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  1. We've not played badly I feel, just beaten by a sharper, better organised team. Mistakes have cost us. I like what I'm seeing though. It'll come together I reckon.
  2. Ulloa going, really does feel like a transition now. Funny innit how stuff catches you out. I'm feeling quite emotional tbh. Favourite armchair kinda thoughts perhaps. Never fully appreciated whilst it was there, sentiment kicks in when it goes. Best of luck Leo, you go with my warmest thanks.
  3. That is my Ulloa moment, and by god there have been a few which, in there own ways, have been equal or better. So why that one? I dunno really, something to do with starting to sincerely believe that we were special (as if I needed more) Leo stepped up, Leo breathed fire into even the nonbelievers.
  4. Careful now, let's not go chicken counting. There could be some sulky faces if we're still Benny and Wes come Friday.
  5. I've not really seen enough of Mendy to make an assessment. I liked what I did see but it was limited and/or in a different looking team with a different manager. I'm not sure where he'd fit in tbh but I suspect Puel has a better idea than most as to how to get the best out of Mendy.
  6. My bad, I did. It reads as an implication to me but accept it's not necessarily the case.
  7. Ditto, and I can't see where DD would fit to be honest. We're not that team anymore.
  8. Apparently so. https://www.leicestermercury.co.uk/sport/football/transfer-news/maguire-man-utd-benkovic-soyuncu-1874670 This is just unreal.... I'm not used to us being this active in the transfer market since, um, I dunno Sven......
  9. I'm kinda somewhat overwhelmed at the moment. Nose bleed stuff. Buying players for the future. Benkovic AND Soyunco.... is this really us??
  10. This is too exciting for me. I've got to go and do the dishes to calm down.
  11. That's a good point. That league table will have to be weighted...
  12. And I'd have said it was humour. Funny old world innit?
  13. Okay, THE Madison A Silva happy now
  14. I've got loads of reps. I'll sell you some if you like. Like a carbon offset exchange thing. Or bitcoin.
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