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  1. Just tried it again and it is downloading...
  2. Just tried to access the latest files but am presented with a screen asking for my hard earned British pounds as the file size exceeds the free limit for my IP address. Bugger.
  3. Hats off and applause all round for these files. I have all of the reviews from 1990 and like one of the above I play them to death.
  4. This is no wedding, its just Wilf and the boys modelling next seasons away strip. And here he is getting ready for his wedding nights
  5. I always wondered who it was sitting 117 yards from me. I remember one season 1987 the attendance surpassed 10K only once!! And it only cost 4.50 to get in. It was free for me for two years when I was a student as my neighbour was head of security and he used to let me in via the players entrance in the old main stand.
  6. This shows that there is a togetherness within the club. Gppd to see.
  7. Delighted with 9th, nice to finish without a defeat.In a season of turmoil the lads done good.
  8. Just got a text from Mahrez...he says the goal looked world class on his brand new 89 inch TV.
  9. Terrific from us tonight so far, BR really has got this team organised. (Lose 5-0 now)
  10. Some of the worst defending you will ever see.....
  11. Looks like Raffa has told NUFC to let the scousers win.
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