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  1. Zacman2

    World Cup Betting Thread.

    Not to bad the 3rd card was given for the penalty then they started the pushing & shoving & out comes another card .only needed Kane to score , felt absolutely filthy wishing him to score but needs must
  2. Zacman2

    Minutes applause at Sunday's game

    This will be at the game tomorrow front of family stand
  3. Zacman2

    Minutes applause at Sunday's game

    This is from today's mercury
  4. Zacman2

    Minutes applause at Sunday's game

    Just to let you all know this will be in the mercury tomorrow and shays dad has been on the radio today. We had sorted tickets for the family but the owners have been in touch and given them seats in the corporate area so its going to be a very emotional day. But any support people can give just by spreading the word is very much appreciated
  5. Zacman2

    Minutes applause at Sunday's game

    We're hoping so to there's been quite a lot of shares on Facebook and other social media sites so fingers crossed ?
  6. My sons friend passed away at 16 years of age , he was a hugh leicester fan and we are trying to get a minute of applause going in the 16th minute of Sunday's game. Please share