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  1. Im surprised how many support Field’s behaviour tbh, i don’t believe for one second he was frightened, just angry. I’d have slapped him silly if I’d been present, absolutely unacceptable.
  2. Which sadistic bastard chose to put Father’s Day in the close season? Disgusting choice, should be binned.
  3. Someone got a knuckle sandwich.
  4. Carlton Palmer is our new fluffer pal.
  5. Because people don’t want to see draws.
  6. Some of them rounds were so close you could have scored it either way I think. Given the guy was in his own backyard, that was a great performance by Galahad.
  7. Lucky boy Josh, I thought it was the other way by a hairs breadth.
  8. I don't swear in front of my kids, unless they drive me to edge of insanity. I did accidently drop a c-bomb in front my mates kids though and he determined to return the favour.
  9. Err I think that’s Australia pal.
  10. Yeah we are in desperate need of a quality back up striker.
  11. I was expecting Nicky Morgan to be amongst them.
  12. As I understand it. £39 billion is the agreed rate, with the EU for divorce but nothing final until everything is final. We have certain obligations, things that we have committed too but also a share of EU assets as a net contributor but that figure is one agreed by TM and barnier as the net balance. I don’t know if it can be lawful that we pay nothing but I’m sure that figure is heavily weighted in the EUs favour.
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