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  1. Tour

    Yeah sorry, you're not taken to the owners room (not a box per se, it's riverside, not pitch side, and massive). Was just saying that's where they keep them. Even majority staff aren't allowed in there. I looked through the window on the door about a month ago, as close as I could get (I'm not staff). To that end, if anyone wants to buy a single match used stud from the boot room or a piece of paper with the pre match script on it give me a shout. Or want to see Puel's room (it's full of expensive wine (might explain the recent performances)).
  2. Tour

    They are in a glass cabinet in the owners room.
  3. He is quite often at the stadium, seen him about 6 times this season (not match days). Maybe he wants to come back.
  4. Gender pay gap details at LCFC are published

    The housekeeping team are on about £8.70 an hour, for a horrendous job. I'd imagine the bar staff etc wouldn't be included in this as they are all from Compass. Could be wrong. Articles like this don't really mean anything or provide an insight.
  5. Premier League, 2017-2018 Season Thread

    Found shen's opinion graph, you can't argue with a graph.
  6. Bournemouth chances of it being postponed ?

    This was the pitch and outside the ground at 10 last night, they'll be working hard today.
  7. 12 Angry Foxestalkers

    I was up in court for a private prosecution a few years ago. Not a bad offence but the prosecution made the most of it (read: lied out their arses). Prosecution were backed by a billion pound company, I had ducking useless court appointed lawyer (who actually had a permanent eye patch). I had no intention of pleading guilty, mostly because of their lies (hugely exadurating my involvement etcetc), I hadn't actually done what I was charged with. So it goes to trial, and it's jury selection time. In walk the worst group for my offence imaginable. Mostly old men (60+), some chavvy woman, full tracksuit warrior, who looked no older than 12, and two middle aged women. Now my offence was highly technical, and my lawyer was awful, even withholding evidence FROM ME that could have been used in defence (because he assumed it was useless), ended up giving it me the night before the trial, so my best bet was a jury of mostly young men who would actually understand the technicality/and probably done it themselves. Upon seeing the jury my lawyer convinced me to plead guilty and he promised to talk the prosecution down (I signed some paperwork outlining my offence etc), said I'd probably get suspended. Then the sentencing comes, even more horrific lies by the prosecution (that my lawyer knew about but neglected to tell me in advance, so we couldn't argue in court about it), I get over 2 years sentence. For a young lad just out of uni it was pretty terrifying. So I don't like juries, although perhaps my gripe is more with public defenders. Funnily enough during my time inside i saw tracksuit woman visiting her boyfriend who was in for attempted murder. More amusingly, the main guy from the company that prosecuted me, who was at every court date, provided all evidence and wrote the outrageous victim impact statement which resulted in my sentence, recently got sacked and is under police investigation for mass embezzlement from said company and also perjury from a previous case - all details I am using in ongoing appeals. He was also declared bankrupt as the company took him to court to recoup the money. I must admit I was rather happy when I found that out, he's looking at more time than me.
  8. Decent restaurants in and around town?

    The food was very very good, was just the wait with no explanation that annoyed us. Would probably try I'd again with less people. Sure I've seen it mentioned here before but Little Tokyo on Braunstone Gate is bloody good.
  9. Decent restaurants in and around town?

    Went there last year as a group of 8, literally the only people in there and the food took just short of 2 hours to arrive. I'd hope it is better now but not been back since. They did give us 10% discount though.
  10. If we lose Mahrez in Jan...

    50mil plus contracts for their duty free stores.
  11. Would you date a Transsexual?

    Growing up, I always thought transsexuals were for bi men/women, as they like both. I still say that to people and even the most liberal think about it for a while and don't try and argue to hard. I met an attractive one at uni, apparently been transitioning from 14 and not remotely manly in any sense, but my family is massively homophobic and I just thought they could never meet her so how would it realistically work, plus I don't like penises.
  12. Has Anyone Booked a Holiday Yet?

    I went to Ohrid in Macedonia for a week last year, absolutely stunning crystal clear lake, right near a huge nature park/mountain which you can drive up with stunning views, at one point you can see 3 countries, and you can paraglide off it. and so much history, including a 2000 year old church right in the middle. And one of Tito's houses is there, now home to the president. Been going to Kos almost yearly since I was a baby, staying in a village called Mastichari, beautiful beaches, good food etc. Some hiking to be done, including a small mountain populated by tortoises on the top. Just booked Cyprus myself for end of April, never been, not sure what's there but was very cheap.
  13. LCFC Sale

    Going to Adidas next season.
  14. Samsung mobile help needed

    Peel remote is playing up on my s6 too, recently every single time I put my phone on charge, when I take it off again peel remote is open, but only displaying an advert. I've just learnt to live with it as my contract is up in January.
  15. Shiv Thakor

    Was selling all his sponsor-given kit on facebook marketplace a couple days ago with his personal account. Played in teams with him growing up, was an arse but this is surprising.