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  1. Happy ED BALLS day everyone!
  2. We could loan them Tim Farron
  3. I don't really like it. But then I quite enjoyed just the old fashioned qualifying where you had plenty of time to do laps. In the old days qualifying was literally about qualifying for a slot on the grid though as much as the starting order. It's been years since the days where a bunch of cars would miss the grid so now it's purely about grid position and they've been trying to reconcile the idea that you order the cars from fastest to slowest and then people moan when there isn't loads of overtaking. So we get gimmicks to try and stop that, like encouraging fast cars to qually on
  4. Have to admit I thought he was never going to make it here. Happy to be proven wrong. Crazy thing is he wouldn't have had this opportunity if others hadn't got injured.
  5. My primary classes were made up of kids with varying degrees of English skills too, also varying degrees of Maths skills.
  6. Is the woman called April?
  7. As a rule people are happy for other people to give up their traditions and be forced into changing but unhappy at being asked to do the same.
  8. On the current grid then I'd say only Alonso and remains to be seen how much he has left.
  9. I'm quite enjoying all the people complaining on social media about the rules who would probably have given another driver huge praise for doing what Hamilton did
  10. finding the politics thread locked
  11. Yeah I would like this from the opposition to be honest. Have some ambition. There's too much focus on fringe issues and the Tories just win because they have the media and the platform and because to be honest they have no conscience.
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