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  1. Neither Chilwell or Barnes want to take responsibility
  2. What a win from a young Tigers side against a experienced full Cardiff Blues team
  3. How many goals has Vardy scored in a row?
  4. Only just seen this was posted elsewhere, apologies
  5. No idea where we are heading is there a place a few of yous are going but not ahes away from the stadium
  6. Any recommendations of pubs near the bridge for away fans on Sunday??
  7. acknowledged it wasn’t his greatest performance wouldn’t be worried plenty more to see from this lad
  8. Was class to see Top before the game and during half time clearly emotional however, fantastic to see him filling the role of his father💙
  9. You’re forgetting the first shot on target against West Ham in the 89th minute at home followed by the sarcastic chanting by the fans?
  10. King King Andy Andy King gets the ball scores a......
  11. Was in Nerja a few years ago wearing my Leicester top while searching for a restaurant for the night and all of a sudden a big Italian restaurant owner comes out with his Leicester top to show some of his customers and had to go over and get a photo. I'm sure you can guess where we ate that night!
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