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  1. Reg Vardy

    EFL Cup - Wolves (A) - Tues 25th Sept

    Ward simpson soyunco Evans fuchs perrerra Silva Iborra albrighton Okazaki Iheanacho/Vardy Vardy has played 3 games this season, should be good enough
  2. Reg Vardy

    Söyüncü Signs

    Cahill is available in January......just saying
  3. Does that read right?
  4. Reg Vardy

    Deluded fans

    As soon as the players chosen to wear the blue shirt cross the white line, our part of the deal is to get 110% behind them, and support them.....regardless of the individuals selected. Surely we support the team?
  5. Reg Vardy

    Harry Maguire and Man U

    Just as Mahrez was always going to Man City, Maguire will go to United, there has been a conversation, he is the right player at the right time for them,and Maddison will be the next, N’didi the next oh and Chilwell albeit to different bigger clubs with a need for that type of player. in the months after he kicked off, no ther club showed any interest in Mahrez.....it was agreed in December, auctioned in Summer.
  6. Schmeichel Pererra, Evans, Maguire, Chilwell Gray N'Didi, Silva, Albrighton Vardy, Maddison
  7. Reg Vardy

    Big Club!

    Just my opinion but based on location alone there are a good few players who would pick Bournemouth, Nice, Seville, West Ham, Napoli, possibly Fulham, Valencia, Monaco, Over living in the leafy East Midlands......not saying I agree with it, but there is an element of reality in players living where they choose to....
  8. Reg Vardy

    2018/19 Fox Memberships On Sale Now!

    Not sure all memerships being entered into the ballot is much of a benefit if it is based on priority points once in the ballot is much of a benefit? Surely same thing in a different language.....
  9. Reg Vardy

    Season tickets

    me neither......it should be today.......
  10. Reg Vardy

    Adrien Silva

    Which one of his 18 appearances did we work that one out......
  11. Reg Vardy

    Adrien Silva

    I see in the main forum, our other “donkey” Kramaric is being touted for £50m......always thought he had real talent (await barn door banjo replies)
  12. Reg Vardy

    Jamie Vardy

    Reckon there will be some rotation for Panama, highly unlikely he’ll rest Kane, thought Rashford and LoftusCheek were decent, can see Alli, Young, Lingard, Sterling getting a rest, think Dier will play against Belgium....I reckon Jamie could get a good run out Sunday......
  13. Zidane to Chelsea?
  14. Reg Vardy

    What was our

    Last 5-0 defeat in a league game?