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  1. I crashed a bit the back of someone a few years ago doing similar, although we were stationary in rush hour and a big gap appeared. I thought, we can easily both go here and she started to pull off. So I’m looking right to make double sure I’m clear, and I am. Then Bang, she had stopped for no reason
  2. To be a hypocrite seems to be a prerequisite of becoming a politician these days. The point he makes about fighting the election under false pretence is valid though and one I often charge vocal remainers in the conservative party.
  3. I’m not sure what’s wrong with that statement. It’s a bit bitter but the points he raises are true are they not?
  4. The common reason for their deflection is, as they state, they want a second referendum. They want a second referendum because they believe that at the point of casting their vote, the public were not informed or aware where it would lead. I don’t agree but it’s a fair point. So why are they not holding by-elections? You can make the same case for their own constituents now? They really aren’t doing their cause any justice by not holding themselves to the values they expected from the parties they depart.
  5. To be fair Carl I wasn’t arguing he was responsible, I heard on LBC a few months back his campaign promise was somewhat fruitless so far. So I was just trying to provide some clarity to the discussion. I’m not really fussed either way by Khan, if he wasn’t so anti brexit, I’d probably quite like him.
  6. https://www.standard.co.uk/news/london/so-sadiq-khan-where-are-all-those-new-homes-you-promised-a3926326.html
  7. That’s a shame, you should have asked where she had planned to go too and then apply there
  8. They’ve been hiding under a rock.
  9. Yeah when your done you can send it to get your money back. Great investment.
  10. The whole things lunacy, The defectors leave but refuse to give by-elections, despite promoting a campaign to give people a second referendum because things were not clear when they voted. Err awkward. Labour have gone full Nazi mode, making Tommy Robinson’s UKIP seems appealing. The Tories are stripping people of their citizenship to cheers from a seemingly majority of people. We've full on lost the plot, nobody’s even talking about the biggest political event in over 70 years, that is literally only 37 days away. It’s hilarious
  11. Is it still ok to be in the Dennis the menace fan club? I’m worried my old membership might get me in hot water.
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