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  1. Funny that given he is looking for a move!
  2. And our loss to Spurs in '99 being down to your first Wembley game
  3. Could be good for him and us if it works out well
  4. And he won't make as much money as a result! He can go do one
  5. Progress! Word is that an agreement out of court has been reached. Not sure yet if this impacts the deal which has been agreed with the player
  6. This is contract extension has to happen even if he does leave in this window or next 12 months. Given he's attracting interest or that he's got a big important season coming up this contract will ensure we get a decent fee for him.
  7. To be fair they are a club who would spunk out £40+ for him. Def don't want to see him going to another PL club. If he does them I'm putting a lot of money on him scoring against us
  8. Jesus Navas, he's still waiting to sign for a club and his agent messed us around so very very unlikely to happen now
  9. Don't expect this to be confirmed in the next few days. Still disputes in court, will continue into next few days given courts don't run on weekends! He is likely to go to US with Man City. Our representatives have been in discussions with him and the club so it's still on, but can't be done yet.
  10. I do now!
  11. SCB = Sponsor Causes Ballsup
  12. It was and said it was agreed but didn't go through, suspect the agent was messing us around
  13. Not happening
  14. Blimey, it's as if we never made any transfers before Steve Walsh!