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  1. My stream crossed to old trafford just as maddison ran on goal. Balls!
  2. Worst half of the season...too slow, and too much passing back. At least the U21 are winning and Norwich are losing!
  3. This feels like the Cardiff game last season....
  4. 2014 9 game winning run ended by .......Watford. Watch Deeney get a hattrick tonight. Misery all round 0-6.
  5. A friend of mine is watching a full HD stream with no lagging (ooerr). Drinkwaters first game in 21 months.
  6. BR says he is sticking with .................... city
  7. Its not going to be our day! Can we start the Watford Pre Match thread now?
  8. Bad feeling about this, the optimist in me (phanar) says 0-6.
  9. I really do fecking hate Gerry and the Pacemakers.
  10. For a balanced and unbiased view of the decisions involving Liverpool we ask Mr Independent Jamie Carragher.
  11. Gary pn MOTD opened the show saying "we start with a top 4 contender and Arsenal"
  12. Watching Tony Adams on SSN, he sounds like a cast member of "On the buses".
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