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  1. Pretty much, the damage has been done and carrying on will serve no purpose.
  2. Think it's more cultural than the pure quality of the football. Growing up in the 90s and England at football was massive and the players acted like they really cared. Last world cup was alright but feel like club football has overtaken most people's interest in the national side. Was the first tournament I was actually old enough to really remember though and every one since has just felt like a poor imitation and part of that is probably growing up too.
  3. acooling08 - seem to remember him as pretty right wing but he was right about Kermorgant
  4. People need to reject culture wars. We're seeing indefensible actions constantly defended for fear of enabling some "other side". To that end I have gained respect for a number of Conservative MPs for speaking out against their own party leader even if they may hold other views that I strongly disagree with. Integrity should be a requirement regardless of political allegiance.
  5. Fair enough, didn't notice a bunch of stuff got deleted, just thought it was an interesting topic!.
  6. Most people believe something either because they've been persuaded by objective facts or by the subjective opinion of someone they trust or by a community they trust or because they want to believe it and that belief does not interfere with their life. "God" can also be left to some interpretation, as a physical being but also as an abstract concept. People have many different reasons to believe in God and many different perceptions of what God is.
  7. The US system seems thoroughly undemocratic and set up by design to create culture wars. It will only get worse as the US loses its monopoly on the global stage, patriotism has always been the factor that bound them together post civil war.
  8. Isolationism caused by Coivd or in general? Globalism can help solve Covid and other infectious disease threats by cooperation, learning from best practice in terms of lockdowns and testing and also in the creation and distribution of a vaccine when it arrives. I think in general Liberals have forgotten how to argue based on fundamentals that are easily explained to everyone rather than merely stating what they are doing or wanting an academic style argument which feels like trying to use clever language to deceive. I also think the Lib Dems weren't actually that Liberal for a while and this has led to problems. The Brexit culture war was pretty bad for politics and Liberalism because it polarised political debate around one issue. I was guilty of it myself, I think in hindsight Liberal historians will look back and be astonished that the party that is supposed to be about respecting difference of opinion ran a campaign that openly rejected 52% of the electorate, and that's on top of the right and wrongs of campaigning to overturn a referendum decision when the party supported the referendum vote. (In my opinion General Elections are superior to referendums because they result in an elected government ready to carry out the result, it was ludicrous for a Prime Minister to call a referendum knowing he had no intention or plan to carry out one of the choices.)
  9. Or you could just have something like a UBI instead and people could live their lives with dignity. Ultimately I think the issue I have is that Jones claims to be left wing and to care about the working class but in the end the only thing separating him from the Conservative saying to carry on employing their cleaner to provide someone with an income and "dignity" is that he's showing greater compassion for the cleaner he employs by not forcing them to risk the virus. In other words he's a compassionate Conservative. I don't judge people, so I'm not going to over read into him using a cleaner but I do find it odd like MattP (of all people) says. To me doing things like cleaning and other "personal admin" is not something I'd ever consider hiring a poor person to do either, I mean it's nice to have a hotel room cleaned but that's a paid for luxury. Mind you I've just realised I've wasted a bunch of time on why I don't like Owen Jones' brand of politics and I'm a Lib Dem anyway so it's not too surprising. I just dislike people who appropriate other peoples causes, if I'm going to champion the rights of various marginalised minorities (which is correct and Liberal) I'm going to at least try my best to promote their views and not mine and if they challenge me I'm going to listen to them not call them brainwashed or dismiss their identity. It's not just Jones of course and it's not just Labour.
  10. All political parties ebb and flow. The Conservatives looked like a party that would never be fit for government in the late 90s and Labour were in trouble even before Corbyn (which was as much a symptom as cause). Lib Dems are no different and Liberal parties have been struggling globally suggesting there is a wider cultural trend against them. Layla Moran is the most charismatic potential leader we've had since Nick Clegg and also naturally left leaning from what I can tell which feels like the right fit post coalition. My only concern is she is also quite impulsive in personal character but I think that can be overcome with experience where as I don't think someone like Ed Davey can learn to be charismatic no matter how well crafted his campaign materials. In Layla I see someone human where as Ed feels like somebody performing a role.
  11. It's still a bit obnoxious. He could say that he has a cleaner and as he is financially privileged he is paying them as usual but that it's better for them and the country if they stay at home. (or something of those thoughts) People like Owen Jones have to link everything they do that is socially responsible to having a go at others. He's made a lucrative career out of being a very middle class person with privilege who gives his middle class opinions on working class matters and then often attacks actual working class people if they disagree with him. I wish he'd actually embark on a political career so people could not vote for him. And you know his vitriol here is just a cover for the fact he's posing as a working class champion but has someone clean his house for him.
  12. Fair enough, think my first ever vote was for UKIP in a euro election.
  13. My problem with other politics topics is you end up with 5 different conversations bleeding into each other or it just becomes a political cheerleading contest. Then you have people who are happy to argue endlessly just restating their opinion 20 times without adding to the debate in any way. When I joined this forum ages ago you'd get some good topics and some not so good. People sometimes share a little of their lives and give their reasoning for voting one way or another or believing in certain principles and I find that interesting. Some people just turn up to shout at the "other side". Other people are looking to "win" an argument. I can understand the forum owners getting sick of having to moderate topics that have spiraled out of hand and people who want to talk about things not political getting annoyed though.
  14. Would you ever consider voting differently?
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