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  1. Any new LCFC quizzes? I have done all the ones Incan find on Sporcle. Thanks
  2. Stuart Taylor? Or do we not include loans? I presume not but I am bored so trying to think of more.
  3. Banks Shilton Schmeichel Flowers Schwarzer Walker Kalac Keller Arphexad Ward Ricardo Zieler Nobody mentioned they had to be in their usual position.
  4. When it said ‘Since 14-15’ I presumed the end of the season and so didn’t go for Cambiasso or Nugent.
  5. I went and watched Forest tonight...they lost. Then I met big Wes. Just sharing.
  6. In all joy of the game we should be 1-0 down. In reality it was offside. Sometimes Joy and reality are bullshit. we should be 1-0 down.
  7. Not sure whether that it a Police Academy joke or whether someone has opened a Police Academy themed pub? I think they should!
  8. Cool. Why don’t we just set it up for the Wolves game at 8pm on Sky on the 14th February. No Hallmark holiday excuses, take her out on Saturday. We could hit Bier Keller in town or any pub where the football is shown? The more the merrier.
  9. Of course it is hard to dismiss the typo but I am going to fight to rise above it. I live in West Bridgford. So we have three of us so far. Could be cool to find a pub to watch the away games in and get a little group going. I lived in London for a long time so used to go to the Stag’s Head a lot. It was a great atmosphere.
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