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  1. It's also not a bad score given their bowling line up includes Ishant Sharma who has plenty of test match experience
  2. The bigger stat would be how many opportunities did Alli have to pass to Vardy and didn't, I expect that to be fairly high
  3. But don't expect any quick singles...
  4. 1. Webbo 2. Matt 3. Walkers 4. Suzie 5. StanSP 6. scouse 7. Facecloth 8. pSinatra 9. Otis 10. Tuna 11.lestajigs 12 Mike Oxlong 13. Stripey 14. One F in Fox 15. Jammie82uk 16. Osavo 17. Izzy 18. Ian Nacho 19. Adam1 20. Craig 21. Chrishlcfc 22. Bert 23. Kingcarr21 24. Smuts 25. NorthfieldsFox 26. Hitesh
  5. Rats!

    Duct tape and steel wool did the trick at my student house years ago.
  6. Guessing they never found out?!
  7. I just completed this quiz. My Score 50/100 My Time 83 seconds  
  8. They've had them before when we played Leeds in the League 1 season.
  9. These kids don't have a clue how much shit we gad to watch to get to where we are now! He was the secret love child of Peter Taylor!
  10. Just over 24 hours to get a replacement

    Musa! Seriously though, get Ben Arfa in
  11. Andy King

    Worth doing only if it's a loan with a recall option
  12. I just completed this quiz. My Score 70/100 My Time 78 seconds  
  13. Adrien Silva

    Showed what he is capable of in the second half and made the most of it. I can see why he's not going to start in the PL for a while as he adapts to the style over here but perfect chance against P'Boro in a few weeks
  14. Next seasons kit manufacturer

    He's got 3 stripes on his tie