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  1. Identified on a restraining order is not the same as knowing someone
  2. Cannot buy Zaha now. He has his one good game this season already.
  3. Nowt new but it’s Rob so...
  4. Had completely forgotten how invigorating a quick read of Red Cafe can be.
  5. then we need a CB 1000%
  6. Yes, but unfortunately for the poor lamb, he was wearing it at the time
  7. So far during the first two weeks of the season, Koch gave away 2 penalties and Bryan 1. Both players we have been (loosely) linked with.
  8. Barca fans seem quite shook up by this, they even what happens with Fati now
  9. On a side note :- I did this “gag” to my son the other day outside the front window, he totally lost his sh@t and was freaked out for a while.
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