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  1. Strokes

    Corona Virus

    Desperate for a government of national unity, I wonder why?
  2. Strokes

    Corona Virus

    If they were all genuinely so worried about what he said and the fact it might misinform the public. Why were they so quick to edit the clip and share it round knowing the damage THAT would definitely cause?
  3. Strokes

    Corona Virus

    So you’re criticising him for talking about a theory he disagreed with, for a theory that never existed and something his dad said. Sounds about right.
  4. Strokes

    Corona Virus

    I’m sure they would, and like us plenty of staunch labour would be defending him regardless.
  5. Another net contributor though, that would pull the house down. I don’t think countries like Poland, Portugal or Belgium would be quite so favourable when the gravy runs out. I can’t see Ireland putting much more in either.
  6. Strokes

    Corona Virus

    It’s funny how it’s often the same people who were complaining about sharing misinformation in the brexit aftermath. Hypocrites.
  7. Strokes

    Corona Virus

    I think your and others criticism just meets some resistance because it’s literally everything he does or doesn’t do. I don’t think he gets everything right, I didn’t even want him as leader but he takes a lot of credit from me and he has dealt with many things far better than I would have expected.
  8. Shhh, don’t talk about deletion.
  9. Strokes

    Corona Virus

    I’ve just this reply, ignore my other post.
  10. Strokes

    Corona Virus

    Is it likely in the line of duty or just as likely in Sainsbury’s? Either way this won’t do much for NHS workers morale.
  11. Yeah apart from the devolution bit, no chance of the EU ever willingly handing powers back to members states
  12. You don’t have to frame it, in the current climate just paint a picture of positivity. If you’ve got fùck all, you have fùck all to lose.
  13. Why wouldn’t there be another window of opportunity? I thought second referendums were just more democracy? Given we are just in the midst of global epidemic that is likely to cause a worldwide economic depression, I do think the window may just be ajar in any case. If Scotland wants to take its own path, who are we to stop them?
  14. You won’t get heard on this, I’ve been beating this drum for a while and it gets largely ignored.
  15. I do now think at the very least, those that can work from home, should continue to do so.
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