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  1. Looking at the rest of fixtures, why should we lose any of these? 10 match unbeaten run coming up! COYB.
  2. FoxFossil

    Tottenham Hotspur (A) Match Thread

    Using remaining fixtures as pre-season for next season. No complaints from me. (apart from Grey is not lead striker so still need to fill that slot post vardy)
  3. FoxFossil

    The many faces of Andy King

    A young Adolf Hitler before he went for the slick comb-over look?
  4. FoxFossil

    first city game

    Same first match! Soon after I got a Saturday job as 'Corona' pop delivery boy, but driver was having it away with somebodies misses on the round so he used to drop me at the ground, pay for me to get in, and pick me up afterwards, provided I kept stum. Perfect!
  5. FoxFossil

    The Managers: Mark McGhee, 1994 -1995

    Love the forum is getting peppered with threads 'worst ever manager, worst team etc'. Time for an Alan Clarke, nastiest bastard to every play for City? Is this a Rudders thought changing programme to make us love Puel?
  6. FoxFossil

    Songs at KP - the classics?

    Brilliant. Going to frame it for the downstairs shitter, with my Champions winner crisp packets. Hes here is there hes every ****ing where, Rodney Fern, Rodney Fern!
  7. FoxFossil

    Best of the Rest XI

    God, I knew things were getting boring at City, but picking random teams of not quite good enough players. You need to get out more lads.
  8. FoxFossil

    Pearson sacked

    Hopefully Spurs in the summer then.
  9. FoxFossil

    Home Form. Not great reading.

    Agree with much of this, so guess the question is, what is long term? 3 years? 5 years? Provided we see genuine progress on the pitch in say 2 years, then I think most long term fans would accept this transition period for what it is.
  10. FoxFossil


    Maguire and Chilwell both gone in summer. Suddenly we are a very cash strapped club, but no-one seems to know why? Or could it be that Puel was going to be sacked, as some suggested but untimely death of owner meant he was asked to caretaker club through to end of season. Hence lack of relationship with key players and lack of motivation all round. Saving spends until new manager in place?
  11. FoxFossil


    We need three wins to stay up, maybe less. Time to play the new boys to get them up to speed for next season. Play Barnes, Hamza and Soyuncu. Get Benkovitch back and play him as soon as hes fit. Promote one of the U23 strikers and start to give them game time. Season is over unless there is a disasterous run (possible). 15th place at best.
  12. FoxFossil

    Man Utd Home Post Match 0-1

    We were trying to sign a Black cat, who showed pace and creativity, but Rudkin got this instead.
  13. FoxFossil

    Man Utd Home Post Match 0-1

    Hamza and Teliman with NDidi next time out? Kiss 7th goodbye, treat rest of games as a pre-season. Any good young strikers in U23s? Should be Ok for relegation (just) but I'm looking down the table now not up.
  14. FoxFossil

    Benalouane joins Nottingham Forest

    Hope Andy King is taking notes.
  15. If so, brilliant move by Rudkin, swop 'em back at end of loan. Could be all a cunning Puel plan just to give Silva game time.