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  1. Kinda get the impression Wilf realises he is stuck between staying at Palace or taking a sideways step, as nobody will pay the money Palace want, making him a marry git
  2. Sunderland title winning season....great fans after the game, great Vardy during it.....and now you're gonna believe us....
  3. Amartey made to pick up Antonio.....five at the back would also work to offset Lingaard....
  4. West Ham play Chelsea last weekend in April.....
  5. West Ham play Arsenal, Wolves,Foxes,Chelsea,in thenext month, if they are top 4 after that, then fair play.....
  6. I keep saying it played against Man City, Spurs and Liverpool....9 points just saying
  7. Played against Liverpool, Spurs and Man City....just for the record
  8. Played against Man City, Spurs and Liverpool this season...
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