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  1. Crazy Stat. time!

    Dont you just love Crazy stats.
  2. Riyad Mahrez - The great Artist

    Thought we were Chelsea's feeder club?
  3. Everton 2-0 (H) Post Match Thread

    Given CP's record of developing players, maybe he'll keep Musa and coach him. Ulloa will be gone next window.
  4. Ben Arfa

    Close thread. Claude says he wants to look at his current players before looking for replacements, given transfer window us closed until January, nothing, repeat nothing is happening until then. Claude looks to be a bit of a thinker, so expect evolution rather than a French Revolution.
  5. Pascal Plancque - Assistant Coach

    Touch of the boy Lineker round the luggs.
  6. Puel's Diamond Formation

    Did Mendy play for Claude at Nice?
  7. Appleton for the job

    New Chant: Apple, Apple, Appleton. Leicesters number two. (needs a bit of work)
  8. Leeds Post Match Thread

    Noticed how players were looking for Iborra at all times, confidently knowing he can keep the ball and pass forward. Add in Silva after Christmas..tasty. Gilfi who?
  9. Manuel Pellegrini

    Succession planning anyone? Remember when we had an old manager, with an Italian name, and a good second in command? Get a good old un in, so we can keep 'appy'.
  10. Relax.

    So Swansea, Everton and Stoke next. Lose all three and can I relax then??
  11. Next City Manager?

    Please don't even mention Sherwood. Don't you know Rudkin is trawling Foxtalk for names he can claim to the owners he has researched. Noooooooooo.
  12. Shakey back as number 2???

    Owners press release said they would welcome him back in a professional capacity, which sounded a bit of a strange thing to say. Did make me wonder if they were leaving the door open?
  13. National Andy King Appreciation Day

    National Andy King Appreciation Day or Nakad for short.
  14. Next City Manager?

    Think he's settled in Bournemouth.
  15. Musa

    Was it all a dream??