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  1. Each to their own and all that, but I do struggle to see how you don't view someone with well over 300 appearances for the club who won all 3 of our recent league titles with us is not a club legend, must have very little legends in your eyes
  2. That hat-trick look to have done him the world of good, he looked really positive & confident on the ball and was always looking to drive forward immediately
  3. That all seems rather normal compared to having a draw in China or John Barnes doing it in a Morisons, there must be a twist like Kermit is the only actually doing the draw surely?
  4. As much of a blow it is to possibly by missing Maddison, I think Praet is a more than capable replacement, looks a cracking player really impressed me whenever he's played. Really positive on the ball trying to go forward as often as he can, good movement and gets stuck in all in all really rounded. The link between him and Youri is a bonus too - all in all looking like a fantastic signing!
  5. I went in London on Tuesday night, put on a really good show as you would expect. I agree it definitely has that 48:13 feel about it.
  6. Not that I approve of it but it does make sense why they've been here the last 3 summers in a row, the World Cup & Ashes had to take focus this year hence why they've just moved the T20s to next year and the ODI series was last year, realistically it doesnt really matter if they come over and play all formats in one year or spread across 3 summers, either way its the same amount of games
  7. Middle of a tough season yeah fine each to their own and all that but 2nd game was a bit pathetic, mind you it was just a small minority that did it
  8. Second half was brilliant yesterday I thought, although there were far too many boos at half-time considering it was only the 2nd ****ing game of the season
  9. Was there a song for Kasper to the tune of the flintstones before, I seem to recall something but cant work out if im going mental or was just something in my head
  10. This is probably the most English football fan comment I've ever seen The Spanish world cup winning team wasn't blessed with plenty of height, even Puyol was under 6ft yet is still one of the best CBs of recent times. Height can matter at times but it's not an issue, if players are in the right positions at corners etc and on their toes they should be getting to the ball no matter their height realistically. Added to the fact that if you view this as such an issue all our CBs are over 6ft and thats probably the only position you can argue that height may be more important in the Premier League.
  11. I find it hard to believe anyone took the initial shirt release for Huddersfield serious, considering the same company pretended to cut down the bloody rainforest, surely people have twigged to PaddyPower and their ways by now
  12. This one line to me just summarises that you have completely missed the point he was trying to make, its nothing to do with normalising it, if you look at the staging and the words used in the background you couldn't possibly come to this conclusion?
  13. Didn't realise we had started playing home games on the M1
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