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  1. With Under incoming, surely a chance to actually play Perez in his correct position? Radical, crazy thinking I know.
  2. 3p a bottle if washed, if I remember correctly.
  3. Total Football. (Nobody has a clue where they are supposed to be playing, especially Fox Talkers.)
  4. Jesus Christ come back needed I'm afraid.
  5. Mendy not Hamza surely based on Baggies show. Madders on the bench until 60mins as before to ease him back in. Agree Gray needs a run out as a final check he hasn't suddenly got good and cured his bad habits, before we buy a new RW.
  6. If you've seen the how to trowel a concrete floor video, that's pretty much the best bit of the tour.
  7. Surely need to get rid of Slim, Silva and James first. Gray can wait, as we need some options until we sign that winger. No rush from me.
  8. Leicester score, Leicester score. When you get one, you'll get more.
  9. They are targetting JJ. Red card within 10 minutes of second half. Is Fuchs fit enough for 45, if so get him on please.
  10. Most interesting aspect of latest BR video for me, was the comment that Rudders was in contact with Top, not BR with Top. Have begun to think the unthinkable, that LCFC was his Dads passion, not Tops and he's lost interest. He's okay with LCFC whilst it's not costing him anything? Was BR oversold on the funds / King Power project and now the reality is beginning to dawn on him, and this is being subconciously communicated to the players. Truth will out and I guess we'll know by end of window and by results up to Christmas. Desperate to be wrong.
  11. Looked like a man frustrated and wonder if he's working out when it's time to walk. Not met Top, and no funds, looked pretty p**ssed off to me, and club haven't delivered what he was promised when he came?
  12. Flight from Lyon to Brum looks quickest. Quick crowd-fund to get big daddy out there asap?
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