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  1. Free hit. Just hope it’s a sweet contact.
  2. Stupid bastard. He was bound to hurt his hip cleaning Maddison’s lav.
  3. Goes to FoxesTalk, surveys the match thread. Gets the fvck out of there.... Jesus folks. Have a little bit of optimism
  4. Let’s see. I have frequently and vociferously stated that Gray is not up to standard. This is it now though as Brendan has given him what is basically an ultimatum. Step up or ship out. Maybe it’s what he needs So let’s all hope he kicks on, I genuinely hope so.
  5. Charlie Nicholas has tipped us to win 1-2. So thats that buggered then.
  6. A few performances that shouted FIRST GAME OF THE SEASON! - such as Youri, Maddison, Chilwell. Lots,of positives too though. Caglar. I know it’s only one game, but
  7. Very pleased for the lad. Top job Caglar
  8. It’s 1 game. Huge Big Massive (unsure if anyone will get that) positives, are Soyuncu and Evans together seemed good, and fans seemed encouraging and subsequently encouraged by Soyuncu.
  9. Yo mad fool! You will never last the match without scratching the itch
  10. When people say out wide, do they mean actually on the wing?
  11. The point about pundits, and their inability/unwillingness to discuss tactics for a team (Obviously I am looking for some deeper examination from a Leicester perspective primarily) is annoying, if not unexpected. This is one of the reasons I had hoped The Athletic would be different, early days, and there are some interesting articles, but not as yet. Only interested as a layman, but some of the books/ articles do make interesting reading regarding tactical evolution, even the stuff around use of data makes interesting reading. Guess that makes me a nerd? Will be be interesting this season to see how Brendan has evolved the tactical models used, especially so if a diamond is used.
  12. Nope. This early in the season, I still wear my cape of unfounded optimism without shame. 3 - 0 Vardy, Perez, Soyuncu
  13. I hope so too, but..........we must remember that Wolves have played quite tough opposition compared to us (Excluding Atalanta)
  14. This season is exciting on so so many levels. In terms of getting where we would want to be - it is a huge season for no-one more than Rodgers He has got (most of) the players, he has had a pre-season. Time to go for it.
  15. Fancy Arsenal to be much improved this season. Less so for Man Utd and Chelsea. So Man City, Pool, Tottenham nailed on for top 3, with likely Arsenal 4th, 5th and below up for grabs.
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