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  1. Peter Rodrigues? Master of the sliding tackle!
  2. Benko clears to Mendy, who passes to Kabutska, beats thrèe followed by a brilliant cross, held up by Slimani who knocks it past the two CBs and Nacho races on to score a bullet into the top corner, his fourth hatrick in a row. King, Silva and James all sold to Man Utd for £50m each. Then Rudders wakes as Brendon phones; "wheres my f**king new CB and winger?"
  3. Whatever happened to Dragovich?? Looked okay when here but seems to have dropped off radar.
  4. Never say never...but Never, no, not ever.
  5. Need to ban Southgate from our games. Maddison and Chillwell always play really really shit when he's there. Scared to death of making a mistake.
  6. To cover up the fact that Chillwell can't defend. See AV goal for details.
  7. Poor. Hamza at half time please. Plus Barnes for Chillwell.
  8. So can Play up front! Ideal to have a CB upfront in League Cup against Villa - New Matty Elliot, he's the new Matty Elliot.
  9. Lineker lives down the road in Barnes, so not that dire I suspect.
  10. Highlights video shows how rubbish the Championship defending is.
  11. He'll be demanding a 4 day week next.
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