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  1. Name this Leicester team

    Jules Rimet of the Blackwater?
  2. FIFA 18

    Hi chaps, can anyone one give me the answer to the custom setting to simply get your players, who are told to stay back, to stay back. I play a flat back four with a CDM and I just want them all to never pass the half way line or if possible not even get that far forward. I set them to defend and leave the other lads to attack but get hit on the break and wonder where the hell they are. Any help??
  3. Name this Leicester team

    Bron of the Blackwater?
  4. Has this been spotted yet?.

    Does this help?
  5. Name this Leicester team

    Fernando Redondo
  6. Iborra could be out for the rest of the season

    Can we not recall King or Mendy? Surely we need one of them if not both.
  7. Hamza Choudhury

    I am Danny, I concur.
  8. Name this Leicester team

    David Currie
  9. Name this Leicester team

    Dean Yates
  10. Name this Leicester team

    Dave Regis?
  11. Name this Leicester team

    Colin Hill
  12. Morgan

    You are starting to sound like a broken record.
  13. Hamza Choudhury

    I honestly wanted him to succeed sure more to his hair than nothing else so I was happy with today’s performance.
  14. What did we learn today?

    Choudry looks good.
  15. Leicester City Vs Newcastle United match thread

    That kind of sounds like the sandwich that summed up that half.