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  1. Agree, he was better than Wilf and Ngolo.
  2. Think that’s a bit blue maroon specs, but he certainly went toe to toe and did not come out badly. Go Wilf.
  3. Top 6 two years running + FA Cup. Not too shabby at all. Oh wait. We are still 3rd and just a team we beat yesterday and our favourite London challengers at home (Now with added fans) left to play We good.
  4. Don’t trust that Liverpool won’t get a reach around, so the Baggies need another
  5. We cannot just sell 4 and bring a better 4, this is a problem, we are short on numbers especially with Europe, and yes, we may have more numbers due to the lessen in the frequency of games, but would suggest we need more numbers not less. Ideally of a better quality, but someone like Hamza is fine as required if he is fine to have that level of involvement.
  6. I’m sorry James, I was wrong.
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