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  1. Where the hell are the mods when you need them? There should be at least 100 bans today.
  2. I was thinking of a coco cabana thing, like coco fofana but it’s a can of worms that one.
  3. That’s another St Etienne leak to jack up the price, AC Milan won’t pay anywhere close what we do.
  4. I’d take the quoted figures with a pinch of salt. Remember Tielemans last season? The papers don’t know the details anymore than we do and rely on internal Chinese whispers to pick up any tidbits.
  5. C’mon the suspense is killing me. It’s Chelsea isn’t it?
  6. I think teams like Everton, wolves, Newcastle and Leeds might come to play football and this style might be best deployed against some of them, certainly away from home.
  7. Vardy would get the vote from me just for the finish, absolutely brilliant on its own. The fact that it’s accompanied by such brilliant build up makes it a shoe in.
  8. A lot of criticism was aimed at Rodgers last season, for not adapting our style to play against some the better footballing teams. He seems to finally have swallowed his pride and deserted his total football approach, come what may. So who do we need to use this tactic against this season, who will face the new brand of counterattack? The league looks frighteningly competitive, I think we could see this used in a lot of away games.
  9. I’d love it to be a shithouse but it really wasn’t. A very effective performance.
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