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  1. This click bait is a day early; April 1st surely is the correct date.
  2. Finish the season with double points games, counting towards this season and towards the start of next thereby shortening next year's, as well as avoiding voiding this year. Not seen this suggested; is there anything seriously wrong with it as an idea?
  3. Thought he might attack me. Spoke to him from a safe distance, not Corona rules, just plain self defence.
  4. Just spotted Big Nige cycling, looking fit and well. Suppose being a God helps.
  5. yes, but when does the league restart? Not been playing much since January!
  6. God, if there wasn't enough bad news around. Europa league?!
  7. Actually I was a patient in a major teaching hospital whilst writing these points. The NHS is quietly clearing as many cases as possible in advance of anticipated major critical care volumes, a head of department senior surgeon told me, as I'm one of those most at risk, in for cancer treatment. Hospital was working flat out, all theatres being used, teams of docs operating 8 am to 8 pm. So they are lame and idiotic? Time will tell, hope you're right, and you don't need them to care for you.
  8. So Quoting exactly the most senior scientific officer in the Country is scaremongering? 'The less you know, the better you sleep' Russian proverb. Enjoy your sleep.
  9. Figures from chief medical officer on TV said 80% of population will get infected (48 m) and 1% will die, with a much higher percentage in the elderly. Numbers are truly scary.
  10. Used to deliver Corona when I was a lad...
  11. 4 weeks I think behind European countries. Peak infection predicted in 10-14 weeks, so season might just be completed, but makes sense to cancel Euros, and complete Euro competitions in the gap.
  12. You lie. 'Chilwell not quite ready to come back yet'. All managers do it.
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