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  1. Bad night mate but your goal record is insane
  2. Duran Duran - rio Kelechi Iheanachooo leicesters new main maaaan. Alongside Vardy but he's got a better taaaaaaaaan. Not sure how well that last line would go down
  3. You banged a few in, I hated playing as any when the ai players are so useless anyone playing soon?
  4. Never knew you hated dogs...
  5. 10 mins I'll be on
  6. There were plenty of wildling giants weren't there? I think it was just showing that the giants are now white walkers too rather than being a specific character. But with Hodor dying on that side of the wall I'm sure we'll see him again with the undead
  7. There's a theme coming along here Nah if there's not enough on we'll wait till then.
  8. Good man, be good to get a few of us on to get in div 3. There's usually a striker position available depends who's on.
  9. Anyone up for some earlier games tonight say 9pm?
  10. Completely given up on UT, played it for the first time in 3 weeks today and left in the DKT semi at 1-1 Just couldn't be bothered with it. Probs explains my ridiculous amount of pro clubs games lately
  11. Loved my school years, wish I actually tried harder with my studies but they were definitely my favourite years. Maybe I was oblivious to some of it but I can't even remember much bullying at all in the schools I went to, not bad considering they were Brauny schools
  12. Seems to be one character that's liked in every couple and the other is disliked. Could be anyone's game unless Chris and Kem couple up.
  13. Enjoyed that. The hound is still a great character! Who were the father and daughter skeletons they found?
  14. Me juventus v man u Lcfclad2013 drew 1-1. Zlatan and Khedira scored. I thought it was a tight game but looking at the stats I got quite lucky
  15. Just having some grub then I'll be on mate say half hour if that's okay.