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  1. Anyone know how to nominate someone for a brit award?
  2. Ward used to leak teams at liverpool Let's ****ing 'ave iiiiiiit
  3. Pretty sure they sell Bentleys there too, so can't be that.
  4. I read back on my post on this thread whilst sober, and felt rather embarrassed. But it also made me think. I've made a bit of an effort since then, and managed 2 full dry days. With my drinking, I always find a reason to drink. Any sport on, either live or tv. Going out for a meal, shit day at work, gig, whatever it is, if the reason to justify it is in my head, i will drink, and drink a lot. So the 2 days I didn't drink, I didnt actually do much. No work, no commitments, and I didnt really even consider having a beer. Tonight, I had an alright day at work but I had a beer as soon as I got home, which has lead to 6. Which, for me, considering how quickly I drink, i feel is a bit of a win as it's now nearly 1am. I would usually put away a lot more. Obviously none would be better, but it's a start. Doesn't help that I get home at 8pm and everyone in my house is pissed.. When it comes to alcohol free beer, my main issue is the price. Why is it similarly priced to beer when there is no tax? I would probably buy it and try and trick myself with it if it wasnt so expensive. All alcohol free equivalents seem really expensive. I mean look at this alcohol free gin I saw in asda, 16 quid for alcohol free gin, ****ing joke! I mean what even is it????
  5. Kopic


    Coke seems quite prevalent where I am. Most of my old school friends are on the stuff. I went to fox and tiger in blaby the other weekend and the queue for the gents was ridiculous. But noone was pissing, they were all waiting to snort coke. I've never tried the stuff myself.
  6. Cheers for that. Sent a letter off the other day, hopefully all will work out. I have another question for any mechanics on here. I have a 2007 A3. Over christmas we found a little bit of a spring, sheared off, on our drive. We have about 6 cars on the drive, the bit was between 3 of them. I know so so little about cars, looked under the front arch of my car and saw the springs are massive, looked under the rear and only saw what I now know is a shock absorber so assumed it wasnt my car. Recently theres a road closure on my commute so I'm having to use a country road. And my God the noise is bad. Any little road blemish, like little bumps and holes, loud BANG from the rear whilst going about 50. But flat roads, speedbumps etc no noise at all. I googled this morning and at the rear there is both a spring and an absorber (which to most would probably be obvious but not me aha). Anyway based on photos, this rear spring looks about the same size as what we found. My question is, I have work today and tomorrow and no other car available to me. I've been driving like this since before christmas. I can get the car to my garage on monday, but as for driving right now am I going to be ok? Until I saw this I had obviously been driving normally, 50/60 on country roads, so I will obviously go slower now. I'm assuming the shock will be ****ed too but am I likely to break stuff more using it today and tomorrow? I leave for work today in about half an hour, so today at least, I do have no other option. Just gonna take it easy. Edit to add my "commute" is 10 miles each way, fully country roads due to a closure. Cheers. Edit again: got to work, rather stressful. But got a ****ing flat tyre, wonderful. Gonna be dark and freezing when I finish work. Yipeeeee.
  7. Who else has had 12 beers this fine Monday evening!!! Oy oy just me hay lads. Only another hour til the live big bash t20 game though so worth it eyyyyy! Nah but I do have a bad relationship with alcohol. I'm late 20s. growing up my family drank a lot. all the time. I had my dummy dipped in beer ffs. As a young lad I wasnt one to go out drinking on the park etc. The first time I got actually drunk was age 16 on a holiday in Greece. When I turned 18, I waited for all my friend to be of age until we started going to our village pub. I remember when doing my a levels I got hammered on a Wednesday and my dad sent me off in my car the next day for school. I knew I couldn't and shouldn't drive so found the next available layby to pull into, and slept a good few hours! I drink extremely fast. Throughout school, and more noticeably university, everyone would call me a lightweight as I'd be so, so ****ing drunk. But I would drink double what everyone else had in an hour. A pint lasts me a few mouthfuls. I cant help how fast I drink no matter how hard I try. Tbh the only time I cant drink fast, or drink at all for that matter is if I have eaten a lot. My family are all heavy drinkers. 2 brothers, both hold down high level jobs whilst drinking heavily every single evening. Im considerabley younger than them. My mum and dad are currently dieting for a holiday, so instead of drinking beer and wine every single evening without fail, they are drinking straight spirits. Whiskey, rum etc, because they are dieting! I mean what chance do I have growing up and living with that? Its monday and I've had 12 beers. I have dropped booze entirely before for a few months, and genuinely, I found it very easy. But the older I get, the harder it gets. And this is just drinking at home, not talking about going out. Since the 1st of December, I've probably had 1 dry week in total, adding individual days together, in total up to now. As I'm currently quite pissed I'm missing out a lot of what I want to say, and explaining it very poorly, and I know this is just a football forum, but advice I've had in the past, and read from here towards others, is invaluable. Perhaps being half polish gives me a bulletproof liver, lungs and brain, as my alcoholic, chainsmoking polish grandfather is now 96 years of age and still going strong! His mother, also an alcoholic chainsmoker lived to 107!
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