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  1. According to the Merc usually means they've seen it somewhere on a newsnow link or FT mentioning it...
  2. I can see Silva going too
  3. Derbyshire won on the last ball, despite valiant efforts on those last two overs. Damage was done well before though
  4. Alan Smith third left Gordan Strachan 2nd right
  5. Brendan Out, Claude Puel wouldn't have let this happen...
  6. If that happened I think Sheffield Wednesday will be asking for their kit back!
  7. Liking the away but does look like Laminate flooring lego style. The 3rd one is very Klinsmann....
  8. Have you not followed Leicestershire in the last 10 years or so? Itd be a surprise if we didn't
  9. Surprised no boos yet following the statement...
  10. Whoever suggest Dyche is an idiot, such a backwards step for us and not the type of manager to attract the type of players we want. We need someone to continue the development made from Puel with the youth players and just get their confidence up to be more clinical.
  11. Not unless they are high. I wouldn't be surprised if Maddison has one in for a Top 6 /Champions League club at a certain price.
  12. Now Mark McGee is definitely what you boo at
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