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  1. I’m shocked I wasn’t right tbh.
  2. The whole thing is one big bully campaign, it’s laughable to suggest he should support a far left nutty campaign with the ‘gesture’. It’s similar to doing a Nazi salute imo.
  3. I’m going for..... something old (antique) Something new (Draper) something borrowed (confectioners (Borrow a cup of sugar )) Something blue (ballbag) And obviously haberdashery relates to the wedding dress. Call me @Alf Bentley
  4. Isn’t a chad your ballbag? I really hope it’s significant, can’t be many ballbag related sayings.
  5. Strokes

    Luka Jovic

    New snow is much better than old snow.
  6. I like the grass going up the side of the building, if we ever get double relegated, we can get the players to train on there in preparation for the shit grounds they will visit.
  7. You should have met that with Rebecca Vardy’s statement, disappointing Stan.
  8. Football is about hope of achieving as much about actual achievement. Remove the hope and football loses its soul. Hopefully they win and we get at least 4th anyway.
  9. It’s Parliament decoration Alf ya wally.
  10. Mate, the financial fair play system is about giving the big established clubs an advantage. If it was a truly fair system it would be a wage cap, this might be good for us short term but long term that light in the distance is beginning to dim again.
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