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  1. The Last 8 Games Of Riyad Mahrez

    And here lies the dilemma of football opinion. Kelrpechi’s pass was atrocious, it was easier to put it into Riyad’s path, not five yards behind. Mahrez and Chilwell role wouldn’t have come into play without the original pass.
  2. why not offer 10million

    Simon Cowell is available.......
  3. Fans perspective

    Anybody who has watched Elvis Hammond, experienced Martin Allen, applauded Trevor Benjamin (ffs), forgettable Hungarians, will understand just how good these days are.....Glory days indeed.....we have improved, spend more, but so have every club, bar Burnley above us, and many, many below us....can't wait for Newcastle.....
  4. If you read page 18 & 19 on the Chelsea forum, you would think the people on here were at a different game....I get disappointment, and I am, but we have taken a full strength Chelsea all the way.....we are the 8th best team in the country at the minute, they are the 5th best team, with three truly outstanding players, including our former best player.....get real, we were playing Blackpool 5 years ago....
  5. FA Cup 2018

    Sunday night
  6. Leicester vs Chelsea FA cup predictions

    We outplayed them for long periods at Stamford Bridge earlier this year, main threats were Vardy, Mahrez,N’Didi and 2-0 wouldn’t have flattered us. Diabate and Kelechi add to that threat with improved performances Conte has said as much this week. They are a team in transition. We have every chance
  7. Sold out (again) it’s disgusting
  8. Name this Leicester team

    Bobby Gould
  9. It will sell out. £22 is very reasonable (£45 for F.C. Copenhagen) only people complaining are season ticket holders......
  10. Puel

    If we hadn’t won since December 12th it would be Dyche out on Foxestalk. Absolute certainty.
  11. Adrien Silva

    The other thing for me is the clubs who are interested in these internationals in room 101’ Benaloune wanted by Milan, Inler is a fantastic call, great player, no game time, Slim the same, from memory( might be wrong) Cambiasso couldn’t get a start early on...players we don’t play are wanted by “bigger” clubs than us....Jakupovic will probably sign for a top side....Iborra and Silva not getting game time, King (I love him) and James were/are....we have paid over £30m for them ffs play ‘em...
  12. Adrien Silva

    Silva, Portuguese international, Iborra, Seville Captain, Dragovic, Austrian international, Fuchs, Austrian international, Kaputska Polish international, Kramaric Croatian international, Lawrence Welsh international, none of them regular starters at the King Power......we are like Room 101 for international footballers....they come here never to be seen again....
  13. £22? Great value.£10 to watch Stamford v Alvechurch in the Evo Stik Northern, Southern division. Chelsea have just drawn with Barca...... Give over.
  14. Stoke post match 1-1

    Absolutely spot on’ Elvis Hammond, Collins John, Patrick Gerrbrand, Hungarians,Pressley (not Elvis) De Vries, Benjamin, Hendrix ( one of our worst) these are better days my friend, better days indeed