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  1. Struggling to see what is even up for debate in the post from @UPinCarolina actually. Has our thinking become so binary that everything that happens in one managers stewardship is 100% down to them? Puel did some good, Beyond debate for me. He did lots of bad too. Sack Puel, bad gone. Sack Puel, good remains here, unlike the deadwood cleared under his tenure. Of course current manager matters, clearly a lot, mostly to the dynamic in the short term, which is all Rodgers has had. It is possible to hold two seemingly conflicting viewpoints at the same time, it just means they are not really conflicting. but I am thinking you are taking the pee @Col city fan..
  2. I concur, the similarities are startlingly
  3. Don’t understand. Class may well be permanent but form can still suck ass and get you rightly dropped.
  4. Jeez. Take a pill. Come the 60th minute these Newcastle lads will need gas and air.
  5. Dahnsouff


    You seem to have missed the sarcastic next statement I made! Don`t want - he is a lump.
  6. Came here to post a sense of calm level headedness but screw that! Brendan you are doing a great job, rebuilt the spirit in an instant, players, young and old on side, all seemingly instantly benefitting from your tactics.
  7. Seems Vardy and Maddison are making the big mate noises/gestures towards Youri, and he seems to like playing with both. Huge but, Youri, like all footballers is essentially the property of their club, Monaco might fancy £50m from a top 6 club in the EPL. Worry most about Spurs with regards to `Tielemans (yeah I know, Spurs don’t spend owt, but suspect they might this time) as he would play most games for Spurs if Erikson leaves.
  8. Are Chelsea going to be mid table when Hazard leaves? Cunning `Danny playing the long game....
  9. Hope you are right. Kind of feel like he needs to be told to take a breath when he gets to the critical point during an attack. If he masters himself at thiese points, he would be excellent.
  10. Quite agree as well. The movement off the ball, the direct running, things that will only improve over time under Brendon are impressive and terrifying for the opposition. Regarding Gray, what can you say? He is an irritating enigma, he looks like he is scary to face, but he unfortunately isn’t 9 times out of 10. (Cough, Schlupp, Cough)
  11. Feel Mahrez has got the “made it” problem. He has earned his move to a club that is consistently pushing for trophies, and that is great for him. However, not sure he has the fire to continue with the effort/fight that got him there. Unfortunately for him, I suspect he will tread water rather than progress (under Lord Pep’s guidance). Bit sad really.
  12. No need, BIG6 membership card gets BOGOFF benefits.
  13. Dahnsouff


    If Mitrovic had any ambition, he would come to us. After all this time, Kelechi is BOSS at noughts and crosses, so would be quite the scalp!
  14. Sample size is a little on the small side
  15. Unfortunately, I suspect the decision will largely be out of Youri`s hands. His stock is rising for sure, so a bidding war would suit Monaco nicely, and although I initially thought the Adrien card might buy us some collateral, Monaco are also aware we don`t want Adrien and would sell him regardless of Youri. I hope I am wrong and Youri coming this way is a pre-condition of Adrien's transfer, but....
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