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  1. So the Good Friday agreement should just go? It is bound by internation law, it will clearly have (and has) a huge impact on border controls. This is one international bindong agreement, but there are other contractual agreements in existence signed between the UK and EU. Time to stop the politics and look at the law and what can actually be achieved within it. Brexit will be soft, it seem unavoidable.
  2. They most certainly do not have control! These deals with the EU run for years, that coupled with the inevitability of having to have NI closer to the EU than the 1rest of the Union - means the EU is not going away soon.
  3. This one is on Brendan I feel, at least in part
  4. Well, Ben better well get himself to the left wing or Brendan will drop him for sure..
  5. I do see the quandry, but the same can correctly be said of Tory party members, a majority was remain. It is simple go with the will of the party, but if you have a Referendum result to factor into this, then it becomes a party's duty (??) to follow the (non-legally binding) referendum result, the will of the people at large? Or you could play the contrary position and position themselves that way. In the case of Labour, they decided on neither.
  6. But that is not reasonable to give Labour an excuse. As a political party, arguably escpecially as the opposition, a strong stance representing the largest possible portion of your members, as long as it remains true to the party's political bent, must be taken. It is Labours unwillingness to do this that made them doomed to fail and appear weak and cowardly, something the country cannot afford at this time.
  7. The cool kids call it tactical voting now I believe
  8. "I have heard he is a Chelsea fan" - ffs "Here's your 5 grand Ash, good job mate"
  9. You watch your hip with that, thats a fairly painful freudian slip
  10. And this link below would further backup your highlighted claim (Despite initially stating they would not oppose it) https://www.politico.eu/article/spain-fires-diplomat-in-scotland-over-eu-membership-letter/
  11. Not a Labour voter, but this election, and all since the Brexit referendum have been a strange time with regards to party directions, just interested.
  12. You think it will be another Momentum-ite then???
  13. Those that voted for the non-victors shout the loudest. No way!! (I also did not vote Tory, this time anyway)
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