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  1. The Scottish looks absolutely smashed and having the time of their lives... f**king fair play
  2. Yeah, they made a really good game even more enjoyable.
  3. Also, even though he's not the most knowledgeable co commentator. I'd happily listen to Ally Mccoist every game compared to the other!
  4. Good game, this is why I love tournament football. Some Ukranian winger has just got me cheering when in reality it means nothing to me.
  5. I thought VAR was being used.. confused how that wasn't overturned.
  6. Great punditry from Rio. "Yeah that'll make everybody sit and stand up"
  7. Not the most eventful day......
  8. Add another one to the 'Time' bandwagon. 1 episode in and I'm gutted there's only 2 more!
  9. Poor from Root considering the previous delivery he edged a lucky one for 4. The best thing about this though is the crowd, sounds brilliant!
  10. Reckon we'll see any play today?
  11. Booked the week off to sort out the patio in my back garden. Got 4 bulk bags of hardcore and 3 bulk bags of sand sitting on my driveway. Day 6 and I'm still digging
  12. It wasn't just Iheanacho, Chilwell was booed alot, as was Barnes. Then those cynical gits who only make noise when they are being c*nts get offended when they leave.
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