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  1. Name this Leicester team

    Sid Vicious?
  2. Name this Leicester team

  3. Name this Leicester team

    I actually thought it looked like Wiltord but can’t imagine he played number 5.
  4. Name this Leicester team

  5. Name this Leicester team

  6. Name this Leicester team

  7. Name this Leicester team

  8. Name this Leicester team

  9. Name this Leicester team

    David Villa
  10. Name this Leicester team

    Oliver Kahn
  11. Stoke post match 1-1

    I want to stick up for Albrighton. He is one of the players who can play tiki-taki pass and move football. He is always trying to give his team mates an option and he will do the one-twos that get up the pitch. If we want to play positive possession football then I think he is one who certainly can do it. On the negative side the constant crosses to nobody do frustrate and even when they get to our attackers, who aren’t the tallest or most physical, they have little chance. Perhaps he is instructed to do this but it always seems a little thick and lacking common sense.
  12. Stoke (H) Match Thread

    I held my breathe for Matty there. Oh well. One day!
  13. Bars in Madrid.

    Anyone else in Madrid that day? I am hoping for pensioners, children or the disabled just for that added protection.
  14. Bars in Madrid.

    I do and I sincerely will!
  15. Bars in Madrid.

    Hi Guys, i will be in Madrid on the 18th March and so wondered if anyone knew a bar that will show the game? any will do. Thanks