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  1. Wins over Stoke and Brentford should give us momentum in our quest for promotion.
  2. Really. I missed their last ditch defending by blinking twice. Their goalie could have kintted a scarf he had so little to do.
  3. Absolutely nothing positive about that half...again zonal fecking marking needs to be banished to the banishment bin. Truly shocking all over the pitch.
  4. I see that care in the community is not working as it should
  5. Stunning performance, first half superb in going forward,creating problems, and second half was a Leonardo De Vinci masterclass in closing a game down, terrifyingly disciplined all over the pitch. I must also reiterate the Ndidi factor. JJ has England player written all over him and to watch a defender rip a chelsea right back to shreds and leaving him for dead, was just orgasmic. 10/10 for every player. MOTM goes to the lady linesman, and VAR. Brilliant.
  6. An absolute yawn fest! Give me WBA V Wolves any day.
  7. This game shows how vital Ndidi is to the team,.Already my MOM. Kaspar very good as well.
  8. Well done...he's now nailed on to score against us. Please take care as careless talk costs goals.
  9. Derby...HA HA HA HA 2-0 down to an 8th tier side. This reminds me of the time I laughed at Burnley losing to Lincoln just before we played Millwall.
  10. I believe that the sound setup needs one of these. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rLDgQg6bq7o&ab_channel=Lygris
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