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  1. It was testing the water, pretty obvious.
  2. Yeah but Bush had the global financial crash so avoids all criticism remember
  3. There is no need to patronise me I'm saying, if the deficit was £110 billion in 2010 (an all time high), and it's been reduced, how can we average £130 billion deficit since? Unless something's are not included.
  4. I prefer 3-point turns. Less graceful.
  5. Yeah I know, but £918 billion divide by 7 years is an increase in the deficit. So something is wrong somewhere.
  6. But that gives a figure of a deficit of £130 billion average since 2010, so something is incorrect. unless they don't count interest payments on the debt in the budget? They stand at around £40 billion a year, that might be the difference?
  7. The budget deficit was £103 billion in 2010, and the conservatives have reduced it each year I think so I don't think that can be entirely accurate can it?
  8. Which one is that buce, I'm not checking through her dross. edit sorry I see what you mean now thanks.
  9. I understand his struggles, we should get our own parking spaces really.
  10. You could give us a chance to condemn it before making assumptions. I notice nobody has so far, including you guys. Awful thing to happen to anyone, I hope they are found and dealt with. Did Katie Hopkins really tweet Pakis Out? Seems a bit strong even for that twat?
  11. Yeah but do we have to sell our soul to get him?
  12. He said ironically at approx 11:00 am on wednesday morning.
  13. The pound didn't go down, they all went up