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  1. Losing makes me very sad which is more important than the feelings of some scousers.
  2. So you hate Liverpool more than you love LCFC? I always want the foxes to win no matter what the consequences.
  3. How shit, fat, and bad is Lukaku, a shadow of his former self at a bargain price of 90 million.
  4. Pep praises the contribution of Mahrez to the relentless machine that is Man City FC. "The dressing rooms are always spotless now and Riyad makes a mean half time cup of coffee". Poor old RM must feei like a Lamborghini sales man who has to drive home in a Skoda.
  5. Richie Wellens has a lot to answer for.......
  6. Religious people are either mentally ill or serious deluded idiots. Either way, they are wrong. Also smokers should be denied health care.
  7. You are quite right, its also not found on Xvideos, New Railway Modellers, Canadian Moose Lovers and a whole host of other web sites. Perhaps this is because this website is for people to get together and discuss whatever they please and is not a dedicated news service like Sky News, The BBC, RT (yes I know) and even Al Jazeera, where it has been extensively covered.
  8. Not me, I intend to live forever. I think that this thread could go on even longer my own immortality so I will join you in my cave for an imaginary glass of port and a DVD of our 2016 Title win.
  9. Unfortunately natural human emotion might lead you down the obvious path, lets hope we never get to that cross roads.
  10. ooops I meant Jeremy, thanks for pointing that out. My question was "what cant I do as an atheist that I can only do with religion"., and was not aimed at you Alf. I need to point out that I do not criticise the followers of religion but religion itself. Toleration can only go so far. If I claim to believe in fairies and pixies living at the bottom of my garden I should expect ridicule and be laughed at, which is why I agree with your last statement. With regards to Liberation Theology, this is humanism and does not require the belief in a God to persue.
  11. "Wheres my phone, I need to whatsapp my followers and issue a dislike on facebook" Would you forgive and love someone who raped your daughter, or murdered your elderly parents while robbing them in their home, Drink drivers who kill and injure thousands of people every year, religous nut jobs who send children into battle with bombs attached to their chests. Most people cant forgive Ian Holloway for getting us relegated so what chance a criminal. Besides who says forgiveness works? I think the key word here is"commandments". The Oxford English dictionary defines this as "an order". So it is not a guideline at all.
  12. I just googled "men pink reaming big cock up" and got the Man Utd Everton match.....
  13. Very true, and they should be applauded for doing something rather than praying to a deity who allowed it to happen in the first place. Saying a prayer in a church thousands of miles from the event has no effect whatsoever. Also you have the right to follow whatever path you choose and I will defend your right to do so, but I would rather believe in something that is demonstrably true then base my existence on a 2000 year old superstition. After all faith is not a pathway to truth. Anyway I wish you well and more importantly dont eat too much chocolate.
  14. I suggest you read Christopher Hitchins work "God Is Not Great", (which I have) Dawkins "God Delusion " (which I have), studied history to a good level. Socialism does not demand obediance, it offers a political view point that can change over time along with all political ideologies. Only religion stays the same. Also if I decide not to become a socialist Richard Corbin will not come to my house and threaten to condemn me to an eternity of pain and torture. Also I can switch from socialism to conservatism if I wish and can do so in the knowledge that the politcal leadership will not issue me with a death penalty / fatwa and or excommunication. Also why should I love my neighbour, I will love whoever i choose and not be dictated to by some religous doctrine. My neighbour might be an arsehole who deals drugs and play gangster rap at 2 am. To suggest I am unthinking is rediculous, my posts prove that i have researched this topic to some degree, and it is typical of people of faith to throw biblical quotes as a weapon to make their points due to their own inability to ...ahem think for themselves. My original question that I posed still remains unanswered.
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