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  1. Until we go a goal down after 5 minutes, Brendan then waits until 60th Min to make changes...... Could be a long night lads.
  2. Not happening. Not convinced Top is as interested as his Dad. No money into club for a couple of years. Long slow decline I fear.
  3. This and given the ball away for 2 of their goals I think. More Ars goals coming I fear.
  4. Agreed. Frankly getting in CL would be embarrassing but it's not happening. This might be peak Rodgers, like at Liverpool.
  5. CL? You're having a laugh. League plummet incoming, very damaging - poor set up, poor play and really really poor result.
  6. All true, but it's in Brendans contract that he can't make subs until 60 minutes. (Hope I'm wrong)
  7. If we don't change something, we are going out. Time to earn your cash Brendan.
  8. Change of shape needed to get Youri on the ball. Not had a touch yet.
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