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  1. Its just to make it easier to sell our best players.
  2. Dunno if it's worth it but could try gumtree and facebook marketplace. I sold 2 cars very quickly on gumtree and bought 2 on Facebook very easily.
  3. It had flown a bit, mainly around where its based in london, I'm assuming for services etc. I'm surprised they'd use it for the club again though, especially as one the same make crashed about a week ago, sadly with no survivors.
  4. Haha no. Tbh it may not be quite itk as it wasn't transfer related, just club related. I posted a few bits but was not willing to go into detail out of respect and it was absolutely not my place to. The other one was I saw iheanacho having his announcement photos and videos done at the ground before he had been officially announced and posted about it on here, the number he was wearing etc. Not that exciting as it was known he was getting announced some time soon.
  5. Even I was itk on 2 occasions, one I found exhilarating, the other I found absolutely harrowing. Personally I appreciate those who share their info, it can add to excitement like with Perez completely out the blue. I know in the past I've been told stuff that I couldn't share, and I no longer have a proper source other than a mate on the cleaning staff at the club who's tips consist of who he has happened to see at the ground when he's working.
  6. With regards to the lineup leaking, I seem to recall someone linking it to the Ward transfer. I may be talking absolute bollocks but I'm sure someone said whist ward was at liverpool their lineups would leak all the time and then as soon as he signed for us it dried up but Sean started accurately leaking ours.
  7. Following up on this, just discovered we are scientists are playing o2 Leicester in December, another band I grew up listening to, so just bought tickets for that. Hope the missus doesn't mind.
  8. Seeing bloc party in brum tomorrow, proper looking forward to that, such a band of my youth. Also booked Keane at de mont in September.
  9. Who's suggested dropping him? I took @The People's Hero's comment as referring to the ICC suspending him, which can and does happen for such actions, other than that I havent seen anything that could be construed as wanting England to drop him.
  10. There goes Roy's match fee.
  11. Probably been mentioned a lot, but bloody train tickets. Need to to go to brum on Saturday for a gig, returning Sunday, so went online and looked narborough to new street. £38 return for 2, I thought I know it's not great but I can accept that. Going through the booking, it said the return train terminates at nuneaton and get a bus to narborough, **** that. So I thought nuneaton isnt too far, I'll just get a lift to and from there, so I looked at nuneaton to new street return, same days/times. ****ing £178 return?! How??? So then I looked at rugby to new street, £25 return for the both of us. Now i remember why i drive everywhere.
  12. I can still get on there (not that I want to, although I may take a look at the updates to the Tommy thread for a laugh/to dispair), and people are still posting on there today
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