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  1. Yeah some want them, others have too many of them. Music magpie take some books too, they dont take everything but may worth trying it.
  2. With the CDs and DVDs I've been using music magpie. Could try them if you haven't already. Get the app on your phone, scan the barcodes and if they want them they offer you a price. Stick them all in a box, they email you a prepaid sheet to stick on the box and send someone round to collect it. I've recently got rid of shed loads using it, made some alright money on things I thought were worthless. Even if they offer 20p each it's better than binning them. Or give them to a charity shop.
  3. Let's ****in 'ave iiiiiiiit
  4. Aren't they playing away tomorrow?
  5. This guy might be able to help
  6. I spent ages trying to get one of these a while back. Someone offered me one for £200, so I still don't have one.
  7. I was expecting him to come out and say "yeah obviously I'll leave little old leicester and go there as soon as they offer me the job" whilst sitting in a city tracksuit inside the changing room.
  8. A lot of people do eat stuff and hide the wrapping though. A few months ago I found a half eaten rotisserie chicken behind some crisps.
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