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  1. Credit where credits due, on the right of a back 3 he was brilliant, and before he had the nasty injury he was steady at right back. We still need a top centre half to come in as Johnny Evans will keep getting niggly injuries, hope Daniel stays and doesn’t mind spells on the bench but him and Mendy were brilliant yesterday, along with 9 others obviously...
  2. Don’t need him now we have signed Amartey...
  3. Never heard of him before, looked him up and he’s 25 & Brazilian and known as ‘Beast’ if we get Silva & Slimani off the books and pay €30 million it has to be a winner surely.. If Carlsberg did transfer/exchange deals.
  4. Seems a decent no nonsense centre half, hopefully we get him but also hoping Soyuncu doesn’t go in the January window but with his mate Under joining us I hope he doesn’t go, just hope Tarkowski has recovered from his sore toe...
  5. We have players to shift ie Ghezzal, Diabate, Slimani, Silva and a few more, surely as we are already paying their wages or a big proportion of them we could loan/give them to Puel and continue subsidising them plus the €30 million they are after, win win all round... If only Carlsberg did transfer windows..
  6. Newcastle could be interested...
  7. Watching him tonight and his shooting is absolutely woeful, no wonder the fans don’t rate him, mind you Maddison is as bad tonight as well, we love him though...
  8. Unpopular decision but I would give Slimani another go, play him against Arsenal in the Cup and you just never know he might get a goal or two, may as well as it seems daft if we are paying his wages or a large proportion of them. Silva appears to be moving on, Ghezzal was absolutely awful out wide but looked a bit better in the central role.
  9. Got a feeling this transfer won’t happen and we will go for Tah, I don’t know much about both of these players but any one of them will do, great window if we make a third signing...
  10. Dare Rodgers start him in the Burnley game, maybe even the Arsenal cup game, Fofana will need to quarantine for 2 weeks when we sign him tomorrow though...
  11. In comparison to what we have, Soyuncu, Benkovic (when fit) and Evans of course, is Fofana as good as or better than our players or is he similar to what we have in our U 23s. We need a player fit and ready to play at their asking price and I would hope he is as good as Soyuncu...
  12. Have we signed this lad yet, can’t be arsed trawling through all the nonsense. Cheers
  13. Personally think that McNeil is a slight upgrade on Gray, few poor games and the lad will get slaughtered by our fans...
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