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  1. Ex players? That's pushing it a bit
  2. One reason only...they didn't show a touch map on the TV during the game
  3. I think we've lost our main photo editor...last few covers have not been as high quality than the initial ones
  4. I wouldn't be surprised if he ended up somewhere like Sheff Utd or Brighton
  5. The 2-2 draw against United are our first points since moving to Seagrave
  6. Sounds like my game, fully agree! I also have a 54000 seater stadium...
  7. By the way...the PL record is 30 games without a draw (Spurs). Record in any league is held by Villa (51)
  8. We've yet the draw in the league this season, only Villa can match this record
  9. A thread for the mobile game specifically. I've been playing each year since launch and very much at the level I started and enjoyed playing CM many years ago. Worthwhile if you don't have the time to devote to the full game! New features announced in link below https://community.sigames.com/topic/536185-football-manager-2021-mobile-headline-features/ Football Manager 2021 Mobile will land on the iOS and Android stores on November 24th. To get you fully prepared for another successful season ahead, here are this year’s squad additions. YOUR WORLD JUST GOT
  10. They haven't announced TV games or schedule for those games yet. It will be moved once TV games are announced
  11. Taking into account his career, I suspect he's scored in more competitions than most, and could even be the most. He scored in NPL Premier Division, Conference North, Conference Premier. Possibly the FA Trophy? Plus the European Champs for England Can't think of many who have scored in more?
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