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  1. FoxFossil

    James Maddison

    Nacho, Vards and this kid could be dynamite through the middle instead of endless misplaced crosses. Always rated Puel....
  2. FoxFossil

    Mahrez to Man City shock

    Everton, West Ham and Leicester interested.
  3. FoxFossil

    James Maddison

    Lack of progress on players we have been monitoring for ages suń£gests too many fingers in the decision making pie. Either that or they have all just buggered off for the summer having patted themselves on the back for getting a right back. Somethings not right.
  4. FoxFossil

    World Cup watch list!

    And the team was rubbish. Puel out.
  5. FoxFossil

    Andros Townsend

    So the plan is to sell Mahrez and buy Townsend? Is this a sick joke posted by Forest fans? Feeling quite ill at this thought, so it's working.
  6. FoxFossil


    WC=good day to bury bad managers.
  7. FoxFossil

    Puel to Fenerbahce

    If he goes, do we really need a manager? Wes, Simmo and Vardy already pick the team.
  8. FoxFossil

    Roberto Inglese

    But can he play for England or speak Inglese?
  9. FoxFossil

    Jamie Vardy

    Sad but true. Jamie will do well to get 10 mins in total and even if he does Ali won't pass to him (a fact proven by Foxestalk). Back to old fashioned England/Leicester despair, shouting at the tele, drinking too much lager.
  10. FoxFossil

    Silly New Rules

    Almost guarantees its a great idea then!
  11. FoxFossil

    Stadium Expansion - at last !

    Free beer and doughnuts. Luxury. We had to make do with a bottle of tizer and a packet of walkers and we had to stand all the way through match. You tell the kids today and they just won't believe you.
  12. FoxFossil

    Silly New Rules

    Sin bin like rugby. Yellow = 15 mins off. Red= 30 mins off.
  13. Once bought a coconut from a young lad on Leicester market. Gary Lineker. Once played shooting practice in the street with a lad, who was dead keen and saved loads. Peter Shilton.
  14. Saw Jarvis Cocker on the train today. Used to deliver groceries to Len Glovers house when I was a kid. My Showbiz lifestyle is wearing me out.
  15. FoxFossil

    Crazy Stat Time!

    So if England or Portugal play Nigeria we could have 5 on the pitch at once! Awesome.