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  1. This will only stop if referees are directed to come down on it like a ton a bricks. For me any deliberate foul, wherever it is on the pitch, should be a yellow. If a referee claims they cannot judge intent then frankly they shouldn’t be doing the job.
  2. I am afraid this is true in my experience. I am in my mid 50s but because I was brought up standing, sitting at a game doesn’t feel right. As an example I stood up at a match recently near the back of SK4 when Vardy (I think) was through on goal and was tapped on the shoulder by the 20 something behind me and told to sit down. The only answer that will satisfy everyone is a safe standing area so how do we go about persuading the club to instigate one? It can’t cost much to install a few thousand rail seats say at the back of SK1?
  3. Coming from Wythenshaw Taylor is highly likely to have been a Man Utd fan.
  4. Red all day long for me, I’d have been furious if one of our players had done that. Is Chris Kavanagh the VAR ref. Born in Manchester, affiliated to Manchester FA? That one? Not to mention Anthony Taylor is from Wythenshaw, prime Man Utd territory.
  5. I started going to football in the 70’s when the demographic of the crowd was overwhelmingly white, male and working class. The only diversity was that it was a game for all ages. I went away to Uni then got married soon afterwards, kids came along, etc by which time I was out of the habit of going. Friends weren’t into football so there was no-one to drag along on a cold Saturday afternoon to stand in the rain and risk having the shit kicked out of us on the way home (We live near Mansfield so that is a real risk 😀). Going to matches became an occasional event when the option to roll up on the day and pay at the turnstiles largely disappeared. Football has changed though. Now in my mid-50’s I can sit on the Kop (or stand if we can get tickets in the right place) with my wife and adult kids. We can sing, chant, get caught up in the ‘limbs’ when we score and feel safe. We can talk about the game and watch a ridiculous amount on TV so know far more about other teams than we ever did before. I used to get excited about the prospect of Best, Keegan, Toshack etc coming to Filbert Street, players we had only read about or watched brief clips of on Match of the Day, Star Soccer or Football Focus. Now we are getting excited at the very real prospect of seeing the likes of Messi, Ronaldo, Neymar etc at the KP next year. Money has changed the game no doubt - I don’t like paying £40 each for Man City but hopefully we get STs next year which will bring the football spend down a fair bit. But this is changing: 10 years or so ago ‘big’ clubs got most of their revenue from rich owners and commercial operations with a lower proportion from TV. TV money has increased dramatically and is much more evenly spread, more wealthy owners are wanting to be involved hence the likes of us can compete which is why the likes of Arsenal in particular are shitting themselves. No doubt the game in England is at another crossroads because some of the ‘big clubs’ feel threatened but I sense a real opportunity now and I hope the mid-sized and smaller clubs are not going to let themselves be pushed around this time.
  6. Or Spurs (them of the empty trophy cabinet 😀)
  7. Sounds like we all have different experiences. We were watching on a Smart TV using the built-in App, yes, it was over wifi but that doesn’t make any difference normally. We live in a small village well away from the city, we have fibre but only to a box half a mile away with copper from there.
  8. It was fine on a tablet but grainy on a normal 42” TV. Not a problem when it is free but if I am going to be asked to pay for it then it needs to be the same picture quality as Sky or BT. We use Amazon Prime for other things and the picture is perfect so our connection is not the issue. Checking reviews on the internet it seems that plenty of people had the same experience but it was better when they were only streaming one match so hopefully it is a capacity issue at their end.
  9. If the Amazon Prime experiment is anything to go by there is still a technology issue. The production was fine but the picture nowhere near HD which we are all used to now - our internet connection is plenty fast enough so that wasn’t it. I only watched at home so wonder what is was like on a big screen in a pub. We also tried Eleven Sports when they had the USPGA Golf but that was so bad it was unwatchable on a TV but just about ok on a tablet.
  10. Details are on the website now. Sunday STH Wednesday Members Monday 17th General sale
  11. Oh yes it does! Just like if they were seen wearing a Man Utd shirt at the age of 3 they are definitely going to Old Trafford Not sure we need Grealish if we are getting Messi though 😉
  12. I was on a Uni visit with my daughter the following week (her campus was genuinely the Ethiad Stadium). We were chatting with one of her soon-to-be lecturers who was a Man City season ticket holder and he said that he had never seen them so comprehensively outplayed.
  13. But according to the Birmingham Mail Grealish is on holiday with Tyrone Mings so maybe that is who took the photo ... do we want him as well if Villa go down? Apart from their keeper he was the main reason they beat in in the semi, particularly the first leg.
  14. Decent back-up if we can’t get Andros Townsend over the line I suppose
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