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  1. This is an irrelevant point, once their is personal agenda's within the unions, it distracts from the (righteous) aims of the union rendering them poisonous and in need of cleansing, which the government did in a very heavy handed way.
  2. Then the unions went too far, and the government sought to squash them. Poor from both sides.
  3. Surely this is a local government issue? Not a big fan of the blame central government for everything, this just sounds like inept local government.
  4. Some just did do sod all and others went to Liverpool, Juventus, Inter Milan, Chelsea, Everton, etc
  5. Wow the shameful Arsenal picture - 6 of them have moved on now?
  6. Its ok, its been replaced by tHIs sH*t, sO ThATs fINe thEN......
  7. https://theathletic.co.uk/1909441/2020/07/06/caglar-soyuncu-jonny-evans-leicester-city/ As if by magic, The Athletic appeared...
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