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  1. There are too many differences. Greens are pro Scottish Independence, they oppose HS2. They are anti-capitalist. The Social Liberal Forum has opened its membership up to Green Party members and has a stall at their conference.
  2. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-oxfordshire-51782054
  3. He knows he's off in the summer and is making sure he's not injured by playing at 80% just like mahrez did.
  4. The best part of the game was finding out Robbie Savage doesn't know the offside rule.
  5. Yeah it was better when we blamed everything on Richie Wellens.
  6. Gray seems like one of those players that'll be full of potential at 30 years old.
  7. You could say the same about offside, yet offside is offside. The biggest problem for me is it can be difficult to determine if an accidental handball is really accidental or not.
  8. Not much to say other than we lost to a side who played championship level football having been in the lead at halftime.
  9. This is proper shit, Burnley are complete toilet.
  10. I can see a good argument for saying Labour should have voted for the May deal, at the least it would have accelerated the whole process by a significant amount and avoided some of the costs of the uncertainty. I'd have always have preferred if the negotiations were cross party wherever possible but it didn't happen.
  11. Nothing wrong with what she said, SNP are a bunch of loonies though so no doubt she'll get a load of hate for believing in the UK.
  12. We were never going to stay in the single market or customs union so that was never an option. No deal was leaving without a withdrawal agreement. Once we have left it becomes up to the current and future governments as to how they negotiate with the EU.
  13. Good job we had Thatcher to close all those nasty polluting coal mines, truly ahead of her time.
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