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  1. I think the aim will be to just ensure we dont get relegated, get the players fit again and go from there.
  2. There must be a rational explanation for the horrendous injury list.
  3. Timmy is much better than BC every day of the week.
  4. Lord Farquad is out for 3 months...his muscle has come off its bone.
  5. I am starting to think they some of them will.
  6. Yet again proving that BR reacts too slowly.....
  7. ****ing garbage...never looked like scoring. willy pullers.
  8. l lucky beggars....Im relying on some greek bloke to run 26 miles from the ground to give me the results. In game comments might be a problem though.
  9. No i will be looking at a gulley filled with water bubbling over a few rocks and boulders.
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