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  1. Where's the 'who can't catch us thread' gone? Good news - Brighton can't catch us. Not so much a 'blip' but a full on plummet.
  2. Power, pace, attacking flair..... Worth a go I think.
  3. Does anyone ITK have information on the owners and clubs financial position? I have a nasty feeling the reason we didn't spend in January is 'cos we're not as rich as some on here like to think. Covid will have hit King Power really hard and that is understandably the owners focus. We can't give away some of our previous signings, so very difficult to refresh squad. Brendan and players may well have met their bonus target already for this season (top 6?) and promises of rebuilding cash for next season have evaporated in light of Covid. Cash for Chillwell and anything we can get for Slimani will be the budget I guess. No CL will seriously undermine possible financial difficulties, as this may well have been relied on by BR. No wonder Brendan is floundering.
  4. Transfer window more critical than usual. Needs a major squad rebuild, probably without a massive cash injection. Is Congerton up to it? Seriously doubt it. Hope I'm wrong, but dark days ahead.
  5. Concentrating on the League then. Or not.
  6. Praet looked absolutely furious in the stand.
  7. Yes! As City Fans we are all vulnerable.
  8. Are Slimani and Silva eligible for FA cup games now?? (Just thought I'd give a few Foxstalkers a sleepless night.)
  9. Metalist Kharkiv - sounds like a well oiled machine (or a 1980's Heavy Metal Band). We're coming for you, Kharkiv, we're coming for you.
  10. Might be all over by then. If Man City to lose appeal, and Wolves to win Europa league, can we sneak into Europa in 7th place, or do we need 6th?
  11. Terrible thought. We want Villa to beat Wolves right?
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