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  1. Why did we give them Vardy's trophy? Didn't he want it?
  2. Hurrah! Why wasn't the first half extra time played?
  3. Quite looking forward to this. Just a shame I'll have to listen to stringer for the first 15 minutes.
  4. Who is this post aimed at? You do realise that @Lambert09has just posted a screenshot of a tweet from an actual Wigan fan, who, I assume, is watching their team play quite regularly.
  5. Wish we were allowed in the ground so I could booooooo them off the pitch.
  6. Absolutely love kos, used to go every year with family sometimes twice, as a child. Havent been for a few years but I really want to go back. My mum went twice in the past few months. We always stay in a lovely little village called Mastihari, everyone there knows us, never really stayed anywhere else but always explore the island. My mum went for the first time nearly 40cyears ago, to the same village, for myself it was almost like a second home growing up. Shame I don't know what anything is officially called there, as "Peacock Forest" and "Tortoise Mountain" are brilliant spots.
  7. I work in a supermarket warehouse so been business as usual from day one for me.
  8. I don't like bumping old threads but just wanted to say a huge thanks to @Markfor doing this competition. Got the shirt today, really appreciate it. I think this is the first competition I've ever won in my life. Thanks again!
  9. Tbh my crimes were piracy, and canada seems to be a bit of a safehaven for such crimes so maybe they'll let me in. "Declare criminal record" "Distributing articles contrary to the copyright act." "What the fook took you so long get in here!". I can only hope immigration goes that way.
  10. I wanna move to Canada, its like USA 2.0, and also, a slightly better UK, but, past personal crim lyf (10 years ago) prevents such a move plz take me in Canada. I would move there in a heartbeat, as would the missus.
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