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  1. You know you're in for a fun day of WL when the even the menus have button delay
  2. The fact that Lingard has the same rating amongst others is embarrassing.
  3. I'm gonna face Vardy in every single WL game this weekend aren't I
  4. Thomas and Lottie working together is hands down the best thing about this series. Thank God Aisha has gone though, her voice made me cringe alone.
  5. Got relegated to div 6 doing the Politano objective, now on a 10 game winning spree on the verge of div 4 whilst still using attackers from Spal, Lecce etc. Changed my camera to co-op and it's made the world of difference, also purchased scream Romagnoli and can only compare him to Van Dijk that I've used in draft, absolute animal.
  6. Shadow and Hunter chem styles should be walkouts
  7. I've done Pique sbc but cannot get a shadow for the life of me
  8. Yep, like a completely different game to rivals.
  9. Exactly how mine started, thankfully won the next 2 so I'm 4 from 8 and put the controller down for my own sanity Gameplay felt so sluggish too.
  10. CSL league sbc out, tbf both cards look decent but I'll be selling all players I have from that league.
  11. That Bellarabi would be perfect to replace Gnabry for me. Please EA.
  12. any other ps4 players interested in joining us on pro clubs?
  13. Good, really cba with grinding squad battles
  14. I think if you're closer to the division above than below then you get minus points and vice versa.
  15. Interesting about Sanchez, most people were saying avoid him due to one of his stats, maybe balance. Got to win one of my last 2 games for gold 3, been really poor this weekend.
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