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  1. Heavy weekend? I normally always struggle on Mondays but behaved myself at the weekend!
  2. Now doing 25 minutes at a decent speed quite comfortably Interesting run this morning along the canal, I ran by an elderly couple that had their 2 spaniels off the lead going in the opposite direction. The dogs decided to follow me instead of the old couple for a few minutes meaning that I had to change direction to reunite them! Felt like Rocky Balboa when all the kids started running with him
  3. I've only just started playing F1 2019. I simulate Monaco every time now can't get to grips with it!
  4. TMS is brilliant when you can't watch. I was glued to the screen with a couple of beers and it was great to watch. For a test side with so many average performances we sure do pull it out of the hat when it's needed
  5. Not sure if I'm watching Chris Woakes or Steve Smith
  6. I feel like that every time Buttler starts playing well
  7. Could be a very interesting day, another Stokes masterclass would be nice.
  8. Test cricket being shown up again. Absolute farce of a day
  9. Not sure I'd feel great after being ****ed by ET either
  10. What a batting performance this is from Ireland
  11. But.... Dogs are related to Wolves
  12. Before my time but didn't Lineker move on as soon as he got a chance?
  13. I thought he was awesome today being played out of position, good on him.
  14. Imagine feeling sad that we've finished 5th in the prem and with the top scorer. Jamie Vardy, you will forever be appreciated by Leicester fans!
  15. Yup, I'm not even too distraught about losing champs league but Rodgers seemed like he was ready to accept it before kick-off. Like he had no backbone.
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