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  1. Vardy player manager. Sorted.
  2. Puel is just testing out the squad ready for next season.
  3. Kopic

    Lovely English referees

    Refs are always the reason we lose. I say we start a petition to have no ref at any Leicester game ever again.
  4. Mike will be off to notts at the end of the season.
  5. Kopic

    Building Partnerships

    Morgan and Huth
  6. Kopic

    Vardy retires from playing for England

    Talksport already said that when he signed his new contract here. Shame he didn't get more opportunities, fully understand his decision.
  7. What an odd thing to admire. A lot of suspected criminals have walked out of press conferences when questions have got a bit too close, is that really something you find heroic? Personally, I believe that anyone who walks out of a press conference is weak, they know they are weak and the know they have no leg to stand on if they stay. However, I love Jose. As do Mankychester. Their main goal is global recognition and global revenue, before football. Jose losing games and being weird in the press is driving their name globally, it is keeping their club in the fore, and that is the only thing Woodward is concerned about, which is why he sanctioned a world record bid for a player they sold for nothing and is poor (the headlines generated for that, and subsequently as it appears to be going sour, are exactly what woodward was employed for). I wouldn't be surprised if he is asking Jose to perform this way, to boost internet content and drive visitors to anything related to their club so they can make more fortunes by being the "biggest club in the world".
  8. I just completed this quiz. My Score 10/100 My Time 24 seconds  
  9. Kopic

    Do you drink too much?

    I used to drink what I felt was too much. I am a very fast drinker, so when out with friends I'd be starting my 3rd pint when they were finishing their first. Same at home, I'd get through 5 cans before I even realised, and then just keep drinking. It started when I was at uni, always find an excuse to drink every day, usually to excess, and no-one would judge or think badly of it. In fact I became quite the novelty for how fast I could drink or how well I could down pints and do shots. It continued after uni, only i'd sit at home and have a few beers for no reason what so ever, and be drunk every single night. In the end I made my self stop. It wasn't hard, so I don't think I was an alcoholic. I cut down by only having a drink after work (I work 3 days a week), before cutting down further to only drinking on special occasions. I did it mostly because I am not happy with my weight, when I was drinking every night I would go on to eat all the bad food in the house that night. Also my girlfriend doesn't drink at all and she was starting to get annoyed. I still do it occasionally (such as tonight, I have no reason to be drinking tonight but I'm on my fifth). But I am a lot more controlled than before. This summer wasn't great though. When it's proper sunny out, I love sitting in the garden and having a beer. Only, this summer, I would start at mid day, and stop when I went to bed. Now the weather has turned shit I have reigned it in again. I'm trying to stop completely, but I have a lot of heavy drinkers in my family so it is hard. However I am happy in the fact I can stop when I want to, so I don't worry about it too much. Same with smoking, I have smoked for the last 5 years but if i run out or can't smoke, I don't even think about it.
  10. Kopic

    What's the nicest pop?

    Virgin cola was nice.
  11. Kopic

    Your last Pint?

    Just had a beautiful artisan larger from a micro brewery in Germany, called Rheinbacher. Can't fault it.
  12. I am aware, as I live there. It's classed as a settlement within Broughton so basically the same thing, and when you say Sutton in the elms to Leicesterites they usually look at you blankly.