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  1. Hi Mate, can you send me the location of this video or a link so I can share it with my team. I run a pub. thanks
  2. Then again I also saw something in N’Guessen!
  3. Didn’t mean to start such a discussion. I merely meant I wouldn’t mind it if we didn’t sign a winger. I would prefer we did but if we didn’t then I wouldn’t mind seeing this.
  4. I can’t be the only one who has seen ability in Ghezzal?
  5. Personally I would love Justin as our right back and Ricardo as the top winger we so want.
  6. Wasn’t that the game where Roberts also managed to put it over the bar from on the goal line? Quite a remarkable feat. I would have thought that would have made you have doubts about him being the best in the world. Haha
  7. Tommy Wright Wright Wright. I have drank too much in life to remember memories anymore. He scored a goal and Rooster Russell’s head reflected the flood lights. Brian Little was so happy he then went on a spree of buying bald footballers.
  8. I am not suggesting they aren’t but we don’t have much after the first 16 at present and, as like every other team, to improve we need to look across the board. We should always look to improve the first team when and where we can but also the bench and the reserves. It is just strength in depth and we will grow as we already have been for the last few years. Let’s just keep building.
  9. I apologise for mentioning the cost but my point was the quality in the reserves. If we pick up the required quality for a lot less then good for us and I’m sure we will. However, it will take time.
  10. I just think the issue is glaringly obvious. Strength in depth or in our case lack of it. It is a long season and players will get tired, injured and have drops in form. We need to be able to replace them with a better standard than we can. This isn’t easy to do as you need players to be willing to buy into the long plan and be prepared to work in a rotational or reserve situation. It will take time. Look at Man City as a prime example, B Silva goes off and Mahrez comes on. Sterling goes off and Sane comes on. Aguero goes off and Jesus comes on. They can even replace a £60 million Right Back with a £50 million Right Back. We have a long way to go to be able to do that but we have to persevere and give time for building. Lets see where we are in a few years.
  11. Fair point but it still means at some point we have to attack.
  12. Regardless of our questionable defence that, excuse or not, is in no way our first choice let’s be realistic. Their first goal was a lucky deflection that could have bounced anywhere and after that we had to attack. We can’t sit back. They then hit us two counter attacks. We will have to attack in the second half also and they may counter again. After that deflected goal we have to attack.
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