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  1. Anyone have any experience with trade centre UK? I'm sick of plowing money into my car (currently has an issue which will cost about 300 quid to fix, because the year of my car is the only one with this part, so have to get it direct from audi, nothing second hand available) I also think the engine will shit itself pretty soon so just want something else. Keep hearing trade centre ads on the radio, I'm expecting it to be bollocks but no harm in asking. I'm thinking of a used new shape A class, anyone know if they any good? I think the a220 diesel auto, there seems to be so many different a cla
  2. I heard Evans turned up in a "borrowed" Ausden Clark to take them all to Hamza's.
  3. Kyle Walker hosted weekly pop-up brothels at his house, its not that bad.
  4. Morgan has to get through his lifetime supply of rum somehow.
  5. Popped out to get a subway to enjoy with the match. The shits won't be worth it now
  6. Getting dropped for going to a friend's house after school to play fortnite and eat skittles seems a bit harsh, but rules are rules.
  7. Maddison perez and hamza sounds like a shit party.
  8. The comments are awful but that is a terrible tweet (and app notification that I received) from sky sports. Just ****ing tell us.
  9. The only ever lcfc away game i've been to was a league loss to Birmingham, whilst I was at uni, so they can get ****ed. Although, my ticket was free (thank you DMU), so it could've been a lot worse. When was that?
  10. Looks like a straight shoot out. Having signed up, I have no ****ing clue what I'm doing
  11. Would be interested in this.
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