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  1. Zieler Curtis Keown Howey Rogers Ghezzal Johnson Wise Low Akinbiyi Futacs Manager Frank McLintock
  2. Don’t fancy the closed doors games, be like a practice game for the players but botched up a bit...
  3. This dream could come true then...
  4. Will it be Chelsea in The FA Cup or Brighton in the League...
  5. So unfortunately the last 2 City players who suffered from a similar injury to Ricardo never got back to full fitness, hope he bucks the trend...
  6. That’s why I asked the question, no reports on an op..
  7. Oh crikey, that hasn’t gone too well really...
  8. Following on from Ricardo’s nasty injury and operation, I wondered who was the last City player to suffer from this, and how long did the recovery take and how well did they Play after it...
  9. Any news on Ricardo regarding having this op yet?
  10. I think Pearson would sort Drinkwater out if he took him on loan at Watford...
  11. All 8s apart from Evans, Ndidi, Praet & Barnes 9s, that’s the best we have played in a few months so credit where credit is due, Barnes MOTM for battering them. Villa were not good but we never gave them an inch 2nd half, oh and that tackle on Grealish by Wilf was magnificent... More of the same for the next 12 games please....
  12. Got a feeling Maddison could be on the bench for the Villa game, maybe Tielemans as well with Rodgers going all out on the attacking front, Vardy & Iheanacho up top with Perez behind them, Barnes & Albrighton out wide with the usual back 4 with Ndidi in front of them... Then again he might pin his hope on Gray again...
  13. 2 tickets available in SK4 for the Villa game, adult & U/22, £50 the pair... Tickets now sold ...
  14. Season tickets now available for the Villa game, SK4, adult & U/22 £50 the pair... Tickets now sold...
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