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  1. I love the idea of it and the look of a nice day. But unless I'm in a beer garden then 'it's too f***ing hot'
  2. I've seen mixed reviews on Sigurdsson but for me he's been the best player I've had on the game based on 1st 20 odd games or so. Long shot and especially free kicks are incredible. This all coincides with winning around 18 of my last 20 games and going from D3 to D1 so maybe it's just momentum atm, needless to say I'm really enjoying the game right now.
  3. Elo is a joke anyway, absolutely no need for it, WL should be completely random just like every other mode as long as you're in the same division etc.
  4. I'm subbing on Dybala, Radja and if Parolo at half time and it's working a treat using 4312, finally back in D2. Though usually when I change formation it works a treat for about 10 games then goes to pot.
  5. Not really sure what's happened. Did about 15 of those premium epl sbc's the other day to get rid of some deadwood and got naff all. Did another 5 today and got Tots Kante, Walker and Alonso! Shame they're untradeable but there goes my Calcio a team.
  6. Got my hands on tots Sigurdsson, changed to 4312 and it worked a treat. Also only one non rare card allowed so didn't get shafted by one of the bloody special card Son.
  7. Sneaky suspicion Tigers might do it, the only side I fear them ever facing is Sarries.
  8. EA really don't endear themselves do they.
  9. Agree on the pro games being boring. I was bored and watched the Paris final on youtube. Tass who won just drills it in the box for a tap in or low driven shot and then shields in the corner once they had the lead. No screamers or crosses in sight.
  10. Jesus Christ I nearly forgot Eriksen (in my opinion their best player) wasn't on the pitch. They well and truly outclassed us tonight, I'm staying away from all other social media to avoid getting wound up and just accepting defeat to a better side.
  11. That Lukaku will be unstoppable it's bad enough already! Had a Calcio A team since release so I may actually spend some money on packs when their Tots is released.
  12. 4 United players, unbelievable!
  13. 4-0 down in a draft final, kept getting shush'd and made to watch every replay, Oh and a pause after goal 2,3 and 4. Changed to ultra attacking/team pressing and Win 5-4 in the last min of extra time after equalizing in the 90th. Needless to say I used my 3 pauses after the 5th and made him dwell on every last second of the replays. Hopefully he won't be a c**k anymore
  14. The unlikeliest threads become the funniest on here
  15. That is ****ing insane