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  1. Same. He's been fine for me considering he's out of position.
  2. The Ricky P and timmy chestnuts right flank is looking unavoidable.
  3. Wood scoring from a set piece is inevitable
  4. Read your first reply back if you want to see something ironic.
  5. Really ? You think going through an entire summer window and heading into a new season with Wes as our 3rd CB wouldn't have a huge negative impact on our season? Can't say I agree.
  6. There is no way we end this window without a new centre back. It would represent a catastrophic failure.
  7. Brendon loves that. He's writing envelopes as we speak
  8. ronnup

    Demarai Gray

    Exactly this. We can replace with someone of similar potential quite easily I'd say and hope that they develop better
  9. ronnup

    Demarai Gray

    Watch the little shit go somewhere else and turn into Serge Gnabry
  10. Can't stand these jumped up tits. Hope we batter em and Dyche. Especially Dyche.
  11. We need Huth back for that then
  12. Has anyone checked on Flair?
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