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  1. Always Wolves in the first set and always seems to be Man City / Liverpool around Christmas time
  2. When was the last time we made a side follow on?
  3. Too late ... We're so throwing this away
  4. How is it the first time I'm seeing this! Genius
  5. Can we lock this thread until the end of the match to prevent anyone jinxing the outcome...
  6. Yes! I do hope he'll be back someday too
  7. Basically we should only employ Irish managers, they bring silverware to the club
  8. And to think some people on here a few years ago were saying he's done and needed to be replaced! The save was good, if not better, than the goal. He's an absolute ****ing legend!
  9. Knowing Garth Crooks he'll probably go for Alex Telles
  10. Are we likely to see the new home kit for the Spurs game?
  11. @Ric Flair already done it... Was one of the first, now like this bitch
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