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  1. It was an example, it plays to the minds of those who are already on this path, albeit in a more reticent manner.
  2. But this is precisely the problem. Overt racism is on its heels, but a darker insidious secret racism proliferates and grows unfortunately. It is excused by Trump and his ilk and we must ensure the spotlight on such behaviour is not lessened any time soon.
  3. Number 20 in 2020? It’s a done deal.
  4. Never miss a chance to bash the Tories in here that is for sure, facts are for weirdos #askdon
  5. There is zero chance we find a like for like successor to Vardy. In my utterly unfounded opinion, we can’t nor should we try. We just have to look to change tactically to accommodate his loss.
  6. As a young un, I also liked the music to Outrun in the arcade
  7. Why? He is young and inexperienced at all levels, let alone in the EPL
  8. Another CB is the obvious one, not Harvey. Recent run has shown that Evans despite being a mainstay, can have bad form, be it due to injuries or excessive game time. Also noted that Fofana is not the finished article and may on occasion need rotating if a spell of bad form occurs. All our CBs are great, but it would be prudent to begin (further) succession planning in this area
  9. Let’s go. Time to win. These lads are cream crackered
  10. Felt sure Albrighton was going off there, but it was Kel.
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