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  1. I’m sorry Alf but I don’t think you’ve given enough time to the guy if you think Nawaz is a hate speaker, I’ve been listening to him for years and his outlook has softened my opinion and enlightened me on more than one occasion. I agree that his point and look approach here is unnecessary and a wee bit divisive but he really is normally on point for me. I don’t like it when anybody points this out, as I said earlier before this spat. If I comment on a particular event, I surely don’t have to make sure I comment on every event of similar nature forever more in a completely consistent manner for the rest of my life? It’s ludicrous to think that. And I genuinely don’t see why it should be any different for anyone else. My opinion (and most people’s I assume) is that any extremists that plan to wreak havoc or actually commit murderous atrocities under any guises or under any belief, are absolute scumbags of the highest order and whether or not I might share a modicum of sympathy for their cause, it’s never something that I would accept or deem acceptable. Whether I choose to comment or not has no bearing or relevance and I just assume it’s the same for everyone.
  2. I always think it’s unfair when people’s reactions to atrocities are judged in comparison to others. There can be many reasons for differing reactions and it’s rarely the reason you’re pointing too.
  3. Just like my original figures, I do wonder if there are some inflated estimates. It’s probably quite a difficult thing to keep track of, as you’re relying on many organisations to provide accurate figures. I think it’s quite obvious that brits tend to go to English speaking nations, as we do tend to be very lazy when it comes to learning new languages. We should have a bit more variety rather than primarily french in scuola.
  4. https://www.independent.co.uk/news/uk/home-news/the-17-most-popular-destinations-for-british-expats-a6738016.html @Alf Bentley FYI
  5. In 2016, the Italian embassy in London estimated that 600,000 Italians were resident in the UK. According to Ethnologue, Italian is the first language of some 200,000 people in the UK, although the 2011 Census recorded only 92,241 people with Italian as their main language in England and Wales. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Italians_in_the_United_Kingdom I know it’s wiki but it quoted the Italian embassy so I doubt it’s inaccurate. It is estimated that as many as six million people living in the UK have an Irish-born grandparent (around 10% of the UK population). The 2001 UK Census states that 869,093 people born in Ireland are living in Great Britain. Again Wikipedia https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Irish_diaspora Maybe we can find better sources but I was in a bit of rush to be fair.
  6. Alright Alf, I’m out with the kids today but I’ll link where I sourced it from when I get back.
  7. It’s derived from Latin isn’t it? @Alf Bentley?
  8. In fact, if you want to take anything out of those figures, it’s that when brits do move abroad, most of them do not need to use their freedom of movement right to do so. It’s obviously not quite so beneficial as you think. Of this 4.9m living abroad 3m (over half) live in either Oz, US, Canada or New Zealand.
  9. Very misleading stats, that’s talking about the UK world emigration vs it’s EU immigration. We currently have 9.8 million 1st gen immigrants. Also if you head to head with them EU countries, they all have more here than we do in their countries with the exception of Spain. We have an estimated 300,000 in Spain, it’s viewed by the Spanish as a bit of an invasion, with just a third of that figure of Spanish over here. Let’s look at our head to head with Poles, Irish and Italians shall we? Brits in Italy 50k Italians in Uk 600k Irish un uk 870k Brits in Ireland 260k Brits in Poland 5k Polish in UK 910k We can do them all head to head if you like? But mixing up different stats to paint a picture that isn’t true, is exactly what you accuse the people you oppose of.
  10. Everyone knows it’s hot cross buns for Passover.
  11. Sicily is great, our kids had a great time when we went. There was loads to explore and also the more traditional beach holiday thing too. It’s fine doing all inclusive too, as all the food was of high standards, unlike most Spanish or Greek package deals.
  12. BBQ needed mate, DM any invites
  13. You know, we might just have a solution to world peace on our hands here. It will be hard but if they could mange about 48hrs, I think even Kim jong un would calm down.
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