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  1. It's almost as if the last 5 years or so haven't proved that's a bad idea.
  2. Big **** off to all Harveys boo boys
  3. There's definitely a glitch going round, I was up 5-2 in a match last weekend. Opponent paused on 83 mins after making it 5-3 and I got kicked from the servers and got the loss.
  4. Southampton were quality, fair play to them. Should have won by more. Let's not blame Barnes and Chilwell as per usual as the whole team were shite.
  5. Went to Laganas with mates when I was younger, nicer than the other Greek party resorts. But went Tsilivi last September with the Mrs and it was one of our favourite places we've been to. Plenty of bars/restaurants etc but also a nice resort. Make sure you visit shipwreck beach. Where are you staying?
  6. If I had a prem team I'd be all over it, looks a great card.
  7. I downloaded it about a year ago, took Scarborough to winning the prem multiple times and champions league a few times, then all of a sudden the game stopped working after a laptop update and wouldn't work at all after that even after downloading it again. Great game though. This, 97/98 and football manager 2007 are my faves by far.
  8. Remember when England had a friendly before the last world cup and Rashford scored one and did one very pretty skill move against a lesser nation. Despite Vardy having a much better season, people and media were clamouring all over Rashford after that and Southgate duly took note.. and delivered naff all. Don't waste your time Jamie.
  9. Same, they're very addictive!
  10. Yep I'm running much lower now after doing potm Suarez, hopefully he'll be worth it!
  11. Yeah nearly all sbc packs seem to be untradeable now, another way to stop us making coins.
  12. Cheers for sharing this albeit not aimed at me, never even knew this was a 'syndrome' but this sums up a lot about how I feel when I'm having an off day.
  13. Ended 18-11, I'm hoping Liverpool bottle it as much as I do every week.
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