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  1. @Clarkey123 wore me down last time I tried this conversation - suggest you get yourself some You know I am joshing @Clarkey123
  2. This thread, like so many others, really deserves its own theme song, may I suggest.... Or perhaps we change it up and go for (Disclaimer : Both songs are not my cuppa by the way..)
  3. Yes agree again, its one game, no more. We created quite a few (at half chances) I am not suggesting we should play Gray as a striker, I just think Puel was looking at what someone with arguably more technical skills would be like as a striker, especially relevant when against opponents who sit deep (Not spurs then...but trying it against Palace when we hope to get a result is a huge no-no) The idea of Gray as a striker long term is not the right option for me. I agree, play Vardy, but we need to look long term too (Hence playing Gray in my opinion) That experiment is now done, back to Vardy
  4. Don`t get my wrong, I don`t disagree with much of this, and I am no way putting Vardy down or disputing that he is far and away our best striker. The is not even remotely up for debate in my opinion. As I have, and others have said; with Gray on the pitch we created much more space for other players. Now whilst Vardy does create space, it is usually behind his searing runs, which perhaps the team have not/cannot react to? Just watching the Tottenham game, the amount of movement created by Barnes, Chilwell, Ricardo, Maddison, Tielemans and Gray was enough to dislocate the Tottenham defence, making space for each other to fashion chances (Something that bodes well for teams sitting deeper). Once Vardy came on, this happened less, perhaps due to two things: Vardy is focused on his defence splitting runs Gray is far too ill disciplined to be a lone striker (Or striker at all), and drifted wide as well as occassionally troubling the defence But for Grays faults (covered elsewhere), his movement both at the sides and forward position provided numerous opportuntiies for others. So in short, I don`t know. I love Vardy, but for whatever reason, he offers less space creation and moves defenders abolut less. But Vardy is without doubt our best striker currently.
  5. See, this is the point for me. Vardy is Vardy, there is no one like him in the league. So even going through a barren spell he should automatically be picked? No, of course not. This is the definition of favourtism without merit. Any team worth its salt has to operate as a considered meritocracy, i.e.; if you are goon enough consistently then you get picked. Dropping Kasper is less likely, unless Puel can trace his Dads comments back to Kasper. Playing Gray as a striker for me was never going to work in terms of goals scored, but the movement by the team with Gray on the pitch was infinitely better than when he was replaced by Vardy. (All about our movement, moving opposition out of position, chance creation) If Gray could score (Or even if Barnes had ataken his chances) then Vardy would not have got on the pitch (Until even later) And as for this. Well, deary me. Vardy is getting on, and stats dictate he is getting less productive (Insert blame Puel here). Tielemans is here as a sampler to see what such a player would do to the team, and the answer after only 1 game is very positive. Simples
  6. Oh wise and sage, your teachings I shall follow ‘ Plus no Zaha
  7. The bit in bold I agree with 100% percent. I just figured that looking for a different type of striker, someone with more technical skills (a bit like Gray, especially at speed) would allow other options, such as unlocking teams that sit deep. Something Vardy is not ideal for unlocking. Coupled with the fact we need to look soon as Vardy is getting on, just thought it made sense to try a different sort of striker. Now, against Tottenham? Hardly ideal, but he had to try it at some point, and Tottenham was almost a free hit at Wembley. Against Palace would have been worse, as Vardy defo needed (Watch him pay Gray again now... ) Apologies if I was unclear on my posts.
  8. Please read what I wrote before you replied.
  9. MUST.STOP. REPLYING. Don`t get whats so difficult to understand. Need new striker soonish Vardy good for counter attack based attaching Vardy not great at teams that sit deep and do not allow counter attacks/space Player with more close control/technical ability might help unlock defences with their passing/movement Lets try that. Sh*t it worked = get one of those too in the Summer!
  10. For that game? Probably not. For the good of the club in the future, then yes. Simples.
  11. Bingo!!! Vardy, as I have continually stated is a complete legand, and provided some of the most amazing memories, but every bugger gets old. He is 32. Despite what @Clarkey123 thinks Vardy's close control is not a patch on Gray's, especially running at speed. The idea is to look for long term solutions, not continually play the sme way, especially when it will run out of gas soon. (deep breath) Therefore we look for other options as counter attack fails against pack defences. Tielemans cannot solve this issue (totally)
  12. Brain is beyond dispute! Close control I am not so sure on. Just feel we cannot wait for the next window to open, we need to know if someone with good close control (point of dispute I realise) will help in preparation for the window opening.
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