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  1. Lovely link up with Barnes and Thomas there! The future is very bright!
  2. That's the first name that I've never heard of in this thread! His exotic name suggests he should have been decent
  3. I really can't be bothered to run more than 5km right now due to the weather and crowded running routes, but I'm still doing 3 runs a week and now hitting close to 25 minutes! Really happy considering I was struggling to hit a 30 minute 5km in September.
  4. Schitts Creek is brilliant. The kind of show that you don't need to pay close attention to and a bit of light hearted comedy, just what I needed really!
  5. I agree that alot of joggers could be a little more courteous, my point is it works both ways. I'll often run on the road to avoid oncoming walkers if safe to do so, but I've lost count of how many said walkers won't make the slightest effort to shift onto the pavement slightly further to maintain as much distance as possible. Its also worth remembering many people are running to help with their mental well-being. Also I try and hold my breath when I'm passing people which leaves me gasping for air by the time I'm clear of them
  6. Almost as considerate as those groups/couples that walk alongside each other, leaving no space either side for anybody who dare be moving at a quicker speed than them.
  7. I went from 12/5 to just about scraping gold 3 player switching seemed to be my downfall! By the time I'd chosen the right defender the ball was already in the net!
  8. No hesitation in saying he's the best full back of all time.
  9. I'm also not a fan of winter running, I got used to the treadmill for a couple of months and really struggled on my first run after the gym closed. However I went again yesterday and got a personal best for 5k despite thinking I was going really slowly!
  10. Love this guys music, to think that him, Ice Cube and Eazy E were all making music in the same group is pretty damn cool. Now I'm off to listen to some NWA!
  11. When did Morelos turn into Akinbiyi?
  12. Did anyone else see that interview with Neil Lennon? He doesn't look well at all!
  13. deejdeej

    The gym

    After running on the treadmill for a month I went for a run outside yesterday due to the gym closures. Had to stop numerous times as I couldn't breathe properly due to the cold air! I've always had the motivation to carry on outside but struggled yesterday. Sooner the gyms reopen the better
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