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  1. That's a shite team. We're in trouble
  2. Can't see us staying top 4 now. We're a joke.
  3. I'd rather Perez in a two and go 442. These lot are terrible. We're coasting.
  4. Gray is our bench option if we need a goal. Ffs
  5. Battered us last time. They'll batter us today. Best hope we've got is 532 and a break but they'll bag a few.
  6. No motivational speech needed for Maddison tomorrow night. He's going to be itching to I impress, night game, TV, first game after the break, could be good for us all this.
  7. Perez for Kelechi please
  8. Baffled he's still at the club. We missed a tricm massively turning Bournemouth down. He's worth very little now
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