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  1. I'd quite like us to go to Japan to play west brom.
  2. I'm on a galaxy s8 using chrome. @Markseems to be ok at the minute but saying that I now dont have any mid-thread adverts. Pretty sure it was that pink advert i mentioned above as I got glimpses of it multiple times before i got bombarded with spam.
  3. It redirects me far too quickly to screenshot it, but it seems to be that same advert every time. I'll keep trying but because of where the advert is positioned on the page, by the time I scroll down to it its already popping up. Just took me 5 re-openings of the browser to reply to you haha.
  4. @Mark seems to be getting worse for me. Almost every time I click any thread. 2 attempts to post this comment alone. I got a couple of tiny glimpses of the advert I think is doing it. Its pink and for a website called light in the box .com edit- and I've done the usual clearing cookies, cache etc.
  5. Yeah I'm still getting it too. Screenshot just before it redirected me...
  6. First time I've had this issue, was just now reading the stadium expansion topic and got this nice selection of amazing offers.
  7. I did that once, by accident I might add. Did save a me few minutes though
  8. I'll just add I've stayed in probably about 15 Airbnb's in the past 2 years all over Europe and not had a bad experience. In fact it's been brilliant. Great prices and superb flats/homes. Like any holiday just do a bit of research, check reviews etc and its hard to go wrong. Any time I've found a dodgy one whilst searching, quick report to Airbnb support and it's gone.
  9. Enjoyed a few peroni gran riservas tonight. Quite like a peroni and found these in morrisons having never seen it before. 6.6% but so smooth.
  10. ****ing love Eurovision. When I was banged up I bought some hooch for Eurovision night.
  11. I find it more cringy at the cricket when theres a solid crowd of about 10 people and absolutely no-one gives a shit.
  12. I really dont know why but this thread reminds me of the drunk Ross Kemp England video. Up the foxezzzz
  13. 'Kin'ell I thought my drive from Broughton to Elgin in 10 hours was bad enough.
  14. Just start the season next week, **** the transfer window.
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