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  1. I must have been too used to the drag back and AI defending without realising, as I am absolutely useless this year
  2. Packed otw Partey from marquee matchups so I've gone Serie A again. So much more value than the PL.
  3. So I still for whatever reason haven't started going for longer distances. But I'm doing 5k every 2 days and making steady progress. Just got back from my first sub 27 minute 5k so pretty chuffed! It makes me feel tired just thinking about how some of you lot can do it below 20 minutes
  4. deejdeej


    Sorry for your loss @murphy I'm sure he had the best life with you!
  5. deejdeej


    Dogs are bloody hilarious aren't they. Walking my lab/springer earlier as we walked by the bus stop near my house, had her on a loose hold on the lead as she's very good near the roads. But for some reason she decides today to jump the queue of people waiting to get on the bus with its doors open, climb the step and jump up the counter where you pay the driver! It all happened in the blink of an eye my reactions were so slow due to the shock! Thankfully the driver was obviously a dog person and was laughing his head off before he said she couldn't get on because sh
  6. What team and age do you coach Izzy? My lads game today was a bit of a joke, we're at level 3 but were playing a team newly formed in development and the score was 15 nil to us (I actually lost count). Not fun at all and did neither team any good, apparantly new teams get put in a higher level before they get sorted into the 'correct level' which seems a bit ridiculous.
  7. Absolute joke mate, some people have a one dimensional view on football where they decide kids should be at the same standard as professionals. One point today he decided the centre back should have sprayed a 60 yard ball over the top to a striker running behind, like the 10 year old was peak Xavi standard. I tell my lad to completely ignore any sideline advice and only listen to the coaches and hope the other parents do the same.
  8. I used to get rid of them when I saw them in the house until I realised how useful they are when it comes to catching and eating more annoying insects. But how can people be scared of spiders and not mind snakes! Hate those slithery b******s, thankfully they don't roam my house so freely
  9. West Ham were brilliant regardless of how we played, thoroughly deserved win for them. But our sheer lack of effort is what p****d me off more than anything, and the bloody backwards passing was too reminiscent of how we played at the end of last season.
  10. Apparantly Foden played today, can anyone confirm that this generational talent was on the pitch?!
  11. How is that a yellow card for Amartey you be***nd
  12. Not many better trios around that's for sure. 3 debatably world class players on their day.
  13. The fans that were booing Mahrez were very likely the same fans that were calling him a lazy b*****d or calling him shit when a bit of skill didn't come off when he was playing for us. We're a strange group.
  14. I've always loved hot weather but it's so much better running now the temperatures have dropped. Dropping into the 28 minute category now for 5km, slow progress but I'm getting there
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