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  1. Didn't think French transfer window was open until 16th June or German one until 1st July? So can deals be agreed and actually confirmed before those dates, if so, what does the transfer window actually mean anymore?
  2. Well Bec and Vards seem to part of this long term plan....
  3. There was talk earlier (somewhere on foxtalk?) of the legal implications of Vichy's death, in terms of does Top have the same degree of financial freedom his father did, and the length of time it may take to resolve a estate following a sudden death. Anybody ITK as this may still impact on Transfer budget this season?
  4. Carries on at this rate and we'll have to add the squiggly C to City.
  5. Never... F**king...Heard...Of...Him. No.
  6. Please. When does the season start? We're dying here, and it's not even June. (Please note double correct use of Apostrophe. That's Wyggy boys for you!)
  7. Filbert as the plan B traditional big hold up centre forward.
  8. FoxFossil


    We"ve moved on. Barca bastards, we're coming for you. (Always kept a special place in Hell for Leeds)
  9. This is a footy board. Fed up with all this talk about the undemocratic Windsor family.
  10. Sormaz's computer is doing a Windows update. Should be nearly finished in time for start of next season.
  11. James and King not available? Isn't Hammond still on the staff? GTF working the burger bar? Gerimin!
  12. Yeah. Like that Cambiaso tosser.
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