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  1. But is only useful if it’s in the right direction- see Jeffery Schlupp.
  2. Any poll updates @UpTheLeagueFox/jeff?
  3. Come on you bunch of sad shits, we have an FA cup Semi final match this weekend. Pick your pathetic selves up up from this pit of doom and focus on the game, not this nonsense. It’s done.
  4. You’re either shit or brilliant, which is it to be you twat?
  5. Just do it with your teeth you pussies.
  6. I just wonder if that’s how it gets missed by vetting though.
  7. I’m not certain, but didn’t gates avoid dying as a corrupt copper and instead died in the line of duty? That’s how I remember it anyway although it’s a long time since the first series.
  8. What was the value of the club when kingpower bought it?
  9. He hasn’t really produced as a lone striker though.
  10. That’s awful @Webbo , really sorry for your loss mate.
  11. It depends on who’s team is top of the table iirc @Alf Bentley
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