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  1. rgc1967

    How long will Puel last?

    Have we seriously started a thread how long Claude is gonna be here ffs ? Give the bloke a chance , what happened at Southampton and how they played blah ****ing blah it’s history what matters is what happens from now on at our great club . Happy New year to you all
  2. rgc1967

    Bradley Lowery

    RIP little man you touched the hearts of everyone
  3. rgc1967

    The totally unofficial 2016-17 Season Review

    For a very amateur video editor., think you've done a cracking job mate well done , 2015/2016 would be brill .
  4. There's is a lot of bollox on there tbh. How are the people that are the so called reps of all the fans in that posistion. CG has been tthe representative of the official LCFC for years. Are these people elected ? Nominated ? Picked by the club ?. I really have no idea. Anybody know ? If used right this sought of interaction with people who run our club could be useful for us all
  5. rgc1967

    Kasper Schmeichel

    Nice one
  6. rgc1967

    Kasper Schmeichel

    Totally agree but now you've got me thinking on those 5 in one year cos I'm sure your right,got 4 I reckon lkeme stockdale alnwick Bunn possibly
  7. rgc1967

    Rule changes up for discussion

    1877 (wiki) 90 mins per game 140 years which I've prob been going near on 40 years, point being how many of us have sat during a game with a stopwatch starting and stopping it to see how much time is actually played I ain't and it's not really bothered me as I'm sure it ain't many others. Most games flow nicely during 90 mins your always going to have issues with time wasting etc that's for the officials to deal with at the time. And also gives all of us something to have a good old moan about . As already stated on here if it ain't broke ? . To many cocks trying to change our beautiful game . Video tech defo .
  8. rgc1967

    Rule changes up for discussion

    60 minutes I'd want at least a third of my season ticket what a load of bollox
  9. rgc1967


    Think he signed for Derby last week
  10. rgc1967

    Harry Maguire Official

    Good solid signing welcome Harry
  11. rgc1967

    What's you favourite away day?

    Going back a bit but Fulham away division 2 1983 Ian Wilson scoring at the city end we won 1-0 and got promoted that season absolutely mental.Then although we didn't want to be there league 1 was a pretty descent season for away days
  12. rgc1967

    Huge fire London building

    Just seen on the BBC that there are fire crews in the building searching, firemen and women all heroes
  13. rgc1967

    ICC Champions Trophy 2017

    Absolute shitta weren't expecting this especially with Amit out but fair play they have bowled and fielded well Amir
  14. rgc1967

    Huge fire London building

    Horrific, some witnesses are saying people were jumping from windows. What a fuched up descision to have to make .cant even contemplate making that choice .
  15. rgc1967


    What a load of bollox