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  1. I’d snap up Cairny and Sessagnon. Fulham are screwed and they’d be great for us.
  2. Footballers play so much better when they’re enjoying what they do. At any level. This chap can be a big influence for the training ground and the changing room. Excellent addition.
  3. It’s officially better to play badly and win than play well and lose
  4. Maybe Wenger’s bored? Failing that give it to any ****er that’ll keep us up then Brendon next year, or wait to see who goes up and poach either Wylder or Bielsa
  5. Embarrassing. Sack the ****er I’ve had enough.
  6. We don’t even try to get our best player near the ball.
  7. We finish this season out of the bottom three I’ll be happy
  8. We’re making them look good. This is woeful. I don’t care how much possession we have we aren’t turning it into anything dangerous.
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