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  1. Strokes


    Sorry I’m on my phone at the moment, but it was fullfact and may have been gross contributions. I’ll check the figures through on my lunch break.
  2. Strokes


    That depends on what you define as easy I guess. I think we can agree there were plenty of things that could’ve been done before, during and after the referendum, that would’ve have made leaving much, much easier. Even if we don’t agree on all the specifics.
  3. I’m completely and utterly bemused by all of this
  4. What about his article do you disagree with? Apart from the assumption he might not be completely sold on rising temperatures.
  5. I’m not sure how or why that is relevant if you disagree, then tell us why.
  6. Don’t tell me that is offensive now?
  7. That’s the point Hitchens is making. The point most rational people are making. There are definitely things we could do to accelerate plans but to what cost and to achieve what exactly?
  8. https://rebellion.earth/the-truth/demands/ Have you read their demands?
  9. It doesn’t change the crux of his argument whether he believes in science or not, it’s similar to whataboutery to even use it. If someone had skin cancer that had spread and was bordering terminal and the patient himself decided although it wouldn’t stop the spread or cure the cancer, to cut off his own nose. Because although the nose had almost none cancerous cells, it was always in the sun and getting burnt. We would all say poor guy, he has gone mental. Note, the nose is Britain, the cancer is pollution and the poor mental twat is ER.
  10. What he is saying is ‘THIS IS FUTILE!’ (Yes I’ve used capitals because the message is clearly lost). Without the big polluters on board there is no point this country doing what ER demand. Not that there would be much point even if they were as it’s all so extreme, they won’t be happy unless we become Amish.
  11. Strokes


    If boris agrees a deal with the EU and it passes parliament, why should we have another referendum?
  12. Hang on a minute, you’re ok with people not always doing the right thing, as long as they are making the right sounds but then you won’t critique this guys arguments, based on the feeling that he might be a denier even though he isn’t actually saying that and it’s not the crux of his argument. It seems like a deflection.
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