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  1. Can see you’re a glass half full type of guy ..
  2. Take that point after hamzas brain fart
  3. Innis and Gunn lager in Edinburgh. Superb
  4. Requested to join. Look forward to a little added motivation
  5. Heard a fella on the phone in Tesco yesterday, “why the **** is he off work he obviously ain’t got it” gonna have to be a huge change in mentality across the country
  6. Bet you’re the life and soul of parties
  7. The Barcelona way is a good read
  8. Maybe, had never thought of it that way. For me personally if I’ve had a couple I’m a lot more up for it. If the atmosphere last Boxing Day is anything to go by it’ll be a good one
  9. I agree, do think 5:30 kick off with the opportunity for many to get a few beers in prematch really helps the atmosphere
  10. Week night, so not many had enjoyed a few beers before the game; freezing cold night, always seems to affect atmosphere for some reason; tiny away following and a frustrating game where we had to be patient. A lot of variables contribute to it, wasn't great but do think it is unrealistic to think every game there is going to be a cauldron of noise
  11. Looks so much more confident since the goal
  12. Worked for me when I needed it, didn’t have any negative side effects. We all react differently to different anti-d’s
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