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  1. Smallbone, I’m sure he has a great personality.
  2. It actually gives me a bit of comfort that someone might be eaves dropping when I have a pokey bum wànk.
  3. Ah the boozing half. Still they don’t know that.
  4. We can’t lose, your half Viking aren’t you?
  5. I’m in facey, when we doing it?
  6. Not the kind of Brazilian we want to see is it @Col city fan?
  7. I really only use it for work, as customers will send pictures of things easier than with email. Not really too fussed on the privacy of that it’s quite mundane.
  8. How did you work that out? £25.6m by equivalent football inflation.
  9. It’s not always that simple is it, I travel all over the country and work in shops and supermarkets. I can be on the road all day, it’s quite easy to run out of as it’s hard to estimate how much I might need. The stuff I use isn’t readily available either.
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