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  1. I've never really got the point of arguing over polling accuracy, it doesn't change the actual result.
  2. Genuine question but why did she not retire when Obama was President?
  3. Having studied the picture I discovered a black squiggle on the left hand side... and I'm still none the wiser, maybe the joke is it isn't a joke and we're all being had?
  4. It's tough being correct all the time, I wish I could debate with people on the right but they always end up being wrong.
  5. Imagine a team scoring 9 goals in the men's game like that would ever happen
  6. Are we really claiming the entire media to be anti Brexit?
  7. Always knew you were a Thatcherite
  8. I think Introvert vs Extrovert is one that changes variably with mood and motivation for me. I get INFP-A (mediator) or ENFP-A (campaigner), usually INFP. I guess if you wanted to be cheeky you could try and game it a bit, would imagine if you're doing something public facing extroversion would be more appealing.
  9. Using them as part of a job interview seems pretty yikes to me. Just ask me about my personality if you want to actually know. This is like playing guess who but with personalities, you answer a bunch of questions and then based on the answer you get a profile that obviously matches somewhat with what you answered which happens to be how you see yourself. So of course it feels really accurate because that's how you just described yourself. It doesn't actually say anything about whether you actually have a correct read on your own personality. I'd find it more interesting if a bunc
  10. I'm not sure if people really revealed a deep rooted desire to leave the EU. I think most people answered because they were asked and their reasons for voting one way or another were many and varied.
  11. We should also ban hammers, lead pipes, candlesticks, and lengths of rope as these can be used to harm people and we mustn't be too careful.
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