderland, Swansea, Man Utd, WBA,Chelsea....never once complained about what I paid......!
  8. 16,000 at the 1-1 draw with Stockport at home in league one......just saying....
  9. I paid to go in the Chelsea end as I couldn’t get a ticket in the Leicester end....Vardy’s winner took some serious calmness....
  10. Which is your choice.....pretty sure we have all watched Leicester with the ground half empty.....all of a sudden we aren’t going because the ground isn’t full......but hey we are the most loyal fans......aren’t we?
  11. Not in the Chelsea end they weren’t
  12. I think it’s a case of you won’t please all the people all the time....with staggered payments they have offered to help Ease the financial pressures.....again interestingly enough if we didn’t have to make some commitment, fans could walk away at anytime having had the guarantee of a season ticket Until such time as they choose not to do so.....
  13. Don’t know we are born.....bottom line is surely if you don’t agree with £70 don’t pay it....been a supporter since 65, took me 3 years of paying match day prices, to get a season ticket two seasons ago, and yes season tickets are great value by comparison, but by comparison to so called bigger clubs we are still good value....I sat in the Chelsea end away 2 years ago £70......which other premier owners would you prefer over ours as a matter of interest?
  14. Same as both Mahrez and Maguire, new deal, stay one season, guaranteed big fee in 12 months time, meanwhile we sign Cantwell/ A N Other
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