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  1. Harvey Barnes do do do do do do, Harvey Barnes do do do do do do, Harvey Barnes do do do do do do, Harvey Barnes!
  2. I understand. It all makes sense and Moses was great in the fantasy league under Conte.
  3. Every time I have seen him play, I have always liked Alonso and from the fleeting times I have seen Emerson play, I liked him also. Why don’t Chelsea rate them? Am I missing something? I know they are no Scott Minto but who is!!
  4. Is it good that we lost a potentially good young player to a division rival? not sure about that.
  5. Can someone explain to me the definition of Tinpot please? Our clappers are tinpot, light shows are tinpot, goal cam is tinpot, other clubs are tin pot...what is it? i just presumed it meant cheap and crap but now I’m not sure. thanks
  6. This is the difference between the majority and the top teams. Being able to break down and all out defence parking the bus.
  7. All this debate of Grealish or Maddison and it made me wonder why we don’t try and buy Grealish, have them both and then say who damn well cares as they are both pretty damn good!
  8. True. So can anyone help with the box for my Patek Phillippe...😉 https://www.chronext.co.uk/patek-philippe/grand-complications/5204r-001/C76980?gclid=EAIaIQobChMIjreDvZnt5gIVArDtCh0AWgGAEAQYASABEgLwXvD_BwE
  9. Hi Guys, Thanks for any helpful responses and thanks for the nonsense too. Not humble bragging, just asking a question on a forum with lots of people and so maybe someone knew. I’m not going to go to Brum to check out a box as it would cost more in time and petrol than the box is worth. I simply wanted to know if anyone knew for my own knowledge. thanks Gudjy
  10. Hi Guys, I have a question and thought I would see if anyone on here could help me as it seems really difficult to find this simple answer online. I have a 2006 Omega Planet Ocean and the box is a bit worn so I bought a new one online. I just can’t tell if it is real. It is well made and looks the part but just has slight differences which make me wonder. Of course they do change the design over the years so it could be completely right but I am not sure. The writing on the outer box is smaller than my old one and has an added bit and the inner box is brighter leather. I have added some pics and if anyone could help that would be great. Only cost £35 so not major loss if not and also am considering the wooden box. Please see attached photo. Thanks Gudjy
  11. Hi Guys, I hope someone can help. I never hide the fact that I am an armchair fan who loves to watch on the box generally down to not having mates who support the same team as me. Anyway, I do have a nephew who sadly grew up in Brum and supports Villa so he asked if I wanted to buy us both tickets...he nailed me there. So since I have someone with an interest in the game to go with then I thought I would get some tickets for the match. This is where you lot come in...where do I sit? I don’t want to put my Villa supporting nephew in any area where if he is dumb enough to celebrate anything then he may get an idiot kicking his head in. i doubt he will have anything to celebrate but if someone can advise a sensible area where we can enjoy the match and I can show him his team losing very clearly to our boys that would be great. Thanks
  12. We didn’t press and were too fearful in the first half. We then get reminded we can play and so up the tempo to where it should be without being told. They then get a penalty a little against the current run of play, we get frustrated and throw it all away. Maybe this is a sign of a young team that needs to mature and needs to start hard and fast.
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