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  1. Adult & U/22 (can be upgraded) tickets in SK4 for the Newcastle game...
  2. Adult & U/22 (can be upgraded to adult) sat together in SK4 for sale...
  3. I would love to see us play with Barnes & Perez playing just behind Vardy swapping around and not wide wingers as Chilwell & Ricardo should do that, Maddison & Tielemans behind them with Ndidi behind them, back 4 & Kasper. Shall I get me coat...
  4. Hope the lad gets back to full fitness and gets game time in English football, be sad if we release him and he turns out to be another Kramaric...
  5. Vardy Barnes Perez Maddison Tielemans Ndidi
  6. When Rodgers plays Maddison & Tielemans in the middle we look great, when he sticks Maddison out on the left to accommodate Choudhury & Ndidi we struggle, not rocket science is it, but the outcome will be is that Maddison will want out of our club at the first opportunity. But his worst decision since arriving at The KP is to give Gray another chance against a poor (on paper) Man Utd side.
  7. Useless waste of a shirt, should never get near the City team again...
  8. Evans MOTM 8 Kasper, Maddison, Vardy & Choudhury 7 Ndidi, Soyuncu 6 Tielemans 5 Chilwell, Periera 3 (worst games for us in ages. Gray 1 absolutely awful and should never get another chance. Subs Barnes & Perez 6 Rodgers has to learn from his first big mistake that this defensive set up stifles our best players Vardy & Maddison... Referee was absolutely awful as well, gave them everything and stopped play too many times, too lenient towards United with bad fouls & time wasting.
  9. I’m not that fussed that he didn’t get a game for England, fully fit and raring to go at Old Trafford, his time will come and I’m sure he knows that himself, I think he would be a massive star in the Republic of Ireland team but equally so if the England hierarchy pick him.
  10. Hamza & Choudhury are very similar....
  11. I think Perez will start at Old Trafford in place of Barnes, with Choudhury in place of Albrighton and Perez will get his first goal of the Premier League season.
  12. Bulgaria were absolutely useless tonight, that bloody goalkick routine, if Kasper tries that (again) I’m bringing my rifle....
  13. Great player, very underrated but loved by City fans...
  14. Hopefully a decent centre half for the future, just shows that our scouting system is always on the look out for talent, in Rodgers we trust....
  15. Anyone able to help Glenn out? I’m after 2 for my lads but don’t have enough points...
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