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  1. Is Shakespeare the right man for the job?

    It just kind of seems to me that we have no idea what to expect as we go on the pitch. Then at half time after watching them, some decisions are made and a whole new team comes out. Perhaps we are not researching a planning enough.
  2. Liverpool (H) Match Thread

    When we have the ball at times it seems like we think we are 2-0 up. So slow to get forward, no urgency and pretty much no shots. It's insane.
  3. Liverpool (H) Match Thread

    It's like we just fall asleep so often. I seriously think our squad need some focus and concentration training. It's bizarre.
  4. I'm just still chuckling!
  5. Match Thread - Liverpool (EFL Cup) - 19/09/2017

    Is anyone else chuckling as much as me?
  6. Match Thread - Liverpool (EFL Cup) - 19/09/2017

    The way I look at this game is just pass it to Gray! He is our best chance in this.
  7. Match Thread - Liverpool (EFL Cup) - 19/09/2017

    If this wasn't so depressing you would think it was scripted comedy!!
  8. Match Thread - Liverpool (EFL Cup) - 19/09/2017

    Do we win headers ever? It seems we have forgotten how.
  9. Chelsea post match 1-2

    To be fair we have played four games and three have been against Arsenal, Chelsea and Man Utd. It is great to be optimistic, it is great to have hope and to aspire to bigger things but in reality the 3 points from the first four games is an expected return. Had we lost to Brighton then we could have raised an eyebrow but we were very comfortable. In fact we have generally been pretty comfortable in all games even during the turmoil of the transfer window. Let's see what happens against Huddersfield and Liverpool and hope for a Liverpool red card as they just fall apart in a rather humourous manner.
  10. Chelsea post match 1-2

    Very much shouting at the wind. I was curious to see if I wrote a generic response who would think it was aimed at them. Not aimed at any of you as it's all love from me. Peace out hombres!
  11. Chelsea post match 1-2

    It's insane that you think that, are you just that type of person?
  12. Huddersfield Away Pre Match Thread

    When will we start Ulloa as the lone striker??
  13. Chelsea post match 1-2

    That's a shocker of a statement. Jog on.
  14. Superbru Head to Head

    Done it!