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  1. Kopic


    I started off with the h2b isa, we haven't yet bought a house but discovered this. We ended up getting a lifetime isa which pays the same amount of bonus, but as soon as your money goes into the account, and it can be used towards the deposit. Only use the h2b isa now as it has better interest, and just transfer over to the lifetime before year ends.
  2. Tried to this evening but everywhere was heaving. Ended up going five guys as they are doing it too even on takeaway. 50% off five guys makes it an OK price, full price is insane.
  3. Baby u look so young gimmie a ride I got a uni flat with a double bed!
  4. A bad egg can become a good egg with a bit of incubation.
  5. The only thing I remember about liquid is the fact there was always a granny (the SAME granny) in the main room getting fully on fingered by young lads near the main bar, with her husband watching. Every... Single... Time...I went. Not gonna lie, being a bit of an "inbetweener" I was a bit tempted. This must be a similar era to you, as I'm a 1992 baby.
  6. Mate I haven't read any more of your post but mosh Tuesdays were ****ing great!!
  7. They had barry hearn on talksport this morning who sounded pretty angry about this, and said his opponent gets a bye.
  8. When my grandad died in June, he was tested for covid in the ambulance. At hospital, the doctor didn't know this but said there's no point testing him as he definitely has it, so put him in a covid ward with end of life care. He died, death certificate stated covid. Test from ambulance came back negative. We opted for a post mortem which showed zero evidence of covid in any part of his body. I imagine stuff like this/similar is happening a hell of a lot.
  9. Pffff its 50/1 on skybet, threw a couple quid on it.
  10. Booked 5 nights away in an old cottage in a village near Winchester. Any tips on stuff to do around there? I know southampton is about half an hour away so will have a trip down there, any nice beaches or anything? We quite like small ones with rocks etc we can climb over, not too fussed about a sandy beach.
  11. How many have you put in? Why not cook them all at the same time?
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