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  1. Really pissed off. Might have to paint the f**king lounge.
  2. Barnes or Albrighton please. Last half we'll see from Grey.
  3. Who is the on-line commentator. Totally biaised to Manu.
  4. Win the league with Foxes, and then the Champions league, and he might get 10 minutes. Really, does anyone actually give a **** about England? FA complete wankers. Quite wanted Kosovo to win 6-5 just to expose the annual hype.
  5. Hamza masterclass - shows Pogba how a CM should play (if he can stay on the pitch). Expect lots of rolling around and ref intimidation every time Hamza kicks one of them into row Z.
  6. Quite happy not to be treated as a serious top 6 team, once we go top at Christmas, then the pundits ( excepting Gary - 'it's a three horse race !') will still expect us to fall away so the 'top teams' can take their birthright in Europe. All good. Just makes it sweeter when the 'impossible' happens (again)
  7. Hirst plays like an old style centre forward....Good to see! Wonder where he gets that from?
  8. More important imo that teams go deep into European competitions rather than the impact of individual matches. I think we need Wolves to do well in Europa so they are less focussed on 6th/7th, plus other Englush teams to cascade Euro spots down as far as possible by winning the damned things, if we are to have a chance.
  9. Ditto. Really crap this. Is Teletext still working?
  10. Where can I get those tasty looking Jovin biscuits? Council planning an Iranian Christmas market?
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