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  1. But also they were also not England internationals and coming from the European champions.
  2. Yeah that’s great news, now we can control immigration and not just guess at it, we can afford that flexibility.
  3. The Home Office said EU and non-EU citizens coming to the UK would be treated equally after UK-EU free movement ends on 31 December. Hallelujah!
  4. I have a potato for sake, only £300.
  5. Strokes


    If the rivers need damming, let’s just dam the god damn rivers. We don’t need overgrown rodent to do it for us.
  6. I’m surprised it took this long, I nearly started it myself out of impatience.
  7. He isn’t telling you not to do it, he is saying it’s why you lost. Im sure Matts quite glad you failed to overturn it. I know I am. Keep it up.
  8. But he doesn’t need to win you over to his side of the argument, you guys did. That’s why the tactic was immeasurably stupid.
  9. It’s nonsense though, the player was a star in the best team we’ve ever had. Even if his attitude is in question, it’s completely irrelevant as it’s proved that it doesn’t have a toxic effect.
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