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  1. deejdeej

    Root canal filling

    I've had two root canals and they were no worse than fillings. Although the pain in those teeth when they were infected before the treatment was excruciating, suppose it was the nerves dying. Couldn't go longer than a few seconds without holding cold water against the tooth infected or the throbbing would be too much.
  2. deejdeej

    FIFA 19

    Wow those stats! Every time I've seen him play in reality he looks incapable of kicking a ball.
  3. deejdeej

    Emiliano Sala Missing.

    .https://millwall-forum.vitalfootball.co.uk/threads/warnock-stitched-up.33734/ Stay classy Millwall fans.
  4. Hearing that there were only 2 people on board? Surely that's not right??
  5. deejdeej

    FIFA 19

    This is exactly why I'm getting 14 this week then stopping, 11-4 atm but I know the same will happen to me
  6. deejdeej

    FIFA 19

    Been a bit laggy for me, nothing unusual though.
  7. deejdeej

    FIFA 19

    This promo is an utter joke, so Vinicius Junior (who?) Will automatically have a higher rated card than say prime Scholes, Laudrup etc... They could have made it really fun if you had to earn the upgrades on them
  8. deejdeej

    FIFA 19

    My pack luck isn't usually that bad, normally hit gold 2. However for some reason whenever I get gold 1 it's terrible! Payet was the only board from 2 x 100k packs and 2x50k packs from rivals
  9. deejdeej

    FIFA 19

    Wtf, I've played so many drafts since it was added and won about 3.
  10. deejdeej

    FIFA 19

    Gold 1 Raul is incredible, worth rinsing my club for.
  11. deejdeej

    FIFA 19

    Sounds useful, cheers.
  12. deejdeej

    FIFA 19

    What does R3 do?
  13. deejdeej

    FIFA 19

    Flashback Ibra just had to be done, those stats look amazing.
  14. deejdeej

    Red Dead 3

    In love with this game, not even going to try it online as the single player mode has me hooked. I did find myself rushing through missions though so last night I went into the grizzlies east to do some hunting... rode my horse off a cliff
  15. deejdeej

    FIFA 19

    Pleasantly surprised to get Fernandinho and I forget who else in my player picks.