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  1. Feeling just a little bit pissed, bumping into furniture now. Not long to MoTD, so may just make it.
  2. Sheffield Whole bottle of Merlot has just vanished.
  3. Andy Lochead nutting Alan Clark at half time in the cup final, when Clark asked for a transfer (alledgedly)
  4. Was looking forward to the FA cup final, but after 50 years, won't bother watching it now. What's the record loss? Chelsea will win 10 ten nil at this rate.
  5. Good job we're not CL actually. Would be totally embarrassing. Brendans not half as clever as he thinks he is I'm afraid. Spurs or Arse if the price is right. Pundits will say we're crazy, be FoxesTalk has been calling his lack of understanding of critical issues since he arrived. Time to move on. Shame but there it is.
  6. Is Top there to negotiate Brendan's transfer to Arsenal I wonder?
  7. Problem for Spurs, it's just too far from Bradgate Park to tempt Brendan.
  8. Rules clear no Foxes subs until 60 mins.
  9. If Man City and Man Utd thrown out of league...Double back on!
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