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  1. HesNotGudjonsonn2

    In a word....

    One word? Hmmmm......vieweddrunk.
  2. HesNotGudjonsonn2

    Spurs Home Match Thread

    Ghezzal did something. Nice turn.
  3. HesNotGudjonsonn2

    Spurs Home Match Thread

    Are we afraid of shooting?
  4. HesNotGudjonsonn2

    Spurs Home Match Thread

    I like the idea of having Ndidi and Mendy being defensive midfielders behind Iborra who can spray the ball around and not have to worry about the defending too much. I like this.
  5. HesNotGudjonsonn2

    Fulham (A) Match Thread

    Anyone else just hear Kaspar shouting ‘Wes, wake the f@&k up? Lol
  6. HesNotGudjonsonn2

    Lenovo Active Pen 1

    Hi Guys, Does anyone own one of these? If so please can you advise what the buttons do and how I pair it to my laptop. All info online says turn on Bluetooth and press too button. There is no top button, just two on the side. Any help? Thanks
  7. HesNotGudjonsonn2

    FIFA 19

    I’m curious if anyone is actually in the know of this question and not just speculating? Whether we are a person who believes in scripting or doesn’t, we all have noticed that we have games where suddenly your players move their limbs slower than a tortoise, shoot like Alinbiyi and tackle like a drunk clumsy oaf. I just had two in a row against lesser teams. I have noticed these patches come in little runs but not sure how they are worked out. My question is how long do they last? Is it a matter of you need to play 5 games or 6 or 7 to get through the patch or is it a matter of turn of your console and you will be fine tomorrow? anyone actually know?
  8. HesNotGudjonsonn2

    FIFA 19

    Are the EA servers down again? I am trying to log in to FUT and it gets no further than saying I am trying to connect to the EA servers. This is like the third time since I have had the game all of a couple of months ago. It annoys me that they will happily take our money but then not be able to fulfill the service correctly that we have paid for.
  9. HesNotGudjonsonn2

    Watford (H) pre match

    Forget that. I googled it.
  10. HesNotGudjonsonn2

    Watford (H) pre match

    Isn’t Maddison suspended?
  11. HesNotGudjonsonn2

    eBay Ads - Help!!

    Thanks Guys. I like to think that as a unit, Foxestalk can defeat any kind of sneaky marketing! Boom!
  12. HesNotGudjonsonn2


    Hi Guys, I have one half of my garage set for woodwork and one half for painting. I have as much divider in the middle as I can to keep the dust out of the paint side. Can anyone recommend any kind of extractor unit that doesn’t need fixing in the wall? i am thinking some portable unit that simply sucks dust and wood particles out of the air and then sends them out the door through a tube or something. Or collects it like an air vacuum kind of thing. something that works well. thanks in advance.
  13. HesNotGudjonsonn2

    eBay Ads - Help!!

    It is on my phone and not laptop but as it happens, it hasn’t happened today at all. Bizarre.
  14. HesNotGudjonsonn2

    eBay Ads - Help!!

    Hi Guys, Just recently, when I come on here I keep getting annoying EBay ads. They go all around the edge of my screen every time I click on a new page. I then have to wait about ten seconds until the x eventually appears to remove it so I can see the content properly. Does anyone know why this is happening and more importantly how I can stop it?thanks
  15. HesNotGudjonsonn2

    Saints Cup Home Match Thread

    You Sir, can have my daughter.