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  1. deejdeej


    You've just made my day.
  2. deejdeej

    Fear of flying

    The only thing I get anxious about is flying after a pretty horrible flight across the Atlantic when I was 12, before that I loved it. A few drinks before and during the flight help me alot, probably being petrified of the price of a 250ml can overtakes the flying fear.
  3. deejdeej

    FIFA 18

    How on earth have Alli and Matic got a tots
  4. deejdeej

    2nd May - Immortals Day

    Just saw the video on facebook, the one with firestone playing in the background and it got me all nostalgic of May 2016 somehow we have to bring back a similar team spirit we had that season, I've never known such a united club as that one.
  5. deejdeej

    The World Football Thread

    How have Juve pulled that one out, they didn't play well at all. Dybala made a difference.
  6. deejdeej

    The World Football Thread

    Icardi makes the game interesting, Juve have to chase or they only have themselves to blame.
  7. deejdeej

    Breaking Bad Quiz

    I just completed this quiz. My Score 50/100 My Time 65 seconds  
  8. deejdeej

    The World Football Thread

    Think Juve should beat inter but struggle at Roma. Napoli could also struggle at fiorentina and samp but at least it'll be interesting.
  9. deejdeej

    The World Football Thread

    Monster header from Koulibaly who impresses me more and more every time I see Napoli. Great stuff for the neutral now.
  10. deejdeej

    The World Football Thread

    Juve vs Napoli is cagey as expected, Napoli absolutely have to score first to make this a good contest.
  11. deejdeej

    Best Box Sets to Binge on

    Game of thrones is superb, best thing I've ever watched. Lost was very good except series 4 for me. First 3 were brilliant. Peaky blinders obviously.
  12. It's impossible to rule Portugal out simply because of Ronaldo
  13. Spain or Germany for me too. I don't think Brazil have the bottle they used to have, France and Belgium have great players but aren't the best teams together. I'd love to see Argentina win it for Messi, but besides the attackers, the rest of the side just aren't up to it. It's ridiculous that Icardi is still hounded out of the national team for past demeanours, he'd be starting over Higuian and Aguero for me.
  14. deejdeej

    The World Football Thread

    What an end to the Napoli game, reminded me of Man citys Aguerooo comeback but obviously not on that scale. Cracking finish by Diawara in the last second.
  15. deejdeej

    Spyro: Reignited Trilogy

    Going to be all over this! Gateway to glimmer was the best for me.