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  1. Anywhere showing it live? The sky sports golf channel is just talking at the minute I'm confused
  2. It's that kind of defence that shows he's idiotic enough to be racist.
  3. That one shook me a bit, like others have mentioned, I had no idea he was ill. Says alot about your acting skills when people that hated Friday Night Dinner still loved the Dad.
  4. That's a minute per KM faster than my 5k pace
  5. Absolutely, I was solely talking about the couch to 5k program, that's based on running for a certain amount of time and not focussing on distances. Obviously during the earlier weeks there's scheduled walking in between runs. I've still not conjured up the energy for a half marathon, that's my aim this year
  6. Not stopping is the key, it's all a stamina building program but it also trains the mind to get used to running for longer. My achilles started to feel the strain after week 2 but a good pair of running shoes soon sorts out any problems. Keep us up to date on how you get on bud
  7. I was seriously unfit, was really out of breath during the first 2 weeks despite it looking so easy to do. Was dreading running for a whole 3 minutes for a few times on week 3 and thought I had no chance, however once you get through the week that you think you can't do it seems so much easier and more enjoyable! Make sure you run at a comfortable pace, just finish the program and then you can focus about improving your times and distances. Choose a good playlist or podcast to listen to, get an armband phone holder and some Bluetooth headphones, both pretty cheap.
  8. As good as Bairstow was, barring today. Bhuvneshwar was by far the man of the series. I'd go as far as saying we'd have won the ODI series and T20 if he wasn't involved.
  9. Hardik Pandya is solely to blame for me getting nothing done around the house today. Would have been over long ago if he could catch
  10. Did exactly the same last year, expected to see some hedgehogs but all I got was some vain cat staring at the camera
  11. Kohli's reviews are very questionable
  12. They're right up there when it comes to opening partnerships aren't they?! Hard to get too excited though given what happened the other day.
  13. Yeah it's Broad. Lucky git also gets to go home to Mollie King
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