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  1. Come on @urban.spaceman, this is your job.
  2. You may be right but it is irrelevant now, Remainers best hope now, is that without needing the ERG or DUP Boris Johnson stitches them up to deliver a softer brexit. I can’t see it myself but you can never trust him can you?
  3. I do worry though what would happen if a protest party or a single issue party held the balance of power in this country. I mean look at the meltdown about the tories using the DUP on a confidence and supply basis, this sort of thing would be common place. You could also get on a regular basis, the biggest party on the opposition benches.
  4. I did say I had some sympathy with it and I acknowledge you raise good points throughout. I did think the coalition was an effective government, more so than 2015-2017 (although the two referendums were a big part in that). I still don’t think that it’s a great barometer, just in this election you have had Lib Dem’s saying they wouldn’t work with either party. So we would have another 5 years of paralysis?
  5. Plenty on here have raised it in the past. It’s not a new complaint, obviously it will always be louder just after an election. I have some sympathy with it but alternatives hardly ever deliver a majority government. We have just seen how ineffective a minority government can be. I’d rather not sign up to an eternity of that thanks.
  6. Ha, I’m bald. First time that’s benefitted me
  7. That did cross my mind, hopefully not.
  8. Sums them up perfectly, they’ll lose the north (just like they lost Scotland) for generations if they carry on with this sort of know better nonsense.
  9. Sums a lot of my feelings up on the subject. Plenty of opportunity to prosper either way.
  10. Strokes


    Best of luck Daz, stay safe pal.
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