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  1. I would suggest that his stock is trading pretty low at the mo. Given that he hasnt won much outside Scotland, which hardly counts, what are his credentials for a move to a “big club”?
  2. We could put out a Bentleys Roof side. 😜
  3. Rumour has it that Vardy and Chillwell did not travel.
  4. None of them could hit a cows arse with a shovel. They are the only weak link in our first choice team.
  5. Theres already been a vote with the option to remain. It was defeated. I would support the deal, some want a clean break. If theres to be another vote, I believe they should be the options.
  6. Well, thats got to be one of the dumbest replies ive had.
  7. Im sorry, di-dums. If remain is on a second ballot, you will have millions feeling angry that their decision has been discarded.
  8. I agree. The deal vs no deal. Remain is not an option.
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