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  1. A stinker of great stinkiness. Worst display of the season, nothing to shout home about but a win is welcome.
  2. 6 defeats in 11 games. If this continues next season is going to be even worse. I said some months ago that this could be Peter Taylor Mark 2.
  3. In the 78 minute, the ball was crossed into their area and we only had ONE player in the box. Chillwell, so predictable. Gets the ball, runs down the wing, slams on the brakes and passes backwards. Utter shite. Happy New Year....feck off. You know its bad when the opposition scorer is J.Lewis.
  4. Tielemanns really needs to go on a diet, he is robbing us at the moment. Disgrace about the Nacho incident. Feck off VAR!!!!!
  5. A vast improvement on the Wolves match but yet again a penalty should have been awarded to due the keeper assaulting Nachoman. The replay shows the keeper going for the player and not the ball as his arms are nowhere near the ball, he is clearly aiming for KI and gets away with it. A red card all day long.
  6. Im sure streams are deliberately designed to crap out just before goals are scored.FFs Villa you cretins.
  7. Are we having fun yet....what a shit bag of a game
  8. Because we are shite ? Apologies for smacking down my own post, but it has been a shit year in all aspects of my life on this planet so far,so arguing with myself is inevitable.
  9. If Ryan Bennett is not good enough for their first team, why would he be good enough for ours?
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