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  1. Drinkwater says farewell

    I've never always been his biggest fan but anyone who is part of the 15/16 squad always a hero to me, hope he gets the reception he deserves next week, how anyone could resent any of those players who made us premier league champions I do not understand!
  2. Leicestershire County Cricket Club

    The batting was ****ing terrible half of them may aswell just handed the bat to that group of travelling fans the way they just gifted their wicket so stupidly!
  3. EFL Cup Draw - Sheff Utd (A)

    First round is regional but that's it I think
  4. 'Neutral' teams not related to Leicester you like or dislike

    Like: Bayern - something about them as a big club I just really like, especially the squad Frankfurt - struct a big of a liking to them over the past season couldn't tell you why Northampton - first ever football game I saw was them so always want them to do alright Hate: Wednesday - went to uni in sheff every Wednesday fan I met seemed to be a massive nobhead, probably didn't help that I knew some blades too West Ham - despise most of the fans MK Dons - tinpot disgusting stain on English football
  5. The Arsenal V City scoreline prediction

    1-1 Riyad
  6. Leicestershire County Cricket Club

    This is exactly it, we get slagged off about the kolpaks but really we have no choice due to the level of dross we have coming through
  7. Cricket 2017

    Wouldn't mind seeing a few younger players chucked into the squad, we are going be needing them soon enough, especially in the bowling department. Porter of Essex looks okay, averages 26 odd I think in red ball too! Saying that for the batting I think it would be better for the county experienced players, its the rash thinking of modern bit hitters that causes test problems, something I would be more confident of Malan or Stoneman not being like.
  8. What's you favourite away day?

    Got to agree here, but I always tend to enjoy a trip to Oakwell, especially the few in the championship relegation scrap season!
  9. Xabi Alonso

    I'm backing him to make a fantastic manager one day. You look at who he played under he has learnt from all of the best and there have been numerous clips where he talks about passages of games etc and just talks so well about it all.
  10. brockmyster

  11. Atletico 2nd leg at home

    I don't believe amartey at centre back would be the worse thing in this game. I wouldn't trust him in a Prem game due to play style but the way athleticos play it could work as he always reads the game quite well and won't have to deal too much aerially. Saying that I imagine Wes will be loaded up with every drug possible to get him out there Tuesday!
  12. City-based Twenty20 tournament

    "Middlesex has a unique position in playing at a ground [Lord's] that is likely to be a host venue at the tournament, yet not benefiting from the revenues associated with that status. " Lets be honest here they are doing it on a purely selfish perspective of not wanting to loose revenues, don't get me wrong I'm not saying I support this new tournament but they aren't voting no for what many people would probably view as the right reason I'd say.
  13. Cheltenham Festival 2017.

    That's interesting cause his last few runs do match up in terms of not really put the hammer down but not getting terribly beaten, got to love a rogue bit of information like this
  14. Horse Racing

    Yeah I've seen about the crowds, hipflask isn't a bad shout, easy enough to get in then is it? Heard the bookies queues are enormous and to think of using your phone to do so too. I keep seeing djakadam being backed I just don't think it has enough compared to the rest of the field
  15. Gegenpressing

    I more meant that in the prem it has been on the rise past few years and many teams have struggled with it which in my opinion is due to a lack of class on the ball. Even the "top 6" have struggled at times with it. Germany it is used often but teams are more comfortable with passing in my opinion, as for atletico the class going forward also helps there but again in la liga they are all much more confident and capable on the ball then the average prem teams. This isn't a knock at it because I'm not saying possession is everything we proved it last year, but the general effectiveness of this is the prem at present is down to the weak standard of players on the ball.