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  1. Weird team. 433 I'm guessing. Kelechi nailed in to bag
  2. 20 isn't that young. He should be established by now if he's ready and knocking on the door of a bench place at least.
  3. I reckon this is a massive game for Rodgers. We've always struggled to break packed midfields down and at home the fans will be expecting a win. Interested to see what he does. I'd like to see Praet and Tielemens on the ball plenty and plenty of quick ball movement.
  4. Why are we so slow and shit at throw ins
  5. We need a change. May as well play Kelechi with vards. Barnes isn't adding anything.
  6. Big holes in midfield. It'll convince Rogers we need to CDMs always sadly. Let's see Marc for Barnes please.
  7. He got it wrong today. But losing away to Man U and still being joint 3rd is ok with me.
  8. 'The Boys' on Amazon Prime is the best thing I've seen in years. Production wide it's like 8 small films and the acting and story are fantastic. Simply brilliant.
  9. He's going to be into our first 11 for sure
  10. Perez no good. Not to justify Marc or Barnes being benched.
  11. Youri clearly enjoyed his summer
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