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  1. To the tune of ABBA dancing queen Thursday night & the crowds are low , into Europe we shall go , will play like Bayern Munich ,With Perez on the win we’re gonna win the thing Maddison’s gonna beat that guy nddidis playing & his tempos high , that’s as fat as I’ve got any suggestions
  2. Does anybody have a video of the handball at the end
  3. At the end of the day if the ball hits his arm surely the ref should be looking at VAR. we are told that VAR is not there to ref the match but yet they check every goal for offside if this is not VAR reffing a game I don’t know what is.
  4. Was not saying today’s was but Söyüncü had his arm behind his back moving away from the ball.also the Chelsea defender after the game says it hit his arm I didn’t see it properly from where I was sat
  5. Do you mean like Söyüncü against Liverpool
  6. Just implying that of all the clubs he played for we where the worst , how much derby did for him
  7. Just implying that of all the clubs he played for we where the worst , how much derby did for him
  8. tuesday 28th January Aston Villa v Leicester City Referee: Mike Dean Assistant Referes: Ian Hussin and Mark Scholes Fourth Official: Simon Hooper
  9. The wolves one was for a young lad who passed away at a young age he was my brothers friend as for Daz he was a life long Leicester fan .my son lost his friend the other year & we organised one at the Leicester vs Everton game it went really well & meant so much to his mum & dad if you don’t want to clap don’t join in are you being callous you decide but I know it helped a family of a young lad who at 16 & had been given the all clear a month before to tragically die from a brain hemmorage .a lot of people find comfort in the little things maybe one day that will organise one for yourself & nobody will clap or care who knows .m, I know I will be clapping twice as loud now .
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