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  1. Next up.. West Ham (a)..Friday 8pm ko

    I feel that there will be a game soon where Gray absolutely storms it head and shoulders above everyone. A hat trick and everything just works for him. Maybe it will be this one. Might not though.
  2. Name this Leicester team

    Danny Mills and Walsh.
  3. Name this Leicester team

    Rob Lee and Steve Walsh
  4. Name this Leicester team

    Tony Cottee
  5. Name this Leicester team

    Tony Pulis
  6. Name this Leicester team

    Philippe Albert lars Bohinen Keith Curle Gary Penrice Stuart Ripley Scott Minto
  7. Iborra - Key Player?

  8. Stoke (A) Match Thread

    Maybe it is too early as they seem to need to wake up a little.
  9. Does anyone realise.....

    When respondent thinks his response is humour but it goes over everyone’s head. obligatory emoji......😂
  10. Does anyone realise.....

    Been on for a long time, sometimes post and sometimes don’t. Usually just talk nonsense or play games but this has just made me think how daft some people can be. We haven’t even kicked a ball under him yet and it’s the end of the world. I am the anti Foxes talk as I’m an eternal optimist and will support anyone who is given the job because.....what’s the point of being against them? We all want to win don’t we? I’m sure all new managers do also.
  11. Welcome Claude .... positive posts only

    I hate it, I hate it, I hate it. End my life now. I know nothing about him but don’t care as he isn’t the king of the world. I have no background info on inside info but I don’t care as it is wrong, all wrong. I’m going to cry into my assumptive hat that I don’t even own yet. Boo hoo.
  12. Does anyone realise.....

    I apologise for advising people to be realistic. Do what you like and whinge as much as you want.
  13. Does anyone realise.....

    In that case then, this comment wasn’t aimed at you. It is aimed at the people trying to jump out the window before a ball is kicked. We could have had Ancelotti, Tuchel, Pellegrini or even SAF but what if they came in and lost all their games. Such expectation to lead to nothing. Nothing is predictable in football so let’s see what he brings.
  14. Does anyone realise.....

    I couldn’t be bothered to read through about 8 pages of dumbassery. I thought this way I could cover it in one fell swoop. Also, if you felt the thread was aimed in your direction then it probably was. 😜
  15. Does anyone realise.....

    ....how much of a dumbass they sound? it may have been quoted in the Puel thread but I couldn’t be arsed to read it all. last time we had such an underwhelming response to a manager appointment, we won the league. give the guy a chance.