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  1. Surprised no boos yet following the statement...
  2. Whoever suggest Dyche is an idiot, such a backwards step for us and not the type of manager to attract the type of players we want. We need someone to continue the development made from Puel with the youth players and just get their confidence up to be more clinical.
  3. Not unless they are high. I wouldn't be surprised if Maddison has one in for a Top 6 /Champions League club at a certain price.
  4. Now Mark McGee is definitely what you boo at
  5. Well they haven't built it yet so it is unreal..
  6. Jamie Lawrence, Stephan Oakes and Stephen Hughes come to mind.
  7. Surely Muzzy Izzet, he came in an an unknown on loan whilst we were trying to secure a play off place. The rest is history. Otherwise more recently, I'd say Kante. No one knew what he would be capable of and how his stature would compete in the Premier league.
  8. I wouldn't got tomorrow, all of the Newts come out and have one ****ing massive New Year's Eve Party to piss off the locals. There's thousands of them
  9. I'm not expecting a huge amount of Christmas spirit at the boxing day fixture if he's still around...!
  10. Some of them have moved due to policing as well (I..e Fulham are on Sunday as Chelsea are on Sat) and therefore probably dictated some timings to ensure they have the staff etc.
  11. Hue is the way forward, a lot of enhancements on a regular basis on their app and their bulbs will last longer than the cheaper versions. Plus look out for the deals on bulbs as you can often pick them up for cheap. Nest is also good for the heating but more for convenience as not convinced it saves money. Next up will be the ring doorbell, or equivalent
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