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  1. Be interested to know why you disagree. (Or just being partisan? )
  2. If Vardy stays up front when they have a set piece/action in our half, then some defender of theirs may well stay back too, reducing the efficacy of any break. Bring Vardy back, their defenders come forward, Wilf captures the ball, to Maddison or Youri -BOSH On your bike Jamie, there is only 1 defender to run by
  3. As Wilf has been such a soldier, he should get a reward. I suggest we buy him a "Leon Bailey"
  4. Ah, thats just cruel. The torture on Twitter is harsh, but
  5. Start anyone who is quick. This game could be 5-0 on penalties alone.
  6. I apologise, I was shocked at the part I highlighted. I don`t care where they are from, but the age thing is a huge differentiator. Ben is tantamount to a kid (Makes me old I guess), like a lot of them, and kids are distracted, have their minds on what they see and have little experience of coping with pressures both internal and external. All them laughing and joking during training and maybe even during games, does not necessarily show their demeanour 24x7 Sure he knows he has been sub (sub) standard of late, and is told how to cope, but he has to do it, and he has little experience of doing so As always, we all want the same
  7. Sorry thats a f*king stupid attitude and says more about your outlook than the player
  8. Victor Osimhen looks quality mind.
  9. Lunch time (work from home) Sat in front room Turned on TV BT Sport1HD OL v LOSC Traore playing meh....
  10. Sensible Marc Oliver Kempf for CB (Currently at VfB Stuttgart, so should be obtainable) or Robin Koch for CB (Frieburg, so would know Caglar), and Save the Winger/Inside Forward question until the Summer
  11. 3rd in the league, still in both cups, its nearly February, last performance much improved after recent difficult period. Excitement?
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