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  1. Already dumped out. Should have played Celtic reserves eh Sutton.
  2. Have we just found the old filbo inflatable pitch cover in a cupboard under the stands, during a covid lockdown bored day clear out, and are re-using that?
  3. Oh dear. Praet on for Barnes please . Cenzo for Kevin
  4. Take the seats out rest of ground, loads of room! 45,000 easy.
  5. After 60 mins maybe, or is Brendan's ego still trying to prove something at Anfield?
  6. This sounds like it! Thanks. Was going to say Liverpool, Cup match 5th round replay, but couldn't be sure. Programme says Wednesday 11th Feb. Tickets 8 shillings (10 days before we went decimal) or 40p. Nasty feeling we lost?
  7. Did I imagine being in the Kop with 42,000 in the ground? Or is my memory playing tricks. (Weller 54 help please) Feet didn't touch the ground for the whole match. Happy days are here again.
  8. Just think of Vardy's volley against Liverpool during sex, but try not to shout 'YES' too loud as it frightens the neighbours.
  9. Prefer Milf myself.
  10. Defend, defend, defend. Barnes to Vardy. One nil to the Foxes. Repeat.
  11. All this means that BR won't be under pressure to bring back injured players too soon, which is so important for a long season. With the whole squad getting plenty of game time compared to last year, we should be stronger in the second half. In a strange way the injuries have been helpful, forcing a rest on some of our first team.
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