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  1. 50,000 hours of community service should do it.
  2. Also she is part of the "way too left to be appealing to the majority" set.....probably...
  3. Fart seems the obvious gentleman's solution (More of a gentle parp or silent with consequences)
  4. Bad businesses go out of business. You don`t need a pandemic to make that happen.
  5. Yes, we watched it and loved it. Love Liz me, and agree that she seems to have, or gathered a real strong sense of self and independence almost in spite of her role.
  6. There will be some bloody celebration of her life when Liz finally has to go
  7. That is one possible outcome for sure, or perhaps those jobs suitable for office work may increase once their companies finally wake the hell up and stop spending exorbitant amounts on office space, stop screwing the environment over by making business critical trips that are rarely more than expense pumping exercises.
  8. Poor from Liverpool especially, there is a scenario where you can see some clubs with less turnover requiring assistance based on previous financial commitments, but it seems a bit poor in general.
  9. So in terms of setting an example of equality, it’s a pretty big deal imho. Meritocracy should always be first, but it is wrong to discard the benefits of a strong role model on youth for both sexes.
  10. This is the key point unfortunately. Football clubs are businesses and are reliant on cash flow, any incumbent cash is now null or close too. King Power revenue will be massively decreased, it is a question of holding out for as long as possible but it does feel inevitable. The question mentioned elsewhere about furloughing of football players is interesting...
  11. there are other types?? May I also give you one of these please
  12. To be honest, that is bloody good reason to shop there and I will likely return there at a later date. It’s likely our local store, but they seem to struggling to keep the shelves stocked even with the 1 in 1 out going. Allow me a if you will.
  13. This got me on a very childish thought train, which has taken me to a wonderful destination https://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=Schrödinger's crap
  14. Go tell them mo fo's Liz
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