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  1. I do not disagree, but to get that quality addition, if we cannot generate the requisite cash from sales, then we should defer it until cash is available, rather than splurge the cash we don`t have on this wide addition. (Slippy slope otherwise, as we cannot "magically generate" captial a'la Man City, or have the world wide audience to bloat our bank balance like Man Utd)
  2. Getting JJ and YT would be a good window, then if someone leaves, we replace them/invest elsewhere. Must admit, I had hoped we would address the issue of a striker/inside forward (right) mind, but we need to be sustainable and not just go all Slimani/Musa/Silva/etc/etc in the window.
  3. Why not - we want to be sustainable clearly, promoting youth is a way to achieve this.
  4. Would imagine that if his heart is set on it, the club would discuss plans about his release for a future date, and agree a figure they would accept once he confirms he will stay for a defined period of time.
  5. I actually think this window is great!! Reasons are We have a squad of enviable players We set the value of our players The days of historic big clubs automatically getting our (or others, high five Palace) for knock down prices are going/gone The continuity to buy/build around youth continues We look in a strong position to sign Youri The transfer of AWB for 50m has completely justified our position on Harry Of course, a lot of this is based on media rumours...but hey, it’s the transfer window, it what they do when there is limited real news.
  6. Yes and no. The value to the purchasing club may well be 65m as stated. However, the cost to the selling club can also, perfectly validly set to 100m , due to the selling club feeling this is what player would cost to replace and the loss of earnings to the club without said player. (League position, etc)
  7. Wan Bissaka was not market rate, but Man Utd has now made it so. If AWB, who has had one decent season, no first team international experience, and goes for 50m, then Harry is easily worth 100m. No one will pay that. Close thread. However the enititleds on the caf and blue moon are outraged
  8. Nah, next minuscule fragment of news, and it will be and theres another 25 pages at least
  9. Curse you @urban.spaceman
  10. It sort of is, just not by much and it is not having much effect on ridiculous spending yet https://www.theguardian.com/football/2018/feb/14/premier-league-bubble-not-bursting-tv-rights-sky-bt-sport
  11. Apparently Wan Bissaka is a record fee. For a specialist full back. Whatever the **** that is...
  12. You may be right, but a whole season of listening to "New Maldini" type crap from the media with regards to Stones was tiring, far more so than a summer of over-excitement.
  13. Strange. Always envisaged you as the Laird in your Scottish castle Rumble
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