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  1. It starts with the owners who have built a culture in the club where people matter. It’s a cliche to talk about being a family but I was talking to someone recently who is involved in the new training ground and he assured me that is exactly what it is. Whatever the circumstances, whether it was delivering undoubtedly the best trophy lift celebration ever, the way the club conducted themselves in the aftermath of losing Vichai or today’s statement the club just gets it right.
  2. I can’t see anywhere in Europe being back to normality before September so I still prefer the idea of playing this season out, including FA Cup, Champions League and Europa League by early November. Start next season at Christmas which would finish around October allowing a break for European Championships. Do the same in ‘22 which finishes the season in time for the World Cup. Run a shortened season in the first half of ‘23 and be back in sync for the start of 23-24.
  3. If there is one thing we can all agree on it’s that there is no solution that will satisfy everyone. It is tempting for us just to think about our own leagues but this is a world-wide issue so FIFA, UEFA etc need to be taking a lead. Bizarrely the winter World Cup gives us a possible way out. Finish the current season in full probably just before Christmas including FA Cup, UCL, EL etc. Run complete seasons starting Jan 21-Oct 21 and Jan 22-Oct 22 finishing in time for the WC. In Jan/Feb 23 split each division in 2 and play a shortened season, including bo
  4. If they do scrap it, which on balance I think is better than playing behind closed doors then I hope they give all the teams left in an automatic place in next year’s group stages if they do not qualify automatically.
  5. No-one can be sure how this thing will pan out but if I were in charge I would rather be accused of over-reacting than not doing enough. This summer is going to be massively disrupted so for me the priority from a football perspective is to be able to start next season as smoothly as possible so this is what I would do now: - UEFA should scrap the Euros entirely to give national leagues the best chance to complete all the games. - Suspend the PL for a month to see what happens. Play the remaining matches behind closed doors if necessary/possible.
  6. Agreed. I can’t wish ill on any of the players that gave us a season we will never forget. Even Mahrez with his poorly judged comments. I am willing to bet that if you gave Drinky the opportunity to have his time again he would choose to stick it out and would now be fighting Praet (not literally) for a starting spot. I for one hope he finds a club where he has the opportunity to rebuild his career even if that is in the Championship but given his profile there will be people at every club keen to have a pop at him unless he eats a serious portion of humble pie. Unfo
  7. I guess if all Arsenal players and staff have been tested and are clear (big ‘if’ I know) then West Ham players and staff won’t have become infected through that route. However, if even one person from Arsenal is infected then all of West Ham needs to self-isolate and be tested. The problem is the potentially affected group grows so quickly when you do this that it is probably safer to suspend the whole thing now. Footballers being young and in the main healthy will mostly have minor symptoms anyway, as a country the priority must be to target resources at the most vulnerable not
  8. Given was has happened in Italy and with us being on the same trajectory just a couple of weeks behind surely the sensible response now is to suspend all football until the situation is clear. How they resolve unfinished competitions is a secondary issue for me. If we can delay the peak until next winter then there is a fighting chance that there will be a vaccine by then and it just becomes like any other seasonal flu.
  9. Yep. He admitted it was a nonsense and waffled on about hoping the referee would find a sensible way round it.
  10. No it doesn’t, Dermot was asked about this on Talkshite and he said that under the laws as they stand it would be a penalty to us.
  11. It definitely was this, can’t remember when I last heard the whole ground chanting the same thing like that. My daughter was watching on TV and apparently it came over loud and clear along with “Leicester’s going to Europe and Villa’s going down”
  12. We were staying in the same hotel in Manchester where he stayed while he was managing Man City. He turned up on the hotel bar at 1am surrounded by three blonde 20-somethings so the man has something 🤔.
  13. I can’t believe VAR looked at the penalty incident and didn’t give it, we would have been raging if we didn’t get that. On the other hand it was never a foul leading up to the goal. It was nowhere near offside either so only needed the briefest of checks. Eddison obviously should have done better. Ottimendi is as shit as he always was. Still hasn’t recovered from being put on his arse by Mahrez 4 years ago.
  14. Finally got lucky on the members ballot but obviously hope it gets rearranged (because we make the semi - not them). Thinking of using Fox travel rather than the train. Only used it once and it was very quiet, is there a singing bus?
  15. Haven’t read all the way through but here are a few thoughts: Praet looks better every game - composed on the ball and willing to get stuck in. Back 4 looked pretty solid but to be fair didn’t have much to do. Brum had 6 along the back for most of the game and clearly planned for penalties or trying to pinch one on the break. Gray looks totally lost. He kept offering for runs then holding back by which time the pass was played and he missed it. Madders is playing as more of a 6 than a 10. He works hard and always offers for the ball bu
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