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  1. After watching it more, I am inclined to agree!
  2. Maybe, or maybe lost it with unfamiliar starters.
  3. No idea what you are talking about. I can watch Harry Maguire indicating to the linesman how times he has been fouled....
  4. It’s plenty better than “lump it to the big lad” Burnley to be honest, I realise that was a ploy to exploit our weaknesses, and a nearly successful one, I get it, but Christ it’s tedious
  5. Agree, this recent adoption of ‘Do unto others....‘. has certainly not been helpful
  6. Agree that Brighton have been unlucky, but unless they have found a striker down the back of the sofa, I do not see why their lack of goal scoring should change.
  7. Yes we did, but I would argue the competition is in a far better position then during those times.
  8. You are wrong. Who has been top 4 with our budget? No trite demands for more passion, more running about gets you that prize, especially with this schedule, this injury list.
  9. It’s ridiculous isn’t it? People seem to think they can isolate any given performance from injuries and fatigue, it’s quite baffling.
  10. In the queue for the physio room I imagine
  11. Unacceptable result in a normal season, with a normal quantity of injuries, so ok this time. Does answer a few questions which is helpful Hamza is prone to lack of attention, and this could well prevent him from playing at this level Ricardo is not back yet Vardy.....is not right, and should have come off instead of Kel Under is finished But also asks further questions When is Maddison back? When is Jonny back? Why was Sidnei wide-left?
  12. Get Hamza off, he cannot even get his foot in at the moment ffs Vardy
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