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  1. Why didn't Man City just loan Ben Hamer instead?!
  2. Hitesh

    Dennis Praet

    Classic FT post. We moan for years not having creativity, youth and talented players and when one comes along with bags of potential then we critistise and knock them down. Just remember we had the likes of Junior Lewis, Gareth Williams and Sergio Hellings in recent times (this was more pointed at the original post you replied to!)
  3. I have a feeling this deal is pretty much done but Sky will be asking clubs to wait until Thursday to complete the deal so to make it an "exciting" deadline day
  4. Is he still doing those run ups where is walks back and then does a quick turn and run in?
  5. 126 needed for 13, it's not enough given we've been going at nearly 15 an over over the last few games
  6. They are testing the ground work/checking foundations.
  7. Unlike you not to find something on here @davieG
  8. Hitesh


    They are waiting for a sunset shot of him in France doing the signing of the contract. Will be announced this evening.
  9. Hitesh


    As mentioned
  10. Hitesh


    I've been told he's travelling to England later this week
  11. We would take the £65m if they wiped out the rest of what we have to pay for Kalechi.
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