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  1. I think our rivals in the Premier League change as we progress in standard. I may seem arrogant but I feel our rivals are Man U at the moment. Simply because we are usually around the same position as then but struggle against them generally. I reckon though it is personal though as it can’t be down to locality at present.
  2. I hate trying to play an offside trap. It is an outdated tactic as it used to work well for teams like Arsenal who would surround and harass the ref. You can’t do that with VAR and so it is so risky.
  3. I really don’t get the mentality of some of these footballers. If you want the freedom to leave then don’t sign a big money contract. You can’t have it both ways.
  4. If anyone asks me who I support I always say The mighty Leicester City but only from about March 2016....it is sad how many of these people say me too. BTW...from late 80’s when given a shirt.
  5. I remember watching Sep Smith from the terraces with my Great Grandson and am amazed none of you have him in your teams. p.s. I’m a ghost!
  6. I felt Perez should have slid the ball through to Kel instead of the wild shot and also how could anyone give Albrighton a 6???
  7. I thought he simply needed to get faster in decisions and actions which of course will come as it is his beginnings of top level football. He did enough for me to be happy with him on our bench as he learns the division, learns the speed and develops physically and technically. It is only one game but from what I saw I would prefer him on our bench than on loan.
  8. I was just about to slag him off for his negativity.....sos Dan. You know best.
  9. I have to say that why I did not suggest taking Kel off was simply that I believe he is more likely to score than Vards at the moment. let’s be fair to Vards though, he is clearly not fully fit....either that or sadly Father Time is catching up. God I hope not!
  10. I want to keep Tavares on but just always think we need to revert to 4 at the back. As the squad is so depleted at the moment then the only way I can see this working is Ricardo on the right, Albrighton on the left and Amartey at full back. Kel behind Vards. God knows what would work at the moment though.
  11. I don’t know much about Tavares yet but am I right in thinking he is an attacking midfielder? If so then I think it is great to give him a chance at the moment when we need players in the right positions. Also, if everyone was fit then maybe he wouldn’t be getting the opportunity and injuries certainly helped opportunity and development with Thomas, Justin and Fofana.
  12. I reckon it is; Lowe, Coatsworth, Philpott, Walsh, Smith, Whitlow, James. Mills, Poole, Thompson, Agnew, Joachim, Hill and Oldfield. Management Gregory, Little and Evans?
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