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  2. Kopic

    France v Croatia - World Cup Final

    I must say, this has been the first world cup in my lifetime I have fully got behind and enjoyed. It's been brilliant start to finish, and I genuinely feel gutted it is over. Croatia looked better for large parts, France were more clinical, that's football. But what a world cup, all the downers pre tournament going on about Russia, ultras etc, has there been any trouble? World class goals galore, genuine interest in every game, england not ****ing it up early, **** me it's been good. Only been sober longer than a day since the group games ended.
  3. Kopic

    West Ham United.

    Not surprising, all the blokes watching the world cup.
  4. Kopic

    Alireza Jahanbakhsh

    I agree totally that mahrez did not conduct himself in a reasonable manner, whether that was his own decision or advice from representatives. The thing is, if you are a mahrez fan, and Leicester fan as a result, I can imagine you being quite excited by his status, his awards, the fact he was part of a team that won what is thought of by most as the most prestigious league in football at 5000-1. He is something to latch on to, something to show to the world that your country is capable of producing players to match and/or better the "traditional" countries players. In reality, and I do not mean this in any way derogatory, Algeria doesn't have amazing players spread across Europe like we, Spain, South America, France etc do, so do you not agree that it is something they should be proud of and get fully behind as a nation? A player from Algeria, in a team that won the premier league, first African player to win player of the year, damn right they would be proud of him and defend him to the hilt! I fully agree that the way the transfer was conducted over the past year + was not good. However, most of his fans are not from here. They search google and see the sun saying we refuse to sell him for £30 million to roma, they will jump on that and i don't blame them. They want the best for their hero. No, they are not Leicester fans, they are mahrez fans, but they bring so much to our club in terms of advertising and revenue and i feel that is quite important to our club. We are lucky in this country to have top quality local players, and internationals who want to come here. Other countries football fans follow our league due to the quality, and the hope their nation's players will make it here and succeed. Mahrez didn't conduct himself well. The fans followed what they saw and heard in the news and i do not blame them for that. They want the best for their hero, as we all do (kane needs to leave tottenham to win stuff). Obviously as fans of Leicester, our club comes first. These people are fans of a player, and I don't think we should belittle them or make them feel unwelcome as they bring so much to our club and help us achieve our goals. Yes, they may have been negative after we won, but only after he was linked with other clubs and we "seemed" to block his transfer to a "bigger" club (I refer back to our country's tabloid sources, the only thing these fans have to rely on). They will always want their national assets to play at the biggest global team, and until we reach that level I personally do not blame their fans for their view. The fact is, we are not at that level. Players like mahrez, who singlehandedly bring in thousands of fans to our club, who buy our shirts, travel to watch us live, post about us on social media, are essential to our club and we should not shun them or belittle them just because they aren't leicester fans.
  5. Kopic

    Alireza Jahanbakhsh

    Thing is, these countries don't tend to have many players to play in a top league. We are lucky to have a league largely regarded as the best, where everyone wants to play. If you aren't English, but a football fan, you will follow our league. The fact a player from a country such as Algeria or Iran joins us, and were / potentially are world class, is a testament to our league. We should not shit on fans following a player to a team within our league from a country who has a relatively low level in football. If I was Algerian, I would have seen mahrez as a hero. A man bought for 400k into the English league from obscurity. A relatively unknown anomaly who broke onto the biggest stage in world football to be highly regarded by every one. If I were Algerian, I would be a mahrez fan, whatever team he were to be at. So every one moaning about people posting just because this guy may be joining Leicester. It doesn't actually make any ****ing difference. Let these people be proud of their countryman. He may be achieving a dream for many people in Iran. He may be joining a recent premier league champion team, obviously Iranian fans are going to follow us. I don't blame them what-so-ever. We are a team giving these unheard of players a chance, to show the world what players from the countries can do, it hasn't done us bad in the past. The fact is these new fans spend shit loads of money on merch etc and spread our brand further and further to places we wouldn't reach, we shouldn't hate on them because they are not life long Leicester fans or because they've never been to a game. Sure they may be a fan of one player, but that brings a hell of a lot to our club and we should be proud.
  6. Looking rather adequate.
  7. Kopic

    Riyad finally gone

    They did always have to take his plastic cup of Ribena out of the showers after every game.
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  9. Kopic

    When do the vultures swoop?

    Glad there is another thread on this tbh.
  10. Kopic

    How much is Maguire worth?

    Must be worth at least what we paid for him.
  11. Kopic

    Spain v Russia round of 16 match thread

    Attempting Paddy Power bantz and failing miserably.
  12. Kopic


    Met a Nigerian guy at the casino 2 weeks ago, he told me musa would have a good World cup and he was wasted at Leicester.
  13. Kopic

    Legalise cannabis?

    Not entirely true. When I was underage (10 years ago) we would stand outside the corner shop and ask every bloke that went in for fags and/or booze. Sometimes would take a while but never failed. When my missus was young her and her friends found a co-op with no cctv on the booze aisle and took whatever they wanted (she personally didn't shoplift as she was scared), never got caught. The asking people to buy for them still goes on now where I live, bunch of chavs that looked about 12 asked me the other week, said I could have one of the beers, "buyers rights", was almost tempted as I relied on it at that age, then they asked for fosters so I told them to **** off, wouldn't drink that even for free.
  14. Kopic

    Legalise cannabis?

    Shop near narborough road sells black market fags to kids, seen it as I buy mine there too. I personally am not for legalising for recreational use, due to someone close to me going through an extremely rough few years due to addiction to it. Have no issue with medical use.