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  1. Very much enjoyed it! I got some Harp Irish Lager the other day, something I had never heard of, but my parents knew it, saying it was advertised heavily many years ago. I always try a new (to me) lager if I see one, it was quite pleasant, inoffensive, drinking it in the sun the past few evenings.
  2. Car insurance renewal again. Quoted more than last year, phoned them up and they said "oh we can apply this discount and knock 50 quid off." Why not just give me that quote instead.
  3. Not quite on a road, but was sat in my car at asda earlier whilst my brother went in. Guy sorting the trollies had one roll away, into the side of my car. Little dent and paint chipped quite deep. He just laughed whilst half apologising and walked off. Bellend. I'd be more bothered if my car wasn't old and keyed down the other side anyway (like that when I bought it, noone hates me), but its still annoying.
  4. Everton should go for Tony Mowbray
  5. Watched the new Bo Burnham special tonight. Thought it was superb.
  6. Chuffed for Kante. Hate that Chilwell won it.
  7. Picked up another nice selection of new stuff (to me) to try on the 15 for £8 deal. Green's grand India pale ale Hoegaarden Thornbridge Jaipur Thornbridge Lukas Helles Tripel Karmeliet - 8.4% this bastard And topped up with some Peronis Hope they're decent.
  8. But his name. His aura. Pitbull man. He is Mr Worldwide™. Having spent many a year in Poland, their Radio 1 equivalent loves him, as does Lithuania's, based on my 1 taxi ride. That's two large European countries. The rest will follow suit.
  9. If San Marino can have Flo Rida, can we send Pitbull next year? How could Mr Worldwide™ lose Eurovision?
  10. Genuinely think he's an incredible footballer. We are lucky to have him. Sod all his off field shite. He's played the majority of the season with an injury and still looked more likely to produce some magic than Perez who's floated around the pitch like a hangover fart. We gave up with Ghezzal so deal with it. #boohooMan4life
  11. Heard booing quite clearly on the TV. Felt very awkward despite being sat in my own living room.
  12. Foxestalk Super Forum™
  13. If he goes I'd have Mowbray.
  14. At least we aren't in the conference league.
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