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  1. Whilst his impact on the pitch is limited dont underestimate what he does off it. He spends a lot of time with the younger players and shows class as a leader of the team. I think his style is also complimented with Kasper and the other leaders in the team (Vards, Evans etc.)
  2. Exactly. I don't know why they just don't say its on the Weds! Unless they are planning to go a bit rogue and move the game to Thursday but that will only have a knock on impact!
  3. Crystal Palace vs. Leicester CityPremier LeagueSunday 3 November2pm kick-offLeicester City vs. ArsenalPremier LeagueSaturday 9 November5:30pm kick-offLeicester City vs. EvertonPremier LeagueSunday 1 December4:30pm kick-off Also means our game with Watford will move from Tuesday to Wednesday given we're playing on the Sunday
  4. They're not that good at it....
  5. What's the point? You might as well vent at your last shit, nothing will change
  6. Also looking for 3 tickets if anyone isn't going...
  7. This is the first time we've beaten Newcastle in the League Cup
  8. Why didn't Man City just loan Ben Hamer instead?!
  9. Is he still doing those run ups where is walks back and then does a quick turn and run in?
  10. 126 needed for 13, it's not enough given we've been going at nearly 15 an over over the last few games
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