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  1. I couldn’t do it mate, I’m far too emotional to detach myself from it. I carry things. My wife is a nurse and stories she tells haunt me, I’m a pussy really
  2. I agree, by accident I’ve seen some pretty horrific things in my life. To do that on purpose frequently, by career choice takes a special person. Fair play.
  3. Old antique/vintage tools. Nothing expensive, and I use them rather than display them. I just find them interesting.
  4. It’s not a total luxury, people have driving jobs. But yeah for those working in fixed locations and social use it’s a luxury. I wouldn’t say it’s unnecessary though.
  5. It's a bit different, you can’t retrospectively test people on mobile phone driving. People who are incapable already have their licenses. It’s an unnecessary luxury.
  6. It’s not necessarily about what you’re ability to do it is, though is it? It goes to the lowest common denominator. Some people clearly struggle with all this going on in the car, I’ve seen it with my own eyes.
  7. Since the rise in popularity of mobile phones, drivers have noticeably become more distracted. I do use my Bluetooth hands free as I’m constantly hassled by work passing on jobs etc. I’d welcome a ban. It would help me immeasurably. I’ll probably turn all mine off now it’s a proven distraction now anyway.
  8. The main link is working now, no buffering so far.
  9. Has anyone got a stream? Sportsdonkey is not working again!
  10. It’s better already, nice one.
  11. The site is unusable now
  12. I still can’t get over the fact you can buy two Youri Tielemans for the price of one Harry Maguire. Great business by the club this summer, but we will miss Harry.
  13. Satanist/Atheist hmmmm Black/white Wet/Dry
  14. How the referendum took place was a huge mistake. The path/consequences we took after should have been clear and not left ambiguous for fairytales or imaginative mischief. It was set up by an arrogant PM who thought he could win and not bother to prepare for the alternative. I don’t think it’s fair to lump all of us in the same category, I’ve said time and time again data harvesting and targeting advertising is scary and needs to be controlled.
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