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  1. I saw that Mahrez lad haul a chap back who got past him today. No prisoners taken!
  2. Fair enough, I actually agree now that it was more than likely bad communication because you could argue who should do what from different perspective. However if they had communicated as to who was getting who the shot shouldn't have come in. Oh well, come on LCFC!
  3. Was it just me who didn't think Amartey was at fault for this? There was a Liverpool player overlapping into the position the right back is responsible for and Drinkwater decided to go there as well. Drinks should have gone to Coutinho.
  4. Amartey and Slimani seem to have quite an issue controlling the ball today.
  5. He seemed so casual so far and then it is like he suddenly decides he wants to score and just does.
  6. Hi Guys, I am sorry to bother you with such a boring and non LCFC subject but was hoping my fellow foxes could help me with some info. I understand that gambling is generally stacked against you but are there other issues involved. What I mean is that, is a Sunday a bad day for hitting Fruit machines due to them generally being emptied on a Saturday night? and the other thing is about the machines in bookies. I often play blackjack on the machines in the bookies, I know I shouldn't, but as random as they claim to be, it seems a little dodgy. I play four hands against their one hand and more often than not their one hand wins. As I look at it that is a 1/5 chance of winning and they manage it so often. I have read online and most forums say they have to follow gambling legislation but let's be honest, do they really? If someone has a little bit of info more than "there is only one winner" then let me know as it seems so fixed and I want to smash the machines. thanks Gudjy
  7. ❤️
  8. And in 15 years time I could be dead! Spend the money and lets enjoy the moment.
  9. I know we all naturally think that £50m is a hell of a lot and he isn't worth it when assessed next to someone who cost similar but am I the he only one who doesn't really care as it isn't my money?
  10. Is that a question or a statement? It sounds like a statement but has a question mark at the end. I'm confused.
  11. It seems like we as fans are becoming a little arrogant and expect players to move them and their family to a new country and adapt to a new league instantly. Injuries are not an excuse and neither is anything else. I sometimes wonder if we give them time to adapt then they may well show something positive. Not everyone is Kante. Remember Yuki Abe? He was homesick and couldn't adapt, we never take this in to consideration. I hope Abe is well, I liked him.
  12. Haha, it's like you think I have followers!
  13. I have a twitter account and have never posted any pretend ITK stuff. Shall I post one? Will it help?
  14. The spider catches the fly.
  15. 7 hours ago I was drunk. Have no recollection of posting this.