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  1. Watched it all on Saturday. Thought it was very good indeed.
  2. Don't know if its been posted before, but those in Leicestershire who are over 70 and/or clinically extremely vulnerable can now book their own vaccine without waiting to be contacted https://www.leicestershospitals.nhs.uk/patients/covid-19-information-hub/covid-19-vaccination/
  3. The shops that do it tend to have more of the foreign ones than known brands. I tend to stay away from the Richmond, mayfair and (english) Marlboro as I've been stung with fakes before. Try asking for the Belarusian ones, Fest, Minsk, NZ, they aren't too bad and usually cheaper. Polish marlboro gold and l&m blue are very common too. Also rolling tobacco. The shops aren't all that discreet, but are wary of new people so if you confidently ask for the unknown brands they're more likely to serve you. I went into a shop in Lutterworth before Christmas for some polish vodka and just tried askin
  4. It isn't allowed, legally, but it rarely gets stopped, though obviously it could be but you only lose them, no punishment. I used to buy them from some website based in Indonesia. Cheaper than I could get off Narborough Road even with postage, and got them every time. On topic, I thought I'd test myself and try my vape again this evening after leaving it for a few months. Managed to go the whole afternoon/evening without a cigarette which i was quite pleased with. Still had one before bed though.
  5. Yeah I was doubting myself when I wrote that even though I was fairly certain. Don't think sky have had the india games for a couple years as BCCI wanted too much for them. Really shit.
  6. My grandad died a few months ago of bacterial pneumonia. Was put down as covid as the doctor just assumed it was without a test. But he was tested in the ambulance which later came back negative,but was already down as covid. My family opted for a post mortem and got it changed.
  7. I don't believe in any of them, mostly because I can't be arsed to look into any of them, and also because most are so obviously ludicrous it puts me off. I do however have fun making up ridiculous theories and telling them to some members of my partner's family, who believe most conspiracy theories whilst also being massive trump supporters for some reason, and watching them discuss it between themselves and agree with them is amusing. Wish I could remember some of the shite I've come out with, its incredible the way they lap it up. I also have an aunt who is massively into conspiracy theorie
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