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  1. Got 25% off Sky just by phoning up and asking for a discount. Did the same with broadband and mobile providers as well so no need to change email address (which I need for work) and 5 times as much mobile data. Energy company couldn’t do much so I had to switch but no big deal. In total I saved £85 a month which is a grand over the year. Quite pleased but kicking myself for not doing it earlier.
  2. I am going to the away match at Anfield and am on the coach for the first time so can anyone give me a bit of help on how it works please? I have booked a ticket but have not received anything yet should I expect something in the post or do I collect it from the shop? It says 2:30 but is that the time that they will leave? Is there a ‘meet up’ anyway for a pint beforehand, if so where? I am on my own and don’t like drinking alone! I am meeting up with my adult daughter there and I assume we will be escorted literally from the coach into the ground so will she have to meet us inside? Thanks in advance for any help/advice
  3. Anyone else having problems with the website? We were successful in the ballot but it tells us we have exceeded our allocation when we get to checkout.
  4. I just completed this quiz. My Score 50/100 My Time 136 seconds  
  5. Loved Seville when we went there for the Champions League. Rome for Valentines 😇 was also lovely and nothing like as expensive as I feared. Bruges is very pretty but when we were there last month eye-wateringly expensive. We also liked Munich. Great food, great beer and very safe. Everyone I know who has been to Barcelona has loved it. Paris is an overpriced, overrated shithole imho.
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