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  1. Hi guys, Please can someone send me a stream link. I can only find first row and cric today and they are all rubbish.
  2. Did nobody else think they stayed on the same camera angle too long too often. In the first half I noticed them doing a pitch level angle and stayed on it long after the ball left. They did this a few times. Then, when Maddison was getting MOTM, they seems to stay on him in the stand for about a minute or longer. I think they need to work on this.
  3. I personally wasn’t praising him but I also am not slagging him. i think it is clear that my opinion is that age has simply caught up with him as it will to everyone and he shouldn’t generally be starting 90 mins unless we have no other options. We had other options today.
  4. Setting up at home or setting up away, what does it matter at the moment? Surely the home advantage is generally based on supporters? Otherwise it is just some grass elsewhere.
  5. I didn’t mean to quote that but couldn’t get rid of it. i wanted to suggest the idea that we will struggle against Sheff U and Brighton and then beat Everton, Spurs and Man U. it is because they don’t sit so deep but then again this is optimism.
  6. I don’t blame him one bit. I know, as a man of 40, your legs go and you don’t really remember this fact when you play football. I used to be a well timed tackle type of defender and now I am a constant cropper. Lol
  7. Is it not always the lower teams, who sit back that we can’t beat. It always seems we don’t have a clue how to get through a deep set team.
  8. More than likely but surely he should be an emergency back up and we could have set up without him for 90 mins?
  9. What difference does it really make playing home or away at the moment?
  10. I love him but he is past it isn’t he?
  11. I would like to see more people opting for studded gimp masks as opposed to these little blue numbers we have.
  12. We want the be the New Blue Oyster Bar. So get your leather arseless chaps on and get down here.
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