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  1. Its at times like this that I wish Alex Scott was presenting. At least she is worth looking at.
  2. Stirling , and Kane are a waste of a shirt. Foden looks good when he gets the ball and for Fox sake why is Grearlish sitting on the bench when we are crying out for some midfield bite.
  3. We should all save some energy and time by posting the entire NUFC home match thread and replace the word Leicester with England. Utter garbage from the boys in white.
  4. OMG thats terrible. Will the club appeal such an injustice.?
  5. Looking forward to watching the cockneys invite their owner on the pitch to share their magical moment.
  6. Absolutely hate Tommy Tickle, dont know why, but I do.
  7. Greedy Northern ****ers 0 Greedy Cockney ****ers 1
  8. Kai whatsit just said "i dont give a ****" on BT sport. Class
  9. The corner flag! Despise both of them, but i really want to see Chillwell cry again.
  10. manchester city are a poor mans leicester city.
  11. No but there will be a lot of threads about him before the opposition cotton on to his abilities.
  12. FA CUP final; https://www.reddit.com/r/footballhighlights/comments/nd277v/chelsea_vs_leicester_city_fa_cup_15may2021/
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