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  1. Hi, just wanted to plug a site I created a few weeks ago. Football Underdog is solely focused on underdog and shock stories in the world of football. There are articles, quizzes and soon I would like to do giveaways etc. should the site create a nice little community of followers. The articles I have on there so far were put together quickly so there was content on the site but it would be greatly if you could even just visit the site or drop the facebook page a like or give the instagram page a follow. Hope you like the concept and if you want to contact me you can at footballunderdog@gmail.com. Football Underdog Website Football Underdog Facebook Football Underdog Instagram Thank you, plug over.
  2. Kelechi Iheanacho - hype, price tag and age but poor attitude and isn't clinical. Gokhan Inler - honestly was expecting a BTEC Cambiasso impact but we didn't even get that. Bartosz Kapustka - we haven't seen a lot of him but he isn't even ripping up the Belgium 2nd division on loan. Luis Hernandez - cost nothing but we let him be apart of Champions League campaign then jumped ship at first chance.
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