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  1. We could put out a Bentleys Roof side. 😜
  2. Rumour has it that Vardy and Chillwell did not travel.
  3. None of them could hit a cows arse with a shovel. They are the only weak link in our first choice team.
  4. Theres already been a vote with the option to remain. It was defeated. I would support the deal, some want a clean break. If theres to be another vote, I believe they should be the options.
  5. Well, thats got to be one of the dumbest replies ive had.
  6. Im sorry, di-dums. If remain is on a second ballot, you will have millions feeling angry that their decision has been discarded.
  7. I agree. The deal vs no deal. Remain is not an option.
  8. I see Barnes as a future centre forward.
  9. Having just spent a day in Norwich, I can confirm that Leicester is definitely a dump.
  10. I dont use FT often, can you pm me some how? I use a very good one, and have recommended it to several lads on The Roof. All happy.
  11. Better than Ndidi. Ndidi’s passing borders on shocking sometimes.
  12. If you are remotely sensitive, just stay off it. But, it is unique.
  13. Cheer up Oadlad, Im told that someones kid is going to patch it up with gaffer tape. Should be working Thursday. Its unique, you know you love it!
  14. Any refugee roofer snuck over the border? It appears to be gawn! Finally imploded?
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