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  1. Had 2 season tickets for about 15 years but since the Premier Legue years we haven’t been able to get any away tickets and the only way our loyalty points go up is if we buy away game tickets which we can’t as we don’t have enough points, and around we go, that’s why I post on here and hope I get tickets..
  2. I only have 280 points on my season tickets, obviously it will never go up as we can never get away tickets unfortunately...
  3. Thanks ton @Jon25747 for sorting me out 2 Brighton tickets, many many thanks matey...
  4. Sorry matey, I was golfing all day yesterday and rubbish signal here, my lads went up for the game but back home now, if you could hang on to it until the Norwich game as I am up for that one, Cheers Dermot..
  5. Anyone have any spare flags they could let me have please, I have i little flagpole in my back garden down here and the Newquay to Par branch railway line passes by 4 or 5 times a day and my flag is visible as they slowly pass by, I have one left and the weather down shreds them unfortunately ... Cheers..
  6. Great player for City, always gave his all and a proper grafter. Met his Mam in Blackpool, she worked or owned a supermarket and I nipped in to get a morning paper as me, the missus and a couple of our kids were up there for a few days, one of my lads had a City shirt on and she chatted for ages about City, very very proud of her son and a lovely lady...
  7. Hopefully this City side will be too good & strong for Arsenal... I shall be watching this game at Ashbury golf complex near Okehampton after our 2nd round with a gang of Rugby oiks so hoping they support us as a couple are Cornish Tigers fans, last time we were live at this place it was against Man Utd and Vardy got THAT 11th goal....
  8. Diamond geezer yes, leadership group, I very much doubt it. One of the most together teams around so I can’t imagine a splinter gang will do much for the team moral...
  9. Palace are a big strong team but I’m sure we will combat that with decent passing and pressing, never going to see the likes of THAT Southampton result again but a tight 1.0 win or 2.2 draw....
  10. Man City V Man Utd Colchester V Oxford Liverpool V Everton Villa V Leicester
  11. Screaming out for a quality winger in the next window, Albrighton did himself no favours at all tonight, actually thought Gray was far better than him. Just shows how good Vardy is at one on ones, would have had at least one hat trick tonight... Onwards we go if we don’t draw Man City again....
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