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  1. Best place to drink today near the ground?
  2. If you have any spartak or zenit players stored in your club then get them on the market. Just made over 100k coins as they're going for 10k each!
  3. I just managed to lose 10-5 in extra time in a draft final after being 4-2 up after 80 minutes. Not even sure how that's possible.
  4. Was that even a foul? Never a red.
  5. I've played 40 2 or 3 times, then felt completely underwhelmed after getting the prizes. Most games are a slog if you're nothing special like me! If you're in those divisions though you'd have every chance of qualifying as they've changed the qualification criteria.
  6. I've had similar happen, some people take victory far too seriously over having fun, it's a game ffs
  7. Save yourself the bother mate, WL is far too time consuming.
  8. Electric atmosphere at Wembley again.
  9. Does he come with a cheeky nandos?
  10. Dyche still hasn't gotten over Wood's thunderbolt.
  11. Probably odds on as soon as I put money on him
  12. Melon and moon racer double!
  13. I didn't make gold 3 last night after Handanovic decided to throw the ball into my own net after catching a corner in the 117th minute. That's me done for the weekend league
  14. Guessing you're also a fan of the football weekly podcast and world football phone in Richardson is great, nobody comes close to Tim Vickery though, the man is an encyclopedia of South American football knowledge.
  15. Here's to hoping that Mr Hodgson takes the Narborough Road route to his next interview and gets stage fright when he passes Iceland.