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  1. deejdeej

    Danny Drinkwater

    Well said, people also seem to think Matty James was better than him when we won the Championship too. I'm fairly sure DD won our player of the season that year.
  2. deejdeej

    FIFA 19

    If it wasn't for pro clubs I'd be avoiding this year.
  3. deejdeej

    I’m disappointed

    It's a shame that Wilshere never grew into the player that he looked capable of being 5 or so years ago, a player like that could well have seen us over the line. Let's hope that young Foden at Man City can become what we need, I also think Loftus Cheek will become a class player for England but will probably need to move club, and let's hope Maddison sets the PL on fire for us
  4. deejdeej

    FIFA 19

    Count me in, I'd still play clubs now too.
  5. deejdeej

    Spain v Russia round of 16 match thread

    The Russia manager has got his tactics spot on, yes it's very boring but he's got a bang average team holding their own.
  6. deejdeej

    Players you forgotten had played for us

    Anyone remember Charlie Miller? I'm sure we had a player by that name in the O'Neill era but can't put a face to the name.
  7. deejdeej

    World Cup Betting Thread.

    Just can't see past Germany or Spain
  8. deejdeej

    FIFA 19

    Shame, we used to make a decent little team
  9. deejdeej

    FIFA 19

    Pro clubs is the best mode on the game by far but no word on any improvements, on that note do the old ps4 group still play clubs?
  10. deejdeej

    Serie A Quiz Akabusi

    I just completed this quiz. My Score 40/100 My Time 118 seconds  
  11. deejdeej

    World Cup on UK TV quiz

    I just completed this quiz. My Score 60/100 My Time 109 seconds  
  12. deejdeej

    FIFA 18

    Been waiting for the Italian tots, opened 38 upgrade packs and got 5 TOTS players! Naingolan and pjanic were the best 2
  13. deejdeej


    You've just made my day.
  14. deejdeej

    Fear of flying

    The only thing I get anxious about is flying after a pretty horrible flight across the Atlantic when I was 12, before that I loved it. A few drinks before and during the flight help me alot, probably being petrified of the price of a 250ml can overtakes the flying fear.
  15. deejdeej

    FIFA 18

    How on earth have Alli and Matic got a tots