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  1. Imagine this has been asked before, but any idea who this was "close to joining Leicester" at 6:30 ?
  2. Slim and some bloke called Ricky. Not bad.
  3. Wag on Wag aggro. There probably is no ruckus, just a couple of grown women** causing a fuss to sell papers/get clicks. Great job Wags. Bit too soon, but wheeling out the look of disapproval ** alledgedly
  4. Ah sh*t, I’ve been doing it wrong haven’t I?
  5. Quite right, spent most of my formative years following the teaching of Heidegger
  6. https://sportsocratic.com/2017/07/05/nietzsche-becoming-great-athlete/ Scheisse! Er war auch ein Fußballspieler
  7. It’s a strange one, but Roma (English) have form for this kind of cheekiness.
  8. Don’t like tabloid media of any sort, but then again I am miserable out of touch old tw*t I guess. Can you hide threads?
  9. Fancy the levels of victimhood demonstrated by Liverpool, Manchester City and Tottenham is worth a thread on its own TBH. The levels of <insert the term for a continual need to be seen as the victim> on their forums is eye watering at times.
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