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  1. I did change the pollen filter a year or so ago due to a bad smell and it sorted that but no such luck with the aircon. Was absolutely filthy. I was referring to the DPF, and my exhaust does point downwards. One less thing to worry about I guess!
  2. To be honest that's exactly what I thought (and hoped for). The fact it works eventually is why I never really bothered to get round to getting it looked at but this recent weather made me think of it again.
  3. Always a similar time to get going. I live in broughton astley and by the time I get to narborough it's usually working (not always). Usually around 10 mins. Always produces a very distinct "aircon" smell just before it starts. The jazz is my grandads old car, 2009 plate done, 20k miles, I doubt the aircon was ever used. Lovely and cold very quickly.
  4. Could do with more team moscow shows tbh.
  5. I have a 2007 diesel A3, currently at about 150k miles, not had an emissions warning or anything before. My commute is 15 minutes and I rarely take it down the motorway, should I be worried? Owned it about 3 years. It's a DSG and my commute is country roads so I'll often paddle shift with it whilst revving it quite high as it's quite fun, does that blow it out at all similarly to a motorway run? I dont speed () but the roads allow me to hit 60 for a while. Shit its gonna go isnt it aha. For its age it's been a brilliant car. Only had a rear suspension coil snap and the instrument cluster die so far (plus usual brakes etc). Saying that, anyone know much about aircon? Mine only seems to work after I've been driving for about 10 minutes. Blowing hot air for a while then suddenly go cold. Its quicker in the winter. Reckon its low on gas or more serious? Once its going it stays on, but always takes about the same time to get going. My missus has a Honda jazz and that works instantly, in this weather I've been tempted to borrow it.
  6. The hardest part is getting a shop to serve you. I got my girlfriend to go in for me because none would serve me, fortunately that was about 5 years ago and I've been fine since. In terms of the cigarettes, at the moment it's a little hit and miss. Pre lockdown they had about 15 brands to choose from, when I went yesterday they had 4. The belarusian brands are the cheapest, I would say they are fine, can be a bit harsh, especially for myself as I usually get lighter cigarettes. They have фест (pronounced Fest), 3.50 a pack, and NZ Black, £4 a pack. I'd say I prefer the taste of the NZ. They have another Belarusian one, called Minsk, they are super slim cigarettes so I haven't tried them. Dont be put off by the prices, they are legit, in Belarus they cost about 50p a pack and the factory make about 100 times what their population can smoke every year as Europe gets flooded by them. I tend to go for the Polish L&M blue (they also have red) when they have them as you know what you're getting. They tend to be about 6 quid a pack. Yesterday they also had L&M super slim menthol click, didnt bother with that. On occasion they will get Romanian cigarettes in, brands like Kent and Rothmans and they are decent, again about 5/6 quid. The most expensive, when they have them, are Marlboro gold/red which cost 7.
  7. Popped down narborough road this morning to get my cheap Belarusian cigs, picked up a case of cheap Romanian beer and been sat in the garden ever since. Lovely day. Only working friday to sunday has its benefits, especially with this weather, although I would like a bit more time with the missus.
  8. Damn, I've really missed Brooker!
  9. Those nandos crisps are decent, think I personally prefer the katsu and chili con carne ones though. Wasnt too keen on the pizza ones. Not tried the burger ones.
  10. Bloody hell I'm so useless at this sort of thing usually, the reason for me not guessing at any of the previous ones. Dunno why that one popped into my head. I was thinking stuff like "suggestion squared" to begin with.
  11. The power of suggestion?
  12. Kopic

    Corona Virus

    Hope it turns out ok. I had my test at birstall and thought it was extremely well set up and efficient. Still waiting on my results though, did it last saturday.
  13. To be honest, I know nothing about Belarusian football. I only picked them as I was holding a pack of cheap Belarusian cigarettes I got off narborough road whilst reading the thread. So unless theres any well known future stars I'll just go with the standard team cheers.
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