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  1. **** man city (and betbull) for costing me money. I'm off down Fanclub indie room to drown my sorrows.
  2. From a completely selfish point of view, I seriously hope man city ****ing batter them in the second half. I was looking on my betting app at the odds, and due to lag with the app I completely accidentally put £10 on a Norwich win at 0-0. I immediately cashed it out at a £4 loss, and then they scored their first goal. What a wonderful birthday this is.
  3. Kopic


    You may not have seen the explanation but you certainly saw the original comment as you quoted me. I made a joke when you tweeted about Perez after it had been posted in the transfer forum along the lines of "all media sources are foxestalk". It was completely tongue in cheek in my head, as I've seen over the years the stick you and others have received in a similar vein, when its obviously not true. I then explained it in the same thread, but then went on to a different thread of a different rumour and posed "careful, Geoff will tweet that in a bit." and then I got banned. To be perfectly honest I did at the time think you had reported it, but thinking back I probably got banned for "trolling".
  4. Well that has completely ruined my birthday.
  5. I have one that has always stayed with me, and I don't think its particularly bad. In primary school we sat down on the floor for assembly, I was sat next to an acquaintance, and he started reading out loud something written on the board at the front, incredibly slowly. It was 10 words. When he finished, I turned to him and exclaimed jokingly "well done, you can read!". I was quite sarcastic as a child, and still am now. Anyway he grassed me up and the head put my name in the "bully book".
  6. Kopic


    ****ing love Foals.
  7. I enjoy watching Smith play defensive pulls and defending balls over his head. I find it so bizarre that he is this good. Edit - nevermind.
  8. Man, I'm so ****ing ready for the new Bombay bicycle club album.
  9. Pretty certain it's just a normal local team. I've played against them whilst playing for sapcote, and when I was at dmu we used to train there. Their ground is nice but no space for expansion with new-build flats and old factories all around. The ground is nice but it's not that big.
  10. Well, we made it to asby, not bad going. Lots of steam coming from around the coolant bottle. Only another 20 miles to broughton. I'm now taking over the driving whilst recovering from a dislocated left shoulder. Fun times. Edit - managed to get home. I discovered that by coasting down hills the temperature gauge would fall straight back down to where it should be, going up hill it maxes out, steam comes out etc. Probably quite a good sign of what the issue is but I'm ****ed if I know. Got it booked in the garage anyway.
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